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You know who you are...
So, you’re looking for another rhyme,
Don’t know if I can do it this time,
I tried to think of something hot,
Something with a lusty plot,
Something you can read and wank,
But my mind simply came up blank,
So instead of reading some dirty poem,
While you’re sitting back at home,
Take a trip into the city,
Where you may find some real kitty,
Cause sex isn’t just to read about,
It’s something I can’t do without,
Cash your check when you get paid,
Go outside and actually get laid,
So instead of reading and stroking your dick,
Go into town and get a chick.


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2012-11-22 17:36:30
How do you make nail polish last lonegr?Whenever I get a manicure, the nail polish chips off within a day or two, especially when I work. I work in retail hanging clothes and I think the hangers make the polish chip off faster. I know nail polish lasts much lonegr on acrylics but I want to avoid getting acrylics because they damage my real nails so much when I get them removed. What can I do or use to make the polish last lonegr? I have a basecoat and topcoat (made by Orly) that are supposed to help the polish bond to the nail and last lonegr and resist chipping but it doesn't really work well. Any suggestions?I'm not gonna wear gloves or anything on my fingers that would just defeat the whole purpose of nail polish in the first place. Plus it would get all hot and sweaty.


2009-11-06 17:14:45
Meatus found this to be the truth,
A girl' nipple taste sweet as fruith.
A penis swells hard viewing nude,
Female; male bodies, I'm not rude.

Enjoyed your poem, it's so real to life.

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