Will Joe be able to handle all that the Davis family has to offer at Thanksgiving or will the truth send him running?
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Warning, if you have not been following this story, it's probably not going to be that good for you to start reading here. I don't want to waste any of your time, so I'm letting you know now that this has been a long drawn out story. Hit back now if that's not what you were looking for.

My Neighbor's Incest Part XII

"Mom, what do you need? We were all just getting to know each other." I tried not to sound as upset as I was. But, I had just been pulled away from the most admirable seduction caper that my dysfunctional neighbor had ever pulled off. Jasmin crushing my resolve and getting me to cheat on Susan, that didn't amount to much. Her stripping and slaying the goody-two-shoes, A student, Stacy in the backyard, that was notable. But, the magnitude of what she had just done to her cousin, spreading her pussy so her own brother could make love to her, that was admirable.

On top of that, I had to find out what was going on with Susan's grandfather being in prison. And, what was with the moving, Jesselyn staying with Susan, Jasmin and Jesselyn's thing, and Jesselyn and her father? I didn't know where to start when I got back to Susan. But, my greatest fear right now was that my mother would need me for a long time, and when I could finally go back, her parents would be home. Or, worse, Susan, Jasmin, Jesselyn and Jeremy would be involved in some secondary carnal scheme dreamed up by Jasmin!

I pictured Susan and Jasmin fighting it out for deep throat supremacy on Jeremy's large cock. I felt extremely conflicted by my thoughts of Susan. My jealous side burned with the thought of the girl I loved doing anything with someone else, even her sister. But, my cursed nature was thrilled with the image of my young lover's throat trying to absorb the full length of Jeremy's massive tool. Her tender lips wrapped around his shaft.

"Joe, sorry to drag you away from your friends, but I need you to help me find the large turkey pan. Your dad will not be home for awhile, and I can't be climbing on a chair with my bad hip. When he comes home, we are going shopping. It will be a zoo, so I want to make sure I know exactly what we need before he gets here. Then we can take off right away." My mother's look surprised me. She actually seemed genuine about being sorry to make me come home. I couldn't help being suspicious.

"Sure mom. I think I know where it is." Even if she was genuine, it was best to make like it was no big deal, and like I was more than happy to help her. Raising parents was a careful game of give and take.

I knew I should have looked here first! The third cabinet, over the refrigerator, way in the back was where I finally found the missing pan. It wasn't really missing, it was exactly where someone put it after last Thanksgiving. The same place I will probably put on Friday when my mother tells me to put it away for next year.

While I looked, I gave my mom some superficial details about Jeremy, Jesselyn and the weather at their house. I also did my best to steer the talk away from anything about my girlfriend or the whereabouts of her parents. I was hoping she thought at least one of them was home, but anything she thought was better than the truth. "They went to visit their dad at the prison."

"No mom, that's fine. I promise! They offered anyway. They like me, I mowed the grass for her without letting her pay me." A devious smile snuck across my face at my completely unnecessary comment. I had promised myself I wouldn't even think about what I did with Mrs. Davis, yet here I was making inside jokes to myself.

"Are you sure you don't want me to come help you shop?" I held my breath knowing that my strategic move could backfire. Normally, I was such a goof off at the supermarket that my mother would never take me. I thought it was better to offer and down play my need to get back next door as much as possible. That would make her much more comfortable about me going back there and staying for dinner.

"No, your dad and I will handle it. You'd be miserable with the crowds. But, thanks for offering." She appeared to take my ploy hook, line and sinker.

"Okay, you have fun then. I'll be back after dinner, but call if you need anything." I had thought the worst when I had to leave Susan's side to answer my mother's call. But, it actually turned out better than I could have planned. I'd have the rest of the afternoon, and I had invited myself for dinner at the Davis's. So, I didn't have to worry about coming back until after they did the shopping.

I thought I was pretty smart until I considered the possible problems. I stood on my walkway, wondering how I should return to the den of perversion. Should I just walk right in? Should I knock on the front door? What if I walk in on something I'm not prepared for? What if her parents come home, and I have to go back home too early? Maybe I'm not as smart as I thought?

My desire to make sure Jeremy wasn't doing anything to Susan, over powered my initial concerns, and I pushed the back gate open. I wonder if that's because I love her, or I just want to be the only one? My thoughts would probably have to be address for years in therapy. However, they were instantly erased by the sight of Jeremy, Jasmin and Susan all drying off by the pool. All without a stitch of clothing. As I approached, I quickly scanned for Jesselyn. She wasn't anywhere to be seen.

"Hey Stud, lock that gate! Can you imagine the look on your mother's face if she popped in here and saw me sucking your throbbing cock!" My first thought was, how could they have left it open? I locked it. Then, I realized Jasmin's pet name for me and her implied act, must have made Susan uncomfortable. It was one thing if she acted that way at school, but we had a deal to never hurt Susan.

I spun around just in time to see Jeremy's dick watering down the lawn. Susan seemed oblivious to Jasmin's nasty talk. She was watching Jeremy's fire hose.

"Does anyone in your family use the toilet?" I whispered in Susan's ear when I reached her.

Susan jerked, like she had been snapped out of a day dream. "I'm so glad you could come back!"

