I thought he'd forgotten
I want to tell you about what happened to me last weekend and begin by
saying that what happened was all my fault and I thoroughly deserved it.But
I need to take you back about seven years to set the scene for you. I was
eighteen and I was a competitive swimmer.In winter we trained at a heated
pool in Newcastle but in summer we swam at Lambton Pool.The guys change
rooms had 2 entrances.One near the turnstiles where you entered the pool
and the other around the corner about 20 metres from the front one.The one
round the corner had a gate on it that was open when in use.This one we
used often as it was closest to the 50 metre pool and we would drag
ourselves through after a hard session. Swimming is a great sport
particularly if youre a young guy who is unsure of his sexuality and I
was.Before training and especially after training I would see all these
naked firm teenage bodies laughing joking flicking towels at each other and
sometimes getting a little hard.There was one guy called Ashley who loved
to strut around a bit.And why not he was very good looking.His hair was
blond his eyes were blue and for a by his age he was very well
developed.One day I decided that I would have a little fun with Ashley but
because I was never as strong as Ashley I needed what everyone needs if you
are smaller some big buddies.I had Mark and Steven a pair of brothers who
were only two happy to help me humiliate Ashley and there was Michael who
later on we worked out had ADD but no one called it that then.It was a cold
Saturday morning and we had finished training Ashley was showering and my
boys were waiting for him Ashley never took a towel close to the showers
preferring to strut nude and wet back to his towel confidently and aware of
the admiring glances.His muscular frame and long thick cock got quite a few
glances.But today as he left the shower Mark Steven and Michael grabbed him
and in a second had hurled him out the door of the changerooms closing the
gate behind him.Naked and still wet Ashley covered his cock and balls and
ran to the other enterance.The girls in our swim group had all been warned
and were all there to cheer on his bare ass.Ashley made it into the
dressing room and red faced went for his towel.He was clapped loudly and
dressed in silence and then walked out, It was a couple of days later that
Ashley spoke to me again.We had been given a ten minute early mark for
training exceptionally well.I was showered and getting changed.Ashley came
out of the shower and was wiping down his gorgeous frame and I glanced over
because I was sitting about to put my shoes on I found myself cock to
face.I turned away but Ashley held my chin forcing me to look at his cock
and balls. "Go on"he said"take it all in.I bet you go home at night and
pull yourself dreaming about me" I pulled away and continued putting on my
shoes.He spoke again. "Quite a good little trick you and the boys played
on me the other day.Got a lot of flack from those bitches about that.But I
never get angry I just get even".He reached down and tweaked my nipple
through my shirt and I winced .As he let go he looked me in the eyes and
said"And I promise you I will get even with you."Nothing more was said and
I dressed and left the changeroom. Nothing more was said by him about the
matter.I began leaving my speedos on after training and changing when I got
home.Six months went by and Ashley quit training and with him seemed to go
any chance of retribution.About three months later I had had enough of
early morning and cold water and I decided I would quit. Last month I was
in my favorite music shop spending some money my parents had given me for
my 25th birthday.I had finished my purchase and turned around and ran
straight into Ashley looking as hot and cute as always.He extended his hand
and I shook his but it seemed to take a long time for him to release until
finally I wriggled my hand free.We chatted for a while and then he said he
was walking up the street and would I like to walk with him.We chatted
about his life and my life how his parents had died tragically leaving him
this huge house and all this money and telling me Id have to come over.He
stopped walking outside the Adult Shop and said "I just need to buy some
porn.Coming in?" I nodded and walked in with him.He knew the guy behind the
counter by name and headed up the back with me following.We walked up some
stairs to the video/DVD section.Ashley didnt bat an eyelid and headed
straight over to the Gay section.He picked out about five tapes with hot
young guys on the covers paid the guy and we walked out. "did you ever
guess"he said looking down at the bag of videos"that I liked guys?' "I
wasnt sure "I said.Fuck I wasnt sure about me back then let alone worrying
about anyone else.He had to go but we exchanged phone numbers and he said
hed like me to come round and stay a weekend if I wanted to.I was a bit
surprised but I said yes and he said hed call me.And he did!Last thursday
night the phone rang and it was Ashley.He asked if Id like to come over on
Saturday and spend the night.I said I would like to and he sounded really
pleased>I asked the address and he gave it to me and then said he would
have a car pick me up at 1pm saturday then he said"No make it 11 am and you
can come for lunch.Pack your swimmers" Saturday came and I was up at 8
