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Kishimoto is da man and owner of the Naruto series.
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Written by Dragon of the Underworld
Revised by Evildart17/Darkcloud75
The Way I Dreamed It
Part 2
Chapter 19
Naruto continued to wonder in the darkness not knowing that with every second that passed his body kept getting weaker and weaker.
When he began to stumble he realized that the consumption of the other demon was starting to take a toll on him.
I’ve put the girls in to much danger, Akatsuki was after me and they got caught in the middle of it. If this continues I’ll put Hinata and the new baby in trouble as well not to mention the village. If he had failed terribly this time how could he ever hope to be able to protect an entire village?
If there was anything that Naruto hated more then being alone it was losing his loved ones especially his family. Naruto would rather be alone then be the fall of his family.
“I . . . I CAN’T . . . . . .” yelled Naruto.
“You can’t what?” asked Kyuubi.
“I can’t do this any more . . . . . . I can’t keep putting people in danger” said Naruto.
“YOU can’t put any one in danger if you die” said Kyuubi.
“Then maybe that is for the best” said Naruto.
“The people you love will still be put in danger if not by you then by some one else one way or another” said Hachibi.
“You, you were the voice I heard earlier on” asked Naruto.
“You talked to him already” asked Kyuubi.
“Yes, when I arrived I saw him, he was headed towards deaths path, I needed him alive so that I could break out afterwards, however everything I talked about with him was not in pretence I meant everything” said Hachibi.
“I AM NOT AFRAID” yelled Naruto.
Kyuubi stood there observing both of them.
“I see your still in denial” said Hachibi.
“I’m not in denial” said Naruto.
“What was that about you not wanting to put people in danger” asked Hachibi.
“I don’t want anyone to get hurt” said Naruto.
“And why would they get hurt”
“BECAUSE!” yelled Naruto.
“I WON’T BE ABLE TO PROTECTE THEM . . . . . . . . . They are me family, but what if I can’t protect them and it’s me that is putting them in danger” said Naruto.
“There you go kid that is what you’re afraid of . . . . . . Hachibi is right if you die your family will still be in danger don’t you think you should be there to help them anyway you can, besides your not going to leave your two kitten out there all alone are you” said Kyuubi.
Naruto started to think back, he had always been Hinata’s pillar of support. He was everything to Hinata and if he did he knew that Hinata would be an emotional mess. There was no way he was going to do that to her not to mention his unborn baby, and his two little girls, Kyuubi was right he couldn’t leave them alone out there.
Hachibi was right he was afraid; afraid he was going to be able to come through for his family but now that he knew what would be if he died there was no way he was going to let that happen. Naruto slowly stood up as the darkness that envelope him began to recede in to nothingness.
Once everything was gone Naruto was standing in front of the sealed gate and in it stood both Kyuubi and Hachibi.
Naruto looked at then and the spoke, “I have to get back to the girls”
“Wait, Naruto as you know now that you have two demons the amount of chakra in you is way to much, you need to release a lot of it” said Kyuubi.
Naruto nodded, “I know what this is about”
“This is the perfect time don’t you think, you can’t let time continue to pass” said Kyuubi.
“I know But I can only give you both limited freedom, I f I release you both I would die” said Naruto.
“Both . . . . . . Looks like I didn’t even have to ask you” said Hachibi.
“Yes, it would be best to have both of you with the way I plan to do this” said Naruto.
“So . . . . . . How is this going to work” asked Kyuubi.
“Alright listen up because this is the way it’s going to go down” said Naruto as he told both of them the deal he had planned.
Somewhere in the outskirts of fire country
A figure hid in the darkness of the night behind some bushes spying on other people.
“Yeah that’s it . . . Perfect . . . . . . Just what I need hhehehhhheeee” said as he put down a small scope he was looking through and began to write on a notepad, and then went back.
“Heeehheeee ohhhh yes hheeeehhhee this is oowwwh, this is the perfect research” was all the figure could say as he yet again took a pen in one hand and notepad on the other and wrote.
With the scope on one eye the figure continued to watch women in the hot spring.
“Ohh you sure do have an amazing body, yeah that’s right wash those breast” at this point he was no longer taking note just peeping.
“That’s right she can’t do it alone just help her clean herself heeehheehehehh” the pervert’s nose began to bleed.
“Wow how are they doing that, amazing hheehehehehe oowwwh”
Another figure suddenly appeared behind him.
“Jiraiya” said the new figure.
Jiraiya didn’t need to turn to know who it was so he continued to look at the women.
“Is something wrong?” asked Jiraiya.
