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New character....hope you like it!
Hope you enjoy my new story. I'll hopefully be posting new parts soon, of you enjoy it, so let me know what you think!

Kimmie was sex-mad. Sex-crazy. A nymphomaniac. And this is her story.

She was 13, and lived with her dad and 3 brothers in a large house in the suburbs. Her mother died when she was a few months old. She was quite small, around 5 feet. Her body was very tight and slim, her ass the same, and her tits were developing nicely. Her blond hair fell to just past her shoulders.
Her brothers were all older than her. Jordan was the youngest of the trio at 15. Him and Callum, who was 16, looked very similar. They were both fairly thin and had very toned bodies, with small but beautiful pecs and rippling six-pacs. They had short dark spiky hair. The only real difference between them. Callum’s extra year of development meant he had an extra inch of cock over Jordan’s 8 inches.
18-year-old Dale was a little different. He was a monster. He was well over 6 feet tall, and built like a bull. Very wide shoulders, rippling arms, chest and stomach, and strong legs made him very popular with the girls. And then they would discover his thick 11-inch cock…
The 3 brothers were all very popular with the girls, all having hot bodies, cute faces, and large cocks for their age. They were very close. They were always talking about girls and sex together. And they all went to the same school as their little sister.
That’s how the guys found out what their sister was like. They overheard the younger kids’ conversations, got told things by their mates. Then they got videos and pictures that were going around the school. Of their little sister. In some of them, she was alone. Sometimes with girl. Sometimes with guys. But always naked, or very close to it.
Oh, another thing about the guys. They were a bit pervy. They shared fantasies about their little sister. And these were only more vivid with the revelation of what she was like. She had so much material going around, they bought an external hard drive to store it all on. For a few days, they discussed what they should do. Then one morning, their dad helped them make the decision.
It was Friday morning. At breakfast, dad said he had news.
“I’ve got to go away for the weekend. I know its short notice, but some guys are ruining a massive deal in France for my company, and I’ve got to sort it. I fly out today and wont be back until Monday night. So, Dale, you’re in charge. Don’t blow up the house. Kimmie, do you think you can handle a weekend alone with your brothers telling you what to do?”
“Yeah dad, I’ll have no problem,” she replied. A smile crept across her cute face, and she aimed it at her brothers. They were a little shocked, but smiled back.
“Ok, that’s sorted then. Remember Kimmie, listen to your brothers. Guys, look after her.” The family went their seperate ways. Dad drove off to the airport, the guys started to walk to school, and Kimmie went to meet her friends to begin her walk.
As normal, they all got back home later on at the same time. They sat together in the living room watching TV. Jordan spoke first.
“Kimmie, you know dad said you had to do whatever we said? Well, we have some questions we want to ask you, and we want honest answers, ok?”
She nodded and smiled. “OK. Ask me anything. I’ll tell you anything you wanna know.” Her confidence aroused the boys immediately, and their cocks began to stir in their pants.
“Have you ever sucked a cock?” Dale asked
“Yes” she replied instantly
“Spit or swallow?”
“What’s the point of spitting it out? Swallow!” she said laughing a little. They knew the answers to all of their questions, but having her answer them was such a turn-on.
“Had sex?” Callum asked.
“Yes. In both holes,” she answered proudly.
“Licked pussy?” Jordan asked.
“Yep. And ass. Guys and girls.” They were speechless now.
“Look guys, I know you’ve seen my pictures and videos. And I can see from the lumps in your pants that you like them. And me. So are you gonna keep asking me questions, or do you want a live show?” she asked confidently, smiling still. They sat there, shocked and excited, but silent. She smiled and stood up.
“I’m gonna take your silence to mean you have no more question,” she said smirking. “You stay there, don’t move. No touching, no talking, just watch, ok?”
She was still dressed in her school uniform; a tight white blouse, a very short black skirt, and long white socks. The blouse was first to go. The buttons slowly undone, and then allowed to slide down her shoulders and back, onto the floor. She wasn’t wearing a bra, so the boys had an unobstructed view of her little breasts, and her sweet round nipples. She massaged them both with her eyes closed and mouths open, occasionally releasing little moans of pleasure as she did. The guys shifted uncomfortably, their hard cocks dying for release.
She continued. She bent over, facing away from them, to remove her shoes, making sure they had a clear view of her bright pink panties beneath her skirt. She pulled off her shoes, and stood back up. Still facing away from them, she undid her skirt, and let it fall silently to the floor, leaving her in just her panties and socks. She slowly turned around. The guys stared open-eyed. Nearly all of the front part of her panties was soaked through.
“I did a little show at lunchtime for some of the guys at school. I rubbed myself against the seat of one of their bikes!” she said excitedly. She bent over again to remover her long socks. Her panties gripped tightly against her ass. She straightened up again.
“Take off your shirts,” she ordered. They complied. She studied all 3 of her brothers’ chests, before moving in front of Dale.
