I was still in shock as Aly sat down in the desk behind me. I couldn't wrap my mind around what was going on. Aly was here. She was in my school. She was in my class. She was right behind me.

Part of me didn't even want to answer her. She'd left me without so much as a text goodbye. She had my number and never once used it over the Summer. What did I owe her?

I probably could have ignored her completely if she didn't look so damn cute. That infectious smile across her face, her body wrapped in a blue polo shirt and khaki shorts, her feet inside a pair of bright white sneakers.

"What are you doing here?" I managed to spit out.

"Going to school, duh." She answered.

Before we could continue our conversation, the teacher demanded attention at the front of the room. Even though her lecture lasted over half an hour, I didn't hear a word of it. My mind was pumping on all cylinders thinking about Aly.

The first day of school was always a half day. On half days, classes run just over 30 minutes in length. School started at 8 a.m. 7 classes a day plus a half hour for lunch at the end got us out at 12:35 on these half days.

When the bell rang, signaling the end of class, I jumped from my seat. Aly quickly sprang to her feet, blocking my escape route.

"We need to talk." She said.

I nodded.

"Lunch." I murmured.

Aly understood. We had a short, awkward hug before stepping into the hall and parting ways.

My remaining classes were buzzing with everyone talking about the 'new girl'. Several of my friends made sexual remarks detailing exactly what they'd like to do to her. Some of them made me laugh. Some of them pissed me off. Whatever the outcome, I remained silent.

Finally, after my last class had ended, I headed to the school cafeteria. Almost immediately, I found Aly. She was sitting a table primarily dominated by other girls. Several of the girls turned and stared at me as I approached.

Standing and grabbing my wrist, Aly led me to a vacant table. This only gained us more glances. We sat on opposite sides of the table. There was a momentary silence.

"Look...I'm sorry about not saying anything to you before I left." She said.
I shrugged my shoulders. People were watching and I had to play it cool.
"Oh. I didn't know that it didn't matter to you." She whispered, her head drooping.

"I didn't say that." I whispered back, looking around to make sure no one was listening. "Nothing I could do about you leaving like that."
"Just like there was nothing I could do about you telling me you loved me and then fucking Tiffany." Her voice was quiet, but stern.

Uh oh.

"What are you..." I mumbled.

"Don't try that." She cut me off. "After the dance, she was pissed off cause Rudy disappered. I guess since she wasn't happy, she didn't want me to be, either."

I wasn't sure just exactly what she knew. I decided then that I wouldn't lie to her, though. There was no use in it.

"How could you do that to me?." Her voice sounded shaky.

"Look," I started, "She just...I don't know. Tiff was just around when you couldn't be. She was there and wanted it. It just happened. But we only had sex once after I told you I loved you. Even that night, I tried to get her to go back to your tent and she wouldn't."

Aly rubbed her eyes. It appeared her tear ducts were functional.

"And how many times was it before?" She asked.

I stuck with my decision to be honest.

"Well...the night I ate her out. You were there for that. Um. The day she told you she left something in the mess hall...we were fucking. And she had a threesome with us." I answered, honestly.

"A threesome?" Aly's voice slipped away from her, sending more looks our way.

"Shh!" I mouthed. "Yeah. With me and Rudy."

"Ew. I can't stand Rudy. He kept texting me asking for a blowjob or anything else I'd give." She said.

There was a moment of silence.

"I feel so stupid." She started. "I always thought it was just you and me out there. The first night I met you, the night I gave you a handjob, I almost had sex with another guy. But no. I wanted it to be special, so I waited and gave it to you. I knew I liked you as soon as we met and I thought you liked me, too. I didn't wanna say anything while we were all at camp, but Tiff was blowing guys left and right. Sometimes I'd wake up and they'd be right beside me going at it. I'm sure she had sex with a few of them. Looks like I could have been doing the same thing the whole time. Seems like to cool thing to do these days."

I felt terrible hearing her say that.

"Aly, don't say things like that. I'm sorry. You'd never believe me, but I feel horrible about it. It was never anything against you, though. I'm just a dumb teenager that never realized I had something better with you that I was throwing away." I said.

