This is a story about a man who calls a little 11 year old girl on the telephone
This is a FICTIONAL story. As in NOT TRUE.

Obscene Telephone Call PART 1

This is a story about a man who calls a little 11 year old girl on the telephone and gets her to do nasty things over the telephone and later in person. It involves telephone sex, sex toys, masturbation and the seduction of a young girl using the internet to entice her.

This never occured and is totally fiction.

I sat down in front of my computer that had three monitors and brought up my favorite movie trailer site. I selected my saved favorites and started the porn movies running one after the other and put it on my right monitor. On the left monitor I started a slide show of little girl pics with some of little girls talking on the phone or using a computer. Next I brought up the white pages of local phone numbers. I typed in a mexican last name and Marie for the first name, selecting our local town which had our trailer court of over 200 rental trailers (rented to mostly unmarried mexican moms with several kids). It showed me exactly where they lived so I could drive by and see the kids if they were outside playing and also how close they were to the couple abandonded trailers that the kids used to play doctor in.

I was really horny and knew I was going to blast a load pretty fast today, probably on the first or second little girl's sweet voice. I dialed a couple numbers and got no answer but then a mexican lady picked up the phone "¡hola" she answered in spanish.

"habla usted Ingl?" I asked her. (Do you speak english?).
"No" she replied. She sounded old, probably a grandmother.

"no hay nadie hablar Ingl?" I asked her if anybody there spoke english, knowing that all the kids spoke english and the adult didn't so they wouldn't know what the kids were saying.

"s?espera un minuto" ( Yes wait a minute) she hollered "Junita" and then gave the phone to someone.
"Hello" a sweet little voice came on of a little girl. YES!!!!!!!!

"Oh Hi honey my name is Mr (mumbled a name she couldn't repeat). You have been selected to win a prize if you answer our questions about TV shows you like. Would you like to win a prize?" I started to ask her leading questions.

"What's your name honey?"
"Juanita" she answered in her tiny voice.

"OH that's a beautiful name! I'll bet you are pretty just like your name huh, Junita?"
Giggling she replied "Yes"

"Do you like news or cartoons the best?"

"What is your favorite cartoon honey?"

"Oh good lots of girls I interview love that one" Making her feel like part of a crowd, fitting right in.

"Are you watching TV now baby?"

"How many people are watching it with you?"
"Just me" Good. Nobody there to hear what was going on.

"Who was that that answered? Don't they watch TV?" I ask, quizzing her to see who all is there on a regular basis.
"My grammaw. She don't watch no cartoons or notin wit me"

"Oh just you and her live there alone?"
"yeah" Excellent, no interference from a bunch of other people.
"Well sometimes my stepbrother lives here." she added.

"What's his name honey and how old is he?"
"Jose and he's 16. He just stays here sometimes on the weekends"

"Does your Gram work somewhere?"
"Yeah in the fields." That meant the little girl might be alone a lot if no one babysat her.

"So you watch TV all alone at home by yourself when she's at work?'"

"Well you sound pretty old so you don't need a babysitter huh?"
"yeah I don't got no babysitter" Great! She'll be all alone for me to do to her whatever I wanted if she falls for my line of B.S.

"I bet you are about 14 huh?" Knowing she was younger by the sweet sound of her little girl voice I start to build her up as being a big girl.
Giggles " NoI just 11"

"Oh my, you sound so grown up!!.You're just 11??!! I bet close to twelve huh?" really stroking her ego here.
"Yeah next week I'll be 12" Just the age I wanted to mess with. Probably on her periods already or close to it so she would be sexually developed and curious about sex.

"Where do you go to school?"
"At the Justin Center." She replied. That was the school for the very slow learners and screwups. Junita was not very bright at all if she went there.

"Do you like school Junita?"
"NO" she quickly replied. The slow ones never liked school there as they made it hard for them.

"They're mean there huh? I know several girls that go there and they hate it." I led her on, reinforcing her dislike of authority.
"Yeah Mrs Drew always hollers at me. I hate her." she replied.

"What grade are you in honey?"
"I'm going into 6th grade." she proudly announced.

"Wow!!! your getting big. Well I was going to ask you the teenage girls questions cause you sounded like a teenager. But I guess I can't. Well, unless you want me to but we can't tell your gramma cause they are kinda grownup teenage girls questions."
"You can ask me Mr. I won't tell her"

"Promise????" I ask her sternly.

