A night of servitude leads to relief
That night we were at Jarrod's favourite restaurant. Only we were joined
by a new couple I had never been out for dinner with before. His name was
Luke and his fianc?as Gemma.They were both 23 and striking blondes. So
Jarrod was with Naomi and Luke and Gemma all sitting at the table and I was
of course under the table licking shoes clean as I always did when we went
out. I crawl under the table and clean any shoes with my toungue.I made
sure I did a good job I was on a promise but more of that later. I heard
Gemma say "I should warn you. I think I stepped in some dogshit" Jarrod
just laughed and said "That's fine. That's his favourite. Isn't that
right bitch?" "Oh yes sir "I quickly replied going back to my duties. The
waiter came and served the meals. He handed each person their meals and
said "I also have some Fettuccini in a dogs bowl Jarrod pointed "For the
bitch under the table and could you bring another dog bowl with water in it
please?" The waiter put the dish under the table and I thanked him .He just
sneered at me and went to get the water and returned and looked at me
lapping up the pasta. I thanked him again and drank deeply. The four
finished their meal and then yanking on my leash told me we were going and
Jarrod led me out of the restaurant on all fours as people laughed at me.
It was my job then to hop into the dog cage in the back of the station
wagon while Jarrod and Naomi sat in the front and Luke and Gemma in the
backseat. "I'm not sure about this" Gemma said as we got close to home.
"Hey don't worry" Naomi said "You'll have the time of your life" "But Luke
and I have never done it in front of others "Gemma protested As we pulled
into the driveway Jarrod said "Look we won't be watching you and the dog is
just there to use. Okay?" They all got out and Jarrod opened the boot and
I got out and Jarrod led me to the front porch and then took the leash off
and I stood and the five of us walked into the house. As soon as we got
inside we headed straight for the main bedroom that held the king sized
bed. I knew my job and so I smiled at Gemma and slowly unzipped her dress
which I took off and hung on a hanger She was wearing a brown bra and
panties I removed her bra and revealed a pair of beautiful shaped pert
breasts that made me gasp and made the others laugh .I then removed her
panties and she had a hairless pussy.I asked her to lie on the bed and open
her legs. It was my job to just get her wet for Luke. I use my tongue for
that gently licking her and waiting for the sign that she was prepared.
She tasted so good and before long she was ready for penetration .I
remained on my knees and turned towards Luke who was just standing there in
a pair of gold coloured briefs. From the bulge at the front it was obvious
that watching Gemma being licked had turned him on .I removed his briefs
and his cock sprung out at me It was fully hard but it didn't matter my job
was to lubricate it So after kissing it on the head I took it in my mouth
and began to suck it .I was only allowed to get it wet so penetration would
be easy so it wasn't long before I stopped. Luke walked over to Gemma and
started to lie on top. My job then was to position his cock into her pussy
and he started to fuck her. I was then to turn my attention to Naomi.
Naomi was a striking brunette with a gorgeous body. I removed her dress
and hung it up and as usual that was all the undressing she needed. She
lay on the bed next to the couple already fucking and my tongue went to
work on her pussy. She was not shaven but her pussy hair was clipped .I
know I did it and I licked her pussy until she said "enough". I moved away
and turned still on my knees towards Jarrod .He was naked and his cock
stood erect. He smiled as I shuffled over to him on my knees. "You're
doing well boy "he said "think you will be rewarded" I held his cock and
licked the piss slit then opened wide put as much of his shaft in my mouth
as I could. He was about the same length as his friend Luke but much
thicker. I got him nice and wet and then as I always did held his cock in
my hand and led him over to the bed and he got on top of Naomi's gorgeous
body. Luke and Gemma were going hard at .I guided Jarrod's cock into Naomi
and then moved away and began to take my clothes off. As I undressed I
watched the two young men ploughing into two beautiful women. I finished
undressing and pulled up my chair and sat and watched the young couple as
they fucked.Luke was sweating and I watched the sweat dripping off his
large balls onto Gemma .Jarrod had begun with long slow strokes driving his
cock deep into Naomi's twitching cunt.I notice Luke was moving quicker and
I knew that I would need to start work again. Gemma was panting and
moaning loudly .Luke shouted that he was coming and emptied his wad into
Gemma's pussy.Jarrod kept going and after he rested Luke stood up telling
Gemma to stay there. I immediately headed back to my spot between Gemma's
legs and started to lick all the cum out that Luke had put there .I lapped
it all up as Gemma squired and wriggled .I was just finishing up when Gemma
moaned and came as my tongue was inside her so I continued to lick. Gemma
lay there listening to Naomi moaning as Jarrod fucked her. She came before
he did and he came hard inside her. They lay together and I turned my
attention to Luke's glistening cock and licked it clean of all pussy juice
and cum.He put his hand on my head and said "Good boy" Meanwhile Jarrod had
started grunting and I knew what that meant .It meant that Naomi's pussy
was going to be filled with hot cum.Sure enough Jarrod yelled out and
emptied his balls into Naomi. I slowly made my way over waiting for Jarrod
to stand but instead he rolled off and was position between Naomi and Gemma
.His cock covered in juice he instructed me to clean him off first. This I
did with relish enjoying the taste of cock and pussy juices and licking him
clean. When I had done this I moved to Naomi without instructions to do
so. I had after all cleaned her out so many times. My tongue went in and
out coated with all the juices .I swallowed Jarrod's cum and her juices and
when I had done I knelt quietly awaiting instructions. Jarrod told me to
stand and for the first time Gemma saw my cock. "That's got to be the
tiniest dick I have ever seen."She laughed "But what's that on it?" Naomi
looked and smiled "That's his chastity device. It's locked on there and
stops him masturbating unless Jarrod or I let him" Gemma took my cock in
her hand. I could feel it straining in its cage "How long since you came
"She asked "Eight weeks miss" I replied "But we told him if he was great
tonight then we would allow him to cum.But it is all up to you. We need
you to decide whether he deserves to cum"Jarrod said "Mmmm well he did very
well .He made me cum and I do feel clean. But I would like to do something
to him if he doesn't mind" "Oh miss do anything you like to me". I eagerly
said. She whispered to Naomi who nodded and the two went to the spare room
and came back with Gemma wearing a strap on dildo. "I want to fuck you" I
immediately lay on the bed with my ass in the air and before long I let out
a cry as she pushed the dildo into me .She started pumping in and out and
tell me to squeal like a girl. She grabbed my hair and told me I was a
bitch and she finally pulled out. There was a little blood on the dildo
which she ordered me to clean off. She smiled at Luke and said "I like
this. How would you feel if I put a device on you and you couldn't cum
unless I said?" Luke's face turned red and he looked at the floor.
