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Kinky way ..anal blow oral
The art of kinky sex is what this is all about. This relates to my wife who unknowingly did not realize that she will be caught in the act when least expected, but because of the open relationship I share with her, I found it to be most exciting. As I had already have had an expert stretch her anal area and having set up video cameras to monitor her capabilities of deep throating and fucking , I must admit I did not expect her at any time to be such a professional. Well, when she least expected it I caught her on the act and what I saw told me and showed me the expression on my face when she sucks me off, as I could see the expression on the other guys face..He literally was going crazy and enjoyed every bit of it.
Let me relay an experience at a time when I caught her in the act. As it happened more than once, it’s worth mentioning this one as it’s somewhat unusual as it relates to incest with her brother whom she did an oral with as he knew that she often does it to me. During our time and stay at her brother’s place, sex is discussed as if it’s a standard practice, and the easiest way of actually demonstrating it is by physical encounters. During a particular day I found things very quiet as my wife and her brother had gone upstairs for her to apply some medication onto his back as he has a chronic back problem. Unknown to me she was rubbing his back when I asked here where she was so I left the outside of the room and went back downstairs. Just as I was about to go back downstairs, I heard a moan coming from him , and thinking he is suffering from pain went into the room and as the door was partially open I saw what I thought was what was happening. She had her mouth open and his huge cock was stuck right into it. Beautiful I thought as he lay flat and she on her knees was gripping her mouth over his shaft and moving it with tightened lips up and down like a mouth fuck. I just peeped and was fascinated with ecstasy, to see my wife mouth fucking her brother’s thick cock so professionally, making him even harder. He enjoyed it to the fullest and begged her for more, which she didn’t resist except for stopping time and again for some breath.
Finally the inevitable happened. His load could hold no longer and telling her that he is about to shoot, she make no effort to release her mouth, except telling him to go ahead. He held his shaft upright, she pushed her mouth over the shaft as far as she could go and tightened her lips. He shot with such vigour and so much volume that her mouth could not retain all the semen and subsequently some of the sperm from her mouth, trickled off the side on her lips and onto his stomach and part of his balls. She opened her mouth and all I could see was thick white-yellowish liquid mingling with saliva between her teeth and colouring her lips and tongue. It is one of those beautiful sights to see and by now my semen was at a point where my fluids were wetting the outside area of my pants. I ran into the bathroom and without a murmur I dropped my pants, grabbed my cock and using some soap, started vigorously masturbated myself, until I heard a knock on the door.It was my wife. I immediately stopped, pulled up my pants and opened the door. “Are are finished as I need to pee” said she, and as I let her in she avoided looking at me and turned her face the other way so as not for me to maybe notice some signs of “juices” on her lips.
“Hey! She said.”You look as if you in the mood”. I said “yes” and without even further thinking, she dropped my pants off and started sucking my cock. “Oh boy “ I thought, this woman just sucked off her brother and now me. Well so be it and with a tremendous force of pushing her face forward onto my shaft as she knelt down, I could not hold it and shot hot cum down her throat. She gobbled up every drop, cleaned me out. She then proceeded to pee and gargled her mouth and distinctly, I could see the difference in semen colour. Mine has a thick white look about it and his had a type of a yellow tinge in it. I asked her if she just had blown off someone before me and without even hesitating she said yes..Her brother who’s cock she says was just a professional blowjobber could not resist.
We were not for long in the bathroom and as we were about to leave, a knock interrupted up. She opened up and there was what her brother who had invited over a friend for her in order that she may demonstrate to us different tactic’s in blowjobs and suck offs fucks and ass fucks.
I asked if she will be able to cope and she said “obviously”. Now this guy was a sex crazed woman’s dream: A black guy with penis that’s well over eleven inches long. I was shocked as this guy was well build and as he dropped his pants it was all solid meat protruding out so long that I suggested she first try it up her ass. As she was screwed with big cocks in her ass plenty times, she could normally gauge if a huge cock was suitable for a blow job.
Without much fuss she obliged and going down on all fours, lifting up her ass in a penetrable position and she said to this guy to “let fly” He went down, positioned himself, parted her ass cheeks, opened her hole and with a hard push pumped it in. She screamed, but gradually started a soft moan, relaxed her ass muscle and together they went into a sound rhythm. It was a fantastic site to see and the deeper he pushed the more she screamed “more”, when finally she was ready she asked to suck him off.
