Things get little uncomfortable when my wife's sister comes for a visit.
I couldn't believe that I had resorted to this; after all, this was my wife's sister. I actually think I have had a crush on her longer than I've been with my wife. She was only 16 when I first met her, and now that I had been with my wife for three years, she only seemed to be even hotter and hotter. And that fact alone is what has been standing outside the bathroom window of our little country home staring in at her naked body as she showered. I can't seem to take my eyes off of those perfect D sized breasts as I can see her soaping them up through the small slit in the shower curtain. Her hands massaging each of the globes with the white bar of soap. It even seems as though she is lingering a little on each nipple.

Damn my cock is so hard.

"That's right sister in those fingers lower down your body for me." I whisper under my breath as i unzip my fly and release my raging hard on from my jeans.

I'm pretty sure I didn't even blink as two of those small slender fingers began to caress their way back and forth over the smoothly shaven slit of her pussy. I glanced up for a moment to see her eyes closed and her head cocked back slightly. I moved my eyes back down toward her pussy delighted to see that she had begun to thrust those same two fingers in and out of her soapy slit.

My hand was working even faster up and down my cock now; my imagination believe that I was actually violating this sexy little beauty instead of just masterbating outside of the window. Up and down my shaft I stroked my hand, working hard to keep in unison with the motions she was making with her own hands. Her other hand then moved back to one of her tits, and eagerly began to twist and tug on the swollen nub. Before long, the hand between her legs was thrusting faster in and out of her pussy, and I saw her hips starting to buck forward against her fingers. The sight of her beautiful orgasm was all it took to throw me over the edge, and load after load of hot cum fired out of my throbbing cock...landing on the side of my house.

I continued to stroke the remainder of my cum from my cock as i watched her rinse off and then step out of the shower. I have to say that the full view of her standing naked in front of the mirror was just as arousing as watching her cum. I tried to move to the side of the window, keeping me out of her view if she chose to look out the thin white curtain hiding me. But I failed, because the next thing I knew, Stacia turned and stared directly in my eyes.

"Shit!" I muffled. I knew I should run and try to deny it, but for some reason I just stood there frozen in my own tracks, knowing that life as I knew was over, and my sexy little sister-in-law was about to run in and tell my wife what a pervert she was married to. Again....I was wrong. Without any kind of reserve whatsoever, Stacia walked over to the window...still completely naked....pushed the curtain open and stared right into my eyes. For about 5 seconds, we just stared at each other. Her eyes moved downward, and took in the sight of my semi-hard cock still in my hand leaking cum all over the place. And then....she just leaned over and kissed her soft luscious lips on the cool glass of the window. She winked...and then closed the curtain and returned back to the bathroom sink.

I quickly shoved my cock back in my pants and then zipped myself back up. "What the fuck just happened?" I wondered to myself. I decided I wasn't quite ready to back inside, so instead just went out to the barn to tinker around for a few minutes.

"What is going on....why did she kiss the window?" My mind was reeling with the images of this sexy thing, and the thought of how she kissed the glass. I'm not real sure if my cock ever did go soft while I was out there. Everytime I tried to get any kind of work done, her luscious tits and that smoothly shaved pussy would fill my thoughts.

"Hoooonnnnnneeeeyyyyy. Time for dinner....Com on in!" My wife shouted from the back porch door.

" am I going to sit across from Stacia and act as though she hadn't just caught me spying on her and jacking off to her?" I started thinking. Well, at least the sound of my wife's voice was pleasant. She must not have run right in and told her how depraved I was.

I reached down and adjusted the bulge in my jeans, trying desperately to make it as least noticable as possible; then I reluctantly made my way into the house and toward the kitchen. I saw Lisa first, my wife of over two years, standing at the stove, dishing some mashed potatoes into a glass bowl. I reached down and patted her on her perfect little ass.

"Smells great baby...I'm starved." I said, and then leaned over and kissed her innocently on the cheek.

"Thanks about setting the plates on the table so we can eat?"

I reached up in the cabinet and grabbed the plates, never taking my eyes off the gorgeous woman at the stove. What was wrong with me? I was married to a supermodel. She had perfect 32 C breasts; an incredible ass; and one of the hottest sexual appetites you can imagine. I mean this woman had never told me "no" to anything. And I do mean "ANYTHING". If I could imagine it, she would let me try it. Just to give a brief idea of what I mean: One time we were watching a rather erotic film, and the woman on the movie was joking about trying to masterbate with a coke bottle to see if she could get it inside her. The very next day I came home from work, and my sexy little slut of a wife had stripped herself naked and was laying on top of the dining room table with a glass coke bottle setting right between your smooth silky legs. My eyes were already locked on her pussy, but when she asked me to "Give her a coke and a smile." get the idea. And for the record: It fit quite nicely.

