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- IV -

After the punching incident Dylan became different around me. I guess he felt really guilty about the whole thing. Back then I didn’t know that Dylan feeling guilty was as incredible of a thing as, let’s say, a UFO landing on the roof of my house. But we started hanging out together more often, mostly due to the fact that I was never a very popular person and I was usually known as a loner. As for Dylan… Well, he wasn’t an unpopular one. On the contrary. Except his popularity was on the nasty side.

Sometimes in the beginning of October one of our own personal dictators named Billy Vaughn decided that Dylan is stealing too much of a spotlight from him. So he decided to fix that. Billy had three sidekicks (I called them pets) - Mickey, Wes, and Tanner. Those three idiots were ridiculously loyal to him. Sometimes I thought they would happily jump off the bridge if Billy told them to. Naturally, they were the ones who always did all kind of dirty work for Billy. But in Dylan’s case, I guess Billy decided that he wanted to take care of “that obnoxious blond” by himself.

I never really knew what happened between them. I guess Dylan told Vaughn to go fuck himself one of those days when Billy was trying his best to dominate Dylan. He also was quite deive about the whole thing. So, naturally, Billy decided to show him what happens to people when they get “smart” around someone as Billy Vaughn.

Of course, Billy would never do something like that in public. He wasn’t the brightest of them all but even he knew that for assaulting and heavily damaging someone (well, that was his original plan) he will end up with crapload of charges filed against him. So one of those days he jumped Dylan all by himself behind some grocery store. Again, I have no idea what actually happened because Dylan never told me. But Billy hasn’t come to school for almost a week after that. When he finally did come back, he looked like he was hit by a truck. His face was one ripe bruise, he was missing at least two teeth, and he limped for almost a month. Dylan, on the other hand, only had a hefty scratch on his cheekbone. Apparently Billy cut him with his ring.

The outcome of the fight didn’t surprise me at all. I remembered how well Dylan could hit. I also remembered how quick he could react. But I was the only one who wasn’t dumbfounded. See, when you look at Dylan, the only thing you notice is beauty. He was also on the skinny side even though he was as tall as me. You just don’t see someone who looks like that kicking anyone’s ass, let alone Billy Vaughn’s.

After the whole thing Billy and his pets left Dylan alone for a little while. I guess Billy decided to give himself enough time to heal and also to come up with a plan. And life just kept on going on. And then, a couple of weeks before Halloween I realized to my own horror that I was falling for Dylan Mort harder than I fell for anyone in my entire life. At first I just shrugged the very idea off. I mean, it sounded ridiculous. He was a guy for crying out loud! I have never had a thing for guys. Ever.

Well, after the last week of October the idea wasn’t as ridiculous anymore. Jesus Christ, he was in every single dream and fantasy of mine, it was driving me insane. Every time he’d look at me with those bottomless eyes of his, I’d become completely and utterly helpless. I had no idea about his preferences. I had no clue if he was straight, gay, bi, or whatever. I never asked him that question. He never dated anyone and he was really weird when it came to touching. He would stiffen up every time someone would tap him on the shoulder and if someone would grab his hand for some strange reason, he would look like he was about to kill that person.

He never freaked out on me though. I don’t know what is was or why, but he acted completely normal if I bumped into him or if my hand ended up on his shoulder. Finally I gave up on trying to stop the insanity. I gave up and decided to go with the flow and, most likely, to suffer. Because I didn’t see anything happening between Dylan and me. Ever.

It was the first Friday of November and he told me that Kay (who turned out to be his Aunt) left for a photo shoot somewhere in Hawaii.

“I am not to touch her car while she is away”, he said matter-of-factly. “Can you give me a lift home today? It’s raining like a bitch and…”

“Sure”, I nodded. “No problem.”

So I took him home that day and when I pulled to the curb, I just waited for him to get out so I didn’t even bother throwing the car into park. He looked at me in a slightly amused way.

“Turn it off”, he said and I blinked.

“Turn what off?” I asked carefully.

“The car”, he said. “I figured you’ll want to come in.”

I almost said that I needed to get home, that I had crapload of errands to run, that I had several projects due on Monday… I didn’t say any of that. I just turned the car off and followed him into the house like I was on the leash or something.

He made some god-awful instant coffee and pulled two apples out of the fridge. He threw one apple to me and sunk his teeth into the one he had in his hand. It was funny to watch him eat. He would take really small bites out of the apple but every bite somehow looked angry. His wet hair was clinging to his neck and he shook his head impatiently, trying to get it off his skin.

