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This story is about two schoolgirls, but the action does not take place on the school premises. It is fiction, and any resemblance to real persons or places is purely coincidental.
copyright: Lesley Tara, 2009

It was in early November that Natalie arrived as a new pupil at the girls-only secondary school in the outer London suburb to which her parents had just moved. Natalie was four months past her sixteenth birthday, a pretty girl with rich brown curly hair falling to her shoulders, deep dark eyes and a slightly snub nose. She was not particularly tall at five feet four inches, and quite nicely slim without being skinny. Her most outstanding feature, in every sense of that word, was her bust – it came from her mother’s side of the family, who were big-chested women of Italian ancestry, and her figure had blossomed during the past year. She now wore a 30D bra, and was beginning to find even that rather tight and constricting; certainly, she must have had just about the biggest pair of tits of any girl in her class and perhaps in the year above as well.

It is always awkward to join a class in the middle of a term, as everyone has already made their friends and the groups are all established. However, Natalie didn’t find things too difficult – she was a bright and friendly girl, equable in temperament and confident without being pushy, and she knew she needed to be patient. Natalie was smart and fashionable, but without seeming to be a rival to the little clique of the coolest girls, and in general she got quite a pleasant reception.

One of the first and friendliest of the existing class to welcome her was Jenny, who was also in the second tier of the unspoken class hierarchy – she was just outside the smartest set, and was treated with general respect. Jenny was five feet nine inches tall and quite athletic – a keen tennis player, in fact. She had long legs with well-muscled thighs, a taut ass and a slim body. She wore a 28B bra, and had fine straight blonde hair; for school, she kept this either in a pony tail or plaited into a couple of pigtails.

As soon as the two girls met, they found that they had a lot of opinions in common and shared a similar sense of humour. Natalie had been in the class for less than a week when Jenny invited her to visit after school the next day, so that they could hang out together and get to know each other better. Natalie was delighted, and told her mother where she was going and that she wouldn’t be home until early evening.

Just before four o’clock the next afternoon, they arrived at Jenny’s house, a nice detached building of medium size in the same quiet suburban neighbourhood that Natalie now also lived in – her home being just a few streets away, perhaps a ten minute walk. Jenny unlocked the front door, explaining that there was no one there because both her parents worked in the city and wouldn’t get back until about seven o’clock, and her only sibling – a sister who was four years older – was away at university. They would have the house to themselves and, she said with suppressed giggles that at once infected Natalie as well, they could do anything that they wanted.

First of all, they fixed themselves a snack of orange juice and chocolate biscuits, and then spent some time in the living room, commenting on the DVDs and finding that they liked a lot of the same movies. Then Jenny took Natalie upstairs to her own bedroom and showed her that, and the two girls had some fun looking through Jenny’s outfits – there were several that Natalie admired enthusiastically.

It was now nearly five o’clock, as the two girls sat cross-legged on Jenny’s comfortable bed, gossiping about some of their classmates. They had shed their jackets and shoes, but otherwise were still dressed in their school uniforms. This consisted of white stretch socks to just below the knee, a dark maroon pleated skirt which came almost down to meet them, a plain white buttoned shirt, and a tie with alternating stripes of dark maroon and yellow – the school colours.

After a while, as talk lapsed a little and both girls were feeling comfortable with each other, Jenny began to compliment Natalie on her figure. The other girl blushed slightly, though secretly she was flattered, as Jenny declared she would just kill to have an amazing figure like Natalie’s. Then, with some hesitancy, Jenny asked if she could see Natalie’s breasts, which were quite well hidden by the stiff white shirt (and, at school, by the grey, maroon-edged, blazer as well). Natalie hesitated for a moment, but did not want to offend her new friend by refusing.

‘Well ... OK’, replied Natalie, quietly and with a slight catch in her voice. She moved to undo her tie, and was surprised when Jenny reached out and touched her hand.

‘Let me ... please’, breathed Jenny, and Natalie felt suddenly fixed in a moment of stillness, unwilling to deny her. Jenny loosened the knot of Natalie’s tie and drew it out from her collar, letting it fall unheeded to the bedroom floor. Then, gently but with an unhurried methodicalness, she began to unbutton Natalie’s shirt from the neck downwards, letting it naturally fall more and more open as each fastening was deftly undone. Natalie glanced downwards, and she gulped slightly as she saw Jenny’s fingers against the swell of her breasts and felt Jenny’s touch brushing against her bra, as her chest was exposed. It felt suddenly erotic, and it seemed to her that the air in the bedroom had gone unnaturally still, crackling with electric anticipation. She was aware of a dryness in her throat, a strange flutter in her stomach, and a warmth at the top of her legs.