Susan kissed me on the lips and added, "I normally do. I'm sorry everything was so weird before. I was wondering if you'd want to come back. My parents will not be back for a long time. The three of them found something to do after that thing, and they told us not to wait up. We have money for pizza or something, can you stay?" Susan took a much needed breath while I tried to process everything she said.

When I didn't say anything fast enough, Susan's face drew a concerned look. "I hate it that they did that. They used to do that when we were little. That normally meant they were going to one of their sex parties. But, they aren't doing stuff like that anymore. So, maybe they just needed adult time." I couldn't help wonder if Susan's concern wasn't related to her own probable future.

"Of course I came back! We have a promise ya know. You think a little weird is going to run me off? I love you." I felt very sure of my words, but wondered if I would have felt different had I opened that gate to Jeremy's cock sliding inside my girlfriend?

"I know, but there are so many things I haven't told you and that whole prison thing." Susan's open book look seemed to invite any questions I might dare to ask.

As much as her granddad being in prison was of interest, I was more interested in knowing why the girl who never had a boyfriend, was calling out for her daddy while her brother shoved his cock in her. I wished Jesselyn was out here being as open as Jeremy had been earlier. I wanted to know all about her and Jasmin. I wanted to know how she didn't ever give into her brother's obvious advances. Was she too busy doing her daddy? Where was her daddy anyway?

"Joe, are you with me?" Susan's voice interrupted me from my millions of million dollar questions.

"Yes, I'm sorry. I was just wondering how you fit that in your mouth!" I pointed in the direction of Jeremy's cock, which was in Jasmin's hand. She was gripping it from behind him and shaking it like a fishing pole, making some comment.

Susan's eyes seemed to light up, either at the sight of it or my comment. Suddenly, it all seemed too planned. Like I was the setup guy to put a plan in motion. Jasmin was waving Jeremy's tool in Susan's direction.

I felt my heart race and heat flash across my face. A powerful fear gripped me at the same time a wicked excitement coursed through my soul. I know that feeling. The first time I saw porn! Really, it was the day I was in my attic and saw Mr. Davis' cock in Susan and her mother's face.

I was terrified of what I might experience at the moment the reality of Jeremy's dick in Susan's mouth hit me. But, the powerful desire to see her doing it swelled in me, like Jeremy's prick in Jasmin's hand.

"Go ahead big mouth, prove it!" Jasmin's lustful eyes were on her sister. I knew Jasmin could careless about anything except seeing her sister doing something nasty. She definitely liked to watch.

Susan dropped her towel and knelt on it in front of Jeremy. Her hands were trembling as she reached for her cousin. She nervously looked to me, almost pleading for someone to make her stop. Terror and lust roared inside me as Susan's hand gently touched Jeremy's leg. Neither her nor I wanted her to stop more than continue. Her hesitant fingers moved up the back of his thigh. Jeremy turned his hips towards her. His throbbing mass of flesh was now bobbing in front of Susan's face.

For a second, I thought my balls might unload in my shorts at the sight of my girlfriend's childlike hand around Jeremy's log. My heart raced and my nerves tingled. Bulging veins pulsed in Susan's grip as her lips approached Jeremy's swollen head. My raging cock snapped up as my shorts went down. Then, I inadvertently gulped for air when Susan licked her lips and pressed them onto her cousin's plum shaped cock head. My knees trembled as I watched my lover's young mouth partaking of the forbidden fruit. What is wrong with me, that's my girlfriend.

Jeremy's flesh emerged from Susan's mouth glistening from her mouth juice. I stepped closer, wondering if she had been as excited watching Mary inhale my cock, as I was watching her. This is wrong, but I can't make myself care. I watched in a lustful ecstasy as inch after inch slipped inside Susan's mouth. I forced myself to relax, knowing that if I didn't my cock would go off if a breeze blew.

Jesselyn emerged from the house and joined Jasmin next to Jeremy. Her hand tenderly moved up and down Jasmin's back while they watched Susan's eager mouth. Jasmin wrapped her arm around Jesselyn's waist and pulled her close. Her hand moved inside the back of Jesselyn's shorts without resistance and found her ass cheek. The two girls appeared to be very familiar with fondling each other.

Despite the distant hum of the pool filter's motor and the sound of birds, my ears only heard the sucking sounds from Susan's mouth. Just a few feet from her, I stood amazed as she enjoyed her cousin's swollen cock. Then, Susan pulled back, leaving four inches of throbbing cock covered with her spit. I glanced up to Jeremy's thrilled face and then at the two girls. All eyes were fixated on the youngest member of the family as she forced her head back onto her cousin's tool. She didn't stop until she gagged and pulled back.

"My god!" Jesselyn broke the silence, clearly aroused by the youngster's talent.

Susan looking proud and determined plunged Jeremy's massive dick back inside her mouth. Both Jasmin and Jesselyn watched on with their mouths hanging wide open as Susan's lips descended the thick shaft. She gulped and gasped her way down unimaginable inches of Jeremy's flesh.

When Susan choked for air with her nose just half an inch from Jeremy's pubic hair, both girls exhaled simultaneously. Susan turned her dejected face towards me as tears and mouth juice dripped from her chin. My dick stood straight up against my stomach. One touch and I was sure I would be launching ball juice at Susan's head. She smiled at me and swallowed hard. Jeremy's rod slipped back into her mouth.