Aly wiped a tear from her eye.

"Anyone else I should know about?" Her voice was shaky. I was still going to be open with her.

"The last day of camp, I woke up and someone was in my cot with me. I thought it was you. But it wasn't." I whispered.

"Obviously." She sobbed.

"I didn't want to do anything. All I could think about was going up to see you before you left. But I won't lie. I let her blow me. Then she started bitching so I fucked her until she got off. I didn't, though. It didn't mean anything." Another honest answer.

Aly's head dropped low.

"Rudy was way worse than I was. After the concert he had girls in and out of there constantly. He was doing anyone he could. I was the one that stayed away from it." I said, trying to push the blame.

"I can understand it, kind of. We were just a Summer thing. Why should it matter?" A tear ran down her cheek.
"Don't cry over me. I'm not worth it." I sighed, reaching across the table grabbing her hand.
"I just thought you really loved me like you said." She attempted to hide her shaky voice.

"Aly, I don't know if I've ever really been in love or not, but you're the closest thing to it that I know." I whispered.

Aly forced a smile.

"So what about us?" She asked.

"What do you mean?" I replied.

"Like...if one of these guys wanna hang out with me or something. What do I tell them?" Her voice steadied.

I thought about it for a minute.

"Tell them you're with me. That is, if you want to be." I smiled.

I leaned over the table and kissed her. Now, I knew many eyes were upon us. I was somewhat surprised when Aly kissed me back.

"I do love you, Aly." I whispered into her ear.

"I hope so. Cause I really love you." She whispered back.

A real smile spread across her face as I stood and walked around the table, sitting next to her. Her head found my shoulder. I stared into the many faces watching us as I kissed the top of her head.

"C'mon." I said. "Enough of this sad stuff. What are you doin' after school?"

"Nothing." She cleared her throat.

"You can come over to my house. We can talk some more." I knew my parents wouldn't be home for several hours.

Aly nodded her head as the bell indicating dismissal chimed. We walked out of the cafeteria to her locker, hand in hand. Several pens, pencils, and what-not were taken from her pocket and placed into her school-assigned space. Closing the door, she smiled at me. It felt good seeing that smile again.

As we walked out of the school, several of my friends, the same friends that made the disgusting comments, winked at me, smiled, and did other generally obnoxious gestures.

"What's wrong with them?" she asked me.

"They're just jealous." I answered. "Because I have you and they don't."

I didn't drive to school. I had a car, but saw no point in wasting the gas when I only lived a few blocks from school. Aly and I spent the short walk catching up on what we had been doing since camp. She'd been busy moving. I hadn't done much.

As we turned onto my street, Aly pointed one road over.

"Oh my gosh! I live right over there! Look! You can see my house from here!" She said as we walked up my driveway.

"Well, I might just have to sneak in your window sometime." I teased.

"Hmm. Maybe if you're a good boy." She joked.

I opened my front door and ushered Aly in. I watched her small, tight ass sway as she walked further into my home. It was unbelievable. The girl that had single-biggest impact on my life was now standing inside my house. Incredible.

Aly turned to me, catching the placement of my eyes.

"Naughty." She laughed.

I had to laugh.

"So...where's your room?" She asked.

Without saying a word, Aly followed my up the staircase to the second floor. This was my domain. The level consisted of my room, the bathroom accessible only by my room, a spare bedroom, and a small family room. Luckily, no one ever used any of these rooms except me. I had it all to myself.

Opening my door, we stepped inside. Aly looked around before jumping onto my bed and sprawling out, face down.

"Mmm. This is comfy." She giggled.

She did look good in my bed.

"Ever get anyone in this thing?" She asked.

"Not yet." I answered.

"Really?" She seemed shocked.

"All my sex has been in a shower, tent, bathroom, and field." I said. "You were there."

"Yeah. For most of it." She was trying to make me feel bad.

I let out a long sigh.

"Oh, chill." She said. "Besides, if I get naked in this bed, at least I know I’m the only one that has."

I almost felt uncomfortable hearing her talk to me like that until I realized she was the only one around with the authority to.