“So how is it to live with a model?” I asked after I was almost done with my apple.

He shrugged.

“It’s okay. Her schedule is insane. She gets up at four thirty every morning.”

“Brutal”, I winced.

“Yeah”, he nodded. “Then she works out like a woman possessed for two hours and then she leaves.”

“No wild parties or anything?” I smiled.

“No”, he said seriously.

“She is gorgeous”, I muttered and threw the rest of the apple away.

“Yeah”, he nodded. “She looks a lot like my Mom. Well, from what I see on the pictures anyway.”

“Beauty runs in the family, huh…” I said and immediately bit my tongue.

He gave me the same slightly amused look as before.

“I guess”, he chuckled.

“What happened to your Mom?” I asked, desperately hoping for a change of subject.

“She died when I was seven”, he said indifferently. “I don’t remember her well. I can only see the resemblance between her and Kay on the pictures.”

“I’m sorry…” I muttered and he shrugged.

“Shit happens”, he replied calmly.

“How come you are living with Kay?” I asked.

“Because she is my only living relative”, he threw whatever was left of his apple into the trash can.

“What about your dad?” I frowned.

“Never knew the man”, he said melancholically. “After my Mom died, I lived with my stepfather. And then he died too… There was fire in our house back in April so…” he shrugged again.

“God…” I muttered. “I’m sorry…”

“I am not”, he said with a strange glint in his eyes. “I hated the son of a bitch.”

I had no idea what to say to that. Suddenly his expression changed and he gave me a smile. A small one, with the corners of his mouth, a bit crooked. Nothing spectacular, really. But for some insane reason that smile took my breath away. I got up.

“Umm, I better head home”, I said uncomfortably. “I got stuff…”

He stepped closer like he wanted to whisper something in my ear.

“…To do…”, I finished in a smaller voice.

I had no idea what the hell he was thinking or doing, standing so damn close to me. His scent was making my heart thump in some weird broken rhythm.

“I’m gonna go…” I muttered.

“Kiss me”, he said suddenly and I froze.

“What?” I squeezed out finally.

“Kiss me”, he repeated in a softer voice.

I managed to make a sound that sounded like very strained laughter.

“Is this a joke?”

“No”, he muttered.

“I don’t think so… Dylan, I…”

I had no clue what I was going to say. “I don’t kiss guys”? “I have to go home”? “I think the sky is falling”? No clue. Then something strange flashed in his eyes again.

“Do you find me repulsive?” he asked in a tight voice and I just stared at him.

“What…?” I stuttered. “No… Jesus, no!”

“Then kiss me”, he said again.

“Oh for the love of God…” I muttered. “Fine, fine… Here…”

I leaned forward and touched the corner of his mouth with mine. God, it felt awkward and insanely electrifying at the same time. I was about to pull away and make a very uncomfortable joke about the whole thing when he opened his mouth and then his tongue was flicking back and forth across my lips in quick frantic licks. It felt weird. I kissed my fair share of people (girls that is) and neither one of them did anything even remotely close to what he was doing.

I was trying to figure out what to say when I finally do pull away from him. I was trying to find the words when I realized that I managed to catch his tongue in my mouth and now I was frenching him like there was no tomorrow. His hands were everywhere at once, it seemed. They were on my face, my hair, my back, chest… Hell, everywhere.

I sunk my fingers into his hair and stopped thinking and worrying altogether. I didn’t care anymore. I didn’t give a damn about the fact that this whole thing was weird. I could care less about the fact that he was a guy. Nothing mattered.

His tongue was as quick inside my mouth as it was on the outside. I always favored slowness but whatever he was doing with his tongue, turned me on right now like no other. Then he suddenly slid out of my mouth and the next thing I knew, he was nibbling on my neck right under my chin. Jesus Christ, I swear, I almost came right there.

I guess I was shaking because he pulled away and looked at me with a very slight frown as if trying to figure out whether I am shaking because I like what he is doing or because I, indeed, find him repulsive. My fingers were still caught in his hair and I had no intention of removing them from there. I stared at him without blinking. Holy Mother of God, he was beautiful…

I don’t know what I looked like right then, but his frown disappeared and I could feel his shoulders relax. I pulled him closer and this time he wrapped both arms around my neck, closed his eyes, and threw his head back. I knew what he wanted and I started sliding my mouth down his neck, all the way to his collarbone, and back. I traveled all over his throat, his chin, cheeks, his entire face. The minute I licked behind his ear, he whimpered and held me tighter. I decided to take advantage of that and nibbled on his earlobe with gusto. Now he was shaking. Finally he almost pushed me away and his eyes flew open.

