She ruined my I was going to ruin her daughter
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The stupid bitch had done it to me again. I couldn't believe it. You see, about two years ago I had decided to open up my own little bistro in an up and coming part of town. I figured if I got in early, then I would have a chance of really making some money when the neighborhood finally took off. Well, the neighbor hood was taking off, but thanks to this stupid column in the city paper, I was barely keeping my head above water.

She called herself "The Secret Tongue", and she would go around the city sampling all of the dishes from different restaurants and giving them a rating. The thing was, she was a brutal bitch, and people seemed to listen to her. Now I'm not going to tell you I had the best food in town, but it was pretty darn delicious, and my prices were really fair priced; and yet, this skank always insisted on giving my joint one of her lowest ratings possible. Each time she wrote an article about me, it was worse than the time before. Her constant attacks were about to make close my doors, and after all the time and money I had invested in it, I just wasn't going to go down without a fight.

That was when I started plotting my revenge. Even though her identity was a secret to the public, it didn't take me that long padding a few pockets to finally find out who my nemesis was. After I got her name...Christine D.....I let do the rest. You really can find pretty much anyone online. After only a few hours of surfing and reading online, I found her home address, her divorce records from 6 years ago, and her phone number. I even found that she had a facebook and myspace account. When searching through her pages, I also found that one of her friends was her 17 year old senior daughter. I have to say though, she looked much prettier than her mother.

I spent the next two weeks trying to figure out what I was going to do to save my business. I knew all the things I wanted to do to punish this bitch, but to be honest....I was a pretty calm guy with almost no temper. But then it happened....

I was going over the reservation list at the front door when she walked in on that quiet Saturday night. She was wearing a sleek black evening dress with a string of white pearls hang around her thin slick neck. She spouted out her fake name as though she owned the joint, and then stared impatiently at me as I pretended that there was a long list of names to go through. I could tell she wasn't impressed or convinced as she turned away and glared out the window. "BITCH" I kept thinking to myself.

I showed her to her seat, and was determined that tonight was my chance to finally get a better rating. I waited on her personally as well as took extra care in preparing each dish she ordered. I was running myself ragged between giving her excellent attention and still working to prepare an incredible meal. But I could just see it in her eyes...she hated it all. She hated me, she hated my food...shit...I think she even hated the color of the walls. I was doomed for sure.

It seemed that in spite of her disgust with my place however, she just seemed to linger forever on this particular evening. She ordered glass after glass of wine, and after about an hour or so, it was time for me to lock up.

"Excuse me maam, do you need me to call you a cab? It seems as though you may have had a little too much to drink."

"Fuck you and fuck your stupid restaurant. I'll be damned if some man is going to tell me when I've had too much to drink."

"I'm sorry maam..." I was using every bit of restraint I had not to tell this slut exactly what I thought of her. "I was jus trying to help."

"If you want to help me...pour me another glass and get the hell away from me."

How dare her treat me like this. I was sure this had to be the most angry I had ever been. I disappeared to the kitchen and told the wait staff to have a good night being as they had already finished cleaning up the kitchen. As the back door shut behind them, I slammed my fist down hard upon one of the counters and started mumbling a bunch of obscentities at my intrusive visitor. I had finally taken all I could handle, and I guess I snapped. I spied the bottle of red wine still setting on the counter next to my fist. My mind immediately jumped to the valium I kept in my office. I didn't need valium until the stress this woman was now putting on me had started. It was time she got a dose of her own medicine...literally. I quickly made my way into my office, retrieved the bottle of pills, and then quickly returned to the bottle of wine.

I must of stood there for a couple minutes before I finally worked up the courage to drop a few of the pills in the half empty bottle. I swashed the red liquid around for a couple seconds, helping the small pills to dissolve quickly. I hesitated one last second, and then returned back to the main hall to find her still sitting there in her chair. Her eyes were glazed over, and to be honest, I almost didn't think that I would need the pills to finish the job. But still, I filled her glass up to the top, hoping to get as much of the drug as possible into her system.

