A beautiful girl gets catches the eye of a young man at a party. He brings her a glass of wine, introduces himself and starts up a conversation. Seems that they like the same music, movies, food, etc. With all this in common, he figures he has a good chance to score. So he says,"Look, we are so compatible in so many areas, imagine how great we'll be in bed!"
She says, "No, I can't."
He continues,"Am I not funny, caring, and intelligent enough for you?"
"Absolutely, but I just can't," she says.
"Look, I'll send you flowers, call you tomorrow, buy you candy, what do you say?" he says.
She says,"Look, all that is true, but I'm on my menstrual cycle!"
He says, "That's Okay, I'm on my Kawasaki, you can follow me!"
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