"OK honey" she was ready now for part one of my plan to get her talking about her personal life and work sex into it.

"Do you like to buy your own clothes or let people buy them for you?" I was leading up to what she had on right now.
"I like to buy em but Gram won't let me." she complained.

"Yeah she probably thinks she knows better what you like. Lots of girls have the same problem honey. What are you wearing right now?" Wanting to visualize her in my mind.
"I gots on a tee shirt and and my jeans." Juanita replied easily.

"What color is your tee shirt and jeans?" I ask getting her used to answering questions which would relax her and make her more comfortable about talking to me but also get me some needed information.
"My tee shirt is pink and my pants is yellow." Juanita quickly replied.

"What no panties?" I asked jokingly.
Giggling the little girl replied "Oh yeah I gots panties on."

"What color are your panties honey?" I ask with baited breath.
"White wirh pink flowers." She replied matter of fact as if it were no big thing that I was asking about her panties.

"OH They sound pretty!! What size are they?" Knowing I could tell about how big she was by the size she wore, but also feeling her out to see if she would talk about her private stuff which meant she would also then be more likley to answer all my nasty questions I had in store for her.
"Mmmm I think 12" Juanita replied. That meant she was fairly well developed as 12 was about 25 inches around her waist.

"Are they cotton or what?" continuing to keep her focused on her underwear I questioned her.
"Yeah they are cotton."

"Do you change your clothes and panties every day or just every couple days?" Meaning do your panties get nice and crusty with little girl pee and stains.
"Every couple days"

"How long you been wearing these you have on today?" Wondering if her little panties were all dirty and smelly.
"AHHH I thnk ahh.. couple days" giggles.

"When you go pee do you wipe or just (fake laugh) drip dry like I do?" Juanita was easy to talk to and didn't mind when I ask these questions as some girls did. This was a good sign so I would keep on asking more nasty questions.
Giggling the little girl admitted "Drip" Fuck those panties must be RIPE.

" Every girl I talk to except one does about the same as you baby. They all drip dry. Of course boys always just stick it back in their pants" Starting to talk about sex and sex organs now gradually so she would get used to it.

"Remember baby these questions are for older girls so don't get embarassed if you don't know what they mean because they are pretty grown up questions about how girls get pregnant, OK?" Now getting her to agree to answering more questions that "all the older girls" answer so she would think she was older.
"Yeah" she replied, a giggle in her voice.

"Our company is trying to keep little girls from getting preganant. Do you know of any girls at your school who got pregnant?"
"Yeah Marie got pregnant." she responded. Good. Junita would know exactly what I was talking about.

" How old was she honey?" I ask innocently.
"I think she was 12 or 13. She was in sixth grade."

"Do you know who the boy was that did it to her?"
"Yeah it was her boyfriend" Good. She knows what "did it" meant so she knows about sexual intercourse and what happens.

"How old is he Juanita?"
"17" Wow, that guy was getting some tight pussy.

"Where did they do it? Like at her house or his house or what?"
Juanita replied "At his house cause she always went there on the way home from school."

"See?? If girls don't know about sex they wind up getting pregnant and don't know why. And yet their parents get all mad if you tell them how keep from getting pregnant. Stupid huh?"
"Yeah" she agreed quickly.

"Grownups always say do this or do that but they don't do it. They just want you to do it, huh?"
"Yeah! Like my Gramm always says don't eat a lot of candy but she eats a ton of it."

Do you think your Gram would get mad at you if I explained sex to you so you don't get preganant?" I asked the little girl. Pointing out the need for secrecy.
"Yeah she'd get all mad!" Junita exclaimed.

"Well I won't tell her for sure. Would you tell her if I talked about sex and pregnancy to you?" I made it clear we were going to talk about secret sex so she would know we were going to talk about nasty things and not telling anyone was important.
Junita quickly replied "No way!!! I wouldn't tell her notin."

"I bet she tells you to stay away from boys huh?" Showing her I knew all about what mean grownups do.
"Yeah! She says boys are all nasty and they'll hurt me." Perfect. Gram had stirred up the curosity of this youngster.