She didn't wait one bit to snatch up the glass and down half of it. I stood there watching her, almost losing track of the fact that I was just staring at her.

"Did you want something?" She snapped up at me.

"Ummm, maam. But here is your bill." I retrieved the paper stub from my apron and then moved to the front of the store and turned off the front lights and open sign. I locked the door just as I heard the sound of broken glass behind me followed by a loud 'thud'. I quickly turned to find that she had collapsed on to the table top out cold.

I knew she would be out for a while, so I decided to go on and finish up my work for the evening. After about 30 minutes, I returned to the main room, happy to find her still passed out. I looked at her for a few minutes, admiring her body. I hated the woman, but I have to give it to her...she was hot. She had short cropped hair, a really thin frame, one super tight ass, and though they weren't easy to see at the moment, she had some sweet small perky breasts. I couldn't help but notice them when she checked in earlier. Her swollen nipples were easily poking through the smooth fabric of her dress.

I left her at the table again, and eagerly ran out to my car and pulled it around to the back door of my place. I opened the back door and then made my way back inside. I wasted no more time as I scooped up her lightweight body and tossed it up over my shoulder. The hem to her dress shifted upward, leaving the small curves of her ass visible right next to my face as i carried her out to my car. My fingers had slid up her inner thigh and was resting against the silky piece of her thong panties resting there. I hated myself for it, but I could feel my cock starting to harden a little.

I plopped her into the car and then quickly made my way to the front seat. At first I was considering taking her back to my place, but then after careful consideration realized how hard it would be to sneak her into my apartment without being noticed by my nosey neighbors. After driving around town for about 20 minutes, I finally opted to just take her home. I knew where she lived, and figured I could take care of my business just as easily there.

Her house was mostly dark from the outside, and I had the foresight to rummage through her purse in advance to find her keys. I also found her little black notebook in there. I quickly read through her notes, and realized that my restaurant was not the only one she constantly blasted. In fact, she had a trend. Any restraurant owned by a man tended to get a bad rating, and all of the women owned ones got a good one. I couldn't believe it...the bitch just hated men. It had to have been a result of her divorce a few years back. Well, after tonight,I couldn't imagine she was going to like us any better.

I hoisted her body up over my shoulder again and carried her up to her front door, constantly watching over both of my shouders to make sure that no one had seen me. It was getting pretty late, so I was pleased to say that her high browed prim and proper neighborhood seemed to be in bed already. I fumbled with the keys a little, but managed to unlock the front door with little effort and quickly disappear inside. I was shocked how nice her house was. The newspaper gig had obviously been treating her well. I spotted a black leather couch across the room, and made my way to it before dropping her down upon it. Even though she wasn't that heavy, I was a little out of breath, and took a moment to stare down at her body once again.

Her dress was hoisted up still, and I was now able to see the slinky little black thong covering her pussy. My cock twitched again as my eyes began to take in all of her beautiful body. She moaned a little and squirmed on the couch, but I was pleased to see that she was still out cold. I decided to look around for a few minutes, and found my way to the kitchen. I opened the refrigerator and found myself a beer. It was a refreshing treat as I chugged it down and sat in a chair that had a clear view to the living room couch. From the angle I was sitting, I could still see right up between her legs, become more curious by the moment as to what her pussy looked like beneath those panties. Just as I was about to go find out, I heard a voice calling from upstairs.

"MOM? MOM? Is that you?"

It was clearly the voice of a teenage girl, and she had refrained from coming down the stairs quite yet.

"MOM? Come on mom, is that you down there?" Her voice was a little nervous, but at the same time, more frustrated. "Shit...I'll bet the bitch is passed out again." I heard her say as she started her descent down the stairs.