Walking to the side of the bed, I laid down next to her on my side, my head propped up by my bent arm. I ran my palm down her back.

"Mmm. That feels good." Aly let out a small moan before turning onto her side, facing me. Together, we scooted toward one another slowly, our lips touching.

Aly’s hands mysteriously appeared at the button on my shorts, undoing it. Before I knew it, my zipper was being pulled down slowly.

"Why, Aly, are you trying to seduce me?" I teased.

"Nope. Just trying to fuck you." She answered, seriously.

"Well, maybe if you're a good girl." I laughed.

Small, seemingly innocent, hands pushed on my shoulders, forcing me into a sitting position, my back resting against the headboard. Aly's mouth found mine quickly as her legs straddled my hips.

With my shorts already unbuttoned and unzipped, it didn't take much to scoot them to my feet and eventually to the floor. I watched the action in front of me, Aly peeling her shirt from her body, her bra following soon after.

My hands seemed glued to her perky breasts. I missed the way they felt against my own skin. Bringing my head forward, I gave each nipple a kiss before pressing my mouth against hers.

I could feel Aly's fingertips trailing down my chest and stomach, stopping between our legs. Her hand squeezed at the bulge in my boxers. It wasn't long before my cock was let loose, Aly bringing the elastic below my balls.

My soft skin rubbed against the rough fabric of her khaki shorts. With my cock in her hand, I tore the top shirt from my body, leaving me in a white tank top, socks, and partially my boxers.

"Come on, Aly. I need you." I whispered into her ear.

Without hesitation, Aly rolled off and stood beside me. Her hand took it's sweet time opening her shorts, revealing a pair of light blue panties. The shorts fell in slow motion to her feet as Aly rubbed her soft mound through her panties.

I grabbed my cock and stroked myself as I watched her work. A finger, freshly released from her mouth, dove into her panties and went to work. A soft moan escaped me.

Aly breathed hard as her hands hooked the top of her panties, pulling them down so slowly. What a tease.

As the light blue fabric hit her ankles, she walked seductively around to the other side of the bed. I got to my knees and faced her as she sat down.

Bending my body, I wrapped a hand around to her right side, my mouth finding her right nipple. As I attempted to switch breasts, Aly pulled her chest from side to side. With the patience of a reptile attempting to catch a fly, my tongue darted multiple times as Aly swayed.

Finally, my pursuit ended, I caught her left nipple in my mouth. My tongue ran over her nub while my hand massaged her stomach.

I could feel her hand against my shoulder once more, and gradually, I released her nipple. As I laid down, my upper back propped against the headboard, a smooth hand tugged my tank top up, and my boxers down to meet the same fate as my shorts.

The feeling of smooth skin wrapping around my throbbing shaft sent a moan from my body. Her head lowered, her hair tickling my thighs.

The smooth, yet rough, feeling of Aly's tongue licked up and down my shaft as she squeezed. My hand caressed her, circling from her shoulder, to her back, to the side of her breast as her lips parted, taking me in.

It was a pleasant surprise feeling my body tense as her nails brushed against my scrotum. Shockwaves surged through my body. Aly continued pumping me as she took me from her mouth and kissed me. Delightful.

Before I entered her mouth once more, my cock was ran along her hard nipple.

Feeling I wasn't doing my full part, I leaned back what little I could and ran my hand the length of her back from her shoulder blades to her ass. Unfortunately, Aly gripped and played with my balls, limiting my hand motions to her upper back, exclusively.

With a final suck, Aly turned to me.

"Ready?" She asked, rolling on her side, away from me.

I didn't have to answer. She didn't need to hear my answer. Instead, I gripped her hips and scooted my body against hers. Bringing her legs up a little, fully exposing her amazing pussy, I entered Aly.

I couldn't believe it. What a phenomenal feeling. A feeling I hadn't felt in months. Weeks and weeks of jacking off couldn't come close to comparing with the feeling of being inside of Aly.

Her left leg in the air, supported by my arm, Aly reached behind her and held my hips as I pumped.