"Well we found out if young girls like you and Marie know what gets them pregnant then we can prevent teen pregnancy. Like if we had given Marie our telephone course on how not to get pregnant she wouldn't have gotten pregnant and still had all the sex fun huh Junita?" Reenforcing the idea this was a good idea and she could find out about sex and have fun doing it.
Giggling Junita replied " Yeah."

"You seem pretty grown up to me so I think I'm gonna let you do the telephone pregnancy class. I will be teaching you all about sex and boys and about your body and boys bodies, especially about boy's thingies. (hearing thingies made her giggle) Would you like that sweety?"
"YES" Juanita quickly replied. Now I had her for sure. I would teach her alright, she was going to be well educated!

"Part of the class covers sex toys and we send you some sex toys to play with and learn about a boy's penis. Do you have a place where you can hide some sex toys if I send them to you?"
Excited she said "Yeah I gots a box under my bed dat has my lipstick and stuff in it. Gram thinks there is coloring books in it."

"Also in the class you can make money doing certain tests and other things. Would you like to earn some money?"
"YEAH!" she eagerly replied.

"Most tests pay at least $20 or more. And they are simple and fun to do. That way you make money while you learn about sex. Can't beat that huh Junita?"
"How soon can I make money Mr?." she asked eagerly.

"Right as soon as you start the class honey."
"Can we start now? I need some money. Gram never gives me any."

"We can't start the class till tomorrow but I will call you then and you can learn everything and start making your first $20" I reassured her.

"But because you are younger than we normally allow I'll have to kind of lie about your age. I'll keep it a secret but when I call you tomorrow and ask your age you say you are 13, ok?"
"OK" she giggled.

"We will do some health tests too to see how well your little body is maturing. Are you bigger or smaller than the girls in your class?"

"And have your breasts started to grow yet?" I asked casually like it was a health question.

"They hurt sometimes now that they are growing huh?" Sympathizing with her like I knew it all.

"All the girls have that pain as they grow up just like you are growing into a woman. It's all very natural because as your breasts get bigger it stretches the skin and makes it hurt a little. I bet your friends have the same pain huh?" Fishing now for more little girls to call.
"Yeah Angie does too." She acknowledged. Good another maturing little cunt.

"How old is she?" I asked
"12" Great!! I would bring Angie into the circle too, but later.

"Do you wear a bra yet?"
"Yeah, sometimes I wear a training bra." Knowing she was going to earn money she eagerly answered my intimate questions.

"Does Angie wear a training bra too?" Acting like all little girls were like her and that she was very normal.
Giggling Juanita replied "No. She wears a real bra. She's BIG" more giggles.

"Are you wearing a bra today?"
"No it's in the wash." Oh shit I could just imagine her little nipples poking thru her tee shirt.

"Have you started to get hair in your armpits?"
"Yeah, a little"

"And are you getting hair down between your legs?"

"Well, see you are starting to develop into a grown up woman. That hair growth means your hormones are active."

"When will you be alone tomorrow so I can give you some training and you can start earning some money" I asked, keeping the money idea fresh.
"Grammaw doesn't get home until 3 and I'm all alone during the day." She revealed.

"Well honey if you want me to I can call you back tomorrow when you are alone and we can get started teaching you all about sex and babies and how to handle guys so you can have sex fun but not get preganant OK?" Again I let her know it was going to be explicit and all about sex.

"I have to ask you some basic sex questions so I know where to place you in our training class, ok?"

"A girls body is different from a boys body down between your legs. You have a peepee and its called a vagina. It has a hole you can stick your fingers in huh?"

"Outside the hole you have some fat lips that cover your hole, huh, and kinda make a slit?"

"And at the top of that slit is a little bump that feels REALLY good when you rub it. That's called your clitoris. And it gets very hard when you rub it huh?"
An embarressed giggle and then a meek "Yeah".

"Well don't get embarressed honey ALL girls have a clitoris. Everybody just calls it your clit. Anyhow it's the center of your sexual desires . That's what boys rub on a girl to get her hot and juicy. But more about that later." I didn't want to overwhelm her.

"Now about your breasts. They are kinda simple. They hold the milk to feed your baby. Your nipples are for the baby to suck on. When a baby wants to eat they suck your nipples and they get all hard and stick out. It also feels very good to you so that you will want the baby to suck you. Girls love to have their nipples sucked on."

