Kari gets permission to spend the night
I must have dozed off after our afternoon of fun, and was awoken by the sound of my cell phone ringing. I reached out my hand for it, and was pleasantly surprized as I brushed against the soft skin of Kari's hand. I opened my eyes completely only to find her smiling a slightly mischievous grin back at me.

"It's for you." she whispered to me.

I took my phone from her, surrendering a smile back to her, and then flipped it open. "Hello?"

"Hi's Amy."

"Hi baby," I was working hard to make it sound as though I hadn't just woken up. "Is everything alright?"

"Couldn't be better daddy."

"So I take it your date is going well?"

Amy made a slight embarrassed giggle into the phone, "Oh yes is going great. We are about to go out to dinner and then catch a late movie. I should be home by that okay?"

"Yes baby, you have a good time. Let me know if you decide to go anywhere else though."

"I will daddy. But daddy, that's not why I called."

"Well, what's going on?"

"Well, I just got off of the phone with Kari. She told me that her parents have gone out of town for the weekend, and she just got really spooked in that big house all by herself. She said that she has just been kind of creeped out since you left her."

I reached up to Kari and gave her little pert nipple a twist. "She did, did she? Well what can I do to help?"

"Well, she was hoping you wouldn't mind if she spent the weekend with us, so she didn't have to stay at home all by herself. I promise she won't be any trouble."

"You know Kari is always welcome in our house baby. Tell her that is just fine."

"Uhhhh daddy. Do you think you would mind going to pick her up?"

I tried not to start laughing as Kari's hand reached down and wrapped around my growing cock.

"Not a problem baby. Give her a call and tell her I'll 'cum over' in about 10 minutes."

"Thanks daddy. Oh, you won't mind keeping her company until I get home at midnight will you?"

Kari's hand was now stroking anxiously up and down the full length of my member. Her eyes were gazing deep into mine and I was working my hand all over both of her tits.

"I don't mind Amy. I'm sure we can find something to do. Maybe we'll stop and get a movie or something."

"Thanks daddy. I call her right now. See ya later and I love you."

"I love you too baby. Have a fun evening."

As I flipped my phone shut, it only took about 12 seconds before I heard Kari's cell phone ringing next to my head. I grabbed the phone and saw that it was my daughter calling. I pressed the button and then handed it Kari. She continued to pump my cock with her free hand as she told my daughter she would hurry and pack a bag and be ready for me when I finally "came over" to get her.

The started to small talk about Amy's date for a few minutes, and I decided that this would be a great time to tease my young little temptress. I reached over and grabbed Kari's hips and with one quick lift, tossed her petite little frame up on to the bed, and had her hips straddling my face. Amy gasped out into the phone as I thrust my anxious tongue deep into her tight little pussy.

"Everything okay Kari?" my daughter asked from the other end of the phone.

"Ummm, oh yeah...just bumped my dresser, thought I broke something."

Her breathing was getting a little heavier as my tongue was working even faster in and out of her sweet pussy. She tasted so delicious. I feasted on her pussy, her clit, and even slid my tongue down and probed that wonderful little ass for a while. The more I devoured her, the harder it got for her to carry on a conversation with Amy.

"Uhhh, oh Amy...I better....mmmm...let you go so I can hurry and ....oohhhhh....pack before your dad gets here."

"Are you masterbating over there again Kari?" I could hear Amy laughing over the phone.

"Well, mmmm...figured I'd better take care of .....ohhhh... things before I came over to your house with that sexy dad of yours."

" do that." she was still giggling. "Maybe that way you won't be lusting over him like you always do."

"Don't bet on know how hot your dad makes me."

Both girls were giggling, and I had actually stopped tongue fucking Kari long enough to hear both sides of the conversation thanks to the loud volume. I couldn't believe that my daughter knew her best friend was having sexual thoughts about me, and wasn't at all bothered by it. As Kari hung up the phone, I was awakened with a new form of lust, and eagerly began feasting on her sweet holes all over again. Within a couple minutes I was rewarded with a gush of sweet nectar and Kari's sexy little ass pushing violently back against my face. I continued to tongue fuck her through at least two more orgasms after that until she finally just collapsed on top of me. My cock was pressed against her face now, and she was panting as though she had just run a marathon.

I flipped her off of me, and then climbed up on all fours and straddled her gorgeous little teenage face. I didn't say a word as I began to stroke my hard on all over her lips and cheeks. Kari's eyes locked on to mine again, this time filled with lust and devotion. She opened her mouth wide and jetted out her tongue. It was so warm and smooth as I stroked my cock against it, smearing my precum and her saliva all over her face. One of her hands moved up to my shaft and carefully guided it into her mouth. Slowly she began to work her tongue around my swollen throbbing member in careful methodical pace. I was in no hurry to cum as long as I had this image to take in.