packed and ready to go.It seemed like it was ages but right on eleven the
doorbell rang.I opened it and there stood the most ravishing young blond Id
ever seen.He was wearing a chauffeurs cap and a pair of very tight speedos
and a pair of running shoes and that was all.He smiled and introduced
himself as Ashley.He took my bag and walked towards a rather expensive
looking car.He opened the back door for me to enter closed it behind him
and took his place behind the wheel.We drove for quite a while.He was
silent except for inviting myself to help myself to the drinks and nibbles
in the back.I had a scotch and coke and some of those chinese crackers on
the way. We arrived at a beautiful two storey home in one of the beach
suburbs in Newcastle.Alex opened my door and I got out and thanked him.He
said"Its my pleasure and if theres anything you need please dont hesitate
to ask".He bent over to pick up my bag and allowing me a view of his tight
ass he stayed like that for ages before standing up and saying warmly"and I
do mean anything"He asked me to follow him and led me to a large area with
a fresh inviting pool.Ashley was lying in a deck chair in his speedos and
sunglasses looking delicious.He smiled."Welcome'I thanked him for the ride
and he was happy Id enjoyed it and asked me if Id tried any delicasies on
the way.I said I had a scotch and coke and something to eat.He turned to
Alex and said"You must be losing your touch"Alex shrugged his shoulders and
Ashley told me that Alex would show me to my room and would I like to
change and join him by the pool.Lunch would be at 12.30 but it was no
hassle to put it back. Alex led me up the stairs and I enjoyed watching
him shake and wiggle his ass.He showed me into what was one of the guest
bedrooms it had an enormous double bed TV video/DVD and an ensuite with a
spa in it .A big spa I might add.Alex asked me if He could unpack my things
and I said sure.He hung up my pants and shirts and put my underwear and
socks in a drawer.He put my speedos and the bed and laid me out a towel .I
started to undress as he put my toiletries in the ensuite.He turned around
and said."Would you like me to undress you"I gulped this boy was tremendous
and I nodded involuntarily.Alex began to unbutton my shirt and took it
off.He got down on his knees and undid my laces and removed my shoes and
socks.Then he unbuckled my belt and I gulped.He removed my trousers and put
one hand on each side of my undies.He looked up at me and I smiled and
nodded and he lowered my briefs.He was now face to cock.A cock that was
growing by the second.He smiled in appreciation of my manhood.I put my hand
on the top of his head and understanding what Ashley had said I
sighed"Lunch may be a little late" Alex smiled and kissed the head of my
cock.Then he began to suck me.Slowly moving his mouth along my shaft making
me hard.He was an expert and soon had me rock hard.I held the back of his
head and fucked his mouth.I didnt want it to end/He licked my shaft and
then began licking my balls he lifted my cock up ang tounged all the way up
it before putting it back in his mouth.He continued sucking me and in no
time at all I felt my nuts start to churn.I groaned and Alex looked up with
his gorgeous blue eyes.I looked at him and nodded,He started sucking harder
and I started to shake.I shot my wad of cum right down his throat and
another and another.Alex never moved his mouth off my cock and he swallowed
all my cum.He then got my speedos and put them on me.He stood and led me
out to the pool area where lunch was being served. After lunch Ashley and
I laid by the pool getting a few rays.Ashley and I had a swim in the
beautiful crystal clear water.It was a lovely day and Kyle bought us out
some drinks.As he walked away my eyes watched his gorgeous ass.Ashley
watched and reached through the water and touched my hard cock in my
speedos.He called to Kyle."come here Kyle.It looks like youre having quite
an affect on our guest.Kyle smiled at me and offered his hand to me and
helped me out of the water.On the tray that he had brough the drinks out on
was some condoms and lube.When I was out of the water he took me over to
the table and undid his speedos.I followed suit.My hard cock sprang from
its confinement and slapped my belly.I put on the condom and Kyle bent over
the table spreading his ass cheeks and exposing his hairless hole to
me.Once I was lubed I placed my cock at the opening of his chute and gently
began to push in.I heard Kyle sigh he was not too tight but not too
loose.His ass wall stretched to allow me entry and I slid my entire pole up
his young ass and then pull all the way out again.I drove back in making
him gasp and then pulled out all the way again.Again I went right in and
this time pulled out up to my cockhead.I went back in and began a serious
fucking motion holding Kyles hips and occasionally slapping his ass.The
whoe time Ashley was in the pool but Alex had come outside removed his
swimmers and was on all fours as Ashley fingered his hole.Kyle was
squirming and moaning as I increased my spped.Faster and faster I went and
I could feel my nuts tighten.I was going to cum and it was long before the
head of the condom was full of cream.I collapsed on Kylies back,my cock
stll in ass.It eventually shank and popped out.Kyle removed the condom and