Her mouth stretched as wide as it could and her throat swelled. She paused with just inches to go and adjusted her position. With one last gasp, her neck expanded and Jeremy's dick disappeared. Her nose was pressed tight against her cousin's pubic hair while her throat jerked and spasmed around the foreign object. I had felt her gagging throat grasping at my cock head like that, and it always amounted to my balls giving up their load.

Jeremy's strained face looked down at the top of Susan's head, and with a grunt he took hold of it. He held her in place as his jerking hips pumped his sperm straight inside his cousin's stomach. A collective sympathetic deep breath resounded from Susan's audience while we watched her throat gulping down his fluid. I couldn't help wonder what it felt like to be choked like that. I stared as each inch of Jeremy's slippery flesh was extracted from Susan's head.

Susan wiped her watering eyes and slobber from her face as she stood up and proudly looked at her sister. Even though I expected her to give Jasmin a hardy, I told you so, she seemed to just enjoy her accomplishment. Maybe a little bit too much. That took me away from my burning lust for a moment and made me feel uncomfortable.

Jasmin's hand was getting very familiar with Jesselyn's ass as both girls seemed to have been sexually charged by the incestuous deep throating of Jeremy's cock. My boner was throbbing and my balls were filled with an afternoon of pent up excitement. If I had been watching this from my attic, I would have already splattered the wall four or five times!

Jeremy kissed the top of Susan's head with a smile. "You got it like nobody else, cuz!"

Strangely, Jeremy's affectionate gesture sent a wave of discomfort through me. Up until that moment I had watched with the same emotional involvement I'd have with a porn movie. But, one smile and kiss turned me sour. You can't have it both ways!

Susan stepped in front of me, in all her naked glory. Her maturing body gave me a thrill, but her loving smile captured my full attention. My heart reminded me that what I just saw was sex. What stood before me was love. I wondered if I could really separate the two that easily.

The touch of Susan's tiny finger's on my aching cock gave a resounding yes. All my thoughts turned to the needs of my horny balls. Susan smiled with a loving look that I knew was reserved for me, only. Both of her hands gripped my rod and held it tight. I needed to be inside her, but not with an audience. It was uncomfortable enough with Jasmin looking on. There was no way I could make love to her like this.

With one jerk of Susan's hands, all my previous worries flew from my mind. Shit! That was all I had time to think before my nuts unleashed a flood on the front of Susan's body. I stood helplessly looking down at my twitching shaft as it flung gobs of semen onto Susan's chest and stomach. Susan holding my trigger happy cock, directed the spray with the same fascination she had when she jerked me off in her kitchen.

I was terrified to look up and see everyone watching my premature eruption. How embarrassing. Susan's understanding and pleased smile diminished my fret. Still holding my oozing cock, she knelt down. With incredible zeal she sucked every remaining drop from my cum tunnel. Without a hint of concern for anyone, like we were the only ones there, Susan kissed me. My own cum lingering only troubled me for a few second before her passionate lips got my full concentration.

"Hey, it's getting a little cool for me. Let's go inside." Jasmin's words reminded me that we weren't alone. I was still hot, but the others had been swimming and weren't kissing Susan. I hated that the sun dropped off so early at this time of the year. I would have enjoyed a naked swim with a pool full of Susan, Jasmin and Jesselyn.

I looked down at Susan's coated belly and smiled at the memory of my living room. "Maybe Jasmin can clean that up for you!" I laughed and realized I was at home again in this den of indecency.

Susan slapped me as we turned to follow the others. "It's your mess, why do we have to keep cleaning up after you?" Clearly a reference to her kitchen floor.

I held Susan back a few more seconds. Jeremy trailed behind Jasmin and Jesselyn as they walked with arms around each other's waist. "Is she alright? Better yet, is he alright with that?" I pointed to the two girls who seemed to be very acquainted with holding onto the other.

Susan stopped and allowed them to reach the door. "Joe, there is a lot I still have to tell you. Jesselyn lived with us for a long time. It's a very long complicated story, but Jasmin and Jesselyn have been lovers for a long time. They shared a room until my mother realized they were going at it just about every night. That's when Jesselyn went back to Aunt Jane's." Susan turned to go inside when she had clearly revealed as much as she wanted to at that time.

"Susie, what is it like doing that? Why do you, I mean how do you take all of it in your mouth?" Susan looked shocked at either the name I choose or my question.

"Joe, don't call me that. That's my name from when we were kids. Jeremy is the only one who still calls me that." Susan paused as I considered her age and her comment, "when we were kids." What is she now?

"It's hard to explain. That choking feeling excites me. For that split second when I think I can't breathe I get so excited. Then when I know I got it all in, it makes me feel like I have total control. I get to make you cum." Susan's face showed she didn't fully understand, but I knew what a powerful feeling I got when I controlled her orgasm with my tongue. I guessed I understood.

"Joe, I'm sorry. Did that upset you watching me do that?" Susan read my facial expression incorrectly.

"I guess I might have been a little jealous. But, not as much as I expected or maybe should have. It was amazing how you got it all the way down." I didn't want to try and resolve all the things that were wrong, in light of our love. At least not now.

Susan smiled with a look of relief. "It wasn't that hard. He's only this much bigger than you." Susan held her thumb and index finger to her throat and marked off an inch.