The guy than retracted, washed off and before giving her a deep throat, started to fuck her puss. His eleven inches fully penetrated her cunt and she enjoyed every bit of it. He fucked her so hard that one could hear the thud of his balls against her now opened asshole. Finally she could not anymore, and withdrawing he guided first the head into her mouth, of which she vigorously pulled forth and back. She tightened her lips around his head and would not let go. The guy was helpless. He could not shoot, nor pull back. It must have been a full ten minutes before she let go, all along breathing through her mouth. Finally he started the mouth fuck and ripped her throat apart. He fucked her so hard that she screamed and despite the fact that she gagged all the time , he didn’t stop. Finally he could hold out no more and with a burst of fury, shot a load so powerful that she was drenched in cum from top to bottom. She could only gulp up a limited amount and slowly started wiping off the rest.
It wasn’t long that another knock interrupted us. It was her sister and with out prior warning just started licking off my wife’s body the semen that was all engulfed on her. Looking up at us , she grabbed my cock, dropped my pants and started to suck. It was something as compared to her sister she was more wide mouth and had a more of a darting tongue. She enjoyed nibbling my pee hole and then she would just suck head and finally “swallow a huge section of my shaft. She was good at licking balls and at the same time she managed to handjob as well. Suddenly she let go , grabbed her brothers shaft and sucked him till he was bone hard. She made herself comfortable on the floor, removed her panties and guided his hard cock into her gaping cunt. He slowly entered first, not knowing what to expect, but as she was a good fucker, he realized that it’s easy. He screwed her and every now and then she moaned, lifted herself up and made him shudder. At long last he could not hold out longer and she begged him to shoot all his semen into her cunt. He obliged and as I watched I could actually see a man shuddering and moaning and it was only when he withdrew that I realized the few dropslets dripping on her puss hair. She gave him the assurance that she was on birth control and as she fucked with other men quite a bit, precautions she always took.
Unknown to me as I was concentrating on the fuck scene, the guy with the big cock had once again been sucked up by my wife and on turning around I realized his shaft was deep in my wife’s ass again. This time he was pumping in stages and penetrating at time the full eleven inches. She enjoyed it to such an extent that she just lay lame to be ass fucked. My wife’s sister could not believe it as she wasn’t really fucked in the ass, although she had some mild penetrations before. The guy volunteered so she obliged, and turning around he proceeded to insert his cock into her ass. As her ass was not too big, he asked her to relax and using some olive oil rubbed it in and once again set her up, but this time, he wasn’t gentle. He pushed with such force that she initially screamed and then just relaxed and screamed for more as it was something very much different to what she had previous. He fucked her and strangely she started an orgasm, of which he withdrew and pushed his cock into her mouth. He shot and she gulped, not letting any drops go and when finally finished, pushed his cock into my wife’s mouth for a final clean up.
After a while we all decided that lets just fuck any how before we call it a day. I remember my wife getting fucked by her brother, the black Guy fucking my wife’s sister and my wife getting her puss fucked by the black guy. I fucked my wife’s sister, shooting a load of semen into her cunt, before retracing and pushing my cock into her mouth to suck clean. My wife’s brother got sucked again by my wife, but this time he shot his sperm onto her face, which her sister licked off. The black guy got the two girls to lick and suck his cock simultaneously and shot his massive load over their faces. All in all it was a great orgy and a terrific experience and everybody just loved.
With this kinky orgy taking place, my wife’s brothers wife walked in and she was totally disgusted, but when she saw a eleven inch black cock, her mind just went out of control. She instantly grabbed hold of it and within a few minute’s sucked him up staring at this huge monster. She slipped off her panties, opened her legs wide and invited the guy over to fuck her. As she was a bit plump, her puss was much bigger so the fuck was really an experience for her. Unknown to anyone she turned around, lay flat on her stomach and opened up her extended asshole. The guy pushed all eleven inches into her ass and she enjoyed every bit of it. He fucked her mercilessly until he was about to ejaculate. As usual he turned around , brought her face up to his cock and shot , once again a heavy load into her mouth, face and wife and her sister just gobbled up whatever semen there was left so satisfy their needs.
As the time dragged on every woman had now been either ass fucked, puss fucked or mouth fucked. Gradually I pushed my hand into my wifes brothers wifes cunt and without a wink she just opened up. I fucked her so hard that she actually screamed and suddenly she turned around and guided my cock into her ass. I fucked her ass a good few minutes, before pulling back and sticking my cock into her mouth. I shot my sperm and she swallowed all of it . In the meanwhile the guy with the eleven inch was in my wifes mouth again and when he shot, the semen was too much for her and she just came all out raining with sperm.
Kinky sex is fun and soon we are planning something else.....

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Another stupid dumb story...
Doesn't anybody know how to write a good sex story?

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