Moans of pleasure ran from the both of us. My hand moved down her leg and squeezed her still-raised thigh.

As I kept pumping, Aly done something she'd never done before. Reaching between her legs, she gripped my balls as I drove in and out of her. I hadn't had any experience in ball-play, but I was becoming a huge fan.

"I'm so glad you didn't forget how to do this." Aly laughed.

I laughed to, but could respond. I was too filled with pleasure.

I almost got into a bit of trouble. So filled with ecstacy was I, I came dangerously close to blowing it right there. I stopped pumping abruptly.

"Something wrong?" Aly asked.

"Oh," I said. "Just wanna switch positions."

I pulled out of Aly and laid on my back.

"Here." I instructed.

Aly turned over and straddled my legs, grabbing and guiding my cock back inside of her as she sat down.

My hands slid down her sides, resting on her ass as she began her starting bounces. Finding her rhythm didn't take long. The energy electrified our bodies as her hips slammed up and down.

My hands, abandoning her ass, laid on the bed underneath the bent elbows being used to prop myself up. Aly's hands sat behind her as her hips began bucking back and forth.

I lifted the bottom of my tank top above my chest, fully viewing the spectacle going on below. My cock was glistening with juice. I loved it.

Her hips went from bucking back and forth, back to slamming up and down as her hand ran over my pecs. My nipples hardened from her touch.

I couldn't stand her fucking me anymore. I wanted to fuck her. I brought my body to a sitting position and wrapped an arm around her back. I used my thighs to bounce her up and down my shaft. Her moans of pleasure hit my ears as I sucked her nipple into my mouth and released it.

With her hand gripping the back of my neck, her hips began bucking again as I bounced her.

"Jesus." I moaned, closing my eyes. "Aly, I've gotta fuck you."

Aly quit bucking the same time I quit bouncing. Crawling to the side, my cock again slipped out of her. Spotting my cell phone on a bedside table, I grabbed it.

Bringing my attention back to the girl of my dreams, currently on all fours, I pushed myself back into her. I didn't bother with any slow pumping. She was wet, we were both hot, and I knew exactly what to do.

I welcomed the sound of my balls slapping her slit. It was the best music I'd heard in months. Lifting my tank top above my chest once more, I used my cell phone to take a picture of my cock penetrating her beautiful pussy.

"What was that?" Aly asked, referring to the bright light that had filled the room momentarily.

"Relax, babe. I took a picture." I answered.

"Haha. Why?" She asked.

"Just in case I don't see you for a long time again." She understood.

I tossed my phone onto the bed. My hips continued banging against her ass, which I was now grabbing with one hand, the front of her hip with the other.

Aly's head dropped and I quit pumping just to take a short break.

"God. I'm gettin' tired." She laughed. "When are you gonna cum?"

"As soon as you do." I answered before I continued pumping.

I experimented with grabbing her shoulders, pulling her back as I pushed forward, but it still wasn't getting me anywhere.

"Get on your back." I instructed, pulling out.

Aly rolled onto her back and spread her legs. Good girl.

My arms rolled underneath her lower limbs and pushed them onto my shoulders. My cock found it's mark. This was just what I was looking for.

I decided to start pumping slow, allowing the pleasure to build. Aly lifted my tank top, her nails brushing my chest. I finally started to feel like I was getting close again.

I knew she was feeling the same way when those nails dug into the skin of my ass, then both hands gripping the back of my thighs.

"Ooohhh. So close..." she called out.

"Are you sure?" I asked.

Aly nodded her head. I quickly pulled out. She looked confused.

"Hurry!" I said. "Get on your side!"

Aly rolled over and I laid down next to her, back into the first position we'd been in. I grabbed her leg and held it high, pushing myself back in.

"Play with my balls." I told her. It was such a new and great feeling, I knew the resulting orgasm would be phenomenal.

I pumped furiously, kissing her neck. My eyes felt like they were rolling in my head as Aly's fingers caressed my balls. I moaned loudly, praying she was as close as I was.

"Oh, fuck, Aly!" I screamed with pleasure as my cock erupted.