"You have nothing to be jealous about." Susan's reassuring smile made me feel warm and confident. My hope was that those feelings would last through the rest of the holiday weekend.

Susan went into the bathroom to clean off my drying cum and I went in the living room with the others. Shorts and tee shirts now covered all the nude flesh as Jasmin thumbed through the phone book. "What do you like on your pizza, Joe?"

Jasmin had moved so close to me I could feel the heat from her tit on my arm. I wasn't sure why she hadn't ask anyone else and now she was practically on top of me. While she waited for my answer she glanced around and then spoke in my ear. "I know what I want on me. I'm so horny, I might have to collect my birthday present early." Jasmin's look held all the ingredients of the seduction she used on me before Halloween. I flashed to her in her Eve costume and how she had crushed me with her passion. I imagined the feel of her warm body under me as I filled her with my cum. Damn it, don't let her look at you like that!

I stepped back just in time for Susan's entrance. "I don't care as long as it's not anchovies." I looked up and down Jasmin's goddess body and tried to read her face. We shared a warm familiar look that lasted too long.

I went over and sat next to Jesselyn and Susan sat next to her. I wondered what she meant by, "collect my birthday present early." What had she been expecting from me? I pushed the thought away and tried to get to know Jesselyn better. When I turned back to Jesselyn and Susan the similarity was amazing. I moved my eyes from one to the other comparing facial features. Other than the red tint to Jesselyn's hair, and the years that separated them, they were the same. I was thrilled again knowing that in five years that was what my girlfriend was going to look like.

As much as I tried, I could not direct the conversation to anything I wanted to know about their past. It was clear at one point they all lived together, and they also lived in the same town in separate houses. But, nobody would talk about Jesselyn and Jasmin or Jesselyn and her father. They did, however, talk about the nude beach that they all went to. Which, explained something about how comfortable they were with stripping naked!

After we all ate, Jesselyn touched my arm to get my attention. "You must think I'm really messed up. You know, after what you saw earlier?"

The attention from the beautiful young woman brought back my brain problem, even though we had all been getting very comfortable together. I thought hard about what to say. Instead of speaking, looked at Jasmin and Susan, like have you met your cousins yet? Then I looked back at the captivating eyes next to me, and just smiled. She glanced at the two sisters as they shared a knowing look, then back at me. Jesselyn smiled, "I guess you understand that we're not a traditional family."

Jesselyn thought for a few second and then exchanged a look with Jasmin. "So, if you don't mind me asking, did you have to get Jasmin to help you fuck Susan? She's good at stuff like that."

Not being sure if that was a mean jab at Jasmin or not, I looked to Susan and Jasmin for help. They looked as surprised by their cousin's question as I was. "Well, actually, Susan and I have never fucked." My long pause drew some very skeptical looks.

With my eyes looking right at Susan, I finished, "I made love to her without any help from Jasmin. Unfortunately, my mother almost caught us the first time."

Susan seemed to appreciate my statement very much, but didn't look that comfortable that I was sharing details with the group. I had to tell the whole story after opening that can of worms. Even Jasmin hadn't heard about my mother coming home right in the middle of taking Susan's virginity.

Susan was asked to give descriptive details of every aspect of losing her cherry. Then, Jasmin talked about watching us do it and how exciting it was. I was sorry I had brought it up, more for how horny it made me than for the embarrassment it caused Susan and me.

Jasmin found it necessary to touch my crotch as she told about my "giant fuck tool," separating Susan's flesh. She went on for a few minutes like she was reading the script for a porn movie. Then she put Jeremy on the spot by telling about how she had taken his virginity. On their thirteenth birthday, that was her present for him. "It was unbelievable how hard he fucked me. I screamed so loud I woke mom and dad!" Jasmin shifted and touched herself as she recounted the details. She was obviously enjoying herself and trying to get the rest of us as excited as she seemed to be.

Jasmin's birthday comment came back to me, and I connected it with her story. I remembered her reenactment of losing her virginity and how she had used me to do it. That must be what she wants for her birthday. Why not just get Jeremy to do it?

I closed the bathroom door and dropped my shorts. I looked down at my erection and wondered if I would have to beat it off before I could take a piss. Why did Jasmin's touch excite me so much? I wondered if it was because she had done it in plain sight of Susan.

It took me a long time, tormented by my thoughts, to empty my bladder. When I stepped out into the hallway, I was greeted by Jasmin. She was standing exactly where she had been the night she called me over to see her Halloween costume. At least she has her clothes on. I knew things were different now than they had been back then. I walk the three feet to her with confidence in myself and Jasmin. "You got to go too?"

Jasmin's chest pressed against me as she spoke in my ear. "I need you, Joe." The feel of her breath in my ear, more than her actual words, sent a wave of sensation all the way to my crotch. I willed my dick not to move, but it plumped anyway. She put her mouth over mine and without my brain giving it permission, my mouth opened.

"Shit, come here." I yanked Jasmin by her arm back into the bathroom.

Her hand took hold of my fully erect dick, "I guess you still have a problem with your cock?" Her smirk was telling of her mood.

"Jasmin, we have agreed we would never hurt your sister. Not that there could be a better time, but this is the worst time and place!" The truth was, the added excitement from the chance of being caught had my blood roaring in my ears. But, I felt horrible last time this happened, and I loved Susan more now than I did back then.