Meanwhile I had licked the dildo clean and Naomi said "Well Gemma has he
been good enough to let cum? It's up to you." Gemma motioned for me to get
back on my knees on the floor. She sat on the bed and took my head in her
hands and looked at me, her eyes staring into my eyes. "Beg me' she hissed
"Please Miss Gemma. Let me cum I will do anything you say. Please let me
come" I whimpered. She smiled. "Christ that gets me hot "she
exclaimed"Luke, we are really going to have to look at this" Luke started
to speak but she held her hand up and he stopped. She turned her attention
back to me. "Ok boy. You can cum" "Oh thank you miss" I blurted. Naomi
came forward and took the chain off from round her neck. She also had a
dice in her hand. She handed me the dice and she told me to stand and she
moved forward and unlocked the device. My cock sprang out hard and ready.
The others laughed at it and me. Naomi said to have three rolls. I rolled
the dice on the bed and it came up 4.The second time it was a 3 and finally
a 2.Naomi explained that the numbers on the dice were added together and
that how many minutes I could masturbate for. So tonight I could have as
many orgasms as I could fit into nine minutes. Jarrod had a kitchen timer
and set it to nine. "Oh this is too much" Gemma said "Luke get on your
knees and start licking me out." Luke walked over and got on his knees and
started tonguing Gemma's pussy Jarrod pressed the button on the timer and
said "Go!"My hand started pumping my cock as Luke worked his tongue into
Gemma. His own cock had got hard as a rock. Meanwhile I was pumping hard
standing up in front of everyone. My balls were heavy and aching and in no
time at all I felt them churning. I knew I was about to cum and I looked
at Naomi and asked permission. She nodded and I began to shoot. Spurt
after spurt of cum escaped from my cock.It was an intense orgasm and made
me moan. The orgasm subsided and I rested I had used up 3 minutes of my
nine Gemma looked at me and said "You got cum on my leg" "Oh I'm so sorry I
will lick it off if you wish" I said apologetically "Oh no you get on with
your wanking.Luke will lick it off" So I grabbed my meat again and started
again. I had five minutes. Luke looked up from between his fianc? legs
"Oh no "he said "Please don't make me do that" Gemma grabbed his hair which
made him squeal and pushed his nose into my cum on her leg "Lick it bitch"
and Luke began to lick. Jarrod exclaimed one work "Fuck" He was starting
to get hard and Naomi was stroking him. I was pulling in earnest as time
was ticking by. It was a very exciting scene and I was getting a little
hard. After Luke had licked up my cum he went back to work on Gemma's
pussy.Naomi had stopped stroking Jarrod and was now sucking him off and I
was watching all of this as I pulled my little cock.Gemma was moaning
,Jarrod was too and I could hear Luke's tongue lapping. I knew that I
wasn't that far away from exploding again and then a noise shattered the
room. It was the alarm. My time was up. Naomi got up from in front of
Jarrod got the towel and wiped my little cock. "Oh please mistress.
Couldn't I have a little while longer I'm so close?" Naomi shook her head
and placed the device back on my cock and ordered me back on the floor.
Gemma reached orgasm and Jarrod who had been pulling himself while Naomi
was attending to me came. Gemma lay back on the bed and told Luke to stand
and start pulling himself. He did pulling hard and fast trying to please
her. He came on her and he was ordered t o lick off his own cum from
Gemma's body which he did. The four of them dressed pretty much in silence
and then Gemma spotted a photo and nearly screamed. She pointed at me and
said "Naomi that's your husband" Naomi smiled "That's right. He is my
husband and I love him dearly with my heart soul mind and everything except
my body. Let's face it his cock or Jarrod's it wasn't a contest. We are
just a little trio now " Gemma looked at Luke "There's going to be a few
changes in our arrangements and tomorrow we are going to do a little
shopping."She looked down at my device and smiled. They said goodbye and
as they left Luke could be heard whimpering "I thought I made you happy.
Please don't do this to me. Don't stop us having sex.Please" The car drove
away and Jarrod closed the door. "Looks like Luke is going to have a bit
of a tough time from now on. Still Gemma can always bring him over and I
will let him suck me off. Poor bugger anyway let's get some sleep"
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