"Now about boys....What do you call a boys peepee, you know the grownup term?"
"Ahhh a penis?" she replied.

"Yes, very good.' I replied. "And when it gets hard and sticks straight up what do you call that?"
Giggling Juanita answered "A hardon."
Laughing I replied "Yeah that's what everybody calls it but offically it's called an erection. You are pretty smart Juanita."

"And one of the sex toys you will get is a rubber penis so you will know all about them and how to handle one. It's a very good learning tool."
Junita giggled hard.

"It's called a dildo and they come in all sizes from tiny three inchs to big 12 inchs. I will get you a couple different sizes depending on what you want OK?"

"Also you will get another sex toy called a vibrator. Have you heard of those?"
Well kinda on TV shows"

"Do you know what a vibrator is?"

"Well you will after you take the class. It's a sex toy a girl uses to make herself feel good so she doesn't get preganant. You'll get a vibrator too."
Junita giggled again.

"Have you heard the term masturbating?"
Giggling Juanita replied "Yeah."

"What's another name for a boy masturbating?"
She thought for a second and then replied with a question in her voice "Jack off?"

"Very good baby. You know a lot huh. You've probably seen your stepbrothers hardon huh?"
"Yeah" she admitted.

"That's good. Now that I know you've seen a hardon I can tell you more sex stuff because I know you will understand it and not get all embarressed like some little girls do."
I went on leading her as I ask "Does he like to jackoff sometimes?"
"YEAH" she eagerly answered.

"Does he squirt stuff out when he does that?"

Now making sure she wasn't just saying yes I quizzed her."What color is the stuff he squirts?"
"White" she quickly confirmed.

"That white stuff is called offically sperm but he calls it what?" Again probing to see how much she knew.
"Cum" she replied comfortably.

"And that's called an orgasm when he squirts but everybody calls it cumming."

I had been slowly jacking off as I talked to her and couldn't hold back my cum much longer so I decided to shoot and tell her I was cumming but make it sound like a question.

"Like when I'm jacking off and start to squirt the white stuff I usually say.......OOHHHH I'm cumming" I shot a massive load and really moaned. It took a good 15 seconds before I could talk again. "Does he sound like that when he comes Junita?" I asked breathing hard. My cum was all over me and had hit the telephone too.

"Yeah" she giggled. Now she knew I jacked off which would make it even more easy for her to tell me stuff.

"Do you think he likes to jackoff?" I ask as I started to wipe up all my jizz.
"YES he does it all the time!"
"Yeah me too" I confided in her, letting her know I liked sex too and it wasn't nasty.

"He likes you to help him huh?"

"When you get the sex toy penis I teach you the best way to jackoff a man with it so he squirts his stuff all over and not inside you. That way you don't get preganant."
She giggled again.

"Sometime I'd like you to help me too!!!" I planted a little thought in her mind to see what she would say.
Junita giggled at my suggestion. I didn't push her and moved on to more discussion.

"You like to see him squirt the white stuff huh, Juanita?"
Giggles again "Yeah"

"That's very natural honey. All girls like to see boys jackoff and squirt their white cum juice."
Now that I had broken the sex barrier I could talk all about sex with her and she would get used to talking about sex with me.

"When was the last time Jose jacked off with you?"
"Last week before he went to his mom's" she giggled.

"Did he squirt a big load for you?" I asked laughing
"Yeah" she giggled.

"Does he groan when he is cumming?"

"I was talking to a girl this morning and she said her brother makes her play lollipop and pretend his hardon is a lollipop and suck on it. Do you ever play lollipop?"
With an embarressed giggle Junita replied "Yeah" admitting she sucked his cock.

"What does his cum taste like? Is it sweet or salty?" Again making sure she wasn't just saying she sucked cock.
"Salty kinda" she easily replied as she loosened up.

"Do you swallow it?"
"NO I spit it out."

"You'll like the dildoes I send you. You can practice sucking on them while you learn how to masturbate a man and they don't squirt."
Junita let out a loud giggle at the thought of sucking a rubber cock.

"Did you know that a man's cum will make your breasts grow if you swallow it?"
"IT WILL??!!" The youngster quickly answered, amazed.

