Daddy's Toy

Carrie considered herself a normal 12 year old girl. She lived in a big white house on the hill; she had lots of friends and a few boyfriends, none that she really liked. She loved music and her dog max.
chapter one Carrie
Carrie was insanely board, it was a rainy day, she could not go outside and play with max, all of her friends were busy so she could not call them, Daddy was at work and would not be home for hours, and Maria the house keeper was running some errands. Carrie sat down at the kitchen table and looked at the book she brought from her room, and then tossed it down. She had already read it four times. She sighed, but than a thought struck her. In the back of daddy's closet was a small box that held a few of her mother's things in it, things her mother did not take with her when she left years before. Sometimes Carrie liked to go through them, there was a red nightgown that still smelled of her mother's rosewater perfume, an old silver mirror with a matching brush, and there were also pictures, old ones of mommy and daddy when they were young and first married, pictures of mommy pregnant with her - mommy's tummy swollen with daddy's baby. Daddy said she left behind everything that might remind her of being married to him, and he shoved the things into the box. Today would be a good day to look at old pictures she thought going to daddy's closet. When she reached the light switch, she noticed daddy had changed things around in here, the small box was no longer at the back, she looked around and spotted it on a shelf, it was a little high for her to reach, but she went to daddy's room and pulled a chair into the closet, standing on her tip toes she was able to reach it with her finger tips, the box wobbled than crashed to the floor! Carries heart stopped, she closed her eyes and prayed she did not break anything,
When she opened them she looked down at the box, it lay on its side, and on the floor around it were magazines and some kind of hardback books, she did not pay attention to the books, and it was one of the magazines that caught her eye. On the cover was a big breasted woman with bleach blonde hair, there was tons of makeup on her face, a face that would be pretty if it did not have so much makeup, but it was the fact that she was naked that startled Carrie. Carrie's best friend Tara has an older brother, and under his bed are magazines like this one, Tara and her would spend hours looking at them and laughing at how gross they were, she would say things like "look at this... omg! What a slut!" and Tara would agree and than they would both start pointing out things that looked fake or bad about the women, but she often found herself really enthralled by the woman, by the look on their faces as they did things to themselves; and the last time they were looking, a wetness seemed to come from her pussy.
Carrie jumped down, she meant to pick up the magazines and put them back, but the woman was looking up at her, it wasn’t the woman that caught her eye it was the title of the stories inside. "10 reasons men masturbate!", "Lilly Licks tells all her secret fantasies!", "15 toys guaranteed to make your woman cum!". Carrie rolled her eyes, what kind of name was Lilly Licks? She tossed the magazine back into the box and reached for the next one, she looked at it to see its headlines.... her heart slammed into her rib cage, there on the cover was a little girl, no older than Carrie herself. She was naked, with her small hands cupping her prepubescent breasts, her little fingers pinching her hard nipples. Carrie was shocked, she flipped through the book, it was full of young girls doing things Carrie herself would never dream of doing! She tossed the magazine down and reached for another one, it too was full of little girls, Carrie noticed that a lot of the girls looked like herself, some had her wavy dark brown hair, a few had her green/blue eyes, all of them had the same full pouty lips like her own, and on one cover she saw a girl with a crooked little grin, just like Carrie's. She opened the book, and there was her grin looking up at her. The little girl was sitting in a chair, she had a leg thrown over each of the armrest and her small hands were between her white firm thighs. Her little fingers pinched the lips, of her small bald pussy, and she was holding them open, Carrie looked at the girl’s pussy, it was a bright pink, and it seemed to shine, as if it were wet. Sitting beside the little girl was a teddy bear, but not like any teddy bear Carrie had ever seen before, jutting out from between its short furry legs was a fake mans cock, sticking straight hard, and sort of scary looking. Carrie looked at the girl’s face, the girl had on no makeup, her skin was fresh and clean looking, but it was the look in the girls green/blue eyes that caused Carrie's heart to skip, she looked like she liked what she was doing, like it felt good to have her pussy wide open like that! Carrie turned the page, there was the girl again, only this time she was not holding her pussy open, instead she and the bear were on a rug, and the girl was sitting on it like a horse, the big fake cock stretching her little pussy. Carrie saw a hand pushing on the girl’s butt, as of forcing her down on the fake cock. Carrie thought it might hurt, but again the look on the girl's pretty face said something else, her eyes were partly closed, and her pouty lips were open in an o shape, Carrie looked closer at the picture, the fake cock was covered in something wet and so was the outside of the girl's pussy. Carrie dropped the magazine as if it had burned her, and in a way it did, her head was now filled of thoughts of huge cocks stuffed into little pussies, of little girls holding their small tight little pussies open.
