Daddy's Toy

This story picks up at the end of chapter one, Daddy’s Toy. If you haven’t read the first chapter, you should start there. Hope you enjoy!

Chapter 2 - Carrie’s Perspective

Carrie was not sure when she realized she was not alone anymore, but even before she opened her eyes, she knew who was standing less than two feet from her; she could feel his eyes devouring her. She looked up and there stood daddy! At first she wondered if he was mad, mad because she found his books, mad because of what she just did, but then she saw something else in his beautiful hazel eyes; lust, wanting, hunger. Her pussy jumped at that look. Her eyes ran over his body, sticking out, like a prow on a Viking war ship, was his cock. Her eyes touched every inch of it. Seeing it there before her very eyes; hard, throbbing and in living color made her moan again. She hungered for that piece of hard flesh, she wanted to taste it, feel it, and she wanted it pushed into her quivering body. She didn't speak, she just turned giving daddy a full view of her now spread legs... staring into his face, she opened herself for him. He inhaled sharply and his cock twitched, she saw precum oozing out of his cock head. Getting to her knees she crawled to him, and reached up slowly one little finger wiped across his cock head, cum clung to her finger. Looking up at daddy she boldly slid her finger between her lips... Daddy's body shook. His hands clenched at his sides, he couldn’t look away. "Daddy?” she whispered, reaching up to him. “Oh Daddy, I’m so hot Daddy, so fucking hot. Help me daddy please! Please help your nasty lil girl", she begged touching his hard cock, her small hands wrapping around the hot flesh. Daddy's hips thrust into her closed hand. She moved up until her full lips were inches from his cock head, still looking up she slid her lips around his cock, with an animal like growl, daddy grabbed her head and shoved his cock down her throat. "Fuck!! Oooh shit yeah, he moaned pushing in and out of her mouth. She gagged and choked, and tried to pull back, but daddy was too far gone he just held her still for his invading cock. Quickly she learned to relax her throat, and to open her mouth a little so she could breathe as he pulled back. Without pulling out of her mouth, daddy sunk to his knees. Carrie sunk back on her haunches. Her knees open. Her own hand found her wet pussy; she really felt the need to cum again. With daddy's cock in her mouth fucking her throat so roughly and her fingers digging into her hot wet pussy, it wasn’t long before she was moaning and swallowing daddy’s meat. “Mmmmmmma mamamam" she moaned. "OH FUCK yes!!” “Suck me baby, suck daddy's cock", daddy growled, “play with that pussy, do it good, cum again for daddy" he ordered slamming his cock into her mouth.

For a second daddy scared her, she had never heard him be so strong, so demanding. "Don’t stop my lil slut." he barked as her sucking slacked, daddy grabbed a handful of hair and pulled her harder on to his thrusting cock. She quickly began to suck again. "MMM that’s it my hot lil slut, you’re daddy's whore now", he said through clenched teeth. "You’re gonna eat all my cum and hold my cock in that little squirting pussy of yours anytime I want it." With each word daddy's cock slammed harder into her mouth, her own hand worked her clit over roughly. "OOOOMMMM fuck!! Here it comes baby, here comes daddy’s hot load!!!!” he yelled thrusting. His hot cum filled her mouth, running down the back of her throat, Carrie swallowed as fast as she could but her own orgasm hit her too, her pussy squirted on daddy's legs, as he squirted down her throat. Carrie never felt so nasty, so used, and yes so good. Amazing did not cover it!!! Daddy kept pumping and pumping, spurts of cum shot out... "oooh shit... oooohhhmmmm damn. damn!" Daddy pulled his cock out of her mouth. He just sat here on his haunches breathing hard, with his eyes closed; his cock lay slightly limp, cum still dripping out. Carrie did not move she did not know what to say or do........

Chapter 2 – Rick’s Perspective

Rick looked into her eyes, she was a brazen little minx, where most girls would have screamed and run from the room, his little slut crawled to him. She sucked precum from her finger, and begged him to take her. When her full soft lips closed around his cock, the world vanished. This was not his little girl, this was a cum starved little whore. She wanted, no, needed his cock and he was damn well gonna give it to her. She better not try to change her mind.