So why the heck was I spying on her sister in the shower? I mean when it came to sex, I really had no room to complain about anything. And yet, every time I saw that sexy vixen of a sister of cock took over and drove me to such uncontrollable lust.

I quickly set the table and took my seat at the head of the table. I was still having trouble keeping my cock at bay, so i thought it best if I just hide from view for a bit. After about a minute or so, Lisa came into the dining room with one hand holding the bowl of potatoes and he other hand holding a large plate of fried chicken. Just the delicious smell in the air helped me snap back to reality for a minute, and i gave my lovely wife a little smile. But then she walked in.

Damn...why did it have to be summer. Stacia walked through the door wearing this flimsy little white tank top and a pair of hot pink shorts that could have almost passed for panties. It wasn't unusual for her to dress like this around the house, but after the past events, it just seemed a little harder to concentrate than usual. I tried hard not to stare, but she wasn't going to let me off that easily.

"Crap...I got make up all over my new tank top." she spurted out, immediately drawing my attention to the light pink spot just above the bump from her nipple on her tank top. Lisa paid her no mind as she disappeared back into the kitchen, but as for me, my eyes were locked on her tit, following her finger intently as she feigned a pointless effort to rub it off. I realized i was staring and quickly looked back up only to find that Stacia was staring directly at me with a naughty little grin on her face.

I knew I had to be blushing a little because I could feel the heat in my cock and face at the same time.

"Want to help me get this spot out there Mark?" she whispered, actually cupping her entire breast and giving it a little squeeze for me. And then just as though she hadn't said a word she plopped down in the chair across the table from me and started dishing up her food.

Dinner was awkward to say the least. Every time Lisa would look over toward my direction to talk, Stacia would make naughty gestures at me, teasing me as sexually as she could. When my wife went in the kitchen to get dessert, Stacia ran her finger into her mouth as deep as she could, and then slowly sucked on it while withdrawing it. She was torturing me, and she knew it. My cock was as hard as a rock, and there was not a damn thing I could do about it.

Finally dinner was over, and my wife returned to the kitchen to do the dishes. Stacia had offered to help, but Kristen wanted her to enjoy being a guest in our house. I wanted the same thing, but my definition of "enjoy" might be just a little different than mine.

I made my way into the living room, and decided to sit down on the couch and watch a little television. I flipped through a few channels when Stacia came in walked right in front of me and then stood there for a second. Her skimpy little shorts were directly in front of my face, and I couldn't help but let my eyes follow their way up those soft silky legs. I already knew what was beneath those shorts, and my first instinct was to just thrust my fingers inside her shorts and finger fuck her before she even knew what was happening. What can I say...I've never been good at being impulsive. But apparently Stacia did not have that same limitation. Without a word, Stacia reached down and groped the hard on in my jeans. She leaned close to my ear, allowing me to smell the fresh scent of femine soap on her skin, and whispered in my ear.

"I'm going to make you pay for watching me in the shower...." her hand squeezed my cock even tighter and started stroking it up and down through the rough fabric, " but don't worry, because I have a feeling you're going to love every second of it."

Then just as quickly as she grabbed my cock, she released it and then sat in a chair on the other side of the room.

After a few minutes my wife came back into the room, and announced that she was going to head to the store for groceries for the rest of the week. I suggested she just wait till tomorrow, but she said she preferred to go when the store wasn't as busy as usual. I offered to go with her, but she told me that she knew how hard I had worked today, and knew that I'd prefer to relax. The entire time, Stacia just stared over at me with this coy little grin; knowing that I was trying to avoid being left alone for a long time with her. You see, it was at least a half an our drive into town,a half an hour back, and then at least an hour of shopping in between. Do you have any idea how much trouble I can get in in just two hours?

Lisa grabbed her keys and as soon as the sound of the car disappeared into the darkness outside, Stacia leapt from her chair and landing right next to me on the couch. Her body was facing me, and she had one leg drawn up under the other, leaving her legs spread apart. I was fighting the urge to look downward, but again...I lost that fight. My eyes drifted downward. I noticed her perky nipples poking proudly at the thin cotton tank top. Then I looked even lower, and I could almost see her pussy through the small gap her shorts were making. I was certain she wasn't wearing panties.