She did not mean to but she picked up another one, there on the cover was a girl with Carrie’s hair, and eye color, she even seemed to have the same skin color. Carrie opened the magazine, and there was the girl, she was sitting on a man's lap, she was naked, her little titties pointed at the camera. Carrie let her eyes roll down the page looking at the girl's young body, when she got to the apex of her legs, she saw the little girl had a finger inside her pussy hole, and her other hand played with something at the top of her young pussy, she also saw that the man's cock was buried in the little girl's bottom, his big hands cupped each butt cheek holding her there. Without thinking, Carrie slid down the wall, her small white shirt rising above her slender hips, her white panties felt tight, and they clung to her wet box in the most erotic way, as she slid they rode up into her little butt crack, the front slipped between her pussy lips, a small moaned slipped from her lips. Her pussy never felt this way before, she knew she must be horny but never being that way before it was a little odd, never had she felt such a hot wetness before. Her small hand slipped between her parted thighs, "MMMMMMM" She moaned as she rubbed herself through her soaking panties. She read the cover of the magazine she was holding. "Lil whores who love their daddy's." It was then she realized the man holding the little girl on his big cock must have been her own daddy! The thought should have repulsed her, but it didn’t, in fact it made her hotter down there. She thought about her own daddy and how handsome he was, she wondered if his cock was as big as the man's in the pictures, she looked at the man, he did not look nothing like her daddy. She looked at his hard cock, it was long, she wasn’t good with measurements, but she figured it was at least 6 inches long, and pretty thick, and it filled the little girl's pussy beyond belief. She wondered what her daddy's cock would feel like, and if she would like it as much as the girl in the pictures seems to.
She looked at the girl again, looking long and hard at her lower body, it looked wet, and there was moisture on the girl's fingers, and her daddy's lap, it looked like there was cum dripping out of her. This seemed to fan the flames in Carrie's tummy. She slid off her panties, she looked at them they were soaking wet in the crotch, she picked them, a musky scent filled her nose, she inhaled, that was her scent, her own woman scent. She thought what daddy would think if he smelled her panties right now, would he like her scent. The thought of daddy smelling her panties make the river of lava in her body bank a new level, she touched her young bald pussy, it was so warm and wet, she smeared the wetness over the outside of her tight lips. "mmmmm daddy." she thought of his hand cupping her virgin pussy, thought of his warm, large hand holding and rubbing her tender flesh. To her left was an old mirror that used to sit on daddy's dresser, she turned slightly so that she could see between her legs. It was the first time she ever looked at her own pussy. She thought it was prettier than the girls in the magazines. Smooth baby skin, with a slight peachy color, her lips were slightly puffy, they shined with the moisture she had smeared on them. She opened her legs as wide as they would go, the sight shocked her, her lips parted slightly, she could see a healthy pink color, drops of wetness clung to her skin. Looking in the mirror she watched as her tan little hands pulled her pussy open. She inhaled sharply, inside was a pretty fresh pink color, her hole looked small and tight, as if she couldn’t even put an finger in there, much less a daddy sized cock, the wetness was amazing, it clung to her, leaked from her. Her clit stuck out like a little cock, with one finger she touched it lightly. The reaction was instant. Her hips bucked her legs slammed shut, and a shiver ran through with enough force to rock her against the wall.
Taking a deep breath, she opened her legs again, this time she knew what she wanted, what she needed. She wasn’t sure what cumming was like but she knew she had to do it and now. She looked once more at the picture, saw where the other girl's hands were. Looking into the mirror she slid her hand down, her fingers sliding between her damp lips, little sighs slipped from her parted lips, she wanted to roll her head back, and close her eyes, but she loved the image in the mirror. The little girl in the mirror was not herself, this creature was breathtaking, wild, sexual, a tigress....The sight of herself like this was intoxicating. She thought she saw something behind her in the clear glass, but there was nothing but the open end of the closet. She looked back at herself. For some reason she was hoping that daddy would be standing there, watching her, watching his lil girl being soooo naughty, so dirty. This thought really turned her on.
