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next chapter in my story. Jody come to the front and Jenny get in on the act
I went down to Cornwall that week end to see Emily and take her a few things, I arrived while Emily was still in class, so I had to hang about in the hospital canteen, while there a nurse I recognised from meeting that night I first had sex with Emily came up to me, she sat with me saying she was happy to see me, “Oh you’ve probable forgot, I’m Jody”, we chatted for a while then she said she would have to be going as she needed to shower and change out of her uniform, as she stood she looked at her watch, “Emily will be off in about an two hours” she took a few steps then turned and said “Why don’t you come back with me, you can’t stay here until she finish’s” “I can’t put you out, I’ll be fine here” “No, come on, I can make you a better coffee and cheaper than in here” “No, don’t mind me” “Come on I insist, Emily is my friend and I cant leave her dad on his own” “If your shore” “Come on” I could see she wouldn’t take no for an answer so I followed her out and down to the flats, we passed security desk on our way out “Tom , this is Emily’s father, I’m taking him back to my flat until she finish’s in class and he’s staying for tea” Tom greeted me and said it was ok and he would tell Emily I was here when she came passed.

I saw the other nurses on Emily’s floor as we headed to Jody’s flat and they all greeted me with a smile and a “See you later” once in Jody’s flat she made a drink and I settled in the chair watching the TV while she took a shower, she came out with a towel wrapped around her, walking towards me she said, “Has Emily told you I know about you two fucking” I gave a little nod, “So you know what I want” she stood before me a look of anticipation on her face, I stood and tugged at the towel, letting it drop to the floor, taking a step back I looked her over, she was a slim girl with jet black hair, her tits were small for her age of 18, as were her nipple’s, she shaved her pubic hair and her pussy looked like that of a younger girl’s.

I took her in my arms and kissed her, she threw her arm’s around my neck and probed my mouth with her tongue, we held this kiss for two or three minutes, I then walked her backwards to her bed and lay her down, my mouth went straight to her tits, I licked around each bringing shivers to her body, slowly moving closer to her nipples I stopped just short of touching them, then when she thought I wasn’t going to, I sucked on them, I knew some women’s nipples were sensitive but I had never experienced it, until now, Jody shook violently within seconds of my touching her nipples, and tossed her head from side to side groaning, her arms came around my neck and she pulled me tight against her, and screamed “Oh God, Oh daddy Oh daddy” with her arms relaxing I kissed my way down her body, looking up at her every now and again, she had a smile a mile wide on her face and her eyes were closed.

I kissed down her stomach and past her pussy, not giving it any attention, and went down to her feet, I just kissed each foot then worked my way back up her legs, planting soft kiss’s on her thigh I moved closer and closer to my goal, I kissed her just above her pussy then below, then I planted a kiss right on her pussy, she shook as another orgasm hit her, I dived in and worked my tongue around and up and down her pussy, reaching up and over her legs I spread her pussy with my fingers, her clit popped out to say hello, I started working on this sending her into one orgasm after another, I then fucked her with my tongue, another orgasm ran it’s course, as I kissed my way back up her body I unfastened my trousers and pushed them with my underwear down, keeping myself away from her, I sucked on her nipples for a few seconds, then as she started shaking, I thrust my cock right into her quaking pussy, her eyes shot open in surprise, “Oh fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck” she then could have passed out because she went limp beneath me, this didn’t stop me from my pelvic thrusts though, as I pushed into her I could feel each ripple of her pussy, then with one short push she had another orgasm closely followed by mine.

She put her hands on my shoulders and pushed me up a little, “That was fucking awesome daddy” I told her I wasn’t finished yet, I got her kneeling and thrust into her pussy doggy style, her small tits hung under her and as I thrust into her I reached around and started mauling them, paying lot’s of attention to her nipples, I felt her muscles contract around my cock and I creamed in her once more, she did pass out at that point. I sat up and looked down at her limp body, my spunk seeping from her pussy onto the bed. I then heard one of the nurses saying “Hello Emily, I saw your father with Jody earlier” “Thanks Jenny, Tom told me he was here” there was a knock on the door, Emily’s voice called “Dad are you there”? I opened the door and she stepped in, seeing me naked and Jody sprawled on the bed she didn’t have to ask what we had been doing, “Come on dad, lets get you cleaned up, we cant have tea with the others with you smelling of sex” she checked the hall was clear and we quickly dashed to her flat, I had a quick shower while Emily made a drink for us, she couldn’t join me as the shower wasn’t big enough for two, she sat in my lap and asked if I had enjoyed Jody, “You know she called me daddy a few times as I was fucking her” “That’s probable because she didn’t have a dad to love like I have you” she kissed me and asked me again if I had enjoyed Jody, “What do you think”? She then said she was taking a shower, I took hold of her hand stopping her, “Not yet, you look so sexy in your uniform” “Oh daddy, not now, I have to wash up” later I’ll dress up for you” “Promise” “I promise, now let me go” she washed and changed and we went down to the kitchen dining area and had a meal with the others, Jody joined us but she still wasn’t steady on her feet, the others asked what was wrong, she lied saying she had been laying awkward and the blood was just getting back into her leg’s, I think they knew we had been fucking but they didn’t say, they just gave me a knowing smile.

Back in Emily’s flat, she was true to her word and put her uniform back on, we had wild mad sex for an hour and half before she noticed the time and said I should be going, before Ted locks up. As I was leaving I passed Ted as he was about to start his rounds, we exchanged a greeting and he asked where I was staying, I said I hadn’t yet booked a room as I didn’t think I would still be here, adding after the lovely meal the girls had cooked I dropped off to sleep.

