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Alice is becoming a whore just like her mother fiona
For two weeks now Alice had been pestering me to take her back to cottage lane after work for another fuck, she’d text me every day begging me to fill her tight pussy with my thick cock and creamy sperm. I’d of loved the chance to fuck her again but my missus was off work for two weeks so my nights of shagging her mum (Fiona) and sister (Alice) were put firmly on hold for the time being. God I was counting down the days until my missus pissed off back to work to get at Fiona's and Alice’s holes.

Fiona didn’t pester me quite so much as she was happy to give her cunt a rest after the abuse it had taken from so many cocks over the last year or so. Going from a baron 4 years of no cock to a wanton 40+ milf had taken its toll on Fiona; although enjoyable she’d been fucked ragged.

Alice collared me whenever we were alone and would rub my cock through my jeans or shorts whispering in my ear,

“I need your dick inside me again, stretching my pussy open and spunking inside me, when can we fuck again.........I need to be fucked......hard, pussy is not enough for me now I’ve been introduced to cock again I want more inside Luke............please take me to be fucked.”

Again I’d tell her quietly that we can’t do anything whilst her sister is off work. Begrudgingly she’d listen to reason and leave me alone for about an hour then send me dirty texts that I’d have to remember to delete.

After fourteen long nights my missus eventually went back to long tiresome hours and work and I was free to fuck. That Monday morning as soon as she left for work I was out of bed and into Fiona in the shower, bending her straight over and whacking my cock deep into her 42 year old cunt. It felt amazing sliding my thick tool into Fiona as the warm water cascaded over our bodies. It didn’t Fiona long to come, she gripped out at the slippery tiles as her legs shook and buckled beneath her, my hard thrusts pummelling into her hole forcing her down into the bath as she had a loud intense orgasm. Pulling my dick from her pussy I fed it down her throat telling her to milk my balls of my pent up sperm. Three minutes later Fiona was doing what she does best and swallowing blob after blob of thick young sperm.

At 5pm that evening I received the text from Alice.......
“Please take me to the lane tonight I’m desperate to shagged? Xxxxxx”

Damn right I was taking her to the lane tonight after all her pestering she was going to get it big time tonight so I text her back.........................

“I’ll pick you up in the car park at 10pm you little whore, wear some sexy knickers but no bra, actually don’t even wear your bra for work you slut, I’ll be in at 8 for a couple of pints so I’ll see if you listen, if cock”

“See you at 8 can’t wait xx”

Not for one minute did I expect her to go work without her bra on, serving customers at the bar and dinner tables in her regulation white blouse would be highly revealing and embarrassing for Alice, then again what did I care she was fast becoming like her mother so maybe a bit of exhibitionism would do her the world of good.

I got a phone call from the missus at 19:30pm saying she’d been called away on urgent business and wouldn’t be back for 3 days at the latest. Fine I thought more time to fuck the arses off of her mum and sister. I pulled up at the local boozer at 8 and went in the lounge side and pulled up a stool at a table in the middle of the bar, from here I could see the restaurant area plus the serving part at the bar. Sipping away at a Fosters super chilled I observed the people in the bar. A small group of three lads sat on stools at the bar boozing away and cracking jokes, they were about my age or slightly older, I knew them from around the local pubs. At opposite sides of the lounge were to old blokes both on their own supping pints of tiger relaxing, they were both over retirement age and also lived local. In the restaurant sat to couples eating and sign of Alice yet.

After a good ten minutes Alice emerged from the kitchen door, first think I noticed were her visible pert breasts and hard little dark nipple rings, her tight white blouse hid nothing and her areola were clearly on show. The three lads at the bar clocked her too and openly ogled Alice as she passed then checking out her tight 18yr old ass in figure hugging black trousers. She looked fine. I watched the bloke at the dinner table struggling not to look at the young waitress as Alice bent to scoop up the empty plates at the table, he tried but I watched him have a good look at her tits as Alice blocked his wife’s view as she grabbed her plate. Again the lads openly ogled Alice as she returned to the kitchen with loaded arms. Alice spotted me and smiled over before pushing the door into the kitchen.

