My mother had to go away for work and left me in the care of my male neighbours
Today it would be called child abuse or stat rape or something but when it happened to me it was good fun I were 14 and we lived by the water. Just mum and me there was only two house down there ours and a lovely big house owned by Darryl and Gary who were in their forties. I used to walk past their house on my way home from school and they would always wave and say hello. One summer’s day it was stinking hot and I walked past their place. They motioned for me to come in and as my mum was away on a business trip I accepted.
They were in their Speedos and showed me around the back where they had a great looking pool .Gary got me a drink and offered me a chair while Darryl dived in splashing me. I giggled and Darryl swam close to me “Come and have a dip” he said “I didn’t bring my swimmers “I replied.”No problem “Darryl said and reached down and took his Speedos off and threw them o the side .I looked at Gary and he removed his and dived in. I realised that no one could see us so I got out of my school uniform and stood in my undies for a second. They smiled up at me from the water and I dropped my undies and dived in.
That next day Mum announced that she would be away for three weeks and she had asked Gary and Darryl if I could stay with them. I would still need to keep our house presentable. I packed only the essentials headed over. They introduced me to Mark who was a previous visitor. Mark was 15 with a hot nuggetty look. He was in the pool and got out to shake my hand naked and gorgeous
It was stinking hot, so hot that they let us out of school early. I was sweating like a pig and couldn’t wait to get in the pool. I went to the back of the house and as I turned the corner I saw Mark lying naked between Gary’s legs sucking his cock.Gary’s eyes was closed and Mark’s eyes would have been looking at Gary’s bush. I back away and as I did I bumped into something. It was Darryl. He smiled at me and asked me would I like to watch. I wasn’t sure but he told me I didn’t have to do anything but watch. He took my hand and led me around to another lounge next to Gary. Gary opened his eyes and smiled and the thrust his head back and moaned. He held Mark’s head and he came down his throat.
The next night I walked into our room and Mark was lying flat on his back stark naked pulling himself. He heard me and looked up I said I was sorry and would leave him alone but he asked me to stay and watch. It turned him on to be watched so I sat on my bed and watched. He looked at me and went back to pulling himself. His cock was so hard and it wasn’t long before he was groaning and shot a wad on his stomach. He panted and smiled and said thanks.
A few nights later there was no one in the house so I slipped out of my shorts and lay on my bed. I closed my eyes and started to stroke myself. I was really absorbed in what I was doing and didn’t hear the car pull up. It was only when Mark came into our room that I noticed that others were home. Like me he apologised and offered to leave. I was so hard and asked him to watch so he sat on his bed and I looked into his eyes. He was shirtless and he rubbed his nipples I closed my eyes and shot heaps on my guts. I thanked him and he took his clothes off and got into bed .I wiped myself down and switched the light off
One day I was swimming diving deep under the water and I saw a pair of legs dangling in the water I thought it would be fun to come up between them and give the owner a start. But it me who got the shock. I splashed up between Darryl’s legs and came face to face with his cock flopping onto his legs. His nuts hung low nearly touching the concrete. I looked at his cock for a minute and then splashed water at him before going back under the water.
That night I woke up and Mark wasn’t in his bed. I put my robe on and went to look for him. The house was dark but there was a light in Gary’s room. The door was half open. I peered in and was surprised to see Mark on the bed. He was sucking Gary and Darryl was fucking him. It looked so hot and I felt myself getting hard straight away. I watched until Gary yelled he was coming and shot his load on Mark’s face. Then Darryl exploded on Mark’s ass.Then finally Mark rolled over and within seconds shot his wad on his stomach. I walked back to my room and lay in bed looking at my hard cock.This whole thing was getting to me. I placed my hand on my cock and started to pull. I closed my eyes and thought of the scene. As I came I decided I had to have some.
The next morning I was awake early. I knew where everyone would be. Mark was fast asleep with just a sheet covering him. Gary would be in his robe making breakfast and Darryl would be having his morning skinny dip. I got out of bed and walked over to Mark’s bed and pulled the sheet off gently enough not to wake him. He lay there naked and my eye settled on his cock.It was soft and I knelt down. The eye was looking straight at me and I took his cock in my hand and I licked the tip. It tasted great and my young cock was rock hard I started sucking Mark’s dick,bobbing my head out and in and soon I felt it start to hard>I looked and Mark was still asleep but as I continued sucking him he stirred and he woke up. He looked down and when he saw me looking up at him and his cock in my mouth .He groaned and said “Fuck Yeah”.I loved the way his cock tasted and I even licked and sucked one of his balls which seemed to make him go over the top. He told me that he was going to cum and did I want to taste it. I nodded and started sucking him again. Within seconds he groaned and shot his load into my mouth. It was warm and I swallowed it gladly. He lay there smiling. I got up and kissed him on the forehead and headed to the kitchen where I knew Gary would be making breakfast.
Sure enough he was there in this little coat that just covered his ass.He had his back to me and I crept up behind him and knelt down. He turned around to get something out of the cupboard and looked and my naked body kneeling. I told him that breakfast would have to wait. I undid his robe and it opened. I took his cock in my hand and started sucking Straight away I felt his big cock starting to grow inside my teem mouth. He was moaning and had his hand on my head. What I didn’t know was that Mark had followed me and after a minute watching me give Gary a head job got down on the floor and started fondling my hard dick and then I felt his mouth around my cock.It felt so damn good .As he started sucking harder I started sucking harder.Garys dick had now reached full size and I tried to take as much as I could .Meanwhile my nuts were begin to boil. Gary looked at me I was totally absorbed with his cock.The lust in my eyes pushed him over the edge and he groaned deeply and shot string after string of cum down my throat. Mark was getting me close and I squealed as I came in him. Gary held onto the bench and I got up and Mark lay there .I walked to the screen door and opened it and headed to the poolside to find Darryl
I walked out to the pool and there was Darryl doing laps. I dived in and waited underwater until I saw the familiar site of Darryl’s legs only dangling in the water. Once again I dived up between Darryl’s legs only this time Darryl gave a gasp as I took hold of his cock and starting sucking. Darryl whose cock was the biggest of all of us leaned back and his cock grew and grew. Darryl grabbed the back of my head forcing me on his cockshy got up and laid down on a mattress by the pool and I took up my spot on my knees sucking and licking. It was the I felt a hand on my ass and I saw Gary slide under me and start sucking me off while Mark continued to play with my ass.Darryl leaned his head back and roared and exploded in my mouth and I came quickly in Gary’s mouth.
I stayed in that house for another two weeks till mum got home. In that time I was sucked and fucked as well as doing my share of sucking and fucking.I moved back in each year till I turned 18 and then was invited to move in which I did. Mark was living there full time and we have been lovers till this day

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