I quickly turned off the kitchen light which was not visible from the stairs. I hid in the shadows of the kitchen as this fair little beauty walked into the light of the living room. Her body was almost an exact match to her mothers. She was wearing a t-shirt with cut off sleeves. The length was barely long enough to cover her ass, and as her arms swayed, I could actually see those lovely little B tits with the hard nipples. The longer I stood there in the dark, the more my cock started to come to life. In fact I almost came in my shorts when she bent over to check on her mother, and gave me a perfect view between her soft silky thighs. This lovely girl wasn't wearing any panties, and from the angle I was at, I would swear she was pantiless.

"AH-HUMMM" I simulated clearing my throat, causing the young beauty to jump and swing around abruptly.

" scared me...who the fuck are you?" she spouted out; her face flushed and nervous.

"I'm a friend of your mom's from the paper...she got a little plastered at the bar tonight, and I didn't think she was fit to drive." I was lying through my teeth, but was hoping this naive little girl would buy it.

"Well...thank. She was in a bad mood when she left earlier. Said she was going to go destroy another restaurant.Guess she opted for the bar instead."

The bitch had actually gone out with the intent of destroying my business. I was angry again, but insistant on not showing it to her beautiful daughter. "Yeah, I guess so. Why did she want to destroy a business?" I asked...hoping for a little insight.

"Well, today was the 6th anniversary to her and my dad's divorce. She always gets drunk on this day."

"He must have screwed her over pretty bad for her to get like that."

She looked around the room, almost questioning within herself whether she should say anymore.
"Well, actually...Mom was the bitch. She cheated on dad, and when he refused to take her back, she decided that she hated him and all other men because of it. Guess she blames men for her being a slut."

" tell me what you really feel." I giggled a little to lighten the mood, but she kept a stern face.

"What I feel is that this bitch cost me my father and now just about any guy that I ever bring home. She won't let them sit still for more than two minutes before telling them how worthless they are. I hate her and can't wait till I can move out in 6 more months. My dad is even setting me up with a little trust fund when I turn18 so I can afford to move out."

My mind was reeling from the turn of events. Here I was in my worst enemies home, and her own daughter hated her. I was instantly curious if she would like to get even with her mother with me.

"My name is Shane."

"Oh, hi Shane, my name is Renee. So what do you do with my mom? She never talks about the people at work."

"Well, I might have lied about that Renee." I paused a minute, waiting for her response. Her eyes quickly met mine, curious what I was getting at. "You see, I'm the owner of the restaurant your mom came to "destroy" this evening."

"Oh Shit! What are you doing here?" I expected her to run for the phone and call the police, but instead she just stared at me.

"I probably shouldn't tell you this, but I came here to teach your mother a lesson. She has slowly been killing my business over the past two years."

"What did you have in mind? Were you going to fuck her? I think you should fuck her...she's got it coming to her after everyone she has fucked over."

I couldn't believe my ears. This young vixen just told me to fuck her passed out mother. Now I was the one staring at her.

"Don't look at me so shocked Shane...I may be a virgin, but i'm not and idiot."

I was even more shocked. Oh sure, I had stood here for the past five minutes fantasizing about driving my cock up that sweet girl's pussy, but to hear her speak so bluntly was driving me crazy.

"I've got a better idea Renee."

"What is that?" she asked, almost as anxious to hear what I had to say as I was to tell her.

"What if we make your mother think it is her fault that I fucked her little virgin daughter right in front of her? We can tie her up, and when she comes too, she'll just assume that I had broken in and taken advantage of you."

There was a big bright smile that covered Renee's lovely face. "You mean you want to FUCK me?"

"No Renee...I want to rape will just know about it in advance."

"Oh hell yeah Shane...let's do that."

"Now if we do this Renee, you have to know that It is not going to be slow and sweet. I'm going to fuck you hard. I'm going to make you suck my cock. And I might even drive my cock up your tight little ass....are you sure you can handle all of that."