She did close her eyes, and thoughts of daddy standing behind her filled her head. He eyes glued to her wet pussy, his lips a little open, as he stared at her seeking wet fingers. She will slide on inside of herself, and moan just for daddy. As she thought, it she did it! Her small finger slid inside of her gaping hole, mmmmmm she purred, her other hand rubbed and pulled on her taunt clit, ooooh!! She gasped never had she imagined it would feel so good. She lightly twisted her clit, shockwaves flowed through her...."mmmmm daddy..... ooooooo!!!" The more she thought about her daddy touching her, the more she teased and pinched her dripping pussy and the hotter she got. Soon she was pushing two fingers in and out of her tight hole, her other hand rubbing and slapping her clit in time. "oooh yes daddy...... mmm fuck me daddy... ooooo!!" her hips rocked, her hands moved at blurring speed, she wasn't sure where she was going, but she was in a hurry to get there. "ooh fuck! Fuck...fuck... ooh shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit! Her hips thrust forward, her pussy spasmed, hot liquid gushed from her open legs, drenching her fingers, and her upper thighs. She sagged against the wall, her breathing harsh, never had she thought it would feel like that.."MMMMM oh god! " she purred.
Chapter 1 Rick
Rick left the office early, it was too nasty a day to sit in a boring office, and he wanted to be home. At a red light he opened the glove box, there was the new magazine he ordered. On the cover was a hot lil girl that reminded him of his sweet Carrie. She was smiling up at him from the cover, with a naughty fuck me daddy look on her cute face, beside her on the ground where several toys laid out, like they were waiting, for the time she would shove them up inside her little pussy. Rick had nasty thoughts of his Carrie being surrounded by those toys, his Carrie looking up at him begging him to fuck her. He had been having these thoughts for over a year now, at first they sickened him. How could he think of his daughter like that, how could he hunger to taste her pussy, to shove his cock inside of her warm wet body. His cock hardened, his suit pants felt tight, he was half tempted to pull out his throbbing member, but he was almost home. Soon he could lock himself up with his new magazine, and thoughts of his daughter's hot little body.
The house was empty, Rick thought that maybe Carrie went with Maria, this was even better than Rick had hoped. With the house empty he could get those tapes he secretly made of Carrie, he loved the one he taped of her in the bathtub. He tossed his keys on the table and darted straight up to his room.
He stopped for a second his closet light was on. Rick moved towards the door, he looked in and what he saw nearly killed him. There was Carrie on the floor, surrounded by his magazines. Her panties in a heap beside her, and in the mirror in front of her he could see her sweet pussy, dripping and being held opened, he saw himself in the mirror, something made him move, and just as he did Carrie looked at the door. She did not see him. Rick stood in the shadow, from his angle he could see perfectly. Carrie's fingers were rubbing, and teasing her pussy. Rick felt his hard cock straining against his pants, it was almost painful. Carrie ran a finger inside of herself.... and when she moaned daddy, he felt precum ooze from his cock wetting his pants. God he had never seen anything so hot, so erotic!!!!! mmmmm daddy fuck me... she moaned. Rick did not remember pulling his cock out, but soon he was stroking it in time with her moans. God how he wanted to fuck her, right here on the closet floor, he wanted to shove his cock so far into her, to fill that sweet wet pussy with his cum. He was halfway to her, when her pussy gushed, squirting cum all over the mirror, the floor, and her fingers. She screamed for him to fuck her as her cum flowed. Rick nearly came himself just watching her young body thrash about, her firm hips humping her hands, her eyes were closed and her mouth open as her breath rasped in and out of her lungs, her tight little nipples poked up at him, begging him to suck on them.
The smell of her hot sex filled the small closest Rick inhaled deeply, her cum ran down the mirror, it was a sight Rick was not likely to forget anytime soon, his hot little daughter sagging there after a really hard cum. her small body still twitching now and again. Her titties were hard as bullets and her hands still in between her clamps legs. God, Venus de Milo could not have been more tempting, more forbidden than the vision before him now. Her eyes shot open, and met his. .................................................................................................................................................

More to come if you enjoyed this let me know...... Also I WANT to than DADDYLOU!!!! my proofreader luvs ya daddy lou

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