This may very well be the final installment. There are plenty of incest stories floating around here. The last thing I want is a story that was, hope I'm not presumptuous, somewhat good to be ruined by too many installments. It happens all the time.

My rough hands, guided by an unseen force, gripped Carlie's smooth-skinned palms as our lips met. She started giggling, her warm breath hitting my face.

I felt her soft tongue slipping around my own. I squeezed her hands tightly as my hips drew forward, my erection sliding over her panty-covered treasure.

Our kiss was broken long enough to let "I love you" escape my lips. Carlie stared through me, cocking her head to the side.

"I know." She whispered. "I love you, too."

I stared down at her tan body underneath my own. Her bra and panties matched. Always a plus. They were made of a soft fabric, printed with a red, whtie and light blue plaide pattern. She looked phenomenal.

I could literally feel my pulse in my throbbing cock. It was so hard for Carlie. My hand slid down her tender body, my finger tips digging under the elastic keeping her panties on. She grabbed my hand.

"Not so fast, mister." She stopped me. "Someone needs a shower."

Getting stopped at such a time, I was surprised my testicles didn't jump from my scrotum and strangle me.

"Ah, Carlie, can't it wait?" I begged.

"I don't think so." She said. "The last thing I want to taste is stale 'Jenny Juice'."

I let out a deep breath as my head dropped. I almost felt angry with the situation. But how could I be mad at her?

It was simple. I couldn't.

I looked up at Carlie with a half smirk on my face.

"Okay. You win." I said as I rolled off of her, rubbing my eyes as I walked to the shower.

The last thing I saw before pulling the shower curtain closed was the sexy, young, and tan body of my sister laying on my bed.

The warm water didn't do much to calm me down. I may have lost a few drops of blood from my cock, but I was still hard as ever.

I took special care in soaping up my shaft, wiping away any trace of a previous sexual encounter.

The last of the soap suds dropping from my body, I shut the water off and stepped out of my shower. Dripping wet, I reached for a towel and half-assed dried myself off. I was too excited.

As I walked back into my room, still naked, I realized I was alone.

"Carlie?" I called out. "Carlie?"

No answer.

I wasn't sure what happened to my little sister. Not knowing the current situation of the house, I slipped on a pair of boxers and exited my room, heading straight for hers. Empty.

Hitting every other step, I made my way downstairs to the main level. There she was, curled up sitting on the couch.

"There you are." I said. "I couldn't figure out what happened to you."

Carlie was now wearing a zip-up hooded sweater and some oh-so-small shorts.

"Yeah. I just came down here to watch tv." She said.

"Oh." I felt disappointed. "I thought we were gonna do something else."

"Like what?" She asked.

"I dunno. Just seemed like things were just starting up in bed." I said, trying to mask being upset.

"We've got all day." She said, looking away from me.

I nodded my head and sat down next to her, on her left. My dick was almost back to a regular size, undetectable now in my boxers. My arm reached out, my hand resting on her smooth leg.

"So what's up?" She asked, turning to me with a smile.

"Not much." I answered. "How about you?"

"Oh, you know. Nothing special." She said.

There was an odd feeling of awkwardness about us.

"You look cute today." I said, breaking the silence.

"Thanks." She replied.

"But, then again, you always do." I told her.

A simple smile was her response. I was still incredibly horny, and she seemed to not care.

I leaned over to Carlie's turned head and kissed her neck, trying to get something started. My left hand rubbed up her exposed leg and hip.

"Can I help you?" She laughed.

"Mmm. C'mon, Carlie. Let's do stuff." I said.

"On the couch?" She asked in a fake state of shock.

"I don't care. The couch, the floor. What makes the difference?" I said.

"Ha. You'll be ok." She said, turning away from me.


My hand that had been rubbing her leg moved up, rubbing two fingers along the crotch of her shorts.

"You know you want to." I begged.

"Maybe later. I just don't feel like it right now." She answered.