By 9pm the restaurant was empty and Alice began serving at the bar for her last hour. The lads flirted and ogled Alice’s sexy body looking down her top as she bent for things behind the bar, giving each other little stares and mouthing things like “I’d do that some fucking damage and have you seen them tits”. I noticed the landlord Paul looking at Alice on at least 5 occasions, a couple of times he had a lustful ogle other times he looked a bit pissed off that she was wearing such sluttish clothes and damaging the reputation of his restaurant come bar.

At 9:45pm I slugged back the dregs of my second Fosters super chilled and left my glass on the bar.

“See you Paul see you Alice”

“Yeah by mate”

“See ya later”

Just gone ten Alice came across the car park and jumped into my passenger seat, she leant over and we kissed passionately, I grabbed her tits through her blouse and tweaked her hard little nipples.

“You looked like a slut in there tonight Alice with your titties on show like that”

“I know, I got a right bollocking from Paul, he said I looked like a lady of the night!! But said I could stay like it just for tonight”

“Ha I caught the dirty bastard eyeing you up, he wants to fuck your pretty little ass Alice, as well as the 3 lads at the bar, did you enjoying showing yourself off like that Alice? Like a whore?”

“I did actually it’s made me fucking horny I know that, take me to the lane and fuck me silly”

“Ah ah hang on Alice, come on open that blouse and get them trousers off you know whores don’t need them sort of clothes up the lane”

She removed her trousers first, chucking them into the back. Alice had on a sexy little pair of silky knickers, they were black with little white dots on them and a frilly seem round the edge, I rubbed her gusset through her thin silky material and felt dampness. She had enjoyed the attention tonight that was for sure. She then unbuttoned her blouse exposing her 34c braless breasts.

“Very nice” I said leaning in to suck at her hard nipple.

“Quick...............someone’s coming”

I lingered for another second then raised my head from her teat; the landlord was heading past our car to his own vehicle parked in the corner. I flicked on the interior light and waited a until he’d walked back past, I definitely watched him glance in at Alice sat in her knickers with her white blouse open and tits on show, taking one last glance back before entering his pub.

“You bastard wants he gonna say tomorrow when I go work?”

I didn’t respond to Alice I just looked at her and smiled before pulling out the ca park and heading for Cottage Lane. I was going to pull into the usual spot but there was an empty Landrover in the gateway, I carried on an extra 200 yards before reversing into another gate entrance. I jumped in the back like before and removed my jeans and boxers.

“Put on the light slut...............then lean through here and suck my cock”

The interior light illuminated the inside of my Vauxhall Astra, Alice got into the doggie position, a knee on the driver’s seat and one on the passengers, she reached through with her arms and put one either side of my legs. Her wet little mouth found my engorged purple helmet and she licked and sucked the pre come from around the tip. As she slowly lowered her tight mouth down my thick shaft her beautiful ass rose up in the air pointing out at the window screen.

“There’s a good little whore, sucking cock in the car down a little country lane, what would your girlfriend have to say about this?”

Alice gave me a wonderful blow job she worked my nuts and sucked my cock as deep as her little mouth would allow.

“Reach behind you and rub your wet little pussy Alice, that’s it whore make your cunt nice and wet for my big cock”.

I could see Alice’s hand little hand under her silky knickers furiously rubbing away on her clitty, making her pussy wet and slick, ready for my cock to stretch her open. I felt the come in balls begin to rise, moving up cock about to erupt all in her throat. I didn’t want to come in her mouth I wanted to plaster it across her slutty face and leave it there whilst I screwed her tight pussy.

“I’m.......I’m going to fucking come Alice............going to spunk in your face”. I pulled out and held her face at an angle then wanked myself over her pretty face. Three large blobs of spunk splashed down across her eyes, nose and mouth, she was covered in the stuff. I got up on my knees and reached over her smooth tanned back to her panty clad arse. As I did I pushed her head onto my cock thrusting into her mouth like a pussy keeping me hard.

