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This is the second part in a series set amongst the cheerleading squad and female sports teams of an American high school. Any resemblance to real persons or places is purely coincidental.
copyright: Lesley Tara, 2009

In the previous chapter, I told you how I became a member of my high school’s junior cheerleading squad, how three of the girls from the senior hockey team seduced me, and how the coach, Ms Gretzke, took my virginity. It was a revelation to me, as I discovered my true lesbian sexuality. At the time, I was a couple of months past my sixteenth birthday, five feet four inches in height, a cute and pretty blue-eyed blonde, my body athletically trim but filling out with pert tits to match my bubble butt.

The cheerleading squad turned out to be a secret lesbian network – this was the real reason for the coach’s rule that its members must not have the distraction of having a boyfriend. Ostensibly, it was to avoid the interference this was likely to cause with our commitment to the training sessions and matches, but actually its purpose was to focus all of our buzzing hormones and sexual desires on each other – and on Ms Gretzke too, of course. She was our queen bee, although, as I found out later and to my pleasure, there were a number of other older dykes who were in on the secret as well – but I’ll leave that for another chapter.

The other (secret) rule was that the cheerleaders had to make themselves sexually available to any of the girls on the school’s sports teams who wanted them, whether individually or – especially after a match – wholesale. Of course, not all the girls on the sports teams were gay or bisexual: they were chosen for their sporting ability, whilst we cheerleaders were chosen for our looks, athleticism and willingness to engage in wild lesbian orgies. However, the straight girls on the teams had to observe one inflexible rule – not to let anyone know what went on. Ms Gretzke had drilled into them that if they breathed a word, even in confidence to a friend, they would be out of the team permanently, and that she and all the rest of us would (a) rubbish their story completely, and then (b) make their life hell. So the straight girls – who, curiously enough, often tended to be the plainer ones – did their own thing, and the rest of us ate pussy like we were starving in the desert.

One of the senior girls who had first seduced me, and who been present when I lost my virginity, was Julia, the captain of the hockey team. She was especially attracted to me, and over the next few weeks she made me her ‘babe’. She taught me a lot about lesbian love-making, and I had sex with her more times over the next two years than with everyone else added together. I developed a real crush on her, and she fancied me back – not just for my sweet body and youthful innocence, but because we liked similar things and made each other laugh. As the months passed, I thought of her as my girlfriend, although it was certainly a non-exclusive relationship on both sides. I knew that she had other girls she slept with, though less frequently than with me, and of course I had my duties as part of Ms Gretzke’s special cheerleader ‘pussy squad’. I was soon opening my legs for any number of other girls and women – and that started with the second part of my lesbian initiation, which I’m going to tell you about now.

This took place two days after Ms Gretzke took my virginity with her strap-on in the locker room of the school gymnasium (see chapter 1), and my pussy was still a bit tight and sore when I turned up at her house, as instructed, at six o’clock on Friday evening. The coach always held a planning session here for the sports teams and cheerleader squads that were playing a home match on the weekend, and she provided the food and drink. What was secret was that after the team business talk was done, the straight girls in the sports’ teams left, and then the rest of them (which was the large majority, around three-quarters) got it on with the free pussy which the cheerleaders willingly provided.

As I had been instructed, I arrived in casual clothes and changed into my brand-new cheerleader costume in Ms Gretzke’s large upstairs second bedroom. There was already a pile of ordinary clothes on the bed, as most of the other girls were so eager that they tended to arrive a little early. There was one other girl in the room, who had nearly finished putting on her hockey uniform. I didn’t know her very well – she was a final-year student, two years ahead of me, and I had to think for a moment even to get her name; Kersten, yes, that was it. One reason why I remembered was because the Germanic name suited her appearance: she was a strapping blonde, at least six feet tall, with her fair hair braided into two pigtails. She was broad-shouldered, but had a bosom in matching proportion – in fact, she was one of the bustiest girls in the teams, if not the whole school. Even now, strapped down in the sports bra she was wearing under her hockey jersey, they made an impressive swell. I realised with a blush that I had stopped half-way through getting changed to gaze rather obviously at her profile. At that point, she noticed this and turned to me with a smile, which became broader as she took in my pretty young body, entirely revealed because I was down to my white socks, panties and bra. Kersten walked towards me, slipped one hand around my waist to pull me close for a kiss, and without hesitation plunged the other one down inside my panties to grope my pussy. I gave a surprised yelp at her intrusion, followed by a softer cry as one of her fingers found the way in – probing in a much more delicate and considerate way than her first grab had led me to expect. After only a few seconds, she withdrew her hand and released me, and then brought her fingers up to her lips to smell and taste.

‘Very nice’, she said with approval, ‘Julia told me that they’d broken you in – I was so pleased you’ve joined our pussy squad, I’ve had my eye on you for a while.’

I was a bit surprised by the last part, and so only mumbled something inarticulate in reply. Kersten laughed again, gave me a firm smack on the ass that jolted me forward a couple of steps, and then said:

‘I’d love to fuck you right here and now – but I’ll leave that pleasure for another time, ’cos you’re gonna need all your energy for what’s coming!’ She laughed again, blew me a kiss, and left the room.

I finished getting changed, her final remark sending my mind in a whirling circle of anxiety and anticipation. What was going to happen later? Ms Gretzke had already told me that every new cheerleader had to undergo an ‘initiation rite’ with the sports team girls, but I had no notion of what it would entail.