Jasmin's hands held my ass and pulled my cock tight against her body. "I know, I'm not stupid or heartless. You must think I am, but I promise I'm not. I talked to Susan and she said she wants to watch. Except, not like you watched her. She's going to spy on us while we do it."

I carefully considered Jasmin's words, but the heat from her body and her hands on my ass made it impossible for me to come to a conclusion. I seriously doubted Jasmin would tell a lie of that magnitude, but I couldn't chance it. As much as I wanted the start fucking her right that second, I pushed back two steps. I took in a good look at her chest and erect nipples, "Jasmin, I have to check with Susan."

A genuinely sad look filled Jasmin's face. "Do you think I would lie about something like that!"

I felt bad and powerless as my hands took hold of hers. I pulled her close and kissed her lips with all the passion normally reserved for Susan. "Of course not. I just have to make sure she's really okay with it, and it's not going to come back to hurt us. You know what I mean?"

All of Jasmin's gleam returned in seconds. "I do. But, one thing." I thought oh no here it comes, it was a lie.

"When you talk to her, make sure Jesselyn and Jeremy don't hear you. They are going to be left in the dark." That sinister smile that I loved to hate rose from Jasmin's evil nature and spread across her face.

When I got back in the living room, Jesselyn and Jeremy were huddled next to each other talking. I plopped down on the couch next to Susan. Jasmin dropped on the floor, leaned back on the lounge chair and pulled her knees up to her chest. Jasmin was watching Susan and I. I secretly wanted Susan to ask me to take her to her room and fuck her brains out. My nut misfire earlier did nothing to satisfy my lust, it only relieved the pressure in my balls temporarily. Now, on top of everything that had happened already, I had that encounter with Jasmin. I was nervous that this thing she spoke of might actually be true. But, mostly, I wanted to shove my cock inside something like Buster plowing Jasmin in the backyard.

"Jasmin, how is it that you still don't have a boyfriend?" Jasmin's face couldn't hide the painful thought process set off by Jeremy's question. I felt sorry for her.

"You know me Jeremy, it's not that simple for me. I'm trying to get some things straight first, or at least wait until another Joe comes along." Jasmin smiled at me with the smile I hated the most. It was the one that melted my heart.

I turned to Susan and kissed her with every ounce of love I could dig up from under my prevailing lust. I wanted her to rescue me from myself more than anything. Susan smiled like she was totally okay with everything. I felt my heart race and a fire burning on my face.

I whispered in her ear, "Are you really okay with this? Jasmin... " With a smile, Susan placed her finger to my lips to silence me.

I probably should have said, "Can I fuck Jasmin?" if I really wanted to get her to disagree. But, the sad truth was that every second that had passed since Jasmin told me her plan, my desire for her had increased. Not only that, also the strange excitement from the thought of being secretly watched was building. I couldn't reconcile what was going on in my mind, but my crotch was fully on board with the twisted plan.

Susan smiled and kissed me on the lips. "I want to watch. It's my turn."

Jasmin smiled wildly as her knees separated, revealing a glimpse of her gorgeous pussy. Her legs closed quickly and she rose to her feet. She leaned across me and kissed Susan on the mouth. The two girls shared tongues for ten seconds. When they broke off, Jasmin spoke barely at a whisper, "Are you sure it's okay with you? I promise."

Jesselyn and Jeremy didn't even seem to notice the completely inappropriate tongue swapping. Jasmin smiled and headed toward her room. I didn't know what the promise was, but it was clear from Susan's response that my girlfriend had just fed me to the lion. My eyes pleaded with her again, giving her one last chance to change her mind. But, she just kissed me with as much love as normal.

"When something seems too good to be true, it probably is." My mother's words would probably come back to haunt me, but I had to serve my balls and they said "Do it!"

I left the room after a few minutes headed in the opposite direction Jasmin had gone. "I'll be back."

I went out the other side of the kitchen and cut through the dinning room. That took me to the hallway out of the view from the living room. I slipped into Jasmin's room like I was really trying to hide something. The truth was, I actually had all the nervous anticipation I had earlier when Jasmin kissed me. Before I knew my girlfriend wanted me to do this, so she could watch. I wasn't sure I could go through with it because it was going to complicate my life even more.

Jasmin's back was to me as I entered. I closed the door partially behind me. Her silky robe ended six inches below her ass. That same fire I felt earlier rushed back through my body and mind. "Hey, sis, what are you doing?" I hadn't planned my words and as strange as, "Sis" was, who would care?

Jasmin acted surprised, "Well, if it isn't my little brother sneaking a peek at his big sister." Jasmin's words gave me a bizarre chill. I didn't know if I had played into her role playing, or if I had set it in motion. I also didn't care after Jasmin turned around.

Her robe was tied at the waist, but only the belt covered her belly. The actual robe was parted several inches and revealed a red lace bra and panties. My dick surged at the sneak peak I got before Jasmin acted like she was trying to hide herself. "You naughty boy, you saw my panties."

Every feeling of lust I had ever had and more were suddenly upon me. I couldn't think straight, like the day I nervously stood over Mrs. Davis. I shifted my waist band and allow the top of my cock to stick out of my shorts. I stepped towards Jasmin, not sure how this was going to play out, but I wanted to give her a chance to direct her fantasy.