‘Oh – wow!’ murmured Jenny in admiration, as she popped the last button and pulled the rest of the shirt out of the waistband of Natalie’s skirt. Then, as if unveiling an exhibit (as, indeed, she was), she pulled Natalie’s shirt wide open and let it fall back from her unresisting shoulders to lie about her elbows. Jenny drank in the gorgeous slight revealed – two full and superbly rounded breasts, almost overflowing the bra that encased and uplifted them, making a deep cleavage between. The bra was in the school regulation colour of white, but because of the ripeness of Natalie’s figure it was under-wired and also had bracing side panels – the effect of both being to push the breasts outwards and forwards.

Natalie lost much of her sudden feeling of embarrassment when Jenny sighed, and said longingly: ‘oooh, they are just gorgeous – you lucky, lucky thing!’ They talked for a minute, Jenny’s eyes riveted on Natalie’s cleavage.

‘They must be heavy,’ Jenny said suddenly, and then in a tone partly of curiosity and partly husky with something else, she asked if she could hold them and feel their weight. Before Natalie could formulate a response, or even decide if she liked that idea or not, Jenny had leant forward and cupped one breast in each hand. Natalie gave a slight squeak of surprise, but registered no protest and made no physical resistance.

‘Oh!’ exclaimed Jenny in fascination, ‘they’re soft, but also ... mmm ... firm.’ Natalie closed her eyes, and gave a broken moan – for Jenny’s hands were no longer just supporting the weight of her breasts – they were fondling and stroking them.

‘They must be sensitive, too, I guess’, mused Jenny aloud as her hands caressed the cups of Natalie’s bra. Oh, yes, thought Natalie to herself, eyes closed and nostrils flaring, they are sensitive! This attention was making her stomach feel light, but her lower pelvis in compensation felt heavy and sluggish. Natalie just gave a broken murmur in response – which in its inarticulate way was a clear enough answer to the question. Jenny’s fondling was now getting firmer and more assertive, and then Natalie heard her new friend say softly:

‘Please – let me see them properly.’

Without waiting for a reply, Jenny’s hands reached round to undo the clasp of Natalie’s bra, after which the garment fell away from her front simultaneously with her shirt tumbling off her arms at the back. Natalie could feel not only the cool air on her exposed breasts – which must be the reason for the sudden stiffness of her nipples – but also Jenny’s warm breath. Then came something else, and she yelped and would have fallen over but for Jenny’s hands suddenly holding her waist. The cause of Natalie’s loss of balance was the touch of Jenny’s lips on her right breast, licking it and teasing the nipple with her teeth.

‘Oh, sweet Lord!’, moaned Natalie, her head going back on her shoulders, which had the perhaps unconscious effect of proferring her tits even more readily in Jenny’s direction, and of spreading her thighs a bit further apart.

Jenny lost no time in taking advantage of both offerings, with renewed vigour applying her mouth like a suction hose to Natalie’s breast, whilst also slipping a hand under the girl’s skirt and up between her parted thighs, to take a grip on the crotch of her panties and start massaging there.

It was all too much for Natalie, and she collapsed backwards, drawing Jenny over on top of herself. The curvaceous brunette gasped, her mouth wide open in shock and her eyes magnetically fixed on Jenny’s face. Her body told the true story of her feelings – her nipples were stiffly erect, she had spread her legs wide open – making her school uniform skirt ride up to her waist, and her back was slightly arched as she pushed back with a responsive pressure against Jenny’s ever-more insistently exploring touch.

Both girls knew that they had crossed an irreversible line some time ago – what was going on here was well beyond making a new friend, beyond even the kind of larking about that long-established close friends could dismiss as being just for a laugh. However, Jenny didn’t care, and she was rather thinking – more than merely hoping – that Natalie didn’t either. Jenny took a deep breath for courage, and made her intentions quite unmistakeable. With one hand starting to slip inside Natalie’s panties to search for her moist slit, Jenny leant downwards and kissed the busty girl full on the lips, her tongue questing between them with a clear sexual purpose.