As I enjoyed the feelings of this gentle teenage mouth wrapped around my cock, I was even more pleased as I felt her other hand starting to rub up behind me and teasing its way from my ass to my balls. I could feel her well manicured fingernails as the teasingly scraped against my ball sack just before she fisted my balls in her palm and started to massage them. I leaned forward a little more, now starting to glide back and forth over her face, fucking her mouth in a slow steady rythym. Kari was very relaxed as she was eagerly trying to take more and more of my cock down her throat.

I braced most of my weight on one hand, and then reached back with my other hand and pressed it against Kari's. She gave me a soft smile as she felt my hand starting to glide with hers back and forth over my balls and ass. As I moved her palm backwards again, this time I moved one of my fingers over one of hers, and gently started to press it at my tight asshole. I have expected her to get disgusted and pull it away, but Kari was all about learning to please me now. Without much more instruction, she started to massage her little digit back and forth over the tight hole, and eventually started to force its way inside.

"Ohhhhh fuck Kari...don't stop....finger fuck my tight asshole."

I watched for the reaction on her face, and it must have excited her to hear me talk to her like that, because I was quickly rewarded with the feel of her tiny little digit thrusting deep into my ass.

"Ohh fuck yeah baby."

I was losing control fast now, her finger fucking my ass and my cock fucking her sweet little mouth. I started to thrust my hips faster and harder up against her face now, driving my cock deep into her eager little throat. And each time I did, Kari would thrust her finger deeper into my ass just as eagerly. I could feel a fresh load of cum starting to rise to the surface, and I reached both of my heads up to her headboard, and then started pulling hard against it, fucking her hot little mouth with all the force I could muster. I could hear her gagging beneath me, but my eyes were closed tight, and I was taking the fact that she was still finger fucking my ass furiously, as a sign that she was okay with my aggressiveness. And then finally with one long deep thrust into that wonderful little throat, I fired multiple loads of hot cum inside this lovely beauty.

After I had drained most of my load down her throat, I pulled back a little, trying to keep my cock still comfortably inside her mouth. Kari never stopped stroking the head of my shaft, apparently anxious to drain every drop of cum from it. Her finger was still fucking my ass as she finally gave the head one last suck and then allowed it to drop from her mouth.

"Did I do a good job?" Her eyes looking up at me with sincere desire to know if she was a good lover or not.

"Oh my sweet little goddess....You did an incredible job. I think that was the best blowjob I've ever had."

Her faced beamed from ear to ear with excitement. "REALLY!? I was trying really hard to do a good job for you."

I stroked her face and leaned down and planted a long deep kiss on this succulent beauty. I loved the way her tongue felt as it thrust its way into my mouth. She wasn't an experienced kisser, but I could have kissed her for hours and never tired of the feel of her lips on mine.

After about a two minute kiss, I finally broke away from her and told her to hurry and pack a bag. She smiled back and told me that it was already loaded in the back of my car. We both got up and got dressed back in our clothes and within a few minutes were headed back down the road of her long drive way. We made our way to the movie store, and Kari insisted on picking out a couple erotic thrillers to help us pass the time until my daughter returned home.

As we finally began the drive back to my house, Kari was all over me once again. She had unzipped my fly and had her hand inside my briefs stroking my hard on as she watched all the cars driving by in the dark commenting on how much she wished that they could see what she was doing. I couldn't believe how much I had corrupted this sweet little girl in just one afternoon.

We made our way into the house, and I had decided to call and have a pizza delivered for dinner. Kari set a couple places at the table and filled some glasses with ice and coke.

"Was I a good fuck today? I really want to be a great lover for you?"

I was a little taken aback by her question, but flattered that she really cared how good she could please me."

"You were incredible today kari." I smiled back at her, realizing that I felt more for her than just a quick fuck to get my rocks off with. "I never knew I could find suck pleasure from such a sweet innocent girl, but today, you made me a very happy man."

"I'm not a girl you know....and I'm not quite as sweet and innocent as you might think."

I could tell that I had hurt her feelings a little, and that was the last thing I ever wanted to do. "Kari, you are so were all woman. You fucked and sucked me better than any other woman has ever been willing to do."

From the smile on her face I could tell that I had repaired the damage. We sat there small talking for a few minutes until the pizza arrived, and then we enjoyed our dinner while flirting back and forth across the table. When dinner was finished, I cleaned up the mess, and we both made our way to the couch in the living room. I sat down on the end, and Kari quickly snuggled up next to me. I had opted for the movie that seemed to be the naughtiest, and checking the clock, figured we had enough time to finish it before Amy got home. Needless to say, we were not disappointed. It wasn't a porno, but it was the next best thing. There were a lot of nude shots of women, and a ton of simulated sexual acts. About half way into the movie, Kari looked up at me, smiled, and then bent over and removed my cock from my pants.