"Oh yes a man's cum, or sperm, has a lot of things it can do. First it's what gets you preganant. So when your body detects sperm inside you it knows you might get pregnant so it makes your breasts grow so you can feed your baby milk from them. If you swallow that cum from your stepbrother the sperm goes in your tummy and your body uses the hormones in it to grow your breasts a tiny bit. But if he squirts it up inside your vagina then your body knows it right away and starts sending a LOT of growth hormones to your little breasts to make them big. It works much better if the sperm is squirted up inside your vagina"

"So like if I squirted my man cum up inside you your breasts would start to grow rapidly. Would you like to have nice big breasts?"
"YES" the little girl eagerly replied.

"Then all the boys would be after you and you could have any boy you wanted huh?" I pointed out to her.

"Do the boys and men stare at your breasts now?"
"Yeah, sorta...sometimes they do.' Juanita admitted.

"They kinda poke through your tee shirt now, don't they, as they grow bigger?"
A litte giggle "Yeah"

"You like that when a man stares at your breasts, huh baby. It makes you feel grown up doesn't it ?" Again I was leading her to admit she liked sex related things.

"Well that's very natural. Your body is maturing and your sex hormones are making you show off to men so they will want to get a hardon with you. Sex hormones are extremley powerful and you can't stop wanting to have sex because they control your body. Have you heard of hormones?" Now explaining she had no control over her sex desires so she wouldn't feel guilty about all the things I was going to have her do later.
"Well kinda like on TV shows." Junita had seen all the sex related stuff the TV shows and movies put out.

"Well honey, your sex hormones control everything about how your body grows and your sexual desires. When you get sexually aroused, like when you are sucking on a man's hardon, your nipples get hard and then you get all wet down between your legs while tingles shoot all over your little body. It's like you are on fire. Those are your sex hormones doing that to you. They make you get so horny you can't stop no matter what till you get some sperm squirted inside you. Then when a man squirts his sperm inside you, making you pregnant, your sex hormones sense it and make your breasts grow so when have a baby you can feed your baby breast milk." Junita listened as I brainwashed her. Hew eagerness to learn about sex was strong and she would believe anything I told her.

"You know how when your body decides it's going to sneeze and you can't stop it?"

"and when you are thinking about eating some food you start to salivate? Or when you have to yawn or burp you can't stop it?"
Giggling "I burp real loud!" she boasted promptly.

"Your body controls you completely and makes you do things you can't control. Think about it, it makes you sleepy so you fall asleep, it makes you hungry so you eat, it makes you thirsty so you drink. You need to sleep, eat and drink to stay alive so your body has a force that makes you to do many things that you can't stop. But your bodies strongest force is to have sex and make babies and that is starting in you now. Your little girl body is now turning into a woman's body that wants to have orgasms and a man's sperm squirted inside it. Your body now makes you want to touch yourself and masturbate because it feels so very very good and your body makes you enjoy that and want it all the time. Having sex is the best feeling in the world and you can't help wanting it because you have no control over it."

I paused and then asked "You have started to have strong sexual desires this past six months and get wet between your legs all the time huh, Junita?"
"Yes" she confirmed.

Now she was listening intently as I went on convincing her she couldn't stop wanting sex. "And you like to rub your clitoris and make yourself orgasm so it feels really good. Everytime you orgasm while masturbating you body grows it's breasts and developes it sex organs more so it actually feels even better the more you do it. It's starting to feel real good now when you masturbate compared to the first couple times you did it huh?" I led her on to reinforce the idea that masturbating was good as I was going to have her masturbate for me later on.

"And you do it every day now don't you? See you can't stop it cause it feels so good huh" I laughed.
Junita laughed and admitted "Yeah, it does feel good."

"Junita" I acted like it was a secret "I jackoff every day cause it feels soooo good and I can't stop it. My body forces me to do it. Like sneezing or burping. I have to jackoff."
She giggled.

"I squirt big loads of the white stuff all over."
More giggles.

"What a waste of good breast growing sperm huh. Just being squirted into a kleenex."
"Yeah" she replied.

"When I could be squirting it in you and making you grow into a sexy woman, huh" I suggested.
"yeah" again she giggled.

But I could tell she was thinking about it and really getting used to me talking about sex openly. That was my goal today so when I called her tomorrow she would willingly do everything I had planned for her.