The effects were all that she could have hoped for. Not only did Natalie respond to her kiss hungrily and passionately, pushing her own tongue in to explore Jenny’s mouth, but the sweet brunette also reached down to grasp her own panties and jerk them partway down her thighs; it was then the work of only a second for Jenny to whisk them all the way off. At once, free from their restraint, Natalie’s legs swung wide apart, opening herself to whatever Jenny might desire.

Jenny broke their long wet kiss, and sat back on her hips, taking a deep breath. She looked down at the pretty babe who was pinned beneath her thighs – but who was certainly no unwilling prisoner. Jenny cupped the full mounds of Natalie’s breasts again, and slid her own pelvis backwards to squat between Natalie’s spread thighs. Then, with her eyes locked onto Natalie’s rather dazed and wondering ones for as long as possible, Jenny folded slowly forwards from the waist so that her face came down in a smooth arc, bringing her lips to their target of Natalie’s public mound.

‘Oooh! Oh, heavens!! ohmigod!!’ tumbled brokenly from Natalie’s lips, as her new friend – still dressed in nearly all of her school uniform – began to lap at the pussy opening, probing with her tongue and then with finger tips as well.

‘You’re not still a virgin, are you?’ asked Jenny, with a sudden note of doubt in her voice.

‘Oh, no ... I was ... no, that’s OK, don’t worry’, mumbled Natalie, adding ‘it happened a few months ago’, as a vivid memory of that event flashed through her mind, adding to the swelling heat and soft damp looseness between her legs.

‘Good!’ said Jenny, and her questing fingers probed firmer and deeper, with amazing results as they brushed along Natalie’s vaginal walls. Then the big-titted brunette’s nerve-endings electrified her and her mind was swamped by waves of ecstasy, as Jenny’s questing tongue slipped beneath the hood of her clitoris and found the mother-lode. Natalie sobbed and gasped, her pelvis arching off the bed and her legs splayed wide apart, as Jenny brought her to two shuddering climaxes, one hand ramming two fingers deep into her cunt and the other hand squeezing and kneading one of her magnificent breasts.

In the wake of her orgasms, Natalie collapsed back on the bed, trembling with slight shock and with her senses in a whirl. Jenny looked down at her pretty conquest, admiring yet again the swell of those amazing breasts. Then she bent forwards and gently brushed Natalie’s hair away from her sweat-stroked face. Jenny kissed the other girl lovingly on the lips and then at the base of her throat, before breathing softly into her ear:

‘I’m going to be your very best friend.’

Natalie’s soft but decisive answer of ‘No’ took Jenny aback, and she recoiled in surprise to sit upright again. However, her moment of hurt swiftly vanished as she saw the broad grin on Natalie’s face.

‘No,’ the delicious young brunette said again, ‘I want you to be my girl-friend.’ With that, Natalie lifted one of her own hands to caress the shape of Jenny’s budding pert titties, whilst she slid the other under Jenny’s pleated school uniform skirt, and quested for her new lover’s panties. With an assurance that made Jenny suddenly think that perhaps Natalie was not a newcomer to lesbian love-making, the brunette pushed her hand down inside the front of Jenny’s skimpy white panties, cupping her Venus mound and stroking the blonde girl’s slit with her fingertips.

‘Your turn!’ laughed Natalie, catching Jenny unawares as she swung over to the side, rolling around and reversing their positions, ending up on top of the suddenly breathless blonde. For a moment, Natalie continued to stroke the front of Jenny’s shirt, feeling the hardening of the nipples through Jenny’s soft cotton bra. The busty brunette undid Jenny’s shirt and pulled it open, and then pulled down the cups of her bra to expose her slim but cute breasts. Natalie’s fingers stroked Jenny’s nipples, causing the blonde to writhe and gasp underneath her thighs. Then she followed Jenny’s example, bending down to give each breast a full range of oral services.

Never one to waste opportunities, whilst her mouth was busy with titty-licking, Natalie reached under and behind herself, and pulled Jenny’s pleated school uniform skirt upwards to bunch around her waist. Her right hand swiftly returned, slipping across the naked skin of Jenny’s lower stomach and then thrusting down into her panties to seek the cleft of her pussy.

Natalie’s manipulations here had all the effects she could have desired, as Jenny went into spasms beneath her, shuddering and moaning. The blonde’s eyes were tightly shut as she rode the mounting wave of her climax, and then they snapped open to fix with vivid intensity on this full-breasted girl who she had never even heard of a week before, and who was now her intimate lover, riding her like a jump-racing horse – clearing each fence, and riding even harder at the next one. Jenny’s breathing quickened and deepened, coming in nasal gulps, as her head went back and her body quivered in the throes of an intense climax.

