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The following story is based on a dream I had. Names have been changed and I've expanded upon the dream.
I showed up at Janet's house to pick up the kids. My wife, Allison, was out of town for the week, and my best friend's wife was watching all of the kids. It was already getting late when I got there, and I was surprised to find out she was alone with the kids, as her husband was away on business. The kids must have had a busy day as they were all crashed in one of the bedrooms.

Janet and I looked in on them, trying to decide whether to wake them or let them sleep. I turned to leave the room just as Janet moved forward, and we wound up bumping into each other, and I reached out to catch her as she started to fall back. She almost fell a second time as I let go, feeling almost guilty from the way my arms had gone around her back and waist. Janet seemed just as flustered, and blushed as she turned to walk out.

I followed her toward the stairs, and we nearly collided a second time as she turned to say something to me. This time, she had her arms up higher, and my arms again went to her waist. She was saying how sorry she was, and our mouths came dangerously close to each other as she looked into my eyes and started to say she was sorry for embarrassing me. I felt like a school boy as I told her I wasn't embarrassed. We stood there, awkwardly, staring at each other, when she suddenly leaned forward and started to softly kiss my lips. I surprised myself when I responded passionately, holding her close to me.

Like horny teenagers, our tongues danced with each other, and our hands started to wander over the others body. Janet led the way, moving toward her bedroom, pushing the door shut. My hands moved to her shirt, undoing the buttons as she frantically unzipped my pants and slid them down my legs. She pushed me onto the bed, then removed her own pants, showing off an amazing body in nothing but bra and bikini panties. Pulling my shirt over my head, I laid back and let her fall into my arms.

We continued to explore our bodies together. I unhooked her bra, freeing an amazing set of tits with rock solid nipples. Her tits were smaller than I might have imagined, and just perfect for my tastes. And taste them I did. I pulled her to me, allowing my tongue to wander across her nipples, further arousing her lust. She responded by slipping a hand into my underwear, grabbing hold of my obviously swollen cock. Sliding my shorts down with one hand, she stroked my dick with the other. She turned around in order to get my underwear completely off, and took that opportunity to slide her tongue up and down the shaft of my cock.

Her new position gave me a chance to sample her closely shaven pussy. Sliding her soaked panties to one side, I slid my tongue across her wet lips, from clit to anus. She shuddered in response, and I began to fuck her with my tongue. After several minutes of amazing oral attention, Janet turned and began kissing me, again.

Though shocked and amazed at being in bed with my best friend's wife, I found my hands wandering from her chest, past her taught belly, toward her panties. I slid my hand under the waistband, and allowed my fingers to search for and slide into her pussy. Janet was moaning softly, and somehow worked her way out of her panties. Now, we were both laying there, completely naked, as our spouses were away for the weekend.

Janet got up and sat astride my waist, and started to grind her pussy against my cock. As she started to slide onto me, I pointed out that now might be a good time for some kind of protection. Her husband was "fixed," and I was sure she wasn't on the pill. Much as I loved the idea of fucking Janet, a baby probably wasn't a great idea.

I figured that would end the encounter, so I was surprised when Janet gave a gleeful laugh, and jumped up, her dark hair bouncing as she danced across the room. She went into the closet, and returned a moment later with a small box of condoms. She opened it, took one out, unwrapped it, and slid it onto my cock. "There," she said, "that should help us keep this little secret." With that, she again straddled my waist, and lowered herself, impaling herself upon my rock hard cock.

The condom was a lifesaver, because having Janet's amazing pussy wrapped around my dick would certainly have made me cum inside her almost instantaneously. As it was, the wild abandon with which she fucked me had me ready to explode within a few short minutes. I grabbed her and shoved my tongue back into her mouth as I climaxed, to prevent myself from yelling out loud.

After cumming, I rolled her into the bed beside me, and continued to ease my sensitive cock in and out of her, slowly and gently. My hands continued to wander over her body, as I attempted to remember every detail of the amazing woman laying next to me. She might not be my wife, but I loved her no less. Years of friendship had just moved to a new level, and I was unsure how it might continue. I didn't want the night to end, though I knew it must.

Eventually, I pulled myself out of her, and made sure to "hide" the evidence of our encounter.

I returned to the bed, and pulled Janet into my arms. Though afraid of the answer, I asked her how she would feel knowing that my wife would be back within a few days. She responded be asking me how I felt about her husband being back in her bed around the same time. We agreed that we both loved our spouses, yet had intense feelings for each other. As we continued to kiss and caress, we discussed how any affection we showed to each other in public would be seen as a sign of our friendship. Well, so long as it didn't involve French kisses, feeling each other up, or outright fucking each other in front of others.

Soon enough, Janet reminded me that our spouses wouldn't be home for days, the kids were still asleep, and she had more condoms. That raised a question in my mind. "Why DO you have a box of condoms in your closet?"

"I bought them for you," she replied. "I've hoped for years that you weren't the only one dreaming of this kind of encounter."

With that, I took her into my arms, and we surrendered ourselves to the passion we felt. We went through half that box of condoms, that night, and had to buy another box before the weekend was over. I learned all about Janet's wants, needs, and desires, and she did everything she could to fulfill all of the fantasies I'd had about her.

And when the weekend was over, and our spouses returned, we continued to show friendly affection to each other. About the only thing anyone on the outside might notice is a bit of innocent flirting. In time, Janet started taking the pill, again, so that we could continue our sexual exploration without the condoms. And nobody seems to mind when she and I agree to take care of the kids so our spouses can "have a life."

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2017-01-22 01:51:32
good story am hard now

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2015-04-23 21:36:16
Mom and dad taught me all about pleasuring both men and women. as soon as my mom caught me jacking off is when I got my first blowjob. Mom Sure knows how to suck cock. When Dad came home he taught me how to eat and fuck pussy. Eating pussy is awesome. Mom loved my tongue on her clit but the feel of a wet pussy squeezing my dick hot. Mom Like it rough And Hard.


2014-01-30 10:02:53
Oohhh my ......

Bob and I read your naughty story together in bed and were we fucking half way through it ... but blushing, we both confessed that we secretly felt the same way about our about another Couple ... as we fucked he was imagining he was with her and I was imagining I was with her husband. We didn't confess this to each other until after we both had experienced a very exciting and intense climax!

Thanks for the Story .... Margo


2013-10-31 13:37:42
Thanks for sharing the story, I loved reading it!

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2013-05-22 15:14:18
Margie Cloud - Oh what a beautiful job of paotogrhphing this wonderful wedding. I can't wait to see the rest!! I love YOUR WORK. It looks to me like you have captured the people in the photos true feelings, and that is GOOD,THANKS. The photos are BEAUTIFUL & I Love themALL. Margie Lou

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