I gave up.

Withdrawing my hands, I sat silently next to her for several minutes.

"Well, I'm going upstairs. Might take a nap." I said.

"But you just got up." She replied.

"Yeah, well, Jenny wore me out." I did and didn't hope this hit a nerve.

I could feel her eyes on me as I disappeared upstairs and into my room. Laying down on my bed, I contemplated just jerking off. But what good would that be? I'd still be honry after.

Staring into my ceiling, deep in though, I heard my door creek open. Turning my head, there stood Carlie.

"Yeah?" I asked.

"Look," She started, "it's not that I don't want to, I'm just scared."

"Scared? About what?" I asked.

"That it's gonna hurt again." She said.

"I thought you were all healed up?" was my reply.

"I am." She said. "At least, I think so. But what if I'm really not and it hurts again?"

As had been the source of most of my recent problems, Carlie's pain was the main issue.

"Oh. I know." I said, opening the drawer on my nightstand. I pulled out one of the condoms that, up until the other day, had a better chance of dry-rotting than being used.

"No...Jenny said it didn't feel as good when you wore one. I don't want it to suck." She said.

Fucking girls. They really did talk about everything. I'd only used a condom on Jenny once and it was gonna scar me for life.

I thought some more.

"How about this?" I asked, pulling out a small bottle of lube I'd saved for my more intimate sessions with my right hand.

"Does it work?" she asked.

"Should. It's pretty slick stuff." I answered, sitting it on the top of the nightstand.

Carlie, a smile on her face, crawled onto my bed, laying her upper body on mine, her lower body off to the side. We stared deeply into each others eyes, my hand slipping into the back of her shorts, giving her perfect ass a squeeze. I ran my middle finger up and down the crack of her ass outside of her panties.

I could feel her cheeks widen, her smile becoming even larger. I withdrew my hand and used it to rub her back, quickly sending my free hand into the shorts for some more groping.

Carlie brushed the hair from her face while I sucked on her sweet tongue. My hands began massaging her ass cheeks as her own hand reached between us and grabbed my throbbing shaft, trapped by my boxers.

Unzipping her hooded sweater, I saw she'd taken the time to remove garments while she'd also been putting others on. My lips encompassed her nipple gently as my hand squeezed the side of the breast.

"Lay down." She whispered in my ear.

I was a good whipped-bitch. Carlie crawled to side of my body, her head lowering to my own. After a simple peck on the lips, I was surprised to feel the kisses on my neck. I reached around her and rubbed her thigh and ass as the trail of kisses rounded my nipples.

"Do we want to take these off?" She giggled, pointing to my tented boxers.

"Oh, God, yes." I said.

Always with a smile on her face, Carlie tugged the boxers from my body. My stiff member stood straight, saluting her.

I felt her smooth skin encircle my shaft. I could feel her hot breath on my skin as her head lowered. Brushing the hair from her face, I watched as her lips parted and her tongue swam over the head of my cock.

"Damn." I moaned.

Carlie's left hand pulled up on my shaft as she sucked. Her right hand was busy massaging the area between my ass and balls. It was a different feeling and I didn't hate it.

Removing my cock from her mouth, Carlie sat up on her knees and looked at me. I was ready for some real action. Grabbing the bottle of lube, I pushed myself up and pinned Carlie to the mattress. My quick hands gripped her small shorts and yanked them from her legs, her panties coming along for the ride.

I popped the top off of the lube bottle and put a generous amount in my hand before tossing it aside. I rubbed the remaining gel on her hot slit after giving my cock a proper greasing.

Leaning my body down, my tongue made a trail from her hips to her lips. My burning cock thanked me as I slowly pushed inside of Carlie.

"Is it ok?" I asked.

"Mhmm." Carlie answered, her eyes closed.

I held my torso off of hers by pressing my hands into the mattress on either side of her body. I left the pumping exclusively to my hips. My lower body was like an ocean wave as it moved in and out.