I came hesitantly down the stairs, dressed in the junior cheer squad uniform of white plastic boots that came to a couple of inches below the knee, a scanty and flouncy cheerleader skirt and a tight short-sleeve top. Both of the latter were in the school colour of mid-blue, with white edging and white flashes in the pleats of the short skirt, and a white band around the neckline, sleeves and hem of the top. My doubts did not last long – Ms Gretzke was waiting for me at the bottom of the staircase, and greeted me first with a comforting hug and then with a nice long mouth-to-mouth kiss, whilst one of her hands went up under my skirt and firmly stroked the front of my panties. She broke the smooch and smiled at me, saying ‘Don’t worry, you’ll enjoy this – though you might be a bit stiff in the legs and neck when you wake up tomorrow, so mind that you do some warm-up and loosening exercises before you come to school for the match.’ My anxieties slipped away at her welcoming tone and down-to-earth approach, and I smiled shyly at her and said I was eager to be fully initiated into her special ‘pussy squad’.

However, first we had the necessary team events. Ms Gretzke had a very large back garden, which was one reason why she had bought this house on the outer edge of town, the other being its secluded location – the house was set well back from the road behind a wall, and from nowhere outside could you see into the rear garden. There was plenty of room there for the girls of the two sports teams that were playing at home on the next day to do some fitness training at one side, whilst on the other we cheerleaders ran through some of our routines, including a new and quite complicated one. Perhaps because I was on the same footing with that one as everyone else in the squad, I found it much easier to master than most of them did.

There were nineteen sports’ girls – eleven of the hockey team plus two reserves, and six tennis players – together with the eight (including myself) of the junior cheerleading squad; our twenty-seven athletic and youthful feminine bodies, skimpily dressed, made quite an alluring sight. (I learned later that the softball team had a match upstate, and due to the distance involved they had already left – the senior cheerleading squad was accompanying them, and I gathered from some ribald jokes that they would soon be cuddling up in each others’ beds in the hotel, supposedly to get an early night.)

After half an hour of practice, we were warmed up and quite hungry. We all trooped indoors, through the kitchen where we helped ourselves to the generous cold buffet that was laid out, and on into the large lounge which ran across the width of the substantial old house. It was filled with a variety of chairs, bean-bags and cushions, and all of the twenty-seven girls found somewhere to settle down – it was a bit crowded, and some girls were quite flagrant about cuddling up with a special friend. Julia gave me a warm smile and a wink, patting her lap, and I eagerly made my way over to her and settled down with her arms loosely, but nevertheless slightly possessively, around my waist. I leant slightly against her, and my awareness through my thin silky top of the pressure and the hardness of her nipples made a little dampness seep into my panties.

Whilst we ate, Ms Gretzke went through a final recapitulation of team tactics and the organisational arrangements of who had to be where and when on the next day, Then, with a smile, she clapped her hands and said: ‘Now – I declare the rest of the evening to be fun time!’ The straight sports’ team girls knew that this was their cue to depart, and about seven of them did so, all in a friendly way – laughing, blowing mock kisses and calling out to the rest of us things like: ‘Have fun!’, ‘Don’t be naughty!’, and so on.

The rest of the team girls and all of us cheerleaders stayed put. Ms Gretzke announced that today we were initiating a delightful new addition to the junior cheer squad, and she called me into the clear area in the middle of the room. The other girls clapped, some just politely but others, who had taken in my looks and figure, much more enthusiastically. Ms Gretzke indicated with a hand signal that I should do a little pirouette to show off all sides of my body, and then she instructed me to pull my skirt up to my waist. As I stood there, the coach hooked a finger into each side of my panties, and with due deliberation pulled them down to my ankles, whereupon I stepped out of them. I settled with my legs now further apart, but still holding the pose with my skirt pulled up to just under my breasts, so that I was fully exposed from the waist down to my boots. Ms Gretzke tossed my panties aside with a flourish, and declared in ceremonial tones:

‘I declare this pussy open for initiation!’

Ms Gretzke then told me to go down onto my knees, and the captains of the hockey and tennis teams came forward and stood in front of me. Julia, of course, I already knew, whilst the tennis captain, Heather, was very attractive in a different way – she was shorter and slimmer, with thick and curly auburn hair. On the coach’s instructions, I had to take off their trainers and kiss both their feet, whilst taking what Ms Gretzke called ‘the cheer-pussy oath’. I don’t recall the exact words, but it went something like this:

‘I do solemnly swear, on all that I hold dear, to give my pussy, tits and ass, wholly and without any restraint or inhibition, to any member of the sports teams who wants me, whenever they demand, and to give up my body to any of my fellow cheerleaders who desire me as well.’

Then I had to kiss each of the captains, moving from their toes up their legs, lifting their skirts – to find (surprise, surprise!!) that they had no panties on – and kiss them again three times each on the pussy. After I had done that with enthusiasm, I got a big round of applause from the whole room.

