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Continution of Mr. Miller series
(This story has 3 prequels. I didn’t know it was going to be a chapter story – if you want to read about how it all started read – Cornfield Rape, Mr. Miller Begins Using me, and Mr. Miller Lets me go. This story picks up right after the events of Mr. Miller Lets me go.)

When I got home Sunday I didn’t say a word to anyone. Mr. Miller had washed my jeans and from somewhere found a t-shirt my size so mom and dad didn’t notice anything. I looked like just like their thirteen year old daughter who had left Friday night to spend the weekend with friends. I was still 4’8”, with short brown hair and green eyes. I was still thin and slender except for my already developed 32B tits. They couldn’t see how the rape had changed me into a raging cock slut, for that matter I didn’t know either. After being fucked and abused by Mr. Miller and his dog Duke for two days straight I was exhausted. I told my parents I was tired from the weekend and just went to sleep. It wasn’t until Monday I noticed the change.

We had to wear uniforms to school, girls wore khaki skirts and a white button up blouse. Boys wore khaki pants and a white button up. We had to buy them from school, and the manufacturers didn’t make allowances for thirteen year old girls with grownup sized tits. So my shirts were too small, and I had to wear them with two buttons undone, which showed part of my bra. I was always embarrassed by this and wore sweaters to cover up, and hunched over. It was Monday morning on the bus when I realized I hadn’t brought a sweater. When Billy McClan sat down next to me I wasn’t surprised. Billy was seventeen and in high school he was a bully. He always sat next to me and whispered to me about my big tits, he liked to make me blush. Today when he sat down he leered down my shirt as usual and whispered. “Nice view baby.” Instead of feeling embarrassed and angry I realized I was blushing not only from shame but from desire. I loved that he was looking at my tits. He must have realized it too, because his eyes widened and he smiled, he’d seen my nipples get hard. He didn’t say anything else, but he kept staring until I got off at the middle school.

The rest of the day I noticed changes too. The boys stared at my tits as usual and I was loving it. I was also looking at all the boys, even the teachers differently, wondering how big their cocks were, if they liked to fuck hard like Mr. Miller did. The end result was that by the time I got home I was so horny I ran upstairs and shoved three fingers up my dripping cunt and fucked myself till I came three times. Tuesday was just the same, and by Wednesday I was going out of my mind with my need to be fucked. I didn’t know what to do, our town was too small for me to just randomly fuck someone without it getting around and my parents would kill me.

I had stayed late at school on Wednesday to finish a project in history and was walking home through the woods when I realized that someone was following me. I turned around and saw Billy McClan on the path behind me. He smiled at me, but it wasn’t a friendly smile. “Hey baby.” He said as he caught up to me. I’ve been waiting for you to walk home. He was staring hard at my tits, and I felt my nipples get hard. The slut in me thought instantly that this was the answer to my problem. If I fucked Billy no one would believe him if he told, because he said he had fucked every girl around. I felt my panties get moist as I started thinking about it, but the part of me that was still thirteen blushed. “Umm, yeah why?” I whispered. Billy’s eyes ran up and down me, and he pushed forward making me walk with him deeper into the woods. “You don’t know why baby? Cause I like you.” He said.

“Really? I thought you didn’t like middle school girls.” I whispered, realizing we were now deep enough in the woods that no one could see us. He just grinned at me then reached up and rubbed one of my tits through my shirt. “I do when they have tits like yours baby. Let me see your tits hon.” I bit back on a whimper as he touched my breast, my nipple got instantly hard as he repeated almost the same words Mr. Miller had first said to me. I shook my head, wanting to pretend even to myself that I wasn’t a slut. Billy put his other hand up and rubbed my other breast. “Come on baby, I feel your little nipples so hard, you like it huh? Let me just look.” He unbuttoned one of my buttons as he pushed me back against a tree. I stared at him wide eyed afraid to open my mouth. I’d either scream and ruin this, or I’d moan and he’d know what a slut I was. When I didn’t stop him, or say anything he finished unbuttoning my shirt and pushed it apart showing my white bra with my hard nipples poking through. “Mmm..I knew they’d be nice tits.” He licked his lips. “I wanna see ‘em baby, push your bra up.” When I just continued to stare at him he laughed. “You can show me, or I can rip it off you baby, but either way I’m gonna see your tits.”