"Ummmm....uhhhh....would you like to watch a movie or something?" I asked, sounding like some stupid school boy I'm sure.

"I vote 'or something'." she said. Her voice was confident and proud.

"Look Stacia....I am so sorry about today..." I blurted out, figuring it was just better to clear the air.

"Sorry about what Mark?"

"You're not going to make this easy are you?" I asked

She started chuckling under her breath as her hand reached to my jeans and quickly unsnapped the snap. "Oh no Mark...I plan on making this as "hard" as I possibly can." Her hand slid into my jeans and grabbed the hard thick 8" cock waiting for her. "Never mind stud...I guess I already took care of that. Now let's see what else we can do with it."

I know I should have pulled her hands from my jeans and run upstairs, but I've never been one of those guys that did the right thing even though he knew what it meant. So instead I just reached forward and pulled her flimsy tank top up over her head and then tossed it next to me on the couch. My eyes snapped down to see those delicous breasts, so pleased that they were only inches away this time, instead of through the bathroom window. I lunged forward, eagely engulfing one of Stacia's hard nipples deep into my mouth. Her skin was sweet and tender and my tongue quicky started sucking and flicking its way around it. One of my hand worked the tit I was sucking while the other one started massaging and teasing the other one. I was sucking and biting on one of her nipples while my hand was twisting and pulling at the other one.

Stacia's hand continued to pump up and down on my shaft for a couple minutes, but then she decided she had to have more. She stood up in front of me, and quickly slid my jeans off of me and dropped them to the floor. Her eyes were fixed on my cock as she slid her own shorts off her ass and down her lovely legs. Both of us seemed to lock our eyes on the other ones sex, and then before I realized it this succulent beast dropped to her knees and sucked as much of my cock into her mouth as she could. I couldn't believe the sight as she started pumping her head up and down the long length of my shaft. Her tongue was magical as she slid up and down the entire length, forcing more and more into her throat before releasing the entire thing and sucking on my balls. I knew she could still taste the salty taste of my cum from earlier, but none of that seemed to stop her hunger.

"I'm gooooinnnngg to...uuuu...oohhhhhhh...shit.....cum....Stttaa.....ohhh...Stacia."

Her pace only quickened as she drove my cock deep into her throat. Her hand started squeezing my balls as her head bucked wildly up and down my dick. I felt her finger press at my asshole and start teasing me. That was pretty much the last nail in the coffin, and I thrust forward while grabbing the back of her head. My hot steamy load fired deep into her throat, gagging her at first. Without missing a beat, she withdrew just a little, but then thrust even faster back down onto my shaft. My hips were bucking wildly against her face as I fucked it with all the might I had.

"Ohhhhh Fuuuuucccckkkk....mmmmmm"

As she drained all the cum that she could from my cock, she started sucking my cock harder and harder into her throat. She sucked it so hard, it was throbbing with some of the most delicious pain I have ever experienced. I know that after a good fuck your dick is supposed to get smaller, but this woman put such a viscious suction on my cock, that I would doubt if it grew an extra inch. Within about a minute I was just as hard if not harder than before and fucking her mouth just as eagerly.

And then she pulled off.

"Good fuck me with that sweet pole."

She didn't have to tell me twice. I pulled her to her feet, and then quickly spun her around to face the coffee table. I jumped to my feet, and quickly pushed her over toward the table. Stacia quickly stablized herself on the table as I guided my cock right to the wet slit staring back at me.

"Don't be gentle Mark....Drive that cock inside me." Her usual soft feminine voice had changed to one of lust and passion...and who was I to argue with her.

I held my cock right at the slick hole of her pussy and then in one hard deep thrust, pounded my cock as deep as I could inside.

"Ohhhhhhhhhh FUCK YES MARK!!!! Fuck your sister-in-laws wet pussy."

That might have been the hottest thing I had ever heard. I instantly became a fucking machine. My hands locked onto her hips and violently I began to fuck the living daylights out of my filthy little sister-in-law. Her hair was fling all over the place, and I could see her tits hanging down beneath her slapping back and forth each time I drove my cock inside her.

Harder...deeper...faster.....I forced my cock as deep inside that little slut as I could. I reached forward and grabbed a hand full of her long silky hair and pulled back hard on it jutting her head forward.