Ms Gretzke then explained that the second part of my initiation was that I would be that evening’s sole player of what they called ‘the Home Game’, although actually it could be played at any time or place. The rules were quite simple: I was to remove all of my outfit except the boots and the short flared skirt, and to kneel on the floor in the middle of the room. Everyone else stripped completely naked, and took up positions sitting in a circle around me, some on chairs and sofas, the others on cushions or the floor. After being given sixty seconds to look at and memorise what everyone looked like, my eyes were covered with a very effective blindfold – it allowed a little bit of immediate view straight downwards, but nothing ahead or to either side. There was another minute during which all of the girls could swap positions, after which I had crawl forward on my knees – choosing any direction that I liked – until I encountered a female body.

Now the real test began. I was allowed thirty seconds to feel the girl anywhere from the neck downwards, and I was also allowed up to five licks of her pussy – she was required to sit with her legs open for this purpose. Ms Gretzke would then ring a bell, and I had to guess the name of whoever I was touching and tasting. If I got it right, I could ask them to do anything to me that I wanted (provided it was done right there and then), but if I got it wrong then I was their sexual puppet for the next five minutes or until they came, whichever was the sooner.

Of course, I was never going to get very many of them right – I had seen hardly any of them naked or even partly-dressed before, and there were a few who’s names I didn’t even know. That prospect did not worry me in the slightest – I could see that there might be just as much fun in a wrong guess as in a right one – but I was less sure if my stamina, or my pussy, would stand up to twenty fucks, there being nineteen team and cheerleader girls, plus Ms Gretzke. The coach later explained that normally the girls divided into several smaller groups to play the game, which also meant you didn’t have to wait for ages for your turn – but that at the initiation, a girl had to show she had the fitness and willingness to last the course.

On the signal, I crawled forwards, angling slightly to my right. All I could tell about this first girl was that she had quite full breasts and her pussy had a musky fragrance that was very stimulating, but that didn’t get me to a face or a name. When Ms Gretzke rang the bell, I made a wild guess, which of course was wrong. I was then told who it was (Madison, one of the hockey team), and she required me to eat out her pussy, which I did avidly, enjoying her sweet sweaty smell; at her command, I also reached over my head to grasp and fondle her breasts. Either I was getting good at this, or Madison was very turned on by the experience, because quite soon I could feel her thigh muscles clenching and her pelvis thrusting as she approached her climax. When it came, she suddenly gripped me tightly by my pony-tail, holding my face squashed against her cunt, shuddering and moaning, as she climaxed.

No sooner was this done, than I was handed along to the next girl, moving clockwise around the room. Although there was the occasional giggle, the girls stuck firmly to the rule that they must not talk amongst themselves. I had no idea who this was, although her cunt had a slightly spicy aroma and I thought she might be either one of three Hispanic girls or perhaps one of my fellow cheerleaders, the lovely Malea, a slender Filipino with beautiful almond-shaped dark eyes and jet black hair. Because I most wanted it to be her, that’s what I guessed – but my earlier instinct had been closer, it was actually Palmira, a tousle-haired beauty on the hockey team. What had misled me was that she was one of the slighter girls on the team – she played on the wing, and was noted for her sprinting. Her choice was one of mutual pleasure – she put me on my back on the floor, and then lowered her cunt onto my face in a 69, as she eagerly separated my puffy labia with her fingers and her tongue dived into my slit.

I was also wrong next time – really, I was just making complete guesses; later, I was assured that experienced girls playing the game would often get half right, if not more, which was fun for all concerned. This girl wanted me to eat her pussy, and so for the third time my cunt-juice streaked face pressed into the warm triangle between a girl’s thighs, and my tongue quested into the firm tightness of her damp vagina, seeking the nub of her clitoris. This initiation was at least giving me a lot of experience and practice.

Then, I got the next girl right! The size of the breasts which I was fondling narrowed the field to only three girls with such full figures, and the rest of her shape and the smell of her perfume irresistibly reminded me of Kersten – and so it proved to be! I still had to keep the blindfold on, of course, but I could hear Kersten laugh and say; ‘Well, earlier I wanted to fuck you – now it’s the other way round! What’s your pleasure, honey?’

I was so turned on by my pussy-eating that I felt electric, vibrant, ready to climb a mountain – so I had no hesitation in announcing that what I wanted was to fuck Kersten with a strap-on. She asked me which way I wanted her, and I decided that she should go down on her hands and knees, and I would take her from behind. I chose that way for two reasons: with the blindfold, it would be easier to line up on the target if I could hold onto her hips from behind, and I wanted somewhere to grip to make sure I didn’t topple over. I admitted to her that it was my first time wearing a strap-on, and said that I hoped she didn’t mind?

Kersten sounded surprised when she replied: ‘No, honey – it’s an honour to be your first!’

She explained to me later that it was like a reverse virginity, that the first girl you fucked was someone you would always remember. She selected a suitable strap-on and buckled its three-way fastenings around my waist and buttocks, and then came round and went down on her hands and knees in front of me. I put my hands out until I encountered her ass, and shuffled into the right position behind her, with the other girls breaking their silence to shout out targeting advice: ‘No, up a bit!’, ‘Go left – left a little!’, ‘You’re getting warm (someone else interjected here: ‘She’s hot, baby!’), go forwards, go for it!’, and similar things.

