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I pulled her by the wrist into the bathroom across the hall from the computer lab. It was nearing two A.M., and everyone else had long since left. I walked to the middle of the bathroom, my cock already up and attentive. We were both nervous, yet both excited at the same time.
I push her to the middle of the room.
“Alright, now on your knees.”
She laughs, and says, “I don’t think. Drop the pants first kid.” I grab a hold of her hips and shove her up against the wall playfully, my cock grinding against her leg through her skin tight jeans. It feels good to rub it against her. I hold my face a mere inches from hers, and then kiss her on the lips hard. I worm my tongue into her mouth, and soon we’re exchanging saliva. I break the kiss.
“We do things my way. Now first, off with the clothes.” I grab a hold of the bottom of her hoodie and practically rip it off of her. My hands immediately travel back down to the bottom of her blouse, and before she has time to react, I remove that as well.
She is now standing there in only a bra and pants, so maybe now I should take the time to describe her appearance. She’s one of those girls who’s not too tall, yet not too short. She’s Jordanian, so her skin is naturally tanner than most. Her black hair has been put up into a bun (at my request), and she has one of those perfectly balanced bodies of not-too-skinny yet not-too-fat. She has DD boobs, and has told me before that she waxes everything. Apparently she isn’t too fond of hair on anywhere but her head.
After briefly playing with her boobs through her bra, I decide it’s time for the good stuff. I reach around behind her, and despite her obviously half-hearted protests, I unclasp her bra. It’s my first time touching a girl’s boobs, and boy do I take my time with it. I roll her nipples in my fingers, and bend over slightly to take each nipple into my mouth. She’s moaning the entire time, but soon I get bored and want more.
As I’m sucking on a nipple, I reach down and unclasp the button on her pants and slowly pull the zipper down. I try and take as long as possible, to draw out the suspense. I take my hands and place one on each panty-covered ass cheek, and run my hands down and over her full, warm and soft globes as the pants travel down with them. Once they fall to the ground, I pull her back over to the center of the room and after a moment’s admiration, slowly push her onto her knees until her face is at eye level with my crotch. She knows what to do.
She looks up to me for permission, then back to my crotch as her hand slowly reaches up and undoes my jeans. As the fall to pool around my ankles, my erection creates a tent in my boxers. These too are soon removed, and now she is sitting on her knees in only her heart covered panties on the bathroom floor with my naked cock only inches from her face.
She hesitates, and then slowly wraps her lips around the head of my cock. I’m in heaven. Her mouth on my cock is like nothing I’ve ever felt before, nothing I’ve ever imagined. The warmth and the ecstasy are overwhelming as she begins bobbing back and forth on my cock. Just the sight of this girls face with my cock penetrating it is enough to make me want to cum, but I manage to hold it back.
As her full lips slide back and forth on my dick, I reach up and place my hands on the back of her head for encouragement. Her eyes have closed now, and she looks like she’s really into it.
I look down on her as she sucked my dick and enjoyed the view. Her body was the perfect shade of brown, just dark enough for a sexy contrast of color with the skin of my cock that was now covered in her spit. Her stomach was slightly puffed out; she had that little belly on her that all sluts tend to have. This was her first time ever touching a cock however (she’s Arab, so her parents are strict about it), but she was proving to me how much of a natural she was.
After a few more minutes she pulled off to get some air, and a strand connected her bottom lip with the tip of my cock. She brushed it away quickly and glanced up to see if I had noticed it, embarrassed.
“Try to take all of it.” I said, slightly pulling her face back to my wet crotch. She put her hands on my thighs for support, and impaled her face back onto my cock.
She looked up at me as she tried hard to take my cock further and further, until her eyes started watering. I can’t explain why, but for some reason, seeing her mouth spread so wide over my dick with tears trickling down those cute little cheeks with her hands on the back of my legs pulling me in made me lose it. Here she was, on her knees in only her panties that hugged her ass cheeks and smooth cunt like a second skin, with her slut belly just barely poking out and her nose buried in the stubble of my pubes. Her throat had expanded slightly to accommodate my cock, and I couldn’t hold back any longer.
I released her head, and just as she pulled off of my cock I let out a long spurt. She wasn’t expecting it, and it flew an inch through the air and draped across her entire face. She ducked her head in surprise with her eyes now clenched shut, resulting in the next stream of gunk landing in her hair.
“Open” I said and lightly slapped her cheek, and she immediately accepted my twitching cock into her mouth. I let out a few more spurts into her mouth, which she swallowed easily. I held her face onto my cock until my limp organ slipped from her lips, with yet another trail of spit mixed with cum connecting the tip of my cock to her mouth. This time she let it break and swing down onto her chin.
She was now sitting there in her skin tight panties with cum across her face and her hair, and I had never seen a more beautiful sight in my life. Since her eyes were closed and she couldn’t open them, I quickly pulled out a camera and snapped a couple of pictures. Maybe they’d come in handy later in case I was up for seconds.
I helped her to her feet and over to the sink where she bent over and turned on the faucet to try and get the cum off. As she was bent over, I grabbed her clothes and spanked her panty clad ass hard. She yelped and opened her eyes just in time to see me dart out the door with all of her belongings.

Learning how she made it back to the dorms in only her panties was, well, interesting.

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I'm not sure about a first timer being so dominating, but otherwise, this was really quite good.

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