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My daughter befriended a slut and then decided that she wanted to be just a little slutty herself.
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Just A Little Slutty

I am a single father of a thirteen-year-old daughter and I know how hard it can be. So when another single father came into the neighborhood I went over to welcome him.

When I knocked on his door he opened it and let me us in. I had waited a month so he was pretty well settled in. We were sitting in his living room making small talk when he shouted out, “Get me a beer bitch. Make that two beers, and a Pepsi.”

I heard some scurrying around behind me. Then in came a naked girl carrying two beers and a Pepsi. She handed one to her father first, then one to me, and finally one to my daughter. She curtsied and scurried off.

He saw the looks on our faces and said, “Oh don’t mind her. She’s not allowed to wear clothes in the house. You see her mother and her older sister were sluts and she’s a slut too. I failed with the other two but I finally figured out how to handle this one. Marge is thirteen years old and probably the biggest slut yet.”

My daughter Suzie asked, “Can she wear clothes when she goes outside?”

He laughed and said, “Of course she can. However, being a slut she has to dress like one though.”

Suzie asked, “Can I go into her room?”

He said, “Sure sweetie. Enjoy yourself.”

The two of us talked about his past town, his ex-wife, and his new job. Then he told me about his slut wife fucking all of his buddies and then going off to be a whore in New York City.

He shouted out, “Get me a beer bitch. Make that two beers.”

Soon Marge came running in with two beers. Again she served her father first, turning her back to me, and winking that tiny brown hole at me. She turned to face me so that her father couldn’t see her as she rubbed the neck of my bottle over both of her nipples stiffing them nicely. Then she looked me right in the eyes as she smiled and poked the neck of my bottle into her pussy. While I watched her I put it up to my lips and took a sip. She smiled and scurried out of the room.

I looked up to see that my daughter had been watching the whole time. We both blushed and then she too scurried away.

The next time he shouted out, “Get us two beers bitch” both girls came running in. Suzie was just as naked as Marge was. Suzie stood before me and rubbed the neck of my bottle over both of her nipples and then she poked the neck of my bottle into her pussy. She smiled as I watched her fuck herself with my beer bottle. When she put it up to my lips I took a sip and smiled at her. Then I ran the top of my bottle along the lower edge of her breasts. She turned slightly and I slapped her ass as she scurried away.

After that third beer I was ready to go home. I called out, “Suzie, Its time to go home.”

She came running out while pulling up her jeans. Marge was right behind her but naked. The girls hugged and kissed on the lips before we left. I saw my daughter’s hands caress Marge’s ass as they kissed.

Her father said, “Looks like our daughters have hit it off pretty well.”

We walked down the street a couple of houses until we came to our house and went in. Moments later my daughter appeared before me naked and holding a bottle of beer. She smiled and slipped the neck of that beer bottle into her pussy. I reached out and grabbed a hold of that bottle and fucked my naked daughter with it. She smiled, she cooed, and she bent backwards slightly to let me bottle fuck her. I took a sip and put it back in her. Finally I told her to get a chair from the kitchen and sit right in front of me. She got the chair and then she sat right on the edge giving me full access to her pussy as we talked.

Suzie said, “I talked to Marge and I like the way that she lives. I want you to tell me to stay naked in the house and get things for you. I’m not crazy about you calling me your bitch though. However, I think that I would like to wear more revealing clothes outside of the house. I think I’m a little slutty too.”

I said, “Perhaps we should test this. Put on the sluttiest clothes that you own.”

In a few minutes Suzie returned in a very tight half shirt that she had outgrown a year ago. She also had on a tight little skirt. Actually she looked very nice, but not very slutty. I looked her over and got a pair of scissors. I cut her top into a tube that just covered her breasts, cutting away her sleeves and neckline. Then I sat down and cut away the entire lower half of her skirt turning it into a micro miniskirt that I had always wanted to see on a girl. Finally I reached up and removed her panties too.

I said, “There, now we can go out in public.”

I watched as Suzie rolled her eyes, took in a deep breath, and went out the door ahead of me. I had her get in the car. However, to be a real slut I had her pull up her tiny piece of skirt and set her bare ass on my seat, then her knees needed to be as far apart as possible.

Just as we got to the mall I said to Suzie, “If I tell you to sit down here in the mall that is the position that I expect to see you in. Is that clear?”

Suzie said, “I understand but I don’t like it.”

I said, “But you wanted to be a slut.”

Suzie said, “I only wanted to be a little slutty.”

I replied, “Okay then, just a little slutty.”

I had her walk several steeps ahead of me so that I could watch the other people check her out. I found a place to stand and had her go up an escalator, walk around to the other side of the opening, and come down the other escalator. After having a little fun with her I took her to a little girl’s clothing store. I picked out items that a ten-year-old might wear and then had my thirteen-year-old daughter try them on. She tried everything on and then came out to show me what they looked like. I picked out a few tiny skirts and a couple of little tops for Suzie to wear. I took her to a leather shop and got her a tight pair of skimpy shorts and a leather bra for her to wear.

Then before we left I had her go way ahead of me and sit on a ledge near the exit and wait for me. I then got behind three college kids that were walking in her direction. I kept my distance but I was close enough to hear them. They stopped in front of Suzie and stared at her exposed pussy and said things like, nice pussy, do you fuck around, and you can suck my cock.

As I got closer to them they moved on, concerned about what I might do.

I held out my hand and said, “Hi sweetie, been here long, what were those boys saying to you?”

She looked at them and said, “Oh, one thought that I had a nice pussy, one wanted to fuck me, and the other guy just wanted a blowjob.”

I laughed and asked, “Do you feel a little slutty?”

Suzie smiled and said, “Yes Daddy, thank you, that was fun.”