"I don't know Shane. But I'll let you do anything you want to me. And don't worry about stopping. Even if you hurt me, I'll do anything to get even with my mother and lose my cherry at the same time. So what do we need to do?"

My head was spinning and my cock was throbbing. This night was not ending up anything like I had expected. What had started out a simple plan to scare this bitchy broad had ended up with a dirty plan to rape her daughter right in front of her.

"I need some rope and some thick tape. And whatever you do...don't change what you are wearing."

Without saying a word, Renee disappeared back up the stairs as quickly as possible. Within about two minutes that sweet fragile body came flying back down the stairs with a spool of rope and a roll of duct tape. I placed a piece of tape over her mother's mouth and then flipped her body over and tied her hands together with a piece of the rope. I ordered Renee to grab two of the padded wooden chairs from the dining room and place them in the middle of the living room floor facing the couch. Again she returned quickly with the first chair and placed in front of the couch. As she left for the second one, I hoisted her mother's body up off the couch and then plopped it down in the chair. I had made sure to get her hands over the back of the chair, allowing it to spread her arms apart while keeping them tied. I took a piece another piece of rope, cutting it to size with a pocket knife from my pocket, and then tied it from her wrists, beneath the bottom bar of her chair and then around each ankle, securing them to each of the front legs. By the time I was done, her legs were slightly parted, still flashing that naughty black thong.

Renee returned to the living room, seeing her mom tied to the chair. A small grin crossed her lips as she placed the chair next to her mother and instinctively sat down next to her.

"My turn Shane." Her arms moved back behind the chair, jutting her little perky tits out against her t-shirt. I bent down behind her, and couldn't help but notice that the back of the chair had pushed up her shirt a little, revealing one of the loveliest soft asses i had ever seen. I could tell how soft her skin was without even touching it. I slowly started restraining her wrists, making sure to 'accidentally' let my fingers brush against her soft ass a few times in the process. Renee only let out a soft moan of satisfaction each time I did. I passed the rope beneath the chair, and decided that I would prefer tying her feet to the chair legs from the front. I quickly moved around the chair, and knelt right between her legs. Without even having to ask, I watched this luscious creature spread her knees wide apart, wrapping her ankles around the base of the legs. Her hips had done the job of hiking up her t-shirt, revealing her delicious little shave pussy.

"Oh are fucking beautiful." I said, smiling up at her. She giggled a little as I began to tie her ankles up, making sure to keep them looser than I had tied her mother. As I finished the second leg, I couldn't seem to draw myself away from the incredible view between her legs. I glanced back over at her still passed out mother, and then back at her pussy, and then up to her eyes. Renee was just smiling at me with one of the softest sweetest smiles you can imagine.

"This one is for you baby...before we wake up your mother." With that I leaned forward, pressing her thighs even further apart, and I thrust my tongue eagerly against her clit. Renee's body jumped as she felt my warm tongue begin to explore up and down her wet slit. Each time I reached her clit, she would let out a loud moan, indicating that I was doing well. My hands slid under her ass cheeks, sliding her as much forward on the chair as i possibly could. Needless to say, it didn't take long before I was devouring my young beauty...driving my tongue deep in and out of her little tight virgin pussy. I would only stop tongue fucking her long enough to suck her clit into my mouth and tease her with my tongue and lips. After only a few minutes i was treated to one of the most delicious orgasms. She exploded against my tongue and her warm nectar filled my mouth. I feverishly feasted on her little pussy until she exploded again...and then once again. My cock was throbbing so hard in my pants I figured I'd explode before ever getting my zipper down.

I finally broke myself away from her sweet pussy and clit and stood back up in front of her. She was panting heavily, but I noticed her eyes move downward toward the bulge in my pants. "Can...ummm...I ...ummmm... see it?" She asked, somehow still nervous in spite of having just exploded numerous times in my mouth.

"Not yet sweetheart...but believe will get my cock soon enough."