licked my cock clean and then asked if he could keep the cum filled
condom.I nodded and he poured the contents down his throat.He wiped his
lips and put on his speedos.He thanked me and he and Alex headed back to
the house to get things started for dinner.I decided to leave my speedos
off and walked over and dived into the water.I came up a big smile on my
face.Ashley smiled at me and all I could say was "Fuck that was good" We
spent the rest of the afternoon either in or around the pool.Swimming,
talking,laughing and just getting to know each other until Kyle came out of
the house and informed us that dinner was ready. After dinner Ashley and I
sat in front of the giant TV screen while Alex and Kyle cleared up and
washed up.Ashley and I sat close together and I had a great view of the
boys whose backs were to usI wasnt watching the football on the Tv,I
couldnt take my eyes off Kyles ass in those speedos.Ashley smiled at me
"Its a great site isnt it?"he said"Did you like fucking it this
afternoon".I nodded.He went on and said"we'll have to think of a way you
can get that ass more often.And you havent fucked Alex yet and hes
awesome." Alex was awesome.The headjob he had given me that afternoon had
been so hot and his ass looked incredible.Ashley and I sat in our robes
watching the game and the boys gave us a brandy which I really
enjoyes.Ashley had opened my robe a little and was just casually rubbing my
nipple as we watched giving it a tweak occassionally.It was getting dark
and Kyle and Alex came into the room Alex had a piece of material in his
hand.He walked over behind where I was sitting.Ashley stood up and smiled
at me"I have a surprise for you but you need to be blindfolded first"He
said it so invitingly that I nodded straight away.Alex put the blindfold
round my eyes and asked if it was too tight.I shook my head and Ashley
asked me to stand which I did.My robe was opened and I felt a hand on my
cock.Ashley said that he would lead me by my dick but Alex would hold my
hand.They led me along gently and I stepped onto some concrete I heard
footsteps leaving the room but a warm hand was still on my cock so I knew I
wasnt alone.After a while the footsteps returned and sadly the hand left my
cock.More footsteps out of the room but my robe was removed and a pair of
hands massaged my back.I was semi hard from all this attention.Again after
a while some footsteps back into the room and the hand back on my
shaft.Ashley said"Now before we show you your surprise.The three of us are
going to have to lift you in the air.You will be very safe so dont worry"I
nodded Ashleys voice was so soothing and sexy I didnt feel any angst at all
as I Felt hands under my arms and on my legs as I was lifted up.Then I was
placed down on top of something metal I could feel the metal on my back and
ass,Then bizarrely I felt my hands being attached to something and my
feet.I was speadeagled and bound.I had never tried bondage before but the
thought excited me.My cock was fully erect and a hand was on it and began
to work it up and down.No one said anything as I was being pulled.The
strokes grew faster and the mystery,the blindfold,the metal on my back and
my helpless state bought my orgasm along really quickly,I moaned and my
cock shot wads of cum into the air and onto my stomach.My third release
today.More than Id had in a fortnight,Then I felt a warm toungue on my
stomach.I felt like I recognised it from earlier in the day.I think Alex
was licking my cum from my stomach.When he had finished Ashley asked if I
was ready for my surprise and I nodded so the blindfold was removed. It
took me a moment or two to get my bearings Alex Kyle and Ashley were all
standing there fully dressed and as i looked at my naked body I realised to
my horror that I was tied to the roofrack of a car.Ashley smiled at me and
said"Thought you might like to go for a drive."He pressed he button to
raise the garage door and I went into a panic.I thrashed trying to break
the restraints but soon found that useless so I tried something equally
useless begging. "Please Ashley dont do this please".I started sobbing I
was crying.Ashley looked at me and then at the boys and said "Ah revenge is
so sweet"He and the boys then got into the car I was on the drivers side of
the car and soon I heard the engine begin to run and Ashley started
reversing.He had the drivers window open and could hear my pleas and sobs
as he drove out of the driveway.He had no radio on so that he could hear me
clearly. He yelled out"Thought I might drive to the movie place its
getting out soon." "Oh please Ashley no please Im begging you no" But
Ashley ignoted me completely and we drove on.The wind was blowing in my
hair on my head and my pubes.We stopped at a set of traffic lights and
these guys in a 4WD pulled up alongside.They looked and starting laughing
and blowing kissing at me I was so embarassed.Thankfully the lights changed
and we headed off.When we arrived at the movies Ashley pulled the car up in
front and he and the boys locked the car Ashley smiled and despite my pleas
and sobs said he wouldnt be long and he and the boys walked away I begged
them not to leave and screamed for them.The movie showing was a teenage
horror film and was due out.The doors opened and a whole crowd of people