His cock had never been in such a tight little mouth before.... It was so warm and so wet and her lips were clamped so tight. He felt her teeth scraping his flesh, it stung, but than her lips would rub away the pain and as she learned to relax, his cock was soon slamming into her throat. God he was in heaven. He looked down and she was playing with herself again. Rick could not believe what a hot lil slut she was, she was made for fucking, no she was made for his fucking. She was his now, his toy and she better well learn it! His mind screamed out MINE, MINE, MINE as his cum filled her mouth. He felt her own cum spray against his pant clad legs, like she was marking her property, like a little bitch in heat.

His heart calmed down, and his breathing returned to normal. He looked down at her. She just sat there her knees still open, her wetness all over her thighs and his legs, her fingers still dripped with it. Her head bowed in a very submissive position. This made his cock twitch. God how he loved submissive woman, not in the beat them and fuck them way, but he loved telling them what to do. He loved to make them do things to themselves and him and if they didn’t, he did not mind slapping their bare asses with his big hand. In fact he liked it! Nothing turned him on more than a big red hand print on a soft white ass cheek. That was one of the reasons Carrie's mother left them. She hated being controlled in any way; she would not be his toy. Looking down at Carrie, Rick smiled, well now he has his toy and soon she will know everything there is to know about pleasing him, him and only him. He stood up and Carrie started to move. “Go to my bed and don’t move." He ordered. He decided to go clean up a bit, he was going to lay down the law and Carrie better get used to the way things are going to be from now on. He smiled to himself. Mmmmm yep, now he has his own sweet, hot lil toy.

Chapter 3 – Carrie’s Perspective

As soon as she heard daddy enter the bathroom, Carrie jumped to her feet. She was in trouble now. Daddy did not say anything but go to his bed and don’t move. She remembered the few times she had been bad enough to earn a spanking, Daddy always made her stand by his bed, to wait for it. Nothing was ever harder than to stand there waiting for daddy, waiting for the pain and humiliation of being spanked. Daddy was never cruel, nor did he cause too much pain. But this was different, she was caught digging through his things and playing with herself! Oh god she sucked his cock and loved it! Daddy was right when he called her a little slut. She quickly put herself to rights and moved to his bed; there she stood by it, her head down. She heard water running in the bathroom, daddy must be showering. She thought about running to her room and locking herself in, but knew daddy would only spank her more if she did. A shiver of fear ran down her spine, but with it she also noticed something else. Was she getting excited to? Was that possible? Could her body want this spanking? Could the thought of daddy spanking her really make her horny? God! She really was a slut!

All too soon daddy came back; he was wearing nothing but a towel. Water rolled down his body, but Carrie did not want to look at him. She just kept her head down, her long hair covering her face. “I did say my bed didn’t I?" daddy said. Carrie only nodded her head. “I see” said daddy walking over to her, he forced her to look up at him. “Then why are you standing here?" And there was a gleam in his eyes. “I’m... I’m waiting daddy." She murmured. “Waiting? For what?" He said, sitting on the bed. “This is where you always make me stand when... when..." She put her head down; she could not say the words “spank me”. For a minute daddy did not say anything. “Well that explains that, but who told you to put your clothes right, I don’t think I did." He looked at the top of her head. “Take them off, all of them and do it now or I will”, he ordered moving her between his legs. For a moment Carrie just looked at him, fear thick in her blue/green eyes. Why did she need to take off her clothes?" “Now Carrie!" His voice was hard. Carrie knew if she didn’t do it, things were going to get worse. With trembling hands she pulled her shirt off. Daddy watched as her young firm breasts sprang free. He cupped one than the other, even at 12 her breasts filled the palm of his hand and she still had more growing to do. She stood there waiting for daddy to stop touching her and when he did, she undid her little skirt, and let it slide down her slender hips. Daddy was staring at her like she was some kind of meat and he was a hungry lion. His eyes roamed her whole body. She did not like the feeling..... or did she? NO! NO! NO! her mind yelled, but her body had a different idea. Her nipples hardened, her tummy tightened, the wetness came back. She was humiliated by this. But she also could not deny there was something erotic about it, something about the way she had no choice but to do what daddy wanted, something about the way daddy took control of her, forcing her to be bad. It was this that made the wetness leak from her into her panties.