"Yeah Mark...ohhhhh....fuck me baby.....fuck me deeper...."

The dirtier her commands were, the harder and faster I hammered that wonderful little pussy. Even as her orgasm took over, I didn't slow down for a second.

"You like that you fucking little slut?" I asked. "You like the way your brother-in-law slams your tight little pussy?"

She tried to answer, but her second orgasm had begun, and all that she was able to manage was a series of muffles and moans. I could feel my second load of cum finally starting to build to the surface. We were both soaked with sweat, but I just fucked her harder and harder.

"I'm gonna fill that little cunt of yours with my hot cum slut." I shouted, still eagerly driving my cock in and out of her.

"Uhhhnnnnn....ohhhh.....yesssssss....MARK! Ohhhh....fuck.....yes...fill ....mmmmm...fill my ...oh fuck....pussy baby."

I drove deep inside her with one final thrust and started releasing my second load of cum...or I guess third load of cum for the day, deep inside my sexy young sister-in-law.


I quickly turned toward the front door only to see my wife standing there. Her eyes were wide as saucers and the grip she had on her purse seemed to fail her as it dropped violently to the floor. I quickly withdrew my cock, and as I did two spasms of cum shot from my dick and onto her sister's ass.

"Oh shit honey....I don't kn...."


I was at a loss for words. I had just cheated on the hottest woman I knew with the second hottest woman I knew. I stood there naked, exposed, still semi-hard over my wife's sister filled with my cum. What could I possibly say at this point.

"Mark," her tone a little softer than a moment ago, "I can't believe you would fuck my sister without letting me watch."

"Oh baby, I don't know what I wa......WAIT.....What did you just say?"

"Come on baby...did you really think I would let my sister tramp herself around here dressed like she has for the past three days and not believe you would want to fuck her. Shit baby, she's been making me as horny as can be. How on earth could you make me wait this long to see this?

What was i hearing. The past three days of pure sexual torture were a set up? No Way!

"You mean to tell me that you're not mad?"

She grinned at me as she slowly started unbuttoning her blouse. "Not a chance in hell baby. Stacia made the mistake of telling me how hot she thought you were a few weeks ago." She dropped her blouse onto the floor, revealing her incredible tits to my view. "We started talking about what a great lover you were, and before I knew it, we were talking about how we would seduce you into fucking her."

I never blinked as she unzipped the zipper on the side of her skirt and let it drop to the ground revealing her freshly shaved pussy. I truly was the luckiest man in the world to be married to her. My cock was throbbing at half mast and starting to grow. I looked down in front of me, and Stacia had spun around and was sitting on the coffee table. She smiled up at me and then leaned forward and started sucking both of our juices off of my rehardening cock.

"Save me some of that sister....we're gonna ravage that cock of his all night long."

All I could do was watch as my naked wife sat down on the table next to her naked sister and took my cock from her hand and slid her mouth down over it. The next few minutes were mostly a daze as i gazed down at these lovely beauties as they took turns sucking and deep throating my cock.

I had already cum twice, so for the moment I was just enjoying the pleasure from both of these incredible tongues and mouths as they continued to devour my cock.

"" my wife uttered in between rotations...."after you fuck my pussy, you have to take care of something for me."

"MMMMMM...ohhhh....yeah baby....anything you fucking want." At this point I was willing to do anything they wanted, as long as they just didn't stop.

" of the things Stacia and i talked about..." I looked down to see my wife's hand on the back of her own sister's head as she forced her down deeper onto my cock...."you see, Stacia has never had anal sex."


Stacia moved her mouth from my cock, allowing Lisa to quickly take her place. She stared up into my eyes and said, "I want you to fuck my ass for the first time sexy. I want you to take my anal cherry." She stared at me intently for a moment, and I'm sure my wife had to have felt my hard on spasm with excitement inside her throat.

"Anything you want Stacia....Anything you want."

I reluctantly pulled my cock from my lovely wife's throat and then stood her up and pushed her over the arm of the couch. I could see her pussy and tight little asshole glistening with her juices already, and couldn't resist as I leaned down and took a long stroke up her slit with my tongue. She cooed beneath me as I began to lick and tease her slick pussy. With very little effort, my tongue found her swollen clit and I sucked it into my mouth. Lisa was already so worked up that she instantly exploded a load of sweet nectar into my mouth. I had always found it sexy how quickly she could cum, plus how often she could cum. Nothing makes you feel like a man as much as your woman screaming and moaning out in orgasms over and over again.