“Remember, no touching…” She straddled him, one knee on each side of him. She pressed herself tightly against him. He could feel her soaked panties against him. She slowly rubbed up and down him, leaving trails of her juices on his torso. She backed off, kneeling on the floor in front of him, and tantalisingly began to lick him clean, tasting her own juices off of her ripped older brother. She smiled up at him, before standing back up.
“Now do you understand what I am? I’m dirty 13-year-old slut. I’m a cum-lover. I’m a cocksucker. I’m a pussy-eater. I’m a piss-drinker. I’m an anal whore.” She laughed a little and smiled at them. They stared back, horny but a little shocked.
“So boys, are you gunna use me? I’ll do anything you say, just like daddy told me too….” She pulled her panties off. She licked and sucked at the soaking material. They boys didn’t know which end of her to look at; her sucking her own pussy juices off her panties, or her beautiful shaved pussy and ass.
“Come on boys, don’t be shy. Do whatever you like with your slutty baby sister.” They didn’t need any more hints. Their sister was a massive slut, and she wanted them to use her, right now. They stood up.
“So, um, how do we decide who goes first?” Callum asked.
“Do the math, dumbass. 3 cocks, 3 holes!” Kimmie said.
“What, you’ll take all 3 of us together?!” Dale asked. She nodded.
“But who gets which hole?” Jordan asked.
“Well, I reckon the biggest cock should get my tightest hole…that means Dale gets my asshole…” she replied with a grin. She watched with excitement as her older brothers stripped. Her pussy began to leak, juices flowing down her thighs. She never knew why her body made so much, but what she did know is she made more than any girl she knew, and that it made her look even more slutty.
“Dale, lay on the floor face up,” she ordered. He did as she said, and she then lay on top of him, also facing up. She slid down him a little until her crotch was above his cock, and used her hand to line it up with her asshole. She pushed down onto it, letting out a little gasp as it stretched her hole. Dale wrapped his strong arms around her tight body and began to fondle her little tits.
“Callum, you get my pussy, get in there!” He knelt down between the two sets of legs, lined his cock up with her pink slit, and pushed in.
“One hold left for you, Jordan…” she said. He stood above her head, and squatted down so his balls fell onto her face. He leant forward a bit, and his cock slipped into her greedy mouth. She started to work on it immediately. The other 2 cocks began to move. Dale thrust in and out of her shithole. Callum pounded her tight pussy. Jordan fucked her cute little face. Every few seconds, she would pull the cock from her mouth to shout something.
“Fuck me harder! Pound my slutty body!”
“Fuck your whorish little sister! Rip me apart!”
This only turned her brothers on more.
“I want all of your cum in my mouth! I wanna taste my hole on your cock while I swallow your jizz!”
The youngest was the first to go. Jordan erupted in her mouth. The power of his orgasm caused his legs to give way. He collapsed onto his sister, his asshole landing on her nose. He let her lick his cock clean, before getting up.
“Enjoy watching your brothers fuck your slutty little sister, Jordan. Watch them feed me their cum.”
Callum was next. He suddenly pulled out of her dripping cunt and jumped up her body, immediately squirting over her face. She greedily clamped her mouth over it, and sucked it dry, loving the taste of her juicy pussy on her brother’s cock.
Dale came soon after. He pushed her off of him. He stood up, and rammed his huge cock into her waiting mouth, fucking it until he exploded in her. His load was huge. It overflowed and dribbled out the side of her mouth. She swallowed quickly to make room for more, then fed herself the cum on her face with her fingers.
“Don’t wanna waste any, do I?!” she said. “Now you guys are done, just one thing left to do…” She got into the doggy position on the floor in front of her brothers, ass high in the air facing them. She reached around with both hands, using 3 fingers from one in her asshole and 4 from the other in her socking pussy. She fingerfucked herself hard.
“Oh, fuck yeah! Oh, yeah, mmmmmm, oh yeah! I’m gunna cum!” Her body shook as her pussy exploded, spraying juices on the floor beneath her.
She collapsed to the floor. After a few seconds, she got onto her hands and knees and turned to face her brothers. She seductively licked her hands clean, slowly sucking on each finger in turn. She then went to work on the floor, lapping up her juices.
She sat up on the floor, smiling up at her brothers.
“So what are we gunna do this weekend, guys?”

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2014-07-29 20:14:02
where are the fucking PARAGRAPHS? delete and give your high school diploma back if you ever got one) and go back to grade school.

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2013-12-14 17:40:42
another story from an underage virgin wannabe hack. this was a total waste of time, IF you want to improve listen to the bad comments and take their advice if you only listen to the FAKE rave reviews you will just keep pumping out garbage like this. keep it realistic especially the sizes and make sure you have a GOOD plot and enough background and character development so we can get to know the characters and care about them. as is this was a total fail and it was laughable that some underage virgins acctually liked it.


2011-09-14 06:48:25
I enjoyed it. Look forward to a sequel.

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2011-07-23 14:04:17
labeled as fiction so it has to be believable and based on reality this needs to be deleted and rewrtten to qualify or the tag line needs to be changed to say fantasy instead of fiction USE YOUR HEAD FOR MORE THAN A SEAT CUSHION FROM NOW ON

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2010-07-22 18:43:58
how big do u think cock are 11inches???? fuck

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