Jasmin pointed with one hand and held the other to her forehead. "Oh my! Look how swollen your thing is! Did I make that happen to it?"

Even with all my recent drama practice, I had no idea what to do with this role. Jasmin's short robe gave me a view of her forward leg almost to her crotch. Her smooth tan thigh was driving me wild. I wanted to eat my way from her sexy toes to her mouth watering pussy. I wanted to shove my face in until I made her cover it with a gallon of her cum.

I pulled my waist band down and hook it under my balls. "I don't know why it does this when I see you. I'm sorry I was watching you. It hurts so bad Sissy, can you make it feel better?" My stupid words made me wonder about what I might do with a sister of my own. I felt possessed.

Jasmin's eyes lit up as she took in my words and the sight of my raging hardon. Her robe accidentally opened a little more as she stepped closer to me. Her chest was exposed to the edge of each nipple. Her incredible red panties were visible through an inch wide opening. Not panties like I had every seen in my fourteen years, except in a magazine.

"Let me see if I can make that thing stop hurting. Don't you tell mommy and daddy, but I saw daddy with this problem. I watched to see how mommy fixed it for him." Jasmin's face had all the characteristics of a little girl as she knelt in front of me.

She pulled my dick down towards her face. "Does that hurt it when I bend it?"

"No, but when you touch it, it makes my things feel crazy. I'm afraid they might explode!" I was role playing, but I was telling the truth!

"Okay, don't be scared. This is what mommy did." Jasmin's mouth surrounded my pulsing flesh. Jeez, what the fuck. Every wonderful feeling I remembered about Jasmin's mouth on my cock was surpassed. She hadn't done it many times, but weight of those experiences was tremendous.

Jasmin's robe had opened completely as she squatted in front of me. The sexy bra pushed her giant teenage tits together, creating a wonderful cleavage trench for me to look down into. She was sitting on her heals with her legs open far enough for me to get a glimpse of her tiny panties. They were clinging tightly to her body, and I imagined they had to be pulled up inside her pussy lips.

I groaned loudly as her mouth swallowed several inches of my rod. Her one hand fondled my balls while the other gripped her nipple. I took a deep breath in through my nose. I was sure I could smell her wonderful scent. The smell made me hungry for her and pushed me over the edge.

I took her by her arms and pulled her to her feet. When our eyes met, all the powerful passion we shared was right there. I pushed her robe all the way open and admired her beautiful body wrapped like a present in red lace. It was clear acting was over.

I moved my hands slowly across her checks until my fingers were on her neck and my thumbs were right in front of her ears. I pulled her face close and placed my mouth over hers. My tongue quickly found hers, and we got lost in a long kiss that made my toes curl. Still holding her head, I pushed her face back and stared into her eyes, trying to read her heart. A tear drop started to form, but before it found its way to her cheek, she pulled me against her.

My hands slipped under her robe and took hold of her round ass. Jasmin's shapely rump was firm, but it filled my hands, and my finger sunk in when I squeezed it. I reached under the bottom of each cheek, and gripped tightly. I pulled Jasmin hard into me, pressing my burning cock in between us.

Jasmin bit my neck and ear. "Oh Joe, you make me feel so good. Please, just fuck me. Don't."

I wanted to just shove my hurting dick inside her body, where I knew it was going to feel completely satisfied. But, I just held her against me, kissing her neck, face and lips. I had many warm sexual moments recently with Jasmin, but they were all very short. Mostly, her teasing me at school or for a split second while Susan was looking in the other direction. Now, I was holding her with a definite purpose. I wanted to make her feel good, and I wanted to enjoy her.

I looked into Jasmin's eyes while holding her face again with both hands. I squeezed her cheeks in what amounted to a frustrated passion. Everything about her wardrobe, her hands on my ass and her words said, just fuck her. But, her eyes pleaded for love. For someone to make her feel loved and special.

Even though the bed was just a few feet away, I eased her body onto the carpet. I took hold of her panties, and she obediently raised her butt. I pulled them past her rump and up her legs, which were raised straight up. After I delicately slipped the red silk off her pointed toes, I kissed her ankle, each calf, the back of each knee. Then, I took hold of her flesh with my teeth. The tender bite on the inside of her thigh drew a soft purring sound.

I let my cheek lightly brush the back of her thighs before taking another mouth full of the back of her leg. With her legs pushed up towards her chest, I placed my mouth just inches from where the back of the thigh meets the ass cheek. I sucked hard and used my teeth to leave a bright red spot. My passionate aggression caused a jerk, followed by a moan.

Ten minutes after my lips started their journey at her ankle, they teasingly worked their way within half an inch of the prize. Jasmin's hands moved around uncomfortably. She grasped at her chest, her stomach and even the carpet. When I let her legs lay flat on each side of me and licked beside her pussy, she clutched my hair. She pulled, I resisted until she let go.

I laid on my stomach with my hands under her ass. I looked up over her mound and between her heaving breasts. Jasmin stared down into my eyes. Her face screamed for me to satisfy her. I blew lightly across the two folds of pouting flesh. Jasmin grabbed at the short carpet and pulled her back off the floor a few inches and looked down into her begging hole.