I almost creamed in my panties right then. This was exactly what I’d been wanting since I left Mr. Miller’s house, someone to force me to be a slut. I started crying, Billy probably thought I was scared but it was from relief. I pushed my bra up, letting my large tits fall out and Billy’s eyes widened. He didn’t wait though, his hands came up and he began fondling my tits, rubbing my hard nipples. “Oh baby you have nice tits. I gotta suck them.” He put his head down and took one of my hard nipples into his mouth and began to suck it. I let out a moan and leaned back against the tree. Billy picked his head up looked at me. “It’s ok baby, I won’t hurt you.” Still rubbing one tit he slid his other hand down my leg and up my skirt. I cried harder and he said again. “I won’t hurt you, you like it don’t you your nipples are so hard.” Then his hand slid up against my wet panties and he smiled. “and you’re wet, it won’t hurt baby.” I just cried, because how could I tell him I wanted it to hurt. He kept calling me baby and I wanted him to call me slut.

He worked his finger inside my panties and instantly pushed it inside my cunt. He moaned and pressed his hips forward. “You’re wet baby, it’s going to be easy.” He pulled me down and leaned me back against the tree then pushed my skirt up. He popped his jeans, eyeing me afraid I’d scream or run I guess. His cock popped out hard, and I cried harder. It was only about six inches long and not very thick. He leaned in and kissed my lips working his finger in my wet cunt, then sucked my nipples again before saying. “It’ll feel good baby, just relax.” He thought he was raping me, but he was so gentle. He moved positions and used his hand to push my panties aside, and I felt his cock slide into me. It felt better than my fingers for sure, but he pushed only three times before I felt his hot sticky cum flood my cunt. “Uggh…uggh tight…so good baby…YEAHHHHHhh..” and he spurted up in me before I even thought about coming. I just cried harder, knowing my problem wasn’t solved, something was wrong with me. Billy pulled out and wiped my tears. “It’s ok baby you’re my girl now, it’ll be better next time. Just don’t’ tell anyone.” Then he was gone, and I was left alone the only good thing was that I loved the feeling of cum dripping down my legs. The bad thing was I was such a slut I didn’t like being fucked gently, even a gentle rape. What was I going to do?

Billy followed me around the next couple of days, but I made sure I was never alone. It wasn’t that I minded if he fucked me, it just hadn’t been good. I wanted a man’s cock, I wanted someone to force me to be the nasty slut I knew I was. I realized I wanted Mr. Miller again, but I didn’t know how to go back to his house. I had no reason too.

On Friday my parents took me to the county fair. We all dressed up in ‘country’ clothes, and I was wearing a denim strapless sundress. They gave me ten bucks and let me go off on my own. I’d wandered around for an hour or so and looked at some of the livestock, I’d imagined all the animals cocks and gotten very wet. I still didn’t know what to do about my problem, then it hit me. The carnival at the fair was a traveling one, everyone always warned the girls not to go there alone at dark, because the carnies would rape you. I got wet thinking about it and headed that way, if I was lucky I could at least get one good pounding this weekend. The sun had set and I had to walk through the animal stalls to get to the carnival. I was halfway down the dark path when Billy caught up with me. “Hey baby, you’re avoiding me.” He said and took my arm pulling me into an empty stall. “I told you, you’re my girl now.” I couldn’t help get a little excited, Billy wanted to fuck me and he’d pulled me into a dark place. If he was mad I’d ignored him maybe he’d get rough. No such luck. He gently touched my hair, then started very gently rubbing one of my tits. “I told you it’d be better next time, the first time always hurts. I’ll be gentle baby.” I started crying again, this just wasn’t what I wanted. Even when he pulled the top of my dress down and started sucking my nipple it didn’t get hard, because I knew what was coming. Then we heard a rough voice from the dark aisle in front of the stall. “What’s going on here? What you kids doing?”