He stepped back into his office and came out with some key’s, “I shouldn’t do this but hear, flat 7 is empty, the young girl that was in there couldn’t cut the mustard and left the other week, it’ll save paying for a room” I thanked him and headed to the room, it was on the floor below Emily’s, we said “Good night” and he added “I’ll let your daughter know your hear” I locked up and settled down in bed.

About half an hour later there was a knocking on the door, “Daddy, let me in” I opened up and Emily stepped in “What do you want”? “Oh daddy you should know the answer to that”, dropping her hand to my cock and giving it a gentle squeeze. She stayed the night, only returning to her room half an hour before she was due in class. Tom saw me off asking when I was coming down again, “I’m not shore, but Emily is bound to phone asking for this or that” “Yeah I know all about that, my daughter is always on the phone for one thing or another”. I made frequent visits to Emily, and Jody would kidnap me for an hour’s fun and games.

One week when I was visiting it was one Jenny’s birthday, she was having a party in the flats as none had money to spend on going out, they had saved a little over a few weeks to get some drinks in, Emily called me asking if I could bring some down with me, I took a little more than I should have but thought it would keep, I arrived early and Tom let me in so I could get the drink into Emily’s room, she had left me a note asking me to make some sandwiches for the party and get things sorted for them adding she would thank me later.

The girls came back and Jenny was surprised at the spread I had laid out for them, they went and changed, each returning wearing T shirt and skirts of various lengths, the party got into swing and Jenny came and gave me a big hug thanking me for doing this for her, as she sat back she told Emily how lucky she was having a dad like me and wished hers was around, he had walked out her and her mother when she was 7.

He drink started to take effect on the girls and they started flirting a little with me, then Jenny said, we should thank Dave for this, but how, Jody smiled and said “Why don’t we give him a lap dance” they all agreed this was a good idea, I changed seats and Jenny was first to give me a lap dance, she did a wonderful dance, gyrating her hips in front of me, swinging her hips too and fro, turning to face me she moved in real close and her tits were swinging about 6 inches from my face, after about ten minutes one of the others took over.

When it was Emily’s turn she slipped her bra off first, they others being happy from drink, didn’t seem to take much notice, she danced and pranced in front of me, her hips just over my cock, as she turned she pressed her tits against my face, then as she turned her back to me she looked down at the bulge in my trousers, “Hay girls, we’ve turned my daddy on and he’s got a right boner” they all crowded around me and then one said, “Lets see it” “No” I replied, “Come on, birthday girl here hasn’t seen a cock before” I looked at Emily for some support, she just smiled.

They all started clapping their hands and saying “Strip, strip, strip” I could see I wasn’t going to win this and was ready to do as they wanted, but then I thought I might turn it around to my advantage, I held my hand up, they stopped chanting, “Ok, I’ll strip but only if you all do first” they were looked to one another and then to Emily, of course Jody knew about us but I don’t think any of the others did, Jenny giggling asked her, “Are you going to strip too”? “Of course I will” “But he’s you dad” “And your point is”? “Don’t you mind him seeing you naked” “He used to when I was little” Jenny turned to the room and said “Well if Emily is going to strip off, so am I” slowly they all started stripping off, I didn’t know where to look, all this naked flesh coming to me, tits of all sizes and pussies, some shaved and other with a little hair.

Emily looked to me and said “Well dad, now your turn” I stood and stripped, when Jenny saw my cock she gasped and asked if all men had cocks as big as mine, I’m no bigger than 7 ½ inches, the others giggled and told her some had bigger cock’s, I sat down and they started the lap dancing again, but taking things a little further, Jody was first and she set the barrier, she would giggle her tits in front of me and swing her hips, then she turned and almost sat on my lap and she brushed her ass across my erection, then she reached back and took my cock and she did sit down, feeding my cock into her pussy, seconds later she stood and one of the others danced before me, she too sat on my lap taking my cock into her pussy, when it was Emily’s turn I could see the look on the others face’s, I could see they were wondering if she would do as they had.

Emily danced and moved in front of me, leaning in and letting her tits brush my lips, then she turned and wriggled her hips above my cock, then she looked back and smiled, she sat down and took my cock, I gave a sigh, she rocked her hips and asked for a drink, handing her one Tracy asked if she was staying there “Why not, I used to sit on daddies lap when I was little” not with his cock in your pussy I hope” “No but it feel’s nice so I’ll stay here for a bit” every now and again she rocked her hips, then after about fifteen minutes I felt her muscles contracting around my cock, this signalled her orgasm which I turn triggered mine, we managed to hid the fact from the others, after all they had been helping themselves to the drink and were a happy drunk.

Emily got up to get another drink and Jenny was pushed to me, I pulled her onto my lap facing me and my cock pressed against her pussy, I looked down and suggested I put it out of the way, I lifted her up a little and slipped into her pulling her back onto my lap, “Oh My” I bent down a little and started sucking her tit’s, this was the spark that lit her fire, she screamed out “Emily, your daddy’s fucking me and sucking my titties” then started bouncing up and down like she was on a bucking horse. I felt her cunt squeeze my cock and I came filling her with my cream. Looking around the room I could see all but Emily were sleeping, the drink had had effected them more than I was hoping, Emily walked over to me, “Come on daddy, let’s put Jenny and the others to bed and get you cleaned up” ten minutes later I was showering in Emily’s room, I dressed and was heading out to return home, “Thanks for this dad, you made Jenny really happy” we hugged and I was gone.

Emily phoned a few day’s later saying how much the others had enjoyed the party and we should do something like it for Halloween.

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I loved the whole series

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what kind of asshole writer gives the chapters of a series different titles go back to school and learn all chapters of a series HAVE to have the same title just numbered so the reader knows what order to read them in GET A GOOD EDITOR AND DO A REWRITE AND PROPERLY TITLE ALL YOUR STORIES WHAT AN IDIOT


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