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Together they learn about sex
I Love Her

A young couple, late at night, on a sofa learn about love and sex

Your fingers feel so delicate on the nape of my neck as they send a shiver down my spine. Tightly embraced in a kiss that has lasted several bizarre minutes I find it harder to breath. The extended piece of flesh in my pants is twisted, caught in the tight elastic of my underwear causing minor discomfort to it, but it is well worth the pain knowing full well you’re the cause of it.

A new variation of your kiss takes place as your tongue tries to separate my lips forcing it between them where it meets mine sharing our warm saliva. Our eyes clenched tightly shut as we sit on the overstuffed sofa. Never in my wildest dreams would have I thought that you would be attracted to me, no not just attracted but wanting to be this close. I have been having these thoughts of lust whenever I see your body fluttering around so gracefully. But here I sit with you, not sure if it is real or just a hallucination of my mind.

It seems as your body readily responds as I let out gentle wisp’s into you ear while nibbling on it’s lobe. I can’t resist the spontaneous actions of my fingers as they unbutton your pajama top, like a key they unlock each one until you are exposed for my delight. Gratification comes in different ways for different people, but your tits are more than I expected. I knew they would be small but did not expect them to be so perfectly round and perky.

The nipples swell under the duress of being sucked into my waiting mouth, first the right one then the left one, back and forth I go as your body responds back pushing forwards as your hands continue to play on the back of my neck pulling closer.

I am afraid I have gone too far, afraid you my say stop at any moment. Your actions tell another story, a story tale that couldn’t be make believe. My hands have been silent since removing your pajama top, but now they travel downwards into an area I have never been, not just with you but any girl. Frightened I may do something wrong I tenderly search for your treasure. Greeted with the gesture of your legs slightly spreading apart I take that as a proposal.

In the dark of this room I can barely make out a small bush of fine hairs on the top of your mound. My hand shakes as it slides around your inner thighs. I can’t believe that the thin fabric of your pajama bottoms was that easily removed from your body. There is one thing I am sure about tonight, your sureness of what you want from me. Being the first time I have ever seen a girl naked I take in your beauty in the dim light.

Your moans of delight fill the room; I can only hope that your parents don’t hear them. Your body is giving off a feeling of warmth on my hand, I can smell you, not out of disgust but a smell of muskiness drifts upwards. The hand that was wrapped around my neck has fallen to my lap landing directly on my engorged dick, I am confident it was by design, not accidental. It is a relief when you straightened it out from it’s distorted position.

Fumbling for the zipper I can tell it is the first time you have done this making both of us true novice’s. By the time the evening is over we will be beginners, if we have the good fortune of doing this again we may become experts although I am not sure about that. Your hand has now expanded the front of my pants disappearing into my underwear you mumble into my ear about the heat it is generating. As you trace the length of it your tone signals fear at it’s size. I am flattered over the compliment, only anxious that you may actually change your mind. But I should not fear, now pulling me downward your body conforms into the softness of the cushions as my body adjusts as I lay upon your dainty body.

I scramble to push my pants down over my thighs, twisting and twirling both my pants and underwear are caught on my right ankle, then I am completely naked except for my white socks. Lightly sending kisses down your face into you neck then along the hairline as your head nervously goes back and forth. I can tell the look of suffering on your face as your mind struggles to make a decision, but either way I would walk away a happy boy having shared this experience with you.

We haven’t spoken many words in the past thirty minutes, but actions have talked plenty. As I randomly slide up and down your body my dick is pressed against your tightly clenched thighs wanting to go between them where no boy has been before. To my amazement I feel them begin to part slightly as your hands wrap around my body. I kiss your lips lightly looking directly into your eyes for guidance as my body now has slipped closer to you.

A few cautionary words of being gentle and going slow has escaped your lips along with an ominous warning of pregnancy. I feel the wetness leaking from my pee hole as it slips along you leg. I hunch up on my elbows allowing a tiny gap between our upper bodies, but our lower bodies are tightly coupled. If it goes as planned soon we will be connected.

My dick head has found a wet spot. As it probes my pre-cum is leaking energetically providing a clear and direct route for any sperm that may exit later. I can feel you pussy lips engulfing just the tip of my dick. We are both frightened to move, we know that you will be in pain if I lunge forward, but instincts are taking over out bodies. A young girl’s body wants a boy’s dick inside as you do.

As I press downwards the tip disappears into a very wet hole, gently nudging it inwards I feel your maidenhood membrane give way. Continuing on I do not stop until my flesh is buried. My mind races as I look at you, what have I done, tears running down your cheeks I battle my thoughts between stopping, pulling out and apologizing to you for taking your honor or forgetting your reverence and fucking the shit out of you. I can feel tears beginning to well up in me, I feel sorry for doing this to you.

I haven’t moved since impaling you, my dick all they way in your body but there seems to be more wetness between us. Seconds seem like minutes but then you respond, your arms embrace me tightly, and your legs have risen upwards as your thighs chafe mine. I begin to make love to you. Over and over I withdraw before entering again and again. I know that I cant go on forever even if I want too. I sense a urge in my body for release.

It’s been six, maybe seven minutes sawing into you. I learned quickly you like it when my dick goes down and in as compared to just straight in. The grazing of the magic area is taking it toll on you. Your legs are continuously wobbling around as your hands grip my backside tightly holding me in place. I slow my pace wanting it last longer, but it’s of no use.

Grinding hard against your body your legs go around my thighs with your ankles locking me. I stop completely; fully submerged your body begins to shake as the muscles ripple. I can feel your pussy swelling around my flesh then minor contractions begin an urgency. I am at a standoff inside my mind, I need to exit from your body with speed, if not I will let loose an army of swimming sperm. I don’t want that, how would we explain to our parents what we have done, they would never understand nor would our friends.

As your body convulses under mine I pull up away from you to let my sperm exit onto you body, not inside it. You are making the attempt difficult; in fact you have pulled me back inside you. The friction of going into your slick hole has set me off. Your hands and legs are like a vice holding my steady. My pee slit is close to your cervix, if I let loose the sperm will surely be forced into you uterus.

I am trying my best but it’s to late I feel my testicales tighten as valves open mixing fluids on their way out. Your orgasm is over, mine is just starting as my dick grows larger it spasm out of control spilling a long rope of seed into your depths followed by several more. My body is forcing itself against yours, holding you firmly against the sofa not letting you move as it tries it’s best to fertilize you.

Then it’s over for both of us, we lie in silence enjoying the after-glow of our sex. Exhausted we rearrange our selves, you on one end of the sofa, me on the other. Our tired eyes gaze at each others fatigued bodies. My once menacing dick now just a deflated piece of extra flesh with traces of red from your ripped hymen lays subdued against my thigh covered in slimy white goo. Almost dozing off you lethargically extend you legs. Leaking out a significant amount of cum it is almost certain some of the sperm has made it’s way. We can only hope there is not a waiting egg.

Watching you lay there, watching your pussy leaking my boy juice I come to realize that we did this out of love, after all isn’t a brother and sister supposed to love each other.

anonymous readerReport

2011-05-08 10:45:48
I love the concept of incest. A brother and a sister making love is so beautiful to me. i would never do it, but i love reading about it. This was so beautifully written. The brother seemed so sweet and loving and the sister had this innocence that was just so cute. Thank you for posting. This is phenomenal.

Anonymous readerReport

2009-11-13 07:23:05
fuck you!

Anonymous readerReport

2009-11-09 08:23:27
not bad, a different perspective i guees

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