started to leave the theatre.They started to see me and soon the car was
surrounded by youngsters laughing at me and making fun of me.Some young
teanage boys took turns spitting on my naked body.Two older ladies walked
past and said I was disgusting and put a sheet of paper over me but the
kids soon ripped that off.One girl took a photo of me with her camera phone
I managed to turn my head but she wouldstill have gotten the rest of my
naked body in.I was sobbing my heart was broken I looked at my body covered
in spit.After what seemed like an eternity the crowd started to leave
others had come forward to get a close look and have a spit on me but
eventually everyone had had a good look and moved on laughing at me.One boy
stood looking at me on his own looking up and down.He spoke "Ive never seen
a naked man before"he said nervously.He was getting a good look now his
eyes were practically burning holes in my cock.He reached his hand out
towards it."May I touch it?"he asked.I couldnt have said no even if I
wanted to so I said yes and he reached out and gently touched it."Hold it
in your hand" I said and he put it in his palm and wrapped his fingers
around it.Straight away it started to grow and his eyes were full of
wonder,delight and a bit of shock.As I reached my full eight inch length
the bys and Ashley returned to the car.The sight of them made the boy
release my cock and run away."Sorry if we interupted anything"he said
looking at my hard cock but we had better move on." "Please can we go home
please Ashley.I will do anything you say".Ashley looked disappointed and
moaned"Arent you having fun?He doesnt sound like hes having fun."Kyle
grabbed my hard cock roughly and tugged it a couple of times making me
groan. "Looks like hes having fun to me"Kyle said "Okay lets be fair we
will take a vote"Ashley said"Hands in the air anyone who wants to go home."
For the first time that night I loathed him He was being a sarcastic prick
knowing full well I couldnt put my hand up.He looked around and then
announced that sinceno one had put their hand up we would go on to outside
a popular nightclub.I howled and begged as the three got back in the car
and we took off down the road.Once again I was babbling on top of the car
begging them not to do this.The spit had dried hard on my body and we
pulled up outside a nightclub called Dannys.Once again the three guys got
ut of the car and left me alone.Well not alone for long because I soon had
another gathering around me.Only this time one guy stood on a cement flower
pot.He undid his pants and pulled out his cock and started to piss on me
splattering piss all over me.Everyone else laughed but then a second guy
followed then a third.My body including my face and hair were completely
covered in urine and I stank.One guy reached over and grabbed my nuts and
started squeezing them together.At first I just twitched and moved a little
but as he increased the pressure I began to moan.All the time my cock was
hard as a rock.The guy kept squeezing until the pain got great."Please stop
"I begged but he shook his head and sadistically said"Not till I hear you
scream" He kept squeezing my balls together as all the othe watched.Finally
I couldnt bear it any more and I gave him the sound he wanted.I screamed in
agony and begged him to let go.He released my tortured balls and people
started walking away.I lay there crying my nuts in pain and covered in
piss.Ashley Alex and Kyle walked over.Ashley looked me over with a
contented look on his face.He told the boys it was time for home.I breathed
a sigh of relief as the car took off.On the way back to Ashleys place I got
jeered at and truck drivers blew their horns.I didnt really care because we
were headed home.We pulled up into the driveway and the three guys got
out.Alex and Kyle were just about to untie me when Ashley said "Hang on
youre not bringing that piss covered thing into my house.Alex go and get
the hose,Kyle you go to the tap."Alex came back with the long green garden
hose.He called to Kyle who turned the tap on full.Alex aimed the cold water
at my body.It hit my body and the cold water startled me.Alex hosed me all
off including my face and hair.At one stage he aimed the spray onto my cock
and balls.The pressure on my already tortured balls made me squeal.Ashley
signalled to Kyle who turned off th house.He and Alex untied my shivering
naked body and the three guys lifted me down from the roof of the car.Alex
got me a towel and wiped me down paying attention to my prick which he
gently massaged.He got me hard as a rock.We all went back inside and Ashley
took me up to his bedroom and said"We better get some sleep.Its going to be
a warm day tomorrow and I thought we'd go to the beach.Of course I know
you'll want to ride on the roof again.We'll go down the coast you should
get a nice tan". As he spoke my cock started to rise again.Ashley looked
at my cock and then into my eyes."It looks like you think that would be
good" I turned red and nodded.The embarassment,the humiliation,the stares
and laughs of strangers turned me on.So we went out on the Sunday and we
travelled to the central coast.After the trip Ashley told me that this
weekend we would be going out again.This time to a drive in movie and a
shopping centre where I would be on display.I cant wait
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