I gasped a little as my fingers explored Kersten’s upthrust ass, finding the bulge of her pudenda between her legs, and eliciting a responding gasp as I slid my fingers along its cleft, teasing apart the outer labial lips. Having reconnoitred the territory, I brought the strap-on forwards until its tip was resting along and just below her pussy. A gentle pressure of my fingers on her back caused Kersten to lower her upper body towards the floor, which had the inevitable see-saw effect of raising her ass and pussy to an even more inviting and accessible angle. I suddenly realised that I had no doubts about what to do or how to do it, and with a surprisingly confident motion I pressed forward firmly with my pelvis, simultaneously raising the plastic dildo and pushing it into her.

‘Ooooohh!’, sighed Kersten in contentment, ‘Yeah! – oh, yeah baby, do it!’

Basically, I repeated what Ms Gretzke had done to me when taking my virginity earlier in the week, and it seemed to work just fine. Soon we were both panting and grunting, me from the effort of flexing my hips backwards and forwards and the exhilaration of my first time fucking another female, and Kersten from the waves of pleasure that were surging through her.

‘Please, faster! Harder!!’ she begged, between gasping for breath, and I obliged with a sudden increase of both tempo and force.

‘Aaaahhh!! Fuck – yes, oooohh!! Yes – that’s it, don’t stop now ... don’t stop ... mmm ... don’t ... ooaaah! ... don’t ... OH SHIT!! I’M CUMMING, I’M CUMMING!!! AAAAAHHH!!

And with that, she convulsed, first hard backwards against my dildo thrust – nearly making me lose my balance, and I clutched wildly at her hips – and then she subsided like an extinct volcano, slumping forwards and making incoherent noises. I had no idea what to do, so I simply stopped with the next inwards thrust, the dildo still deep inside her. That insertion and pressure proved to be enough to tip her over into a second orgasm, after which she slid off the dildo to lie flat on her stomach, making a soft noise like blowing bubbles through her lips. She had been right about one thing: my first time doing this to another girl was truly memorable – and it completed my lesbian transformation, for it had been so utterly satisfying that I knew with total certainty this was what I wanted to be doing, now and for always.

Within a few seconds, Kersten recovered enough to sit up and remove the strap-on, after which she quickly kissed me on the cheek and murmured into my ear her thanks and the hope that we would do this again sometime real soon, and then she handed me along to the next girl on her left.

My luck then deserted me; after this, I got no more right for a long time, and was on a losing streak for the next five girls. The first wanted me to finger her to a climax whilst I gave oral attention to her tits – I enjoyed that very much. The second was a quick worker – she managed to fit into the five minutes not only my munching on her pussy but also her doing me with a strap-on. I yelped a bit when the dildo was pushed in for the first time, but fortunately she was quite skilled and she also remembered the warning that Ms Gretzke had issued at the start – that I had only lost my virginity a couple of days before, and they should take account of that and not be too rough. The third girl (Ruth, one of my fellow cheerleaders) turned out to want to eat my pussy, rather than the other way round, and I had a few moments respite as I lay on my back with my legs spread wide open and she delicately and gently lapped at my cunt until, after about four minutes, it suddenly flooded with wetness and I gasped aloud as I came. I’m sure Ruth chose that option deliberately to give me an easier time, because she was the previous member before me to join the cheerleader squad, and thus the most recent person to have been through the initiation. Either way, it was sweet of her, and I made my gratitude very evident later in the following week, asking her back after school for a lovely romp and a long slobbering 69 session, whilst the house was still empty before my Mom got home from her work.

The next girl – the eighth – ordered me to make myself come with my fingers whilst they all watched, and so I was down on my back again, knees in the air and legs wide open. I was surprised how long it took me – I had assumed that because I was so turned on, and in the middle of a complete fuckfest, that I would orgasm almost at the touch of a feather, never mind the thrust of my own fingers deep into myself. However, I had become almost over-stimulated, and it took nearly four minutes before I felt the delicious anticipatory heightening of the pre-orgasm moment, and arched my back, my bottom rising completely clear of the floor, as the climax shuddered through me.

The last in this sequence of five wrong guesses turned out to be Heather, the captain of the tennis team. She had an idea that was new to me: she fixed me into a strap-on, but then told me to lie on my back on the floor, so that the dildo pointed directly up at the ceiling. I could not see this next part, but I sensed her above me as she straddled me, and then lowered herself down so that the plastic cock slid up deep inside her. When she had sunk to a resting place, her pussy lips around the base of the strap-on and her knees on either side of my hips, she then took a firm grip of my titties, and began humping herself up and down on the dildo. Her rhythm and tempo got faster and harder, and before long she was bucking wildly above me – it was like being the base of a trampoline. This was quite a good one for me, because it gave me a chance to rest and catch my breath whilst she did all the physical work – like Ruth, I think she chose this option to help me last the course.

After Heather had climaxed, the dildo was removed again, and I was moved along to what I thought was number ten – I wasn’t quite sure if I had been counting right, but this must be about halfway, and I didn’t feel too bad at all. I was still more encouraged when I guessed this one right. This was for the opposite reason to when I had identified Kersten: this girl had really small tits, she probably took only an 28A or 30AA bra size. It was one of the younger tennis players, and I was more familiar with her anyway as she was the same age as me and in my class. Her name was Cathy, and she groaned in mock despair when I called it out, before even Ms Gretzke rang her bell. Cathy complained that it was not fair, that she always got recognised by her small boobs, but something in her voice suggested to me that she quite liked being given orders and dominated. My instructions were for her to lick my tits, and then to go down on me and give me oral. Cathy proved very adept at this, having a long and agile tongue, and a good deal of cunt-sucking experience, and I enjoyed her eager and experienced attentions. I had had no idea before this that she was a lesbian – we were not really in the same group of friends in the class, though we had always got on OK. Now, we both made a note to get on closer terms – much, much closer! She really was a lovely little thing, and fortunately I was just the type that turned her on as well.