I hooked my fingers into the frilly seems of her knickers and pushed forwards with my hands, her knickers slide down over her ass and down her thighs, I couldn’t reach any further so left them halfway between her knees and ass cheeks. With Alice in the doggie position leaning through towards the back and me sort of half standing trying to lean the opposite way things were a little tight. My cock was wedged in her mouth and I couldn’t quite lean over far enough to lick her pussy. Instead I had to finger fuck her, with one hand I pull on her right cheek, exposing her puckered brown entrance and her tight cunt hole. Reaching over her back with my right hand I was able to locate her wet entrance and slide 2 fingers into her slick shaven chasm. I took all of a minute to bring Alice off coating my fingers with sweet smelling love juice.

I pulled out my slick fingers and decided to rub around her most private hole, as my index finger touched her knotted hole Alice flinched and stopped sucking my cock, I held the tip of my index finger on her asshole applying tiny little bits of pressure. Every time I nudged at her bum hole Alice groaned...


Now I know when Alice was around 15 or 16 years old her anal virginity was taken by an older lad I knew. The ass play was not knew to Alice but definitely unfamiliar, turning lesbian 2 years ago ended Alice’s exploits with cock, until a few weeks ago.

“I’m going to finger your asshole Alice, have you got a problem with that?”

“Umm umm” she mumbled still sucking my dick.

“What was that whore? Take my cock out your mouth and tell me if you have a problem with me fingering your whore arsehole”

“No no I’ve no problem” then went back to sucking my dick.

I spat down onto her tightest hole offering more lube then forced my index finger into her anus, her bottom fought the attack but then her sphincter gave and my finger disappeared up to the largest knuckle in her ass.

“Mmmmmm ahhhhhhh mmmmmmmmm” Alice mumbled louder on my cock, her arse constricting around my finger.

I gradually worked her anus looser so that I could slip it in and out of her ass at a quicker pace. The anal play again had Alice coming, this time her empty pussy emptying itself of sticky juice all down her tanned thighs.

Something then caught my attention, just to the left of the car I saw movement, I didn’t let onto Alice but continued fingering her asshole, I moved a little so I wasn’t obstructing the view from the window if we did have a watcher. I hoped we did, like with Fiona even though I was fucking her I had a deep desire to watch her getting fucked by strangers or joining in with strangers to fuck her. The same applied to Alice she wouldn’t just pleasure me but anyone I told her to.

I kept an eye out the window and as my eyes accustomed to searching the dark I noticed the figure had a dog with him. I waved over. The bloke hung the dog lead over a fence post and approached the car. He stood a yard away from the passenger window peering in.

He was maybe 40 years old, a chubby round face with a gingery beard and moustache; he wore a green wax coat. I think I recognised him as the farmer who lived about half a mile further down the lane. I carried on fingering Alice’s tight ass but also watching the dog walker. He opened up his green wax coat and unzipped his fly on his jeans; the farmer pushed his jeans down a little then pulled out his stiffening cock. I couldn’t make it out properly but the helmet looked large and thick, I watched his hand stroke it and he certainly gave it a good stroke, I’d say it was a bit bigger than mine maybe 7 to 7.5 inches.

I took my cock from Alice’s mouth and pulled her further through the seats. I then climbed into the front and got behind Alice. I rubbed my thick cock at her tight pussy entrance and watched as the farmer peered in closer for a better look. He wanked his cock harder and faster as my cock prised open Alice’s tight cunt and made her scream. A minute later her cunt walls gripped me tight as she came noisily, I fucked her through her orgasm, pounding her harder and harder as that orgasm was finishing I jammed my index finger deep into her anus again and another violent orgasm ripped through her young body.

I pulled my cock and finger from her holes and smacked her smooth arse,

“Get out the car and get on the bonnet you slut, I’m gonna fuck you like a cheap whore Alice”

I flicked on the headlights before jumping out the car. I held my finger to my lips and looked the farmer. Alice pushed open the rear door and struggled to stand, her silky knickers round her legs above her knees. She pushed the door shut and hobbled forwards.