She looked a little disappointed, but instead shifted her hips back into the chair, and smiled back at me again. "I really enjoyed that. You were so much better than Eddie from school. He had no idea what to do once he got down there."

"I'm glad you approved. Now what say we wake up this bitch of a mother of yours?"

Renee nodded at me, and without any warning I slapped her mother's face hard.

Christine's eyes shot wide opened. It was obvious she was still groggy from the alchohol and medication, but she was alert enough to realize that her hands were tied up.

"What the fu...what is going on? Why can't I move?"

I slapped her hard across the face a second time. "Remember me Bitch?" I asked...sounding strong and stern.

"What are you doing in my home?" She asked, her voice sounding staggered and nervous instantly.

"MOM? What's going on? Help me mom...I'm tied up and can't move."

I couldn't believe how sincere she sounded. Only one minute ago she was grinding her sweet pussy against my face, and now she was sounding like the poor mistreated victim. She almost had me convinced.

Christine's eyes quickly shot off to her right, and saw her frail little daughter helpless and defenseless next to her. Any aggressive desires within her immediately melted, and fear took its place.

"Please...what do you want from me? I will do anything you want...just please don't hurt my little girl. Please don't do anything to my baby."

"What you mean like you've done to my restaurant? You mean don't fuck her up like you fucked up the business I've worked so hard to build. NOOOO, why would I want to do a thing like that."

The reality of my anger had finally set in, and she became fully aware of who I was. "Oh shit...I'm so sorry...I promise I'll give you a better rating. Just please let us go. I know I haven't been fair. Please let us go and I will make it up to you."

"Don't worry Christine...I know you will make it up to me. In fact, I'm going to make sure you make up for all of the trouble you have caused me over the past two years. And I think I'm going to start teaching you a lesson by using your sexy little daughter here."

"Mommy...what is he talking about. Mommy...I'm scared."

I reached over and grabbed a hand full of hair from the back of Renee's head. I pulled back on it only hard enough to look as though I was serious, but Renee decided to make it look convincing, and shot her head backwards hard and strong, making it appear as though I had yanked really hard. I leaned down to her ear and said, "Don't worry sweetheart...your mommy has just made arrangements to teach you a little bit about sex tonight. If you don't fight, it won't hurt you too bad."

"Oh please no..." Christine started to beg, "You can fuck me all you want, but please leave my daughter alone."

"Don't worry're going to get yours too."

With that I pulled out my knife and cut the ropes keeping Renee tied to her chair. I moved back to the front of the chair and yanked her up to her feet; once again having the action over dramatized by my little starlet. I pulled her back up against me, allowing her to feel my cock against her body. I slid my knife up to her throat and then slid my arm around her waist. "You do everything your told, and you might even enjoy this....fight me, and I will have to punish you. Do you understand?"

"Uhhh, y-y-yes...sir."

Christine's eyes were full of fear and tears as she became to scared to speak now that had the knife next to Renee's throat. I closed the blade up though, and returned it to my back pocket. and then with very little effort, I moved my hands to the neck of her flimsy t-shirt and then ripped it wide open right in front of her mother. Both women gasped as I dropped the t-shirt to the floor and left Renee standing naked in full view of her mother.

"Please....damn it...please don't do this....I will do anything you say if you just leave my daughter alone."

"Sorry bitch, you showed no mercy to me over the past two it is my turn to show no mercy."

I slowly began to rub my hands all over the front of Renee's body. One hand moved upward to her chest while the other one worked own toward her pussy. Renee was fighting ever urge she had not to moan out in pleasure as my fingers began to glide between her pussy lips. As my other hand started to twist at her pouty nipple, tugging at it gently, I felt her ass press against my body.

Christine started to sob, insistantly trying to fight her way free of the ropes...but I knew how to tie a good knot. I spun Renee around to face me, and leaned down to her ear again...

"Unzip my pants little girl."