It was a short-lived triumph, as I was wrong again in identifying the next girl. Fortunately, her desires were quite conventional – it was tongue out and forward-march to lick her cunt. Most of the girls wanted me to give them cunnilingus – some because that is what they liked best anyway, and some, who I think would normally have wanted to shaft me with a strap-on, chose to receive a pussy-eating instead because of Ms Gretzke’s warning.

One didn’t, and it didn’t surprise me that it was Mercedes, the meanest of the three hockey girls who had started my journey into lesbianism. I had seen a cruel anticipatory look in her eye before the blindfold covered me, and she was the person who’s name I was most hoping to get right, and so avoid being in her power. However, my luck ran out: when I came to her and tasted her pussy, nothing particular came to mind, and I did not guess correctly. Of course, the option she chose was for me to go on my hands and knees on the floor, my ass jutting towards her and my legs a bit apart. I could not see the strap-on which she buckled in place around her hips, and the nasty bitch gave me no warning before shoving it into me for the first time. Naturally, I gave a high-pitched squeal and something of a sob as she penetrated me deeply, to which she gave a sharp, satisfied laugh. She carried on regardless, ramming the dildo in and out of me with short hard thrusts; it was painfully rough as she shafted me, and I was really getting to dislike the mean bitch. Fortunately, Ms Gretzke was keeping a close eye on things, and an admonitory cough and murmured word from the coach in Mercedes’s ear caused the Hispanic hockey-girl to ease up – Ruth told me later that she had looked quite disgruntled about it. The slower pace was much more erotic, for me at least (Mercedes got off more on a girl’s fear and pain), and I climaxed quite soon after she had eased back.

Immediately after Mercedes, Ms Gretzke called ‘time out’ – I had been going for a little over an hour (although it didn’t really seem so long), and was entitled to a short refreshment break. I was relieved to be told that I had done twelve girls, which meant that there were only seven more and Ms Gretzke herself still to go. I was led out of the room, so that I could remove the blindfold for a while, and I was able to go to the toilet and then sit in the kitchen for a moment and drink a bottle of ice cold Coca-Cola.

The girls had all taken a station-break as well, but the rule was that they resume their exact former seats until my circuit of the room was complete. Ms Gretzke gave me a fond pat on the shoulder and smiled at me, saying that I was doing very well and that she was sure I would manage the remainder just fine. Then she put the blindfold back on, and after just a quick stroking of my breasts and down between my legs – to get me back in the mood, she said – I was led back into the main room, to kneel in front of the girl who was seated on the left of Mercedes. I had no idea who this was, and guessed hopelessly wrong; it turned out to be the oldest of the tennis players, a girl of nearly 18 who was in the graduating class. She seemed nice, and she wanted a 69 of mutual pussy-munching. My short rest had made all the difference, and I felt able to tackle this again with renewed enthusiasm – and before the five minutes was up, we were both squealing and gasping, clutching each other as we orgasmed at almost exactly the same moment.

I had no better luck with naming the next one: this girl had lovely smooth skin and pert breasts, but my guess was wide of the mark. Then something cool and metallic was pressed into my hand, and a soft voice in a slightly lilting accent whispered; ‘Do me with this, please’. It was a vibrator, and I recognised the voice at once – this was Malea, how wonderful! Before I switched on the vibrator, I breathed back quietly: ‘May I?’, and then I bent forwards and gently placed a kiss on the middle of her pussy cleft, the tip of my tongue just lightly flitting along its length. She gave a peculiar little shiver and a small gasp, and then lifted my chin with her hand, and kissed me fully on the mouth. We both understood the signals which had been exchanged – of my desire to have an intimate session of just the two of us together, and her acceptance of that. My fingers lightly brushed her nipples as our kiss ended, making her squirm slightly again, and then she slid forwards and downwards in the armchair, her buttocks resting at its front edge and her legs spread wide apart.

I switched on the vibrator, and began to apply it to her pussy, sometimes teasing it in, sometimes pushing more forcefully, sometimes using a kind of corkscrew motion with my wrist – that seemed particularly effective, because it often produced a kind of incoherent mewling noise from Malea. I was enjoying this very much – to have another girl so much under your sexual control is a very powerful feeling, intensely arousing; in fact, quite often I can come just from the eroticism of having a girl or a woman as putty in my hands. I was thrilled as Malea’s hips began to buck uncontrollably, her legs falling loosely and ever-wider apart, and she gave a series of high-pitched shrieks as she came, interspersed with yelling ‘Yes! Yes! Oh, yes!!’ at the top of her voice – it was a good thing that Ms Gretzke did not have any near neighbours!