Billy froze as Mr. Miller stepped into the stall and shined a flashlight on us. He looked mean at Billy. “What you doing to that little girl? You get on afore I tell your paw what you’re up too.” Billy blinked and didn’t even bother to pull the top of my dress back up before running away. Mr. Miller shined the flashlight out on him till he was sure he was gone then snapped it off and turned to me. He pushed me further back in the dark stall. “You nasty whore, couldn’t wait a week to get more cock could you.” Mr. Miller shoved his hand under my dress up to my crotch then laughed. “You ain’t even wet. Little boy couldn’t even get a nasty slut like you wet? Hmmm…yeah there it is.” Because as he fondled my cunt and talked to me I’d gotten moist. Mr. Miller shoved a finger up my now wet cunt. “You need a man’s cock don’t you cunt? Why didn’t ya just come to me, I’ll fuck you good whenever you want.” He stuck another finger into my pussy and I moaned leaning back against the wall as he began to finger my little twat. “That little boy can’t fuck you right, he doesn’t know how to treat whores.” He fingered me fast and hard and I spewed cum all over his hand panting. “No sir, no he doesn’t.”

Mr. Miller only laughed, he spun me around and forced me onto my hands and knees. I heard his zipper come down and felt him kneel behind me. “I know what little sluts like you want. I’ll fix it so you get it all the time.” Then he leaned over and put his hand over my mouth. “Can’t have ya screaming too loud cunt.” He rubbed his cock all over my dripping cunt, then pulled it back and pushed it against my asshole. He let his hand loosen a little. “Tell me you want it slut, tell me you want my cock up your thirteen year old nasty ass.” I moaned and pushed back against his cock popping the head into my tiny ass. It hurt, god it hurt but I panted. “Yes sir, yes please fuck my little ass.” He wrapped his hand back over my mouth, which was good because as he rammed his ten inch cock up my dry tight shitter I screamed in pain and pleasure and spewed cum. He rammed his hard cock up me for almost ten minutes grunting and calling me his fuckpig, his little nasty whore. I felt his cum spew up my ass chute and came again screaming and moaning. He pulled out and spun me around. “Now lick it clean bitch, and don’t forget whose slut you are.”

I lapped his cock clean of his cum and my shit juice. I swallowed his cock and licked his balls loving every minute of it. I knew I had a serious problem, because I loved being his slut but I never got to see him. When I’d finished cleaning him off he threw a rag at me. “Clean yourself up cunt.” Then turned and walked off. About ten minutes later on shaky legs I went out to find my parents. When I found my dad I saw Mr. Miller just leaving from talking to him. When I got to dad he looked a little mad. “Why didn’t you tell me you were at Mr. Miller’s last weekend?” I just stared at him flabbergasted. Surely Mr. Miller hadn’t told my father what had happened. Dad went on. “He says you and your friends trashed his cornfield as a Halloween prank.” Then dad smiled indulgently. “But he said you were the only one that apologized and helped him clean up. You’re a good girl.” Dad patted me on the head. “Mr. Miller was so impressed he’s going to pay you twenty dollars a week to go out and door chores for him. Sound good?”

I couldn’t believe my ears. I gushed cum out of my tiny cunt just thinking about it. Every week I’d be able to go see Mr. Miller and no one would know that I was slutting for him. I wouldn’t have to let Bill McClan put his little dick in me, and dad wouldn’t wonder why I was hanging out with an old mean man. I was in heaven. I just smiled brightly at dad and nodded. “Oh yes daddy, it sounds very good.”
(More slutty adventures to come if you like.)

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Continued from below. She was to young and only lasted about a month before I hade used her up but while she was fresh she has a hot little fuck bitch and a lot of fun to use and abuse. She was not worth the trouble to me to try and sell her after I got through with using her up, not much left at her young age so I simply droped her ass off in the desert obout a hundred miles out side vegas with out clothing or water and went in to vegas for the weekend. Fun wall she lasted but to young to have any staying power thay want to die to quickly when you get started on the rough abuse and torture. But she was fun will she lasted !!!!.

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