"Well honey when you get your sex toys you will get a couple dildoes and you can stick them inside you all you want and pretend it's me doing it to you. But you won't get preganant, you'll just have the fun of it, huh?"

"Lets get ready for tomorrow and getting you started in the sex class so you can make some money ok?"
"YEAH!" Junita was coming around to acceepting my suggestions.

"You'll have to give me your phone number cause the computer dialed your phone and I don't know your number. If you give me the wrong number I won't be able to find you." I was giving her the option of not talking to me. If Junita gave me the right number it meant she was aware of being nasty with me on the phone and wanted more.
Junita quickly gave me her correct number. Good!! The little bitch wanted more and she was going to get it for sure.

"Do you have a computer that is on the internet honey?" My plan was to take her to a lot of porn sites and have her masturbate along with me on the same movie sites.
"Yeah my stepbrothers' computer is but I can't use it." Great!!!! A computer online.

"Why not baby?" I asked with sympathy like I really felt sorry for her.
"He went away to his mom's for a month and said I couldn't use it." The young girl complained.

"I bet he looks at nasty porn stuff on his computer huh?" I ask her, leading her on.
"Yeah" Junita giggled.

"He gets a hardon then huh?"
"Yeah" she giggled again.

"Well if no one knows you use it it will be ok won't it. I have to teach you stuff online with it, like with sex education sites that have movies and pictures of sex education stuff. He'd never know."
"Well I kinda don't know too much how to use it." Juanita confessed.

"That's OK baby I will teach you all about it and no one will ever know. Besides everything we are going to do is a secret, huh?"
"Yeah.........OK." Then it hit her. "YEAH THAT'S right! Gram won't be here huh?"

"That's right baby. You'll be all alone at home and I'll be with you on the phone and internet. It's totally secret and we can do whatever we want to and no one will ever know about it, huh baby?"

"Yeah!" she emphatically agreed. The true meaning now sinking in that she could do sex stuff all alone with me helping her.

"I'll put a program on it so I can control it from my computer and I will show you everything on the internet about sex that you need to know and you won't even have to touch the keyboard if you don't want to. It will be like watching a TV show about sex only on your computer. OK?" I would download a program that allowed me to remotely control her computer. Then I would load all the software to monitor and record everything that computer did.

"That's right. Is the computer near you?"

"Where is your Gram?"
"She's outside."

"Turn it on and go onto the internet."
"I don know how to get on the internet but I can turn it on." Juanita replied

His computer went right onto the internet when it came on. I had her type in the address of my web page that had a link to install my remote control program. I told her to click on it and say ok to download the file. A minute later I was able to take control of her computer.

"OK baby I want you to turn off just the monitor with the switch on the front of it. Don't turn off the computer part, just the monitor picture part OK. I have some work to do and we don't want your Gram to know I can control the computer or you will get in trouble, OK?"

"I will call you tomorrow morning. What time does your Gram go to work sweety?"
"About quarter to eight." The little girl eagerly told me.

"OK I'll call exactly at eight o'clock and if you decide you want to know all about sex while making money and how not to get preganant, then you answer the phone. If you decide you don't want the lessons just don't answer and I'll take you off the list as there are a lot of girls waiting to get on the list who want to know all about sex and make money, OK?".
"Yeah! I will answer!!!" Juanita eagerly replied.

"Oh and I have to be careful I don't get in trouble so when I ask you how old you are you say 13 because I can only do teenage girls, which is really stupid, but I can't help it. So you say 13 OK Juanita ???."
"Ok, I'm 13!!!" Junita quickly agreed, eager to do whatever it would take to get more sex information.

End of part 1.

In part 2 Junita gets her sex toys and learns all about masturbating while online to porn sites.


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This happen to my, but a young girl call my mobile phone and want to talk dirty to me and she got off over the phone. Later I found out she was my neighbor daughter and got my number from her dad's address book. We flirted with each other on the phone and one day she came over after school and invited her to come in and we play w/ea. other, We make it a routine a had sex each time she cum over. It lasted about 2 yrs, still have good memoirs of that time.

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It wasn't the sexinfo that she wanted dumass, it was the money. Poor Lil girl needs cash & all you wanted was her sweet little ass.

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