She could not bring herself to remove her panties, she did not want daddy to see the wetness, it would kill her. “You need to learn now that you have no choice but to do as I say." Daddy said, as he reached out and ripped the panties from her body. He looked at them. Oh god, Carrie thought when she saw the wetness in the crotch, daddy saw it too. “MMMM you are a hot lil slut aren’t you?" he said, his eyes devouring her bald young pussy, as it glistened with wetness. Daddy tossed her panties down on the floor. “Step back and spread those pussy lips." he ordered. Carrie did not move. “No daddy, I can’t." She mumbled. She could not do this, it was wrong, it was against the law! “Did you just say no?" Daddy asked mildly. Her head bowed but she managed a small nod. Before she knew what was happening, she was across daddy's lap, her white naked rump in the air. She didn’t even have time to struggle when she heard his hand coming down and felt the searing pain as he smacked her bare ass. "OUCH DA!!!", as her cry was cut off by another smack. Her butt felt like it was on fire, as if a thousand bees where stinging her at once, Daddy's hand came down two more times. Fat tears rolled down her cheeks. Although it did not really hurt, she felt humiliated because she could feel the wetness leaking out of her onto daddy's lap. “Daddy please stop... I’ll..I’ll be good.. please... please, I’ll do whatever you want." She begged, trying to wiggle free. She felt her own slick juices smearing on daddy, she hoped he didn’t.
"MMMMM by how wet you are I’d say you don’t want me to stop." He purred, rubbing her hot backside. “God your ass is so perfect with my hand prints on it." He ran a finger from the top of her crack all the way down between her legs until he reached her wet, leaking pussy. A moan slipped from her lips as he slid his finger in. "MMMM your so wet and so tight, I think you like this... your my lil slut, my wet lil toy." Daddy said leaning over and kissing her achy bottom." And you like that thought don’t you?" To prove his point he pushed his finger deeper in, until he hit her hymen. “Ouch Daddy that hurts!" she tried to get away. Daddy smacked her again. "Hold still!” “I won’t hurt that cherry yet, my cock wants that pleasure." he slid his finger back. She quickly went still. Her butt was starting to hurt; each slap felt like daddy was bursting her flesh. “Now, are you ready to do as daddy says?" he asked rubbing her clit. She only moaned. “MMM I’ll take that for a yes..." Daddy said moving his finger back in and using his thumb on her clit. It was almost too much for her. "Don’t cum." he ordered putting her back on her feet. Her body felt like it was on fire, her pussy ached with need. Daddy did not seem to notice, and if he did he did not care. “Now open that pussy for me." He ordered leaning back.

Ashamed, but horny, she did as she was told. She wasn’t sure if she did it to keep from being spanked again, or because she wanted to, or because he wanted her to. Cool air flowed over her hot wet flesh. “OOO what a pretty pussy my lil girl has" daddy said looking his fill at her damp folds. "Touch it, slide your finger around your pussy, but don’t touch your clit, or your tight ill hole" Daddy ordered. She did it, not looking at him, instead she looked at the bed, and tried not to think about it.. but it was hard not to........

Chapter 3 – Rick’s Perspective

Rick's heart slammed into his chest when he came from the bathroom and saw her standing there her head bowed, waiting for him, he had wanted her waiting on his bed, her skirt still up, her sweet breasts still free, and her panties still in the closet. But this was pretty good, now he could show her how things are going to be. When he ordered her to take off her clothes he knew she would refuse, or at least he hoped she would. At first he was a little disappointed when she removed her shirt, but once those mouthwatering globes of pale flesh were free he forgot his disappointment. His hands ached to touch them, and he did not deny himself, as soon as he cupped one, the nipple seemed to spring to life. Her flesh broke out into tiny little goose bumps; he could feel her heart thumping. And when she slid her shirt down, showing him her slender hips and creamy thighs, he felt his heart catch in his chest. He waited, but she did not reach for those panties and he wanted to see that beautiful bald pussy. When she said no, that was it, he snatched them from her. He was half tempted right than to spank her bottom red, the thought appealed to him very much, but he couldn't think, not straight anyway. Her panties were so wet, there was moisture leaking from her pussy. Was she almost as excited as he was? This pleased him more than anything. His lil slut loved to be ordered around, she was such a hot little slave and that is what she was his little sex slave! He gave her an order he knew she was not ready to do and when she refused he did what he had wanted to do since he walked in the room, as his hand came down on her firm ass, he felt his cock harden. Even through the towel he could feel her heat, the more he slapped her ass the wetter she got. Rick was pleased, more than pleased, but when he slipped his finger in and felt her virginity he nearly came right then and there. God she was so wet, and so hot. Rick never wanted to fuck someone more than he did right then. He wanted to slid his hard throbbing cock deep inside of her; he wanted to feel her tight virgin pussy squeezing him. But even more, he wanted to make her beg him to do it. He wanted her to learn that the only way she would find release was through his mouth, his fingers, or his cock and nowhere else.