Once again I felt the pleasure of this beautiful young creatures lips wrapped around my cock.

"I want you to just enjoy me pleasing you." She said, breaking away from my cock for only a moment.

Who was I to argue. I began to rub my fingers through her silky hair as she slowly and steadily began to feast on my hard on. I could tell that she was enjoying the movie, because each time a sex scene came on, she would steadily increase her pace on my cock. She was getting better at what she was doing too, because every time I was close to cumming, she would slow down and stop me from getting too worked up. She was building me up to such a high, my whole body felt like it was trembling against her.

"Oh are so incredible...mmmmmm....I'm about to cum....."

Kari knew that she had pushed me as far as possible, and decided to take me over the edge. She hoisted herself up on her hands, and eagerly began to fuck my cock in and out of her mouth much faster than before. My hands had gone from rubbing their way through her hair to grabbing large fistfulls of it as I pushed her head up and down on to my shaft.

"Fuck fuck fuck....." I fired thich load of creamy cum into her mouth, and she eagerly devoured every drop of it. Kari never missed a beat as she finished sucking me dry, and then calmly returned my cock to my briefs and zipped me back up. I sat there completely satisfied and happy. My body was still trembling a little as I turned off the movie and started watching some regular television. After about 20 minutes or so, I heard Kari snoring softly on my lap, and knew that she had faded off to sleep. Without moving to much, I slid a pillow beneath her head, and then covered her with the blanket on the back of the couch. and for the next 10 minutes I just enjoyed the sight of this young beauty laying next to me.

I heard the front door open, and I immediately moved my finger to my lips to hush any loud noises my daughter might make upon entering. Amy saw Kari lying there, and smiled and nodded at me.

"Do you want to carry her up to my room daddy? I can run up and fix up the extra bed."

"You do that, I'll be right behind you."

Amy disappeared up the stairs, and I carefully manuevered my way from beneath my sweet young lover. I slid my arms beneath her soft frame, and then hoisted her up into my arms. I could feel her luscious breasts pressing against my chest, but I knew that I couldn't lose control now that my daughter was home. I carried her up to my daughter's spare room, and placed her on the extra bed.

"You girls get some rest. I'm going to call it a night."

"Okay...goodnight daddy. And daddy.....thanks again for taking care of Kari."

"Believe me honey, it was my pleasure. I was happy to help."

With that I closed the door behind me and made my way to bed.

* * * *

The Next Morning:

I woke up around noon time. I loved Saturdays, because they usually just meant a lot of relaxing around the house. Amy and I would usually go to the park or go for a drive. I really was lucky to have such a wonderful daughter. I laid in bed thinking over all of the events from the prior day, and there was a small part of me really starting to wonder if it had all really happened. My mind started thinking about that deliciously sweet young woman and all the things we had done. My cock instantly started to rise, and I decided to go take a shower to 'relieve some pressure."

As I put on my robe and entered the hallway on my way to the bathroom, I could hear that the girls were already up and giggling. I could only assume they were talking about Amy's date, and could only hope that they were not talking about Kari's. I poked my head in the door of Amy's room and saw both girls sitting on the bed wearing skimpy cheerleading shorts and tank tops.

"I'm going to take a either of your girls need in here before I do?" Sometime sharing a single bathroom could be a bother, but we always tried to be considerate when possible.

"No daddy...i'm good." Amy smiled back at me.

"Yeah daddy....I'm okay too." Kari said, and then both girls broke into an innocent giggle.

I closed the door behind me quickly, someone turned on by the fact that Kari had just called me daddy. I felt so naughty all of a sudden.

"Amy, I so want to sneak in on your dad in the shower." Kari giggled

" You are such a filthy little slut wouldn't know what to do with a naked man if you found one." Amy replied.

"Oh yes I would....first I would stroke his big hard penis and then put it in my mouth."

"Oh sure you would. You'd never suck on a penis you little tease."

"I'd suck on your dad's penis...that's for sure."

"You are so bad Kari. I'll bet if I dared you to go climb in the shower with my dad you wouldn't do it...much less suck his cock."

"How much you want to bed?" Kari asked....coaxing my daughter into challenging her. "It wouldn't matter though, because you would get furious if I ever sucked your dad's cock."

"What? No I wouldn't. The fact is, I've heard him and mom before when they were in their bedroom. My mom is a prude. She hates having sex with him. I've heard her say hatefull things to him when he has asked her to suck his cock before. I think that is the real reason she is out of town right now. My daddy is such a great guy, I wish someone would give him the attention he needs."

"Yeah sure. You mean that you would be okay if I sucked your daddy's cock? You wouldn't get mad at me or him?"