Feeling her legs wrap around my body just above my hips and her arms pulling at my shoulders, I brought my body down to rest on hers.

Small pecks of her lips found my neck and upper chest before our lips touched for a second of bliss.

Forcing my head between her neck and shoulder, my hips thrust with force, throwing moans from her young body.

The feeling of her nails digging into my back and across my scalp let me know the job was above satisfactory.

The faster and harder my hips hit, the more moans echoed from her.

"Does it hurt?" I whispered.

"No, no. Those mean 'good-job'." she giggled.

I pulled myself out of Carlie and leaned back, our lips never parting. Laying on my back, Carlie's knees sat on either side of my hips. Her hands massaged my pecs.

I reached my hand down and stuck a finger into her. Knowing that was her epicenter of pleasure, her small hand gripped my shaft and guided it in as my finger retreated.

Her poor sweater was holding on just by the cuffs at her wrists. It was quickly discarded leaving us both in a naked stupor.

I felt two small hands grip my knees as she leaned back and began bouncing.

"Just go slow. You'll get the rhythm." I assured her.

Carlie sure didn't need to be told how to do anything. Before I knew it, she was bouncing on my cock like a pro, the pleasure rushing through my body so great, it was all I could do to grab at her perky breasts.

Before long, I had to give that up, too. Sitting up, I locked my hands behind the small of her back. Carlie stretched her legs out behind me and ran her entire body back and forth, careful to stop before I fell out.

I used my thumb to rub the top of her slit.

Deciding this way of fucking was too much work, she brought her legs around me and her arms around my shoulders. I gripped her ass with both hands and pulled her into me as I did what I could to pump into her.

"It's like a backwards piggy-back ride." I joked.

"Mmm. This is the kind of piggy-back ride you should have been giving me for a long time." She replied.

Although it was mutually beneficial, each position could only be great for so long.

I rolled us onto our sides, Carlie quick to all fours. Grabbing her elbows, I guided her body up, both of us now on our knees, her facing away from me.

My cock pinned between her ass and my body, my right arm reacher around and gripped her breast while my left fell and strummed her pussy like a guitar.

Carlie's soft hands reached behind us and gripped the side of my ass as my fingers dug into her.

Before pushing her forward, my hands both grabbed as much of they could of her breasts.

Now bent over, I gripped my cock and pushed against her pouty lips playfully. Each fake thrust making her giggle.

But playtime was over. I pushed myself into her and watched in awe at the ripple that shook over her ass with each thrust of my hips.

"You feel so good, Carlie." I moaned as my hand took in a cup-full of breast.

Again switching it up, I pulled myself from my sister as she collapsed onto her side. I scooted close up behind her, her legs parted, my fingers again went to work as I kissed her neck.

Reaching behind her, Carlie's hand found my slick cock and began pumping on it.

"Put it in." She whispered.

Who was I to object?

I moved my hips forward and slowly pushed myself back into Carlie. My own arm lifted her leg, giving my own body room to work.

A moan, this one positively of pain, screeched out of Carlie.

"Ok. That one hurt a little." She said. But she never asked me to stop.

I worked my hips in and out slowly, my mouth reaching for the breast closest to my face.

As my pumping increased, so did her breath.

"I love you, Ric." She said out of nowhere. I quit pumping.

"I love you, too, Carlie." I said, kissing her.

Sex was a pretty intimate thing, but mentioning the 'L' word really got us both off.

"I don't like that way very much, though." She admitted.

"That's fine." I smiled. "Here."

I pulled out of Carlie and got to my knees. I slipped a hand under her back and one under her knees and lifted her. She didn't weigh anything. I walked her from the bed to the closed door.

"You're kicking me out?" She asked.

"No, no. Just an idea." I said, laughing.

"Whew!" She answered.

"Just face the door and out your hands against it." I said, releasing her from my grasp. "We'll try something new."

Carlie was a real trooper. Up for anything and she trusted me.