I gave her clit a couple more sucks, and then stood back up behind my wife just as I had just done to her sister. With the same violent attack as before, I quickly drove my cock deep into the hilt of her sexy little pussy. I was pounding her hard for a couple minutes when she exploded into her second and then her third orgasms. Her hips were thrashing back and forth as i forced a single finger up into her tight little ass. As I started finger fucking my wife's ass I jumped a little as I felt Stacia begin to run her own fingers up and down the crack of my ass and down to my balls. With each glide of her hand she would grab onto my balls, give them a squeeze, and then slide back down to my ass where she would rub for a couple seconds at my own tight asshole.

I fucked my sexy wife through at least three more orgasms before finally pulling out and watching her collapse onto the couch...exhausted.

"Now its my turn Mark." I just stared at her as Stacia moved to the exact location that my wife had just been standing at. She had her back to me and was looking at me over her shoulder. My cock was still as hard as a rock and only inches from that delicious virgin ass of hers. "Fuck my tight little ass baby...I want your cum leaking out of both of my holes."

With that Stacia put two of her fingers into her mouth, ran her tongue around them, and then moved them down to her ass and began moistening it up. It was pretty redundant, because her ass was already soaking wet with her own juices, and my cock was covered with her sister's cum....but it was still sexy as hell. I put my fingers on top of hers and helped her grind them against her asshole. She moaned out in pleasure as I forced the tip of one of my fingers inside. I teased her with my finger for a couple minutes, trying to stretch this super tight hole open a little so that my long thick cock would be able to get inside.

I finally couldn't resist my lustful urges any longer, and I removed my finger and pressed my cock against her tight little sphincter.

"Hold on sis....this might hurt a little at first."

"Don't you worry about just drive that hard on up inside my ass."

I was too consumed by lust to argue, and I started pushing the head of my dick inside. It was not as easy as i thought it would be. Her asshole was like a vice. I was forcing my hips hard forward until the head finally popped past that narrow opening. She winced out in pain, never before having anything this thick going this direction inside of her. Lisa reached forward and began stroking my own ass, encouraging me to force my cock even deeper into her naughty sister's ass. Needless to say, there was nothing going to stop me from filling this virginass with my sperm.

"Ohhhhhhhhhh.....FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKKK MARK!!! You are so fucking large. It feeeeeels soooooooooo gooooood."

I had expected her to be uncomfortable on her first time, but this sexy little whore just kept begging for more and more of cock inside of her. I eagerly complied. Deeper and deeper I forced my way inside. Her sphincter muscles squeezing my cock hard and solid.




And then I felt the cool liquid from her pussy starting run over my balls. I had managed to get my entire 8" cock deep inside this tiny petite thing. My wife reached between my legs as I stopped moving for a moment allowing her to get use to the feel of my dick inside her. Lisa's hands started rubbing my balls and ass almost identically to the way her sister was doing it before her. I felt her finger start to force its way up into my own ass, encouraging me to start my assault. Then....IN and OUT....back and forth...slowly starting work my cock through the stiff muscles of her ass. Stacia wasn't saying a word, but the faster I started to move, the more her moans let me know she was enjoying it. My wife's finger was now thrusting harder and deeper into my own ass while her other hand was squeezing and stroking my balls. I could tell that I was starting to build up to another orgasm just as Stacia surprized me with her own. Her body started flailing violently beneath me as I was now pounding her ass hard and deep. Her ass was locked down so tight around my cock I could barely move it inside of her, but I was still just driving her down hard against the arm of the couch.


It was all I could handle. I fired a series of thick streams of cum deep into my sister-in-laws incredible ass. The more I fired, the slicker her ass became, allowing me to fuck her even harder and faster. Another orgasm took over her body just as I was starting to calm down a little. My wife removed her finger from my ass, and then without withdrawing my cock, I spun around and sat on the couch with Stacia tight on top of me. She was intentionally squeezing her ass muscles around my cock, not allowing the blood to drain out of it. Stacia then leaned over and for the first time, placed her lips on mine and slid her tongue inside my mouth. While lost in a long lustful kiss with her, I felt my sexy wife climb up on the couch next to me. Stacia broke her mouth from mine only to have it replaced with my wife's moist wet lips.

"Did my sexy sister tell you that I was going to be moving in with you guys for a while until I got on my feet?" Stacia whispered in my ear. I knew right then that I was going to love these new living arrangements.

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