Renee simulated hesitation, though by this time I was pretty sure of how anxious this little slut was to see my big hard on. Slowly I felt her hands touch the front of my slacks and then her thin gentle fingers slowly unzipped my zipper. I was sure my cock had already torn its way through my briefs, but I was wrong. Renee eagerly moved her hands inside my pants and grabbed a tight hold of my cock through my underwear.

"Pull out my cock..." I ordered, captivated by the feel of her tiny fingers wrapped around my shaft.

Renee quickly obeyed, pushing my pants and briefs down over my hips, allowing my cock to spring right up in front of her. I looked over at Christine, and her eyes were as fixed on my 8" cock as her teenage daughter's was. If I wasn't mistaken, I think I even saw her lick her lips a little at the sight of it.

I waited for more opposition from Renee's mother, but I guess she was just as anxious to see her daughter lose her cherry as I was to take it. But not yet.

"Now put it in your mouth." I ordered.

Renee looked at me with hesitation. She knew I was going to make her do it, but she didn't want to seem to eager for her mother. "" She said, defiantly and determined. I pulled back my hand and slapped her across the face again. Once again she snapped her head to the side as though I had driven my fist against it. She started to sniffle a little, actiing as though I had made her cry. Christine sat there in her chair still fixed on the sight of my cock, but unable to see her daughters face.

"Baby, just put his cock in your will be okay. I don't want him to hurt you again." she ordered her teenage daughter. I couldn't fucking believe she just ordered her own daughter to suck my cock.

Renee continued to 'act' hesitant, but slowly placed her lips on the tip of my shaft. I moved my hand to the back of her head, and then in one quick motion pulled her head forward just as I thrusted my hips toward her mouth. My cock quickly drove its way between her lips and deep into her mouth. Renee gagged at the shocking intrusion and for a second actually tried to push me back.I needed this to look as convincing as possible though so I eagerly began to fuck her face hard and fast. Renee was constantly gagging against my cock each time I managed to get a little deeper down her throat. I was already super worked up from eating this sweet girl's pussy that it didn't take long at all before I grabbed tight to her head and thrust my hips hard against her face. She had no choice but to take my cock into her throat as it started firing hot cum from deep within it. Renee was fighting against me, but I was too lost in the moment to care. I pumped harder and faster against her sweet little teenage face until I emptied every drop from my balls. I finally pulled my cock from her mouth and pushed her down onto the floor.

Christine's eyes were still fixed on my cock as her daughter collapsed at my feet. I looked down at Renee, and she gave me a little grin as she rubbed her jaw and finished swallowing the last of my cum.

"Your little girl is quite the cock sucker Christine....we'll have to see how you measure up later."

The comment must have snapped her back to reality a little because she started to protest again.

"Please let my daughter go now. Please! Renee has nothing to do with this. I will still do anything you want, just please let my daughter go."

"Are you crazy Christine. NO WAY! I still haven't got to feel what that tight little pussy of hers feels like. Maybe after I violate that she can go. Oh wait....that is if I decide not to fuck her tight little ass too."

"OH wouldn't dare...not to her...please not to her."

"I guess we'll just have to see what a good mother you are. Now suck my cock till it gets hard again."

I moved across the floor and stood directly in front of Christine. Her eyes had gone back to my cock, and her mouth was already opening to recieve my cock.

"If I feel teeth...I will fuck your daughter in so many ways she won't walk for a you understand me?"

Christine nodded in agreement, and I thrust my hips forward into her mouth. For a while I just stood there as this little man hater began to give me one of the best blowjobs I had ever experienced. She did things with her tongue that I didn't even know were possible. After about 10 minutes, my cock was rock hard again, and I was fucking her throat even faster and deeper than I had ever managed to fuck her daughter's.

Reluctantly I withdrew my cock from her mouth, and smiled down at her..."You are one great cock sucker....keep this kind of work up, and it will be a really easy night for both of you."