I gripped my cock and ran it up and down the length of her ass crack before finding her pussy and pushing in.

Carlie's head almost bounced off the wall when my hips began to wiggle.

"Mmm. That feels so good." She moaned.

As my hands found her hips, Carlie's body bent a little. I was finally able to thrust to my heart's desire.

And thrust I did.

My hands couldn't decide on a spot they'd like to call home and roamed her body.

My hips went from a steady rhythm to slamming hard and fast. Carlie jumped. Probably more from fright at the sudden change than anything else.

"Ric, I think I'm gonna cum." She said.

If she did, I knew I would, so I hurried her backwards, to the bed. I sat down and pushed myself toward the middle. Carlie got into a squatting position, still facing away from me, and used her legs to bounce her body up and down my pole.

Her hands found the mattress along my rib cage. My hand worked feverishly at the top of her slit as her pussy stretched along my cock.

I did my best to attempt to match her bounces with my own thrusts. After a few failed attempts, I finally fell in synch. That's when I felt my own balls begin to boil.

"Oh, Ric...I'm gonna cum! I'm gonna cum!" She yelled.

"Just do it, babe." I said in a low voice.

Like I said, no one needed to tell Carlie how to do anything.

"Oh God! Oh God!" She called out.

Her already-tight pussy clamped down like a vice. Even if I hadn't already been close, I probably still would have brought down the walls of Jericho with the resulting orgasm.

"Oh, shit!" I called out as my cock spit it's love juice.

Our bodies quaking, Carlie and I couldn't make a sound as the joint-orgasm raged.

Her arms gave out and she crashed on top of me. My fingers did their best to ignore the tremors and wiggle around her pussy.

My cock was still tensing when Carlie's back slid off of my chest to my left, pulling me out of her.

We were both gasping for breath when I lifted her hips and set them to my side. Our heads faced one another, a permanent smile on both of our faces.

Her lips shot out. Mine shot back. My arm, trapped under her, rubbed her side as our post-sex makeout session raged on.

Her tongue slipped from my mouth after I'd sucked on it for just a second. Her cheek rested against mine as our eyes stayed locked.

Neither of us said a word. What did we have to say?

For this moment, we didn't have a care in the world. We knew, no matter what, until the end of time, when we'd have nothing else, we'd always have each other.

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2013-07-07 15:10:19
pure and total crap. way to unrealistic no guy would behave that way as said by others he would have left the house and avoided her until he could move out thanks for ruining the story chapter three and four need a total rewrite by a GOOD WRITER NOT A HACK LIKE YOU.

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2012-08-04 19:16:29
chapter three and four ruined the story. if jenny had a boyfriend then she cheated on him which means she really doesn't care about him. and since ric fucked jenny he cheated on carlie which means he really doesn't care about either of them. if he cared about carlie he wouldn't have fucked jenny this time and if he cared about jenny he never would have allowed her to have a boyfriend in the first place. the way carlie disappeared while he was in the shower showed she was to immature to be in a relationship and that she really didn't care about ric. if she really cared she would have told him she was afraid as soon as he found her. ric reacted to carlie dissapearing way to unrealisticly he should have been pissed off that she led him on and then pushed him away. all in all a half assed story not worth the time to read it.

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2011-10-30 21:01:12
A shame you gave up on incest -- you do it so well!!!

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2010-10-27 23:29:48
im so sad the series is over =[. but wat is said in the beginning is true

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2010-07-14 20:05:36
this was a strange chapter he wakes up with carlie in his bed and she tells him to shower first then shes gone when he finds her she doesn't want to do anything a normal guy would not just go to his room he would either go to his room and lock the door and ignore her from then on or go to his room and get dressed and leave the house not coming home until the parents were home then avoiding and ignoring her from then on the only way it would end your way is if when he found her she told him immediatly why she left and how she felt by avoiding the issue like you had her do it just made the endding unrealistic and ruined the story

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