And so to the next person, the fifteenth of my odyssey – and the third one that I got right. In a way, it was quite easy: from the rock-hard firmness of the muscles of her rather chunkier thighs, and the whole feel of her somehow more mature body, I was fairly sure that this was Ms Gretzke – but what gave me the confidence to make that guess was that I recalled the scent and taste of her cunt from when she had lowered it onto my face before taking my virginity. She clapped her hands in appreciation and, with an amused tone in her voice, she asked me what I wanted her to do. I had a sudden mental image of myself wearing a strap-on and wildly shafting Ms Gretzke from behind, doggy-style, with her moaning and shuddering in complete abandonment as I also mauled at her swinging breasts with my hands – but I shook that idea aside. It was something to savour for a later date maybe, but for the moment I had better not try to run before I could even walk. Also, I didn’t want to seem too cocky (pardon the pun, please) to other girls or, even more importantly, to anger Ms Gretzke by making her do something that would be humiliating for her. So, after a moment of humming and hawing, I batted my eyelashes at her coquettishly, and said that I had so much enjoyed her taking my virginity that I wanted her to fuck me with a strap-on again, but this time I would lie on my back and be face-up. She made an approving noise, as if to say ‘right answer, good girl’, and rose to fetch her favourite strap-on.

I lay down on a large soft bean-bag, my legs wide apart, and she buckled on the plastic dildo and knelt in front of me. Before putting it in, she gently kissed me, and then nibbled for a moment on each breast, which had the intended effect of arousing me and both opening and dampening my pussy for her easier entry. She was careful and considerate, probing the dildo in delicately and slowly, but I could tell that she was also aroused by the prospect of taking me again – later, I came to realise that what turned on Ms Gretzke more than anything was to take an inexperienced girl with her strap-on, from the back or the front. Her excitement communicated itself to me, and I slipped my hands behind her bottom and clenched her butt-cheeks in my palms, urging her forwards more firmly whilst gasping out that I wanted her to fill me, to take me, to do me, to FUCK ME NOW!!!

I almost screamed with ecstasy as her thrusts lost their tentativeness and became firmer, deeper, more rapid, taking me to and then over the brink of an orgasm. Ms Gretzke had built up a head of steam, and she didn’t stop there – she continued pounding my pussy with the strap-on, as I convulsed again in a second climax, and she only stopped when it seemed that I might be so overcome that I would faint. I felt dizzy and light-headed, but also tremendously and satisfying fucked by the leader of the pack, a wonderful luxuriating feeling of contentment that I had never known before. Ms Gretzke pulled out the strap-on, and as a final service she lowered her face to my crotch, and licked all around – and inside – my vagina, almost like a cat would wash its kitten. By the time she had finished, I had revived and was certainly purring.

Then the team coach handed me along to the sixteenth girl, who I didn’t guess correctly. It turned out to be Roberta, the beautiful black girl of the hockey team trio who had introduced me to girl-loving earlier in the week. Her request was for another pussy-eating, and I settled myself down between her spread thighs with a contented smile. I liked Roberta – despite the fact that she seemed to be in something of a pairing with the bitch Mercedes – and there was no doubt about her feminine charms. I loved the texture of her rich chocolate skin and the contrast between that and the deep pink of her engorged vagina; I also loved her musky scent, which reminded me a little of the cloves used to spice an apple pie – and I promised myself that I would remember it, and guess her correctly the next time that we played.

I was wrong again with the next girl – by my reckoning, the seventeenth – who also wanted my mouth on her cunt. As I started work on her (I forget now who it was), I suddenly began to flag – it was all catching up with me, both the sustained sexual highs and the physical effort involved, and I had a moment of panic that I might not be able to complete the circuit. What would happen then – would I be out? Would I have to do it all again? My jaw was aching from all the munching on pussies, my cunt was feeling a bit bruised and rough – probably thanks to Mercedes – and my legs were getting shaky as I crawled or knelt on the floor. However, I stifled my anxiety, and determined to keep on, to grind it out if need be. After all, following this girl there should only be three more, right?

And right I was with the next girl – which proved to be my fourth and final correct naming. In fact, getting one in five right on the first go was not too bad, apparently. The reason for my success was, once again, a kind of ‘insider knowledge’. This was the sexy Julia, captain of the hockey team, who had made such a strong impression on me during my first seduction; in fact, after that session she took me back to her house for more pleasure, and I had also already had a couple of quick assignations with her in the cubicles of the girls’ toilets at our high school. Because of this, her scent and the feel of her body were more familiar, plus my mental gears were beginning to catch up with the rest of me, as I realised that I had not found Julia so far. She seemed to sense the sapping tiredness that was threatening to overcome me, and she gave me something of a respite. Her instructions to me were to sit in her lap, which gave me support whilst she sucked on my budding titties, and then she used her fingers to probe the hole between my legs. As her pressure there became more insistent, more intrusive and more urgent, I responding by seeking her mouth with mine for a long passionate snog. I held onto her shoulders, jerking and shaking as the lower half of my body dissolved into pools of sensation and stimulation. She was skilled and experienced, and although I wouldn’t have thought I had another climax in me, still she steered me to one, just within the five-minute limit.

