I met the young man at a bar and he invited me back
It was amazing I had only met him an hour ago and there I was face down on his bed in only my undies. His name was David and I met him in the hotel just round the corner from my place, a well known gay hang out. David had walked up to the table and introduced himself and sat down. He told me he’d seen me there before and was I waiting for someone. I shook my head and he asked if I’d like to come back to his place. I said yes without any hesitation and soon we were in his car. I asked him how old he was. He was 22, I told him that I was 45 more than twice his age and he told me that he liked older guys because they were more usable. He then told me that he was into humiliation and inflicting moderate pain and was I okay with that. I said sure. We arrived at his place and he showed me to the bedroom where he told me to remove my clothes except undies and lay face down on the bed. I began to undress and he left the room. He was a way a little while but when he came back all he had were his undies on and was carrying a paddle with metal studs on it. He was also carrying a leather collar. He told me to lie face down and count to 20 and then back to 0.I started and he told me to count faster and I did and got to twenty and I said 21 and then ooops.He laughed and pulled the cloth away from my left butt cheek and hit it with a paddle. It stung and he put the cloth back. He then told me to count by 9s and that each time I made a mistake or hesitated my cheeks would know it. He pulled the cloth so that the material was all in my crack. Well I did okay till 99 but then I had to think and for too long. He was raining whacks down alternately on my right and left cheeks .Finally he said that was enough and covered my sore cheeks with the material. He then told me to lift my head up and as I did he put a collar around my neck. He then attached a leash to the collar and gave it a yank and said “walkies”.As I got off the bed and down on my hands and knees I realised I had a raging hard on and was leaking precum.He led me to his lounge room and he sat down while I sat at his feet like a dog. He turned on the TV and told me to massage his feet. I had never massaged before but did my best as he ignored me. There was a loud crash on the TV and I turned to look. He bought the leash hard down on my shoulder.
“Pay attention to your duty “he yelled. “Or next time it will be your balls”. Kept going taking care to be gentle.Finally he said” that’ll do”. He stood up and yanked on the leash and led me back down the hallway .I was asking it easy and keeping a little behind .He stopped at hit me on my back with the leash. Get in front”. I moved ahead of him and we walked a few steps then he yanked the leash and said “Heel you bitch” I moved back and he started flying into me hitting me again and again on my ass and back and calling me a bitch.He really belt me badly until I was cowering and sobbing and he stopped. He then told me to move .I was terrified my back and ass were in agony but I walked alongside him till the end of the hall .He stopped and opened a door and turned the light on. It was the toilet .He said he thought I’d like a drink so he told me to put my head into the toilet. I put it in and he closed the lid on top of my head. I was staring at the bottom of the bowl just grateful there was nothing in it. I was made to stay like that for a few minutes and occasionally he would whack my ass with the leash. Finally he yelled “Enjoy the water and he pressed the button .The water engulfed my head and I held my breath till it subsided. He waited till it subsided and then flushed my head again. He lifted the lid and gave the leash a yank and threw a towel on my head and then roughly wiped me dry. He then led me back to the bedroom. He took the leash off and told me to lie on the bed face up. He put a mask on me so I could not see and then he told me to spread my legs. I did as I was told and then there was a silence. It seemed to last a long time and then the silence ended suddenly I heard a whoosh and then felt incredible agony. He had hit my balls and cock with a strap. I doubled up in agony and he hit my ass .He took my blindfold off and he was holding a belt. He dropped the belt and told me to stretch my hands out in front. He grabbed some rope and tied my wrist together. Then he told me to put my arms above my head and lie on the bed. He attached the rope to the bed head in such a way that I could be on my back or front. He told me to lie on my back and spread my legs and he picked up the belt. He told me that this time I could watch. I looked at him he was sporting a raging hard on too. It was obvious that hurting me and humiliating me was turning him on. My cock was rock hard too and the front of my undies were soaked. I begged him not to belt me but to no avail. He bought the belt hard down between my legs hits my balls I yelled and he told me to turn over. He grabbed my undies in both hands and tore them apart so that my ass was visible. He picked up the belt and started wailing on my ass .Time and again he hit me and then he stopped. He climbed on the bed and as I turned he was removing his undies. His cock sprung to attention. He told me too prepare for a rough fuck.He put a condom on and prepared to mount me. He dove his cock straight up me causing me to shriek. His cock was long and thick and felt great. He ploughed into me and grabbed the waistband of my undies as reins as he rode me like a horse. I was moaning and groaning as he thrust into me and pulled right out. I felt his balls slapping my ass.He ploughed into me for a good ten minutes grinding his hips until finally he pulled out and sprayed my ass with hot juice. He rested for a moment and then told me to get up. He wanted to show me a special room in his house. He led me downstairs still in my torn undies by my cock which throbbed in his hand. He opened a door and turned on the light. It was a mini dungeon with a sling and whips and dildos.He told me that it was nearly ready and asked me to look at the cell he’d built. He took me and he had a cell with a bench and bars. He opened the door and asked me did I think it was big enough. I went inside to look and as I did he slammed the door and locked it. I turned and said I had to go to work next day. He told me to forget it. I now belonged to him and I was never going to leave. My training started tomorrow so I’d better sleep tight. He turned the light off and closed the door. I had no idea as I sat on the floor in my torn underwear how bizarre my life was to become

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2009-11-04 09:56:39
Definately continue!!!!! I have always wanted an older guy to be my slave.

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