"Please, Please, Joe!" A loud groan of relief sounded as her head flopped back on the floor. My tongue had plunged straight into her hole.

My mouth filled with that wonderful taste. I could never describe the taste, but there was nothing like it. I circled my tongue around a few times inside her body and then slowly moved upward. I separated her lips with my mouth's pry bar until I reached her gorged clit. I sucked it hard into my mouth and batted it with the tip of my tongue.

Jasmin's ass instantly jerked off the floor and her legs slammed shut on my head, then opened all the way. Panting hard, "Oh fuck. Jeez!" I forced my open mouth over her gushing hole. My mouth filled with her flowing juices as I dug in as far as I could make my tongue reach.

Gripping her ass as hard as I could I went back to work on her swollen nub. Jasmin's hands had a firm grip on my head as her knees pulled up towards her chest. Her hole opened wide to my hungry mouth as she drove my head wherever she needed it.

Finally, after several building orgasms, Jasmin lost it. Her hips bucked, driving her cunt into my face, over and over again. Then, with one last screech her thighs clamped down on my head. If I hadn't been so excited, I might have screamed from the pain of having my hair yanked on. Jasmin pushed her feet onto the floor and forced her pussy and my face up into the air. When her ass dropped back to the ground, my head went with it. I watched her sweet fluid run down her quivering butt cheeks when her legs finally opened and set my head free.

I looked up over her glistening body and her bra had been ripped off. I smiled as big as the sun as her exhausted and exhilarated face greeted me. In a gasping breath she spoke, "what is wrong with you, phew, are you trying to kill me?" I know exactly what Susan meant.

My cock was pressed onto her pubic mound after I climbed on top of Jasmin's body. I slipped my hands under the back of her shoulders and gripped the top of them from underneath. It felt so warm and comfortable laying between her legs. I kissed her tenderly. My lips grabbed at her bottom lip and pulled on it. My tongue licked across the extended lip. My eyes searched her soul to see if she felt what I was feeling. When her lip was freed, we kissed passionately with our eyes wide open.

When I lifted my hips, Jasmin's hand moved between us and guided my cock to her wet opening. "Go ahead, put it in me. Do it, Joe. Make love, um, fuck me Joe, just fuck me."

Without a second of delay, I arched my back until my pubic hair was grinding her pubic bone. I took a long breath and let my dick absorb the intense sensation. I knew I would cum as soon as I started humping, but I didn't care. I knew I could fill Jasmin with my seed and just keep on going. There was no way my dick wouldn't keep going. I felt so good, I wasn't sure if I'd ever be able to stop humping her.

I pulled back several inches and then pushed forward. I paused again to enjoy the pulsating walls on my shaft and kissed Jasmin. Her breast pressed against my body made me feel at home on top of her. Like putting your head on your favorite pillow after being on vacation for a long time.

Sure enough, after several slow meaningful thrusts of my cock, I felt my balls signal. My smile grew as I pumped right through the warning and started filling Jasmin's body with what seemed like a quart of my semen. My swollen rod shooting, made Jasmin's hole spasm and her eyes rolled back.

I plunged repeatedly through the grasping tunnel, forcing Jasmin to endure several more orgasms. The thought that I could change positions or finish with a blow job crossed my mind, but only for a second. It felt so right between her legs with our bodies pressed together like one.

That magical rhythm found my bucking hips, and I surrendered to my body's need to finish. My impending orgasm signaled Jasmin with the swelling of my cock. Her legs wrapped around me, and she rode me as much as I was riding her. Loud grunts could be heard from both of us as we got close. When my balls finally let go, Jasmin's teeth sunk into my shoulder and a muffled scream resounded.

My back arched and shoved my shooting dick as far inside Jasmin's convulsing body as it could go. Jasmin's arms and legs held me tight as we caught our breath. My face was against the carpet, next to Jasmin's head. Her breathing whispered in my ear while her chest rose and fell under me.

With a huff, "Joe." I lifted my head and looked at Jasmin's face.

"Joe, why do you do that to me?" I put my finger to her lips.

"Jasmin, I don't know. I don't understand you. I don't understand us. But," The realization that I really loved the extremely troubled girl under me, silenced me. I had it somewhere in the back of my mind that I was being watched, but I hadn't acted like it. I was ashamed of how I had made love to Susan's sister without regard for her watching. I sure didn't need to tell Jasmin how I felt right now.

I noticed a huge wet spot on the carpet as I pulled Jasmin to her feet. We both looked at it with an, oh well, smile. Jasmin's amazing tits sat proud on her body with extended pink cones on top. I reached out and caressed a breast from underneath, around to the top. Then, I let my index finger travel up her chest and neck until it reached her chin. I gripped her chin between my finger and thumb and kissed her lips.

We heard some noise out in the hallway, and it brought me back to the guilt I felt. Susan, Jesselyn and Jeremy burst into the room. Jesselyn's hands were on her hips as her face scolded us. Jeremy's erection was extremely obvious in his shorts. Susan was right in Jasmin's face. "Jasmin, how could you do this to me?"

She looked pissed. My heart stopped and my mouth fell open. Suddenly, Jesselyn stepped right next to us. "That's right, Jasmin, you're some kind of fucked up bitch!"