Then ... wrong again, which was hardly a surprise. However, when I was told who it was, I felt a pang of disappointment, as I would have loved to have had my way with her – it was the ravishingly curved Kimberley, the only African-American girl in the junior cheerleading squad. She was a really hot babe, with a stunning pair of high, globular breasts and an amazing outthrust ass. When she moved, you would not have dreamed of applying to it any such mundane term as walking – that girl stalked, with her long legs nearly always in tight jeans and knee- or thigh-high black boots with stiletto heels. Her great pleasure was scissoring, which is sometimes called tribbing. We sat on the floor facing each other (I couldn’t see her because of the blindfold, of course, but I sensed her presence). Her hand guided my right leg to slide in between hers, so that our pubic mounds were pressed together. My left leg lay outside her thigh, whilst her legs draped across me, one at my back and the other at my front. She gripped me firmly around the waist, pulling me onto her pussy, and she began grinding our crotches against each other. It was amazingly erotic and sensual, and it was something which had never previously occurred to me could be done. But clearly it could, and I swiftly discovered that when both the women involved were aroused, with their labia open and lubricated, you could build to a mutually-satisfying rasping crescendo.

I should have known who the last girl was by a process of elimination – who was left, that I had not already encountered? But, as I said earlier, I did not know all of their names anyway, as several of the hockey girls were two years older than me, and even a couple of the cheer squad were seventeen and in the class above mine. Perhaps if I had kept track better I would have realised who I had not yet encountered, and therefore who this must be. However, I was in a bit of a daze – punch-drunk, or, more accurately, pussy-drunk – and so, of course, I got it wrong. When I was told that it was Paige, who of course was captain of our junior cheerleader squad, I nearly smacked myself on the forehead in frustration – how could I have not realised that it must be her?

Although anatomically it is correct, it completely fails to do Paige justice to say that she was average in all dimensions – being of medium height and bust size, and having an ass that was neither large nor small. It was much truer to say that she was a perfectly-proportioned package, and her flowing light brown hair and pretty face, almost always laughing and smiling, made her one of the most attractive girls in the school. For this, but also still more for the combination of her physical fitness and her temperament – she never lost her calm focus, but was also clear and decisive about what should be done – she was the ideal squad captain. All of us girls in the junior cheerleader team, even if we couldn’t agree on other things, admired and respected Paige as our leader – and also for her eager appetite for girl/girl sex.

Paige thought for a minute after my wrong guess, and then decided that she wanted to give it to me with a strap-on; she said this was to celebrate that fact that I was at last going to be ‘under her’. Apparently, she had been fancying me for some time, but wasn’t sure if I was ready to ‘join the team’ and take to girl-loving.

Her choice made this the fourth time during the evening that I would be on the receiving end of a strap-on (I had also given that wonderful implement three times to other girls). This was still less often than my pussy-munching endeavours: I had serviced eight girls that way, including the two 69 sessions. I was fairly sure that Paige had calculated this before making her choice, and had reckoned that – especially as she was last – it wouldn’t be too much for my recently-virgin cunt.

She told me to lie down on my back, and then said that not only did she want to see the expression on my face when she took me, but she wanted me to see her as well – and it seems this was quite often done with the final fuck, as there was no longer any need for the blindfold. Paige carefully removed it, giving me a moment to get accustomed to the light – which was not actually very bright, as Ms Gretzke had her living room lights on a dimmer switch and had turned them down about halfway after the straight sports girls departed.

I smiled lazily up at Paige, invitingly spreading my thighs open for her, and with an infectious grin she took up a position over me like someone about to do press-ups – although they don’t usually wear a long, bright red, ribbed strap-on dildo for that (I say ‘usually’, as in our cheerleader squad we often did!). Paige positioned the knob of the dildo at the centre of my pussy cleft, and then smoothly bent her elbows, lowering herself both onto and into me. I gave a deep contented sigh, feeling myself filled up with hardness again, and then its slow motions rubbing erotically against my vaginal walls. I clenched my teeth to control my gasps of arousal and pleasure, and gazed into Paige’s warm honey-coloured eyes with passionate intensity.

I was calling out: ‘Do me, oh-my-god Paige, do me! Now, now, fuck me ... oh! Aaah-oogh-aahhh!!’; and then, more frantically, nearly shouting: ‘Fuck me! Fucking do me, Paige, fucking fuck me!!’

She was such an erotic sight, I was moved almost more than in any of the previous nineteen sexual bouts (wonderful though many of them had been), but being able to see her face, to see what she was doing to me, to look down and see the plastic rod slapping in and out of my cunt, put me on another level altogether. I reached round and clutched her lithe, well-muscled butt-cheeks, almost clawing at her with my fingers as I tried to pull her further into me. Sweat was pouring off me, and my eyes and face must have looked wild. Paige clamped her lips down on mine, silencing my noises, which had degenerated from words to incoherent shrieks. For an unbelievable moment, she paused in the rhythmic thrusts of the plastic cock, holding me tantalisingly on the cusp of my crescendo – and then she rammed it in, deeper and harder than ever before. I felt like a box of fireworks had gone off in my head – of all the wonderful climaxes I had that night, it was the most intense and the one I can still remember most vividly. Driving the hard plastic phallus into me that last time had also taken Paige over the edge into her orgasm, and she collapsed on top of me, both our bodies twitching and shuddering in ecstasy.