"Now come here Renee."

Renee quickly stood up from the floor and came standing next to me.

"Now Renee...I want you to bend over, holding yourself up on your mommy's legs."

Renee quickly obeyed, bending her luscious little naked body over right in front of me. I watched as she slid her hands high up her mother's thighs. I was in total lust as I took in the sight of this seductress as she showed me the beauty of her ass and pussy. I slid my hands up her ass cheeks, enjoying the softness of her skin. My cock was barely an inch from her moist slit, and I knew all i had to do was push my hips forward to get it inside her. Renee pushed back a little, brushing the head of my cock with her pussy lips. That was all the encouragment I needed.

I moved my hands to both of her hips, and then slowly drew myself forward, allowing the head of my cock to slowly press inside this incredible beauty. Renee moaned out as the thick head popped its way inside her and slowly began to spread her open.

"Mmmmmm..." her body betraying her with her own pleasure.

"You like that don't you, you naughty little girl."

She didn't answer, but I already knew it was true. I pushed a little further, and found her hymen wall.

"Get ready mom...i'm about to take your daughter's virginity." I boasted.

"Don't worry baby...mommy is right will be over soon."

"No it won't baby...I'm going to drive my dick so hard and deep inside of you...." And with that I forced my cock hard inside her, tearing past her little hymen and leaving her screaming loudly into the room. For a moment I felt guilty hurting her, but I knew in a few minutes she wouldn't care any longer. I knew I had to look convincing too, so immediately I began to work my cock back and forth inside her sweet tight pussy. Before I knew it she was back to moaning again, and her hips were even working back to meet each of my thrust.

"Oh fuck it feels so good feels so good." Renee's words making me harder and baiting her mother at the same time. "His cock feels so big inside me mommy...he is filling me up."

Christine didn't say a word to her daughter as I pounded her pussy harder and harder, but I could tell that her own body was starting to betray her. I could see her hips starting to move slightly forward and back in her chair. She was squeezing her thighs together as much as she could, helping her to pleasure herself somewhat. Renee's fingers were even sliding forward and in between her legs now, almost sure to be brushing against her mother's pussy lips.

"Don't worry're mother is going to feel my cock really soon." With that I started fucking that little minx with everything I had. Her body blessed her first vaginal orgasm, and her hips began to buck feverishly back against me. "Oh don't stop..please fuck me harder....please....mmmmmm.....ohhh fuck....please don't stop." As i continued to fuck her through three more orgasms, I finally felt my second load of cum boiling to the surface. I quickly withdrew my cock from Renee's pussy and pushed her back onto the couch behind me. It was as if Christine already knew what I expected because her mouth was already open wide and her tongue hanging out. I thrusted forward, driving my cock into her mouth. Christine was like a wild beasts feasting on my cock with savage lust. Within seconds she had cleaned every bit of her teenaged daughters nectar from it, and I was draining my hot seed into her throat, with her mouth sucking me hard and fast. I was having one of the greastest orgasms ever as she devoured every inch of my 8" cock, draining every bit of cum that she could. Even as my body started to calm down, I was enjoying fucking her throat so much I decided to keep it going. She had perfect the oral arts, and my cock never softened for a second.

"You really are great at is such a shame you are a such a bitch too. It is time I make you pay for what you have done to me."

I reached down and retrieved the knife from pants and then cut the ties on her wrists.

"You fucking try anything, and I will torture your daughter all weekend you hear me bitch."

"Don't worry...I won't try anything." Her voice was very calm now, and highly convincing.

I ordered her into the dining room and made her stand in front of the long oval table. I looked over her body through her sexy black dress. "This will never do." I said. With that I took my knife and cut a little slit right at the throat of the evening wear. I close the knife back up and tossed it across the room, well out of reach. Both of my hands moved to the top of the dress, and in one motion I ripped it completely apart just as easily as i had ripped her daughter's t-shirt. Christine wasn't wearing a bra, and her perky little tits were standing up just as proud as Renee's had been. I slid my hands down her body and then quickly snapped both flimsy pieces of fabric suspended over her hips. Her thong fell to the floor between her legs, joining the torn dress already there.