That following week we visited Marge and her father a couple of times and they came to visit us. Both girls remained nude in both houses and brought us beers that had been in their pussies. I got some ideas of what clothing that my daughter needed, so that she could maintain her slut persona.

One evening after I came home from work I took Suzie to the park. She was wearing a tube top as a skirt, a way too small bikini top, and nothing else at all. She certainly caught the attention of a boy just slightly younger than she was. Every time she climbed up the ladder to go down the big slide he was right behind her with his fingers in her pussy.

A lady came over toward me that I knew was with that young boy that was feeling up my daughter. She said, “Your daughter’s a little slutty, isn’t she?”

I decided to have some with her and said, “Oh good. That was just the look that she was going for. She really wanted to be just a little slutty but I thought that she went too far. Thank you.”

The lady looked at me sternly and then started laughing. She smiled and said, “That was a good one. I always wanted to be a little slutty myself but I never had the nerve.”

I looked her over. She had on a button white blouse with a white bra on underneath and a gray skirt that came almost to her knees. Below that were comfortable shoes that really didn’t go with her outfit. Needless to say I was positive that she was wearing panties.

I said, “So you want to be just a little slutty, do you. I can arrange that if you like.”

She looked me over that time and then asked, “Just what did you have in mind?”

I said, “Take your panties off and put them in my hand.”

She asked, “What if someone sees me?”

I replied, “You’re the one that wanted to be a little slutty, so take off your panties and hand them to me. You can do it discretely.”

She was nervous as hell, she looked around everywhere, and then she ever so slowly reached up under her skirt and then just as slowly lowered her panties. Obviously she didn’t realize that taking a hundred times longer to accomplish the same thing would make it a hundred times more possible to get caught. Her panties were not the silky kind either, they were made of cotton, and they got stuck between her knees. She started to panic, so I reached down and pushed them to her ankles and let her step out of them for me. I held them up to my nose, which got her even more nervous. I inhaled deeply. They smelled of a floral essence mixed with a light girlie odor. I smiled at her and said, “Thank you. You have a wonderful odor.”

She said, “Thank you. That was rather exciting and I do feel a little slutty.”

I smiled and said, “Then the next time my daughter climbs those steps I want you to get in behind her.”

She said, “But my nephew will look up my skirt.”

I smiled and said, “Just a little more slutty.”

She looked at me and in a sarcastic way asked, “Do you want me to stick my finger in her pussy as we climb too?”

I ran my hand up under her dress and cupped one of her ass cheeks then I said, “That would be nice. Your nephew and I would both like to see that. Hell, it might give him the guts to stick his fingers in your pussy. That should make you feel a little slutty.”

I watched my daughter go up the slid twice with that kids fingers in her pussy before that lady started to go closer. I watched as she stood by the ladder once more before cutting into line behind Suzie.

As my daughter climbed up to the point where her pussy was in the lady’s face, she slipped her fingers into Suzie’s pussy, and then she looked at me. Suzie looked at me too and smiled. Then the kid noticed his aunt wasn’t wearing panties. I saw his hand start at her ankles and slowly going up to her knees and then up under her skirt. Soon she was looking over at me and smiling again. I watched as those three went up the ladder and slid down the slide several more times.

Finally I said, “Suzie it’s time to go home.” I looked at the lady and said, “You’re invited too.”

She said, “Okay but I need to take my nephew home first.”

I followed her to his house then she followed me to my house. Finally Suzie told me that the lady’s name was Claudette. At home Suzie rushed over to Claudette and then rushed her into the house while I got some stuff out of my trunk. A few minutes later when I entered the house Suzie was standing there naked with a beer bottle in Claudette’s pussy. Claudette was holding her skirt up and her blouse was unbuttoned and hanging open.

Claudette said, “You came in too quickly. I couldn’t get undressed all the way.”

I smiled and said, “I’ll wait.”

That called her bluff. Suzie pulled the neck of my beer bottle out of Claudette’s pussy and together we watched as she removed her blouse, unhooked her bra, and removed that too. Then her skirt came off, she opened up her feet, and Suzie shoved the bottle back into her pussy.

Claudette smiled and said, “I feel more than a little slutty now.”

I walked over to her and held the bottle in place as I hugged Claudette and kissed her. I would remove the bottle to take a drink and then put it right back in her pussy and kiss her again. By the time I had finished that bottle I was naked and sitting in a chair with Claudette sitting on my cock. Suzie was sitting on the floor behind Claudette watching her as she lifted herself up and then lowered herself back down on my cock again and again. Suzie was fascinated at the way my cock entered Claudette’s pussy. When Claudette had her orgasm I had my climax and together our juices combined and flowed out around my shaft and down my balls. That elated Suzie to no end. She had always wanted to know more about sex, fucking, and cumming but had no way of finding out, until just then.

Claudette climbed off and started licking my cock clean. She asked Suzie if she wanted to help and assigned her to my balls. Soon they switched and I saw my daughter slipping her mouth over the head of my cock.

Suzie said, “I always wanted an older sister.”

Claudette asked Suzie’s age and was told thirteen. She asked my age and I told her thirty-seven. She laughed and said, “I’m right in between you two guys. I’m twenty-five.”

I said, “Well you can be her older sister and my younger lover.”

Claudette asked, “Can I be your little slutty lover then?”

I replied, “You already are. You gave me your panties in the park, you let your nephew finger fuck you in public, and you let my daughter help you lick up my cum. I think that makes you a little slutty.”

Claudette asked, “Suzie should you and I go up to a higher level of sluttyness?”

Suzie looked at me and said, “Like Marge. Sure.”

Claudette then said, “We are your to command.”

I smiled because I knew exactly what I was going to do with my two women now.

The End
Just A Little Slutty
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