We lay quiescent for a moment, and I became aware that Ms Gretzke and all the other girls had risen to their feet and were applauding loudly, smiles on their faces and laughter in their voices. Paige gently eased the dildo out of my vagina, climbed off me, and then held out her hand and helped me to my feet – I was a bit shaky, and she put her arm companionably around my waist to support me. Ms Gretzke handed a white bath towel to Malea, and she and Ruth gently rubbed me down – I later discovered that this was also part of the initiation rituals, as they were my two immediate predecessors to join the cheerleader squad. Then, in another part of the formalities, Paige – in her role as my captain – knelt and ceremoniously kissed me on the pussy and on each nipple, and then took my hand. She turned to Ms Gretzke, transferred my hand into the coach’s firm grasp, and declared:

‘I present this candidate for admittance to the pussy-squad, and confirm that she has performed her duties well and truly.’

I looked around at the circle of happy faces, seeing how warmly – indeed, lustily – my fellow cheerleaders Ruth, Malea and Kimberley were gazing at me, as were Kersten, Cathy and Madison of the team girls, and I felt so completely accepted and just, well, at home. Even Mercedes was regarding me with some approval, though she still looked a bit sour, as did a rather snotty seventeen-year-old blonde in the cheerleader squad called Alicia. Towards the back of the crowd, my sweet Julia gave me a special, intimate smile and a salacious lick of her lips – we would be getting together again soon, her expression made clear.

Ms Gretzke then made my happiness complete. She did a similar genuflection to Paige, but in reverse order, nibbling on each of my sensitive tits and then dropping to her haunches to slide her tongue along the length of my gaping labia. I gave a shudder – the mature sexuality of the coach was always a tremendous turn-on for me. Ms Gretzke rose to her feet, smiled at me with real warmth, kissed me on the lips, and then said with a flourish:

‘Welcome to the pussy-squad – let your hole be deep, your vagina juicy, your labia open and your legs spread wide apart for us all to enjoy!’

There was then another round of applause and cheers, and what I came to think of as ‘the holy trinity’ of our junior cheerleader squad (Ruth, an almost classic strawberry blonde; Malea, the slim and elegant Asian, and Kimberley, the beautiful black babe with the gorgeous tits and ass) crowded around me, giving their congratulations and talking over each other excitedly. Ruth put her hand on my ass, almost possessively, and one of the others – I think it was Malea – gave my cunt a quick gentle stroke, making me take a sharp intake of breath.

It was getting late, and Ms Gretzke broke up the happy throng, clapping her hands and cheerfully announcing that we must all get on home – to our own beds, or to someone else’s if we were lucky enough. I noticed that Madison was staying overnight with Ms Gretzke – her parents were away on a climbing trip with friends for the weekend, and so would not know that she hadn’t gone home. Lucky bitch! I thought, with a twinge of jealousy and a firm resolve that one day – and one day soon – it would be me staying behind with our regal mistress.

After I had put my street clothes back on and just before leaving, Ms Gretzke took me aside for a quiet word. I was delighted when she told me I had done very well, had carried off the initiation in real style, and that she was now very glad that I was joining the squad. She also said my place would be permanent, because by the time Amy was fit enough to return (her injury had created the vacancy which I had filled), Paige and at least one other would be over the age limit for the junior cheer squad and would be moving up to fill the spaces opening up in the senior. I was a little sad about Paige moving on, though of course it was the natural way of things, and it was not like she was leaving the school, but still I determined to make the most of the next few months ‘under her’. But most of all, I was thrilled by what Ms Gretzke had said, and still more the way she had said it – and the fact that, as we talked, she could not help putting her hand up my skirt to cup and stroke my Venus mound. Her last words acknowledged that, as she gave it a firm squeeze and said she was looking forward to seeing, tasting – and fucking – it many times in the future. I nearly swooned, and told her rapturously that I was hers for anything she wanted, at any time and any place. She beamed at me, and kissed me gently on the forehead before urging me towards the front door with a fond slap to my bottom.

Kersten gave me a lift home in her car, although on the way we pulled into a quiet secluded lane, parked, and climbed into the back seat for a good long smooching session. We pushed a hand up under each other’s skirts (neither of us had any panties on), and fingered pussy as our lips mashed together and our tongues swished around in each other’s mouths. After a while, feeling myself close to coming, I broke the kiss, pulled her top up to her armpits, scooped her heavy breasts out of their supporting bra-cups, and gave those two massive wonders the oral worship that they deserved. Kersten moaned, her head going backwards, and her hips rising and spreading so that my two fingers could pound harder into her. At last, with a staccato cry, she came, and then took me to my final climax of this wonderful night a few seconds later. We slumped back, regarding each other happily, and Kersten said with a lazy smile of anticipation:

‘I still owe you one, honey – and I always pay my debts, and with interest!’

I gave a delighted shudder, and truthfully said I couldn’t wait – so we arranged there and then for me to come to her house on Sunday afternoon, when her folks would be out. As she restarted the engine and drove me the rest of the way home, I reflected with satisfaction on the events of the evening. I might be feeling a bit exhausted and my jaw was aching, but that counted for nothing against the warm glow encasing me – I had arrived where I now knew that I wanted to be, and I was going to take every opportunity that came my way, and enjoy every minute of it. After all, here I was, just turned sixteen, pretty as a picture, no longer a virgin, gaining sexual experience by the day, and with a bevy of fit, sexy and athletic girls to play with! I took a deep breath of the delicious, sweetly cool night air, feeling that the whole world was at my feet.

Other chapters to follow later ...

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