The hot juice squirting inside of her sent Aly over the edge. Her mouth hanging open, her pussy clamping shut, she never let go of my testicles. What a gal.

I stopped counting the number of times my cock tensed up after 10. I couldn't believe it. My entire body tingled. I couldn't take it anymore. I fell to my back, my still-hard cock flopping from her, a gush of hot juices follwing.

I tried to catch my breath. My hand brushed against my shaft, sending me shaking again.

"Looks like I outlasted you." Aly giggled.

"Oh, I don't care." I managed between deep breaths. "That was fucking great."

Aly rolled over and put her head on my shoulder, looking up at me. We kissed long and hard.

"Yeah. It was pretty good." She smiled.

If that was good how the hell could I ever make it great?

We laid there, silently, my cock finally deflating. I stared at the ceiling thinking how great this all really was. When I turned my attention back to Aly, she was looking in my phone.

"Oh, wow. That picture. We're freakin' hot!" She said looking at what I'd captured earlier.

"Duh." I laughed.

"Let's take another one!" She sounded excited. I nodded my head.

Lifting the phone above her head, she kissed me. We both closed our eyes as the flash went off. The picture was great. The fact that she wasn't wearing a shirt was obvious as the side of her breast had made the picture. It didn't matter. Who was gonna see it?

Several minutes passed as we continued making out before Aly broke the silence.

"Guess we could get dressed." She suggested in almost a whisper.

"Guess so." I conceded.

We sat up and searched the floor for our clothes.

"You know, he's gonna miss you." I said, motioning to my cock.

"Aww. I'll miss him, too!" She replied. "Don't worry. I'll see you soon!"

With that, she bent down and kissed the head of my cock, before coming up and kissing me.

A small stir began down south, but we were exhausted. Pulling up my boxers, followed by my shorts, I sat on the bed and watched as Aly clasped her bra and pulled her shirt back on. Good as new.

"Let's go downstairs." She said. "Probably not a good idea to stay in a room with a bed."

"Good idea." Though, I didn't think it mattered where we were. If it was gonna happen, it'd happen.

I plopped down on my couch. I felt like I could take a nap. Aly, tucking her legs underneath her, straddled my lap, wrapping her hands behind my head.

"I'm glad we're together." She whispered.

"Me too." I was being honest.

As soon as our lips met, I knew I needed to take her again. I was pretty sure she sensed it, too, as her hand massaged a specific area of my shorts.

We were both startled when the loud sounds of bells and chimes blared seemingly out of nowhere. Aly looked shocked, then as though she understood.

Reaching into her pocket, she pulled out her cellphone.

"Hello?" She answered. "Oh. At a friends house. No, I'm close. Alright. Alright. See you in a few."

I looked at her questionably.

"Shit." She said. "That was my dad. Wanna walk me home?"

I wasn't going to say no. Instead, I kissed her again and stood once she got off of me.

We exited the house back into the Summer sun. Living so close nearby, the walk didn't take long.

"Um, you want to meet my dad?" She asked, nervously.

"Doesn't bother me." I said. In reality, the thought scared me.

"You don't have to." She said.

"Nah. I will." I assured her.

"You should know something first..." She started.

"Aly, it'll be fine." I said.

"Ric, you really need to know something, though." She again protested.

"" I almost laughed.

Aly shrugged her shoulders as we walked up the sidewalk to her door. My heart was pounding. I was about to meet the man that made the girl I'd been fucking. What a rush!

As we stepped inside, Aly took off out of the room and around the corner.

"Hi, daddy!" I heard her say.

"Hey, sweetie. How was school." I heard a man answer. His voice was familiar, but I couldn't place it.

"Good, good. Um. There's someone here I want you to meet." She sounded nervous again.

"Oh. Alright. Who?" He asked.

"He's kind of my boyfriend." Aly said.

"A boyfriend? Already?" The man asked.

"I've known him awhile." Aly said, stepping back around the corner, into the room.

Behind her, a man with a short, familiar, salt and pepper beard appeared.

"Well, Ric, how've you been?" He asked.

"Oh good, Gary. How about you?" I was stunned.

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