He watched as she ran her fingers around the inside of her wet pussy. He could see it was making her hotter. “Play with your little clit, but not too much." Rick watched as her fingers moved to the hard yummy looking nub. He looked at her face, her eyes were closed and her head leaned back, her titties pushed forward. God she was an image of erotic delights. He did not know how much longer he could hold out. Little moans slipped from her lips. “Enough!" he said making her jump, he did not want her to cum yet. He could see she wanted to rebel, he almost wished she would, but she didn’t. Rick stood up. “On your knees lil one", he ordered and she did as she was told. "Good now take my towel off." She started to get up.." no, from down there." She did it and his cock sprang up, hitting her chin. Precum dribbled from the end of his cock, “lick that off." He pushed his hips forward. At first she was going to balk, but one look at daddy and she knew not to.

Rick moaned as her tongue wiped his cock head. She licked and licked and the more she licked the more precum dribbled out. “Grab it like you did in the closet." He nearly exploded as her small hand enclosed hot flesh. Her other hand slid between her parted knees. “Did I say you can play with that?" Her hand moved away fast. Rick smiled, she was a hot thing, there was no doubting that. "Suck me." He ordered. She did it without thinking. Rick had to really fight the urge to grab her head and fuck that pretty mouth again. But he did not want to cum in her mouth again; he had other plans for this load.

Get on the bed, and spread your legs as wide as they will go." he said pulling from between her lips. For a moment he thought she might disobey, but she didn’t she lay on the bed and opened her legs as far as she could. Rick moved to look up at her from the bottom of the bed. The view was breathtaking, her slender legs were spread across his wide bed; her skin looked so dark on his white sheets. "Spread your lips for daddy" he said and as she did, Rick stroked his throbbing cock. The clash between her sweet pink flesh and the stark white of the sheet was a sight he will never forget. He moved to lie between those legs; at first she tried to close them. "I did not say to move" he barked rolling her quickly and slapping her ass hard. "From now on you do exactly what I say, when I say it and how I say it or your beautiful ass will feel my disappointment." Tears rolled down her cheeks, god she was a beauty. He touched her soft wet pink flesh, so warm, so wet, and so clean. He nudged her legs a little more with his shoulders. He was sure she was not very comfortable, but he did not care. He slid up more, until his face was a mere inch from what he wanted. She yelped in shock when he buried his face in between her legs. Her wetness drenched his tongue, the moment her sweet juices touched his tongue, he growled, and began licking and lapping at her hot pussy. Carrie started breathing heavy, he could feel her body tighten, and he knew she was getting close to cumming, he nipped her clit, a little hard, but she did not seem to mind. Her body exploded, her juices filled his mouth, and Rick licked and sucked.. " OHHHHH~ Shit!!! Ommmmmm daddy! Awwwwwwwwww god fuck!" she moaned humping up against his mouth. Rick was amazed that such a small girl could squirt so much cum. it filled his mouth, ran down his chin.

While she was still in the after throws of her orgasm, Rick mounted her, he knew it was going to hurt, but he did not have the strength to go slow, his cock needed to be inside her tight body. He slammed past her cherry, he felt her close in on him, felt her small body trying to push him out, in the distance he heard her screaming and crying. But that’s all it took, his orgasm was too quick. Before he could start pumping into her, his cock erupted, filling her young womb with his hot cum. Carrie must have felt something because soon she was moaning and humping against him. Her little hands digging into his wide shoulders, while little mewling sounds slipped from her lips. The sounds made Rick's cock squirt again. God she made the sexiest little cumming sounds, he thought. He laid on her, his cock was still hard, he just held himself still and let her fuck herself on his cock. He looked down at her, he was amazed at the wild untamed look on her young face, as she thrashed against him, her small hands digging into his flesh. How he loved this wild, sex goddess. Rick never believed he could be this happy.

I'd like to thank all of you for your emails and comments on Carrie part one.. hope you enjoy this one also... please forgive any misspelling, and thank you daddy lou!! love you...

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