"I'll bet you're wet aren't you slut?" Christine didn't answer, instead she just hung her head down ashamed and embarrassed. She knew I was right. She knew that I knew how turned on she was getting from all of this.

"I asked you a answer me slut. You're wet aren't you?" I raised my hand as if to slap her, but it wasn't necessary.

"Y-y-yes...I'm wet."

"So you liked watching me fuck your naughty little daughter didn't you?"

"Y-y-yes...I did." I could still see how ashamed she was from the fact that she was getting off on the thought of me raping her daughter.

"You filthy little slut...I can't believe you would admit that to me." I spun her around and pushed her face first down upon the table top. If it hadn't been for the faces looking a little different, you couldn't have told these two beauties apart. Her ass was staring back at me with the same seductive look her daughter's had given me. "I'm going to fuck this ass up're going to take all 8" of my cock and then beg me for more."

I didn't waste time moistening it up, because from the looks of it, so much of her pussy juices had flowed down there, she was already soaking wet. I wasn't gentle and I wasn't slow. With one hard strong thrust forced my cock right into her tight little asshole. It felt so good as it squeezed like a vice around my cock.

"OOOOOHHHHHHHHH FUUUUUUUUCKKKKKKKK....." Was all she said as my thick hard cock forced that tight sphincter wide open.

"Mmmmmmmm.....ohhhhhhh fuck!" she shouted again. As my cock finally finished forcing its way completely in her super tight ass, I felt Renee's fingers starting to rub up and down the crack of my ass. Her skinny fingers pushing at my tight little hole encouraged me to fuck her mother's ass even harder and faster. Before I knew it, her tiny had was working back and forth between my balls and ass hole, teasing it with her well manicured fingernail. It was a curious sensation.

Harder and deeper I fucked my way into her ass, lasting forever having just cum two other times.

"OH yeah, fuck my ass baby....don't fucking stop." I told her she was going to beg me to keep going. Christine's first orgasm of the night began to rip through her body as I relentlessly fucked her ass with everything I had. Renee had pulled herself against my body, and I could feel her grinding her wet pussy against the side of my thigh. I leaned down and sucked one of her lovely nipples into my mouth and feasted on it as I could feel my cum boiling back up to the surface. Harder....faster....deeper I drove my cock inside. Christine's second orgasm now pulsing throughout every pore of her body and Renee's hot juices now running down my thigh as she explodes in another orgasm. Needless to say, I lost it. I forced my hips hard forward, driving my cock as deep in Christine's ass as I could get. As my cock started to spasm I pulled back on her hair, relishing the electrical charges throughout my body as I filled her ass with my steamy cum.

I continued to work in and out of her ass until all of the spasms had finally started to dissipate. I finally pulled my cock from Christine's ass and then slid my hand down to the ass of her lovely daughter.

"Lets all return to the living room shall we?" I said. Christine quickly complied as did her daughter as I led them both back to the couch.

I stared down at the two worn out beauties in front of me. "Now Christine....what kind of review should I expect in next week's paper?"

A small grin crossed her face as she looked over at the satisfied look on her daughters face and then back at me.

"Well, I'm not sure yet....seems like you, me and Renee might need to spend a lot more time discussing it."

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I don't know if the tag qualifying this as rape is accurate. However the story was good.

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Overall it was a good story. The typos aside, maybe you should describe a little more on the climax parts. Positive rating earned.

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I am totally wowed and prpaeerd to take the next step now.

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I really liked it got me really wet but i did notice at the point he was tieing her up you said he put tape over her mouth, when she gets woken up she starts talk. Might wannt revise that.

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