“Stop…” he whispered. “Connor, stop… Shit, I’m gonna…”

I didn’t want him to explode in his pants so I stopped and cupped his face in my palms. He looked at me like he was in some mild trance, his mouth slightly open, breathing shallow.

“Jesus…” I muttered. “Dylan, you are…” I slowly traced his eyebrow with my finger and he blinked.

“I know”, he grimaced. “A pretty little fucker, I know…”

“No”, I breathed and shook my head slowly. “No! You are beautiful…”

He didn’t say anything to that. He just looked at me without blinking. I stroked his face very lightly, with my fingertips. I felt like I was a blind man, trying to read him. I was tracing his lips, my hand shaking, when his tongue struck again. He got the tip of my finger into his mouth and closed his eyes. Oh my God… I had no idea that someone licking and nibbling on your finger can feel so damn erotic. Watching him do that was an enormous turn on as well. I was getting dangerously close to the point of no return and his hips rubbing against mine didn’t help.

“Dylan…” I breathed, my heart dancing demented polka. “Stop… Oh God… Stop…”

He opened his eyes slightly. Instead of stopping and letting my finger out of his mouth, he sucked on it even harder, his tongue dancing in broken circles all over my hand it felt. One of his hands slid down my back and he pressed me harder against himself, his hips grinding into mine almost viciously by now.

“Dylan…” my voice sounded like someone was choking me. “Oh Jesus, Dylan… Stop…!”

That was when he finally let my finger out of his mouth just so he could attach himself to my lips instead. He was shaking even worse than me by that point. He started moaning into my mouth and it drove me wild. All remaining control that I still had, disappeared without a trace. And then… Okay, you know how the faucet just blows up if there is a broken pipe or something? And all that water just explodes everywhere? That pretty much describes what happened. My arms instinctively wrapped around him tighter and I just convulsed like I was being electrocuted. He grabbed my hair and pulled it so hard that my head jerked back. He was screaming in whisper. I don’t even know how to describe it.

I have no idea how long we were thrashing against each other. It felt like eternity and just a flash of a second at the same time. Finally he relaxed his grip on my hair and dropped his head onto my shoulder. I buried my face in his hair and I couldn’t speak. Hell, I couldn’t think, let alone speak.

“Jesus…” I muttered finally very weakly. “Hold on… You just humped me until we both came…”

“Uh huh…” he said, his voice muffled.

“How in hell am I suppose to show up at home in these pants now?”

He raised his head, looked at me, and grinned.

“We’ll wash them”, he said. “I was afraid you’ll just take off, you know? I wanted you to stay…”

“All you had to do was ask”, I muttered. “I wouldn’t go anywhere… Not after I kissed you…”

“Well”, he gave me the same kind of smile that started this whole thing. “Now I know.”

“Jesus…” I said again very weakly and dove into the silk of his hair again.

“Stay tonight”, he whispered into my neck.

Stay tonight? Seriously? Am I really gonna do this? I mean, humping is one thing but… When I remained silent, Dylan’s body immediately tensed up.

“Or not”, he said tightly. “Let’s wash…”

“I’ll need to call my mother”, I interrupted him. “Let her know that I didn’t get kidnapped or something…”

“…Your pants…” he finished automatically and raised his head again.

He looked like someone who is afraid to wake up. I started kissing him again and he closed his eyes, his heart beating so wildly, I could taste it in his mouth. Then sometimes later we managed to shove our pants into the washing machine and I called my mother. She just hemmed when she heard my voice and told me to “be safe for the love of God”. I knew that she thought I am spending the night with my new girlfriend or something like that and I never elaborated enough to let her know otherwise. I didn’t think she would freak out or faint but I knew that she will start interrogating me and I had no desire for that.

We ended up in Dylan’s bed around seven in the evening and we didn’t leave it until next morning. It was unbelievable. He was unbelievable. If the humping incident left me speechless, then whatever happened in his bed left me with nothing but ringing in my ears.

We fell asleep sometimes around three in the morning and the last thing on my mind was “I’ll do anything for him”.

I slept like a rock that night, it was great. Then I woke up (it was eight thirty in the morning) because of someone’s terrified gasp.


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Ok screw the other people and their ratings... this is a great story and i am looking forward to the rest. Please keep them coming

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