“Have you no idea what’s been happening since the morning”
“Why did it have to be in the middle of my research . . . . . . . . . . . . I’m going to take a wild guess and say it has something to do with Akatsuki . . . . . .? Did they finally start to make there move?” asked Jiraiya.
“Jiraiya since this morning Akatsuki already had possession of Naruto and other Jinchuuriki”
“WHAT . . . did them?”
“No but . . . . . .”
“ITACHI . . . What happened?” asked Jiraiya.
“Naruto is free now I made it so they could escape, but they found me out” said Itachi.
“They?” said Jiraiya.
“Yes the girls were with him and they decided to take them” replied Itachi.
“Where are they now?” asked Jiraiya.
“I don’t know, I couldn’t go after them, Jiraiya there’s more” said Itachi.
“What is it” said Jiraiya.
“Naruto now has the last two demon inside him, the other jinchuuriki was dieing so they decided to transfer it in to another body, they wanted to use one of the girls, but I grabbed Naruto before they used one of the girls” said Itachi.
“I see, if that is the case Naruto should be overwhelmed by the chakra, he might still be unconscious, we have to find them before Akatsuki finds them, what base were they in” said Jiraiya.
“They used the base north of the lightning country . . . . . . We should go” said Itachi, they were about to head out when Jiraiya sensed others coming.
“Wait . . . Itachi you go ahead, there are some fellow shinobis headed this way” said Jiraiya and in that instance Itachi disappeared.
Jiraiya waited thirty-second till he saw four figures land in front of him.
“I assume your going to go look for Naruto” said Jiraiya.
“Jiraiya-sama I see you’ve heard” said Gai.
“Yes but your going to wrong way, the current location of Akatsuki is in the base north of the lightning country” said Jiraiya.
“That’s where Kakashi’s team is headed” said Neji.
“I’ll take them a week to get there . . . . . . Come you can ride with me, we’ll pick them up on our way” said Jiraiya as he summoned Gamabunta, everyone got on him.
“Bunta to the lightning country . . . fast” said Jiraiya.
“WHY?” asked Gamabunta.
“Naruto is in trouble” said Jiraiya and in that instance jumped in to the air as he made his way the lightning country.
Emi and Saya were by the entrance of the cave using there byakugan as they watched to see if anyone was getting close.
“I don’t see anyone Saya” said Emi.
“Yeah me neither” replied Saya.
“Looks like were safe for now” said Emi when suddenly they felt a huge amount of chakra rise from with in the cave, but after about three seconds the chakra died out almost like a bomb.
The girls looked at each other.
“DADDY” they both said.
They got up from there spot and ran deeper in to the cave were they had left Naruto. When they got there they saw Naruto sitting up.
Naruto was a bit disoriented when all of the sudden he was tackled to the ground.
“You’re ok”
“Emi, Saya are you two alright” both girls nodded and received a kiss on the forehead.
Naruto hugged both girls, he could see they where tired.
“Wait . . . Where are we? . . . What happened?” asked Naruto.
“Well you weren’t awake so we though we should find away out"--- said Saya who cut off.
“I GOT US OUT DADDY” yelled Emi.
“No you didn’t” replied Saya.
“Then who opened the door?” said Emi.
“Well something must have happen because you couldn’t have opened it” said Saya.
“You’re just jealous because I’m stronger” Emi teased Saya, Saya just responded by sticking her tongue out at Emi.
“Have you girls been up keeping a look out since then” asked Naruto, both girls just nodded. Naruto could tell they been up because they looked tired.
Naruto was sure that Akatsuki felt that surge of chakra and not doubt they’d find them soon, so they would have to leave soon but couldn’t force the girls they were tired and they needed rest.
“Emi, Saya you two should sleep and get some rest ok” Naruto planned to move out once they fell asleep, he would just have to carry them. The girls leaned on Naruto and fell asleep.
Naruto sat there for awhile with a girl on each side; he could help but feel happy. He looked at Emi, she was five but Naruto could tell that she was starting to look more and more like her mother she was also much like Hinata in personality, she was kind of shy and quiet except around her family.
Naruto then looked at Saya, she was different then Emi starting with her hair, she had that bluish lavender color just like her mother. Saya might not look like Hinata but she too was very pretty. Hinata would tell him many times that Saya looked much like her mother, and when it came to her personality she was much like Naruto, loud.
Naruto loved them both very much and he was going to do everything in his power to keep them safe.
He looked at his hand which was closed and opened it, in his palm were to necklaces that he had been holding since he woke up. Each was different color and both had a seal on it.
He took the necklaces and put one an each girl, and then he made a clone. The clone took one girl while he took the other one and left the cave.

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