Amy hesitated for a second, and then finally decided that she would call Kari out.

"That's it....Kari....I DARE you to sneak into the shower with my dad."


"Really, and I'll bet you $20 that you won't suck his cock if you get in there."

Kari acted like she was thinking it over, but then eagerly agreed to her challenge.

"I accept...but how will you know if I actually did it or not?"

Amy looked around the room, and finally found a small hand held digital video recorder that I had bought her for her last birthday. "Just press record and set this on the bathroom counter facing the shower. If he lets you in, leave the curtain open enough for me to see everything."

Kari snatched the small recorder an headed down the hall followed eagerly by my own daughter. In the middle of the hallway, Kari peeled off her thin tank top and then slid off her short shorts, standing completely naked in front of my onlooking daughter.

"You really are a filthy slut Kari...but I still think you will chicken out."

I heard the door squeak a little, but figured it was just my imagination. The dark shower curtain prevented me from seeing my delicious little beauty as she entered the bathroom. Even the cool draft that rushed through the shower never let me believe for a second that I was about to have this lovely thing invade my shower.

And then without any my hand was stroking up and down my hard shaft...the current flew open and there to my surprize was one of the sexiest sights in the world. My cock instantly grew even harder in my fist as I instinctively kept pumping it up and down.

"Can I give you a hand with that daddy?" she asked, almost making me fire my load right there. "Or maybe a mouth?"

" can't....." my eyes were taking in that beautiful figure all over again. "you can't be in here. What would Amy say?"

A naughty grin crossed her face...."Who do you think dared me to come in here in the first place?"

My cock twitched again in my fist. "What? No way. Amy dared you to come in here while I was showering?"

"Well, not exactly....."

"That's what I thought." I couldn't imagine my own daughter daring her best friend to come see me in the shower.

"She dared me to come in here and suck your big....hard....COCK!."

"No way...that's just not possible."

I was so full of surprize, but my cock was still as hard as a rock, and my eyes were still focused on this sweet young pussy.

"Then why is she standing outside the door, and why did she make me bring this digital recorder in here?"

With that, Kari reached and flung the door wide open. Sure enough, there was my own 17 year old daughter standing in the door way waiting to see if her girlfriend had the guts to suck my cock. I looked at her scared little eyes and her fragile little body. For a moment I hadn't considered the fact that she was staring at me with my hand still wrapped around my raging hard on. And then I looked back at Kari.

"Well, who am I to disappoint my own daughter. I reached down and guided Kari into the shower. Without hesitation she dropped to her knees before me and started pumping my cock with her fists. I stopped looking at her long enough to see that my daughter was about to walk off.

"Oh no you don't Amy...come in here right now."

Kari paused her action on my cock long enough to look to the door and watch as Amy sheepishly made her way inside the bathroom.

"You made this dare my sweet you are going to witness it all the way through."

I could see the shocked look on her face, but at the same time, her eyes immediately fixed on Kari's hands as they pumped thier way up and down my cock.

"Put it in your mouth baby....let's show my daughter that you want to win this bet."

Kari obediently complied and slid her lips over the head of my shaft. I was already worked up, and knew that this wasn't going to last long.

"Is this what you wanted baby? Did you want daddy to get his cock sucked really good?"

Amy looked up long enough to smile at me. I could see her swollen nipples starting to thrust thier way against her tight tank top. She was getting aroused watching her father get his cock sucked.

"Ummm...yes daddy....i just ....uh-hum....well...knew that mom didn't take of you like she should. I just want you to be happy."

"Tell her to suck daddy harder then baby."

There was a moment or two of hesitation, but then she quietly whispered to her friend.... "Suck it harder Kari."

I felt Kari's grip on my cock tighten as Amy repeated herself a little louder...."Suck my daddy's cock harder kari. Make him cum all over your face."

I hadn't told her to say the last part, but it sure made me hotter than I already was.

Kari's pace picked up even more, and as her fist started squeezing and teasing my balls, I could feel my cum getting even closer to the surface.

"I want to watch my daddy cum all over your face and tits Kari. Suck his big hard cock."

Amy was getting even more lost in the moment, and I noticed that she had started rubbing one of her hands between her legs against her pussy.

That was all I could handle. The first shot of cum filled Kari's mouth, but she quickly removed her mouth and pumped the second and third spasm all over her face. The next two shots were aimed directly at her lovely tits and the started gliding my shaft around both of her nipples working the creamy cum into them. When she was satisfied, she moved my cock up to her face and started smearing the cum all over her lips and cheeks before sucking my still throbbing member back into her mouth. She finished milking me dry just as my daughter exploded in her own sensational orgasm. I fell back against the wall as I looked down at this sexy young thing between my legs and my weak kneed daughter in front of me. My cock was already starting to stir itself back to life.

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