‘Whew!!’ whistled Jenny, once she had enough breath to talk. ‘That was amazing, sweetie, just amazing!’ Natalie bit her lower lip and looked away, as if suddenly shy. Then, she gave herself a little shake, snapping out of her reverie, and said quietly in reply:

‘My turn isn’t finished yet!’

Natalie swung round, presenting a superb view of her ass to the prone girl, and then she lowered her cunt onto Jenny’s eager mouth. At the other end, Jenny’s bare stomach and pink, lace-patterned panties were in full view. Natalie did not hesitate – she hooked a finger into their waistband at each side, and in one fluid movement stripped them down Jenny’s legs to her ankles. Then Natalie used her hands to spread Jenny’s thighs apart and expose her tempting pussy, which was only slightly hidden by the curls of blonde hair that surrounded it. Now she could do what she longed for, and her head came down like a dive-bomber – target: vagina. Natalie swiftly probed into Jenny’s pussy slit with her questing tongue, nuzzling into the hood of the young blonde’s clitoris.

For several minutes, the two schoolgirls lapped at each other in a classic 69 position, their pose all the more erotic for the remnants of school uniform that they were wearing. In both cases, their maroon-coloured pleated skirt was crumpled around their waist and tumbled about their hips, completely exposing their lower body. Both girls still wore their white school socks, and Jenny’s panties were around her ankles – her shirt was pulled away from her body, although her arms were still in it; otherwise, both girls were nude from the waist up.

As the mutual pussy-eating continued, the pace began to slow from urgent exploration to a steady rhythmic pulse. But it was nonetheless effective, and Natalie was the first to orgasm, emitting an alternating sequence of moans and squeals – as the moment of orgasm neared, the former got deeper, and the latter still higher-pitched. As she neared her climax, Natalie took her mouth away from Jenny’s cunt, rearing upwards and squatting on her haunches; this had the effect not only of parting her own labia even wider, but also driving it down onto Jenny’s face, almost smothering her.

Within seconds of attaining her own orgasm, Natalie went back to the 69 position and renewed her lapping and probing of Jenny’s pussy. Quite swiftly in the wake of this, the young blonde cried out as she came, her pelvis shuddering and her hands convulsively clutching at the mattress cover.

After this mutual climax, Natalie reversed position again to lie alongside Jenny, nestling into the other girl’s arms and resting her head on her shoulder. Jenny gently caressed Natalie’s hair, and kissed her softly on the cheek and forehead. However, she did not go any further, because at that point her eye was caught by the alarm clock on her desk. Jenny gasped – time had flown, and it was now after six o’clock. With laughs and giggles, both girls piled into the shower together, dried each other with towels, and put their school uniforms back on – but without any panties. Jenny explained that she would keep Natalie’s as a souvenir, and Natalie could do the same with hers.

They kissed and cuddled quietly until Jenny heard the sound of her parents returning. The two schoolgirls quickly combed their hair and straightened their uniforms, after which Jenny took Natalie downstairs and introduced her to her folks as her ‘new special friend’. Natalie blushed, for she knew – as Jenny’s parents of course did not – just exactly what that meant. After a happy, laughing farewell, Natalie walked home, whistling as she thought about her sexy new lover. Now she would not miss so much the woman she had had to leave behind in her old town, the piano teacher who had so sensitively seduced her and taken her virginity several months before, introducing her willingly to a lesbian life. She would still and always enjoy love-making with an older woman, but now she was thrilled about the possibility of a relationship – perhaps a lasting one – with someone of her own age.

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laura, z pack is an excellent chicoe but you want to make sure that it worked. have your doc re examine you to make sure that this has not progressed into pneumonia. most likely you had a bad case of bronchitis which left your airway inflamed. remember itis means inflammation of .appendicitis, meningitis, tendinitis. i, like many borderline asthmatics, tend to have reactive airway/asthmatic sx after a bad bronchitis. sx can include wheezing, shortness of breath, coughing. most primary care doctors can perform a lung test in their offices to dx this. for me, using an inhaler prior to running (not routinely, usually when i have had bronchitis) has taken care of the problem again but again, dont try to self dx, go see your doc, and do NOT try to run through this.w martin, m.d.

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