Jesselyn took my limp prick into her hand. "How selfish could you be? You used it up without even giving me any!" Jesselyn's face cracked at the horrified look on my face. She started laughing, "You should have seen the look on your faces! Did you really think as well as I know you Jasmin, that you could pull one over on me? I had a funny feeling something was up when you kissed Susan."

My heart started beating again as Jesselyn shoved Jasmin back onto her bed. Knelling over her, Jesselyn made fun of Jasmin's loud sex. "Oh, Joe, Please Joe, Please!"

I looked at Susan and she seemed as tickled as the others. Yet, I was not laughing.

Jesselyn continued, "When Jeremy came back from the bathroom and told me what he saw, I wanted to run back there and look, but I didn't want to tip Susan off. She was just talking, acting like you and Joe weren't gone. But, then when she acted like she couldn't hear you!"

I pulled on my shorts while everyone looked and listened to Jesselyn talk. "For god's sake Jasmin, do you have any idea how loud you were? It was one thing with the low moaning, but the 'Oh Joe, please!' screaming was too much. Susan just sat there innocently touching herself, while Jeremy was ready to start jacking. I finally cracked Susan. Which, by the way, wasn't very hard. She needs work."

I looked at Susan, "So, you didn't even watch?" I tried to make it sound like I had done something for her, and she missed it. The truth was, I was hoping she didn't see any of it.

Jeremy cut in, "Oh yeah,we all finally ran back here when Susan gave it up! We were just in time to see you hammering the stuffing out of Jasmin's hole!" Jeremy's cock was ready to bust from his shorts as he retold what he saw.

I didn't like the thought of leaving my girlfriend with his ragging hardon. Or Jasmin! Am I jealous again?

Back in the living room, Susan sat on one side of me and Jasmin on the other as we faced Jesselyn and Jeremy. We talked and ate more pizza, like everything was normal. It was very strange sitting between the two sisters, who acted like everything was exactly the way it should be. Susan was affectionate and Jasmin was friendly, but I was uncomfortable.

Jasmin answered the phone on the second ring. I thought it was going to be time for me to go, but she stayed on too long for it to be my mother. Her face gleamed when she put the phone down. "That was Stacy, she's coming over Saturday."

My only thought was I hope Jeremy doesn't break her, because I'm not going to be involved in anymore deceptive sex plots. Jasmin giggled at my shocked face and finished her sentence. "Don't worry Joe, she has a boyfriend now!"

Everyone looked confused and Susan had a hint of anger. "What does that mean, Joe?" She sounded upset too. I guessed cheating behind her back was not okay, but doing her sister under her nose was fine.

"Hey, I got to go home. I'm sure there are things I need to do for my mother before tomorrow." As much as I didn't want to go, I wanted to talk to Susan alone.

"Walk me home and I'll explain. Thanks Jasmin!" I pulled Susan off the couch and said my good nights.

Along with darkness had come a cool breeze on the damp fall night. I put my arm around Susan to help with the chill. "It's nothing, just Jasmin being funny. She told me at school that Stacy needed to get laid, and she joked that I needed to do it."

"Susan, did you like that? Was it exciting for you, or did it make you jealous?" We faced each other and looked around awkwardly.

"Both Joe, both. I was so excited, but then I felt a little jealous after. But, then everything seemed fine. My family has been messed up for so long, what's not right seems normal. Joe, does that make me screwed up?" Susan was looking to me for an answer.

"I don't know. What does it make me for going along with it?" I didn't want an answer. I just wanted to be able to do everything and love her without feeling confused or guilty.

"Susan, what are you doing for Thanksgiving?" I totally changed the subject. I knew they couldn't be eating at her house if nobody was getting anything ready yet.

The self conscious little girl I hadn't seen for awhile appeared and kicked at the grass. "I think we are all going out to eat, at a restaurant. But, they might want to go see their dad again. I don't know for sure, I guess."

Susan seemed sad knowing that hers wasn't going to be a big home cooked Thanksgiving meal. Or, was it that her grandfather was in prison?

"Susan, whose father and do you know him? I mean has he been in prison a long time?" I wasn't sure exactly how to ask questions about such a sensitive thing.

"Joe, I don't really remember him. Well, I do, but I was little the last time I saw him. So, not really. He is a really nice man from what I know. My parents love him and try to visit him often, but they never take me or Jasmin. Jesselyn has been there to see him, and she likes him." Susan seemed relieved to have gotten her words out.

"So, he's your Dad and aunt's father?" I assumed that for some reason, but asked again anyway.

"Yes, both. He's both, he's all of their fathers."


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Thanks for the insight, anonymous, I'll consider rewriting it because you understand exactly how every person in the world reacts. But do read on because Joe might feel different after the fact.

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14 yo boy watches his girlfriend blowing her cousin and it only makes him horny? Not on this planet. He would have dumped her and gone home. Not 1% realistic.


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so glad i found this "true" tale,,i love family incest stories,,this being a little different in that all the incest is among the siblings. its age appropriate for incest and young people experimenting with sex and first love! other stories have to follow some strange rule that sex and incest only happens after age 18!! i hope the bosses don't find your story for a long while..i want to read it again! SO HOT!!


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Had to log in I hate anonymous reader I love the boyboy stories I was going thru the list before I hit boyboy but I have to tell you your stories are great I wish I had a childhood like yours. wish I had gotten to know my niebors a little bit better........

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