“Aaaaarrrrrrgggggghhhhhhhhh what the fuck” Alice had looked up and was greeted by the strange farmer, cock in hand and a big grin on his face.

“Nice tits slut” said the farmer in a gruff old voice.

Alice continued to stumble backwards pulling her knickers up to hide her exposed sex.

“Get round here Alice there’s a good little whore”. She shook her head a few times covering her pert breasts.

“This dirty bastard has been watching for a good twenty minutes Alice, he’s already seen you take my cock in your pussy and finger in your dirty little asshole, now walk past the farmer there and come here before he calls the cops”.

Alice reluctantly walked towards the exposed farmer; she walked easier now her knickers were on correctly. The farmer stood in Alice’s way as she attempted to pass; she looked down quickly at his cock before looking away. The farmer reached out as she passed pulling her arms away from her tits, exposing them to him, her nipples hard and erect in the cold air. He reached out again and grabbed her left tit, Alice flinched away.

“Maybe this slut wants the cops down here hey bitch?”

“Be a good whore Alice he only wants a quick grope that’s all, come closer to me in the light”

Alice came closer followed by the perverted farmer, cock still pointing from his open jeans. Now in the light I could see his cock, it was a good 7.5” and pretty thick, not as thick as mine but longer. I positioned Alice with her back to the car the headlights illuminating her glorious body in the dark night.

“A quick feel then you can watch us fuck, that’s your lot”. I was loving this Alice naked and being touched by a stranger, she was becoming just like her slut mother. Fiona would be proud.

The farmer approached Alice and she tensed her body, the farmers rough calloused hands wandered all over her breasts, pulling at her hard nipples. A low moan crept from Alice that didn’t go unnoticed by me or the farmer, he bent his head towards her tit and sucked a young nipple for the first time in a long while. Alice's body had clearly relaxed as the old man sucked her tits, another louder moan escaped her mouth.

“Fucking little whore loves it don’t you? Dirty little whore let me see your tight cunt”.

Before I could stop him he’d pushed Alice backwards onto the car bonnet, he grabbed her knickers and ripped the off her legs, stuffing them into his wax coat.

“Spread your legs slut” he said grabbing one leg and pushing it wide open, Alice splayed her other leg her sex completely vulnerable to the stranger. He rammed 3 thick rough fingers deep into Alice’s cunt and mashed them in and out hard, really banging into her abused pussy. He continued to terrorise her pussy and at the same time leant down to lick her sensitive clit. Alice came all over the old mans rough beard, she couldn’t help herself.

The farmer then began lining his meaty shaft up at Alice’s entrance, ready to fuck her.

“No not tonight, tonight you just watch. I may let you come on her but that’s it”.

He seemed ok with this and stepped back, I lined my thick cock up and drove it up Alice I fucked her hard and fast slamming my thick penis into her abused hole. It wasn’t long before we both came, I flooded her pussy with my seed and left her spread legged on the bonnet, thick white sperm running from her twat. The farmer had stood wanking calling her degrading names throughout my 10 minute show.

“Come get my come you filthy tramp”

He pulled her down onto the floor, crouching on the balls of her feet, legs wide, cunt leaking spunk and a stranger’s cock being wanked in her face. Alice was fast becoming her mother’s daughter alright. The farmer beat his dick in her face then covered her pretty skin in yet more goo. Without warning he grabbed Alice’s head and forced his old cock into her mouth.

“Clean my cock like a whore, there there slut it wasn’t so bad was it, see you again soon I hope, I can’t wait to get my cock up her cunt”.

With that he zipped up and left with his dog. We went home in silence and didn’t speak about it till the next day.

Alice's fast becoming a very good whore. More stories to follow

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That made great reading

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2009-11-07 09:23:33
I gave it a positive rating for the story line. However, spelling and grammar errors were very distracting. It could have been a better story without them.

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Forced and a bit out of date warped. Made me wish I was a policeman. . With the sense of victim. Write Part 2; with u 2 on remand in a prison full of fresh arse starved killers . . Bring some sense of justice and reality to your story.


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not bad man.... unfortunately it makes me want to be an old dirty farmer O.O

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