NOTE: This installment deals more with the plot than it does sex. Just letting you know.

I didn't realize how tired I truly was until I finished my nightly shower and collapsed onto my bed, neglecting to throw so much as a blanket over my naked body.

The alarm clock, which sat on my nightstand, screamed it's annoying song, cutting through the silence of 7 a.m. and my own sleep. I had to laugh at myself. I was spooning a pillow and had a rock-hard erection. Must've been a good dream, but I couldn't remember.

Shutting the clock off, I raised from my bed, it's own virginity being taken less than 24 hours ago. Each step seemed difficult. My hips felt stiff and uncooperative. I'd been out of this 'fucking' thing too long.

Walking over to my dresser, I noticed a small box that seemed out of place. I was one of those people that could walk into any room I'd been in before and instantly realize if something was different. Surely this box hadn't appeared on it's own, and I sure as hell had no recollection of bearing it.

Making my way toward my door, I flipped the light switch on. After a few seconds of realtive blindness, my vision came. Reaching for the box, which I now saw was a light blue fixture, a mixed feeling rushed my body.


I knew where they'd come from, now. Mom. How she managed to get them in my room without me snapping from my sleep? I had no idea. The only other thought other I had was 'wonder if she noticed I was naked?'

It was somewhat embarassing, but I got over it. Nothing she hadn't seen before. A small laugh echoed from my chest. I was almost insulted she hadn't bought me something in the 'Magnum' department. Not that I needed it, but how rude it was to assumed I wasn't well enough endowed, even if it was my mother.

Tossing the box back to it's original position, I shuffled through my drawers pulling out the days attire. A simple t shirt, boxers, shorts, and socks. To me, comfort was more important than style.

With my phone in my pocket, I hit the bathroom to relieve myself of that morning piss that plagued all mankind. After brushing my teeth, I headed downstairs, finishing my everyday ritual of preparation.

It wasn't much of a 'ritual', per se, it involved ransacking the kitchen cabinets for food and watching tv until it was time to go. But it worked for me.

I remembered that Aly had sent me a text immediately after I had arrived back home last night, asking if I'd enjoy her company on the short walk to school. Of course. With the clock ticking away, I slipped my shoes on and set out.

Reaching the intersection that was mutually accessible, I saw Aly's slender body heading my way. A smile, just as visible from a distance as it was up close, told me she was happy to see me.

Her appearance floored me. A small, denim skirt adorned her legs. A black top, a collar and sleeve deal, wrapped around her stomach, breasts, and shoulders. Her freshly-painted pink toenails shown out of some black sandals.

"Hey, babe." I said to her as she approached, her hand locking into mine. "Sleep well?"

"You have no idea." She smiled. "I was exhausted after last night."

I nodded my head. I could understand. I felt the same way.

On our short journey, I relayed the story of finding the box of condoms to Aly. She found it somewhat humorous, but still wasn't sure about actually using them. If it didn't bother her, it didn't bother me.

Noting that it was a Friday, I pressed Aly about spending the night.

"It's not like you're going to have to get up early for school or anything." I proposed. "Stay up as late as we want and sleep in all day if we need to."

If I had it my way, we'd really need to.

"I know." She said slowly. "I just have to think of what to tell Dad. I can't be like 'hey, I'm goin' to sleep over at my boyfriends tonight. Bye!'"

We decided to work out the details later, but for all intents and purposes, we'd assume we'd be sleeping together tonight. Literally.

With the luck of the draw giving us our first class together, I had an extra hour to spend with Aly everyday. True, most days we'd be bust and probably not able to do so much as wave at one another, but the fact we shared the class was still a highlight.

The word of Aly and I's relationship spread with the speed only a public high school can produce. It was almost flattering knowing that we were the object of such big talk.

As the bell rang, all students finding their seats, Aly's feet came up and rested on the back legs of my desk. My hand rubbed her sandal-clad foot, making it's way up and past her ankle. I wished that I could reach my hand all the way up her leg and under her skirt, but I wasn't sure that was socially acceptable.

The unattractive female teacher stood at the front of the room. Being a normal boy, my friends and I often discussed which of the teachers we'd like to bend over their desks. Needless to say, her name was never brought up. In a weird sort of way, I always wondered what she looked like naked. I wouldn't do anything to her, of course, but I'd pay to see her in the buff.

My mind wandered off to a land that was inhabited by almost all students when the teacher is boring them. It was a mix of fantasy land and past events. I still thought a lot about camp. It had been the greatest time of my life, producing every sexual partner I'd known, one ending up my girlfriend.

I also began to wonder to myself whether I'd start doing Tiffany if she magically showed up at my high school the way Aly had. The boyfriend side of me said there was no way I'd ever do that to Aly again. The hormone-ravaged teenage side of me said 'bring her on'.

Quietly, I pondered whether or not there were any girls that actually were around that I'd cheat on Aly with if the opportunity presented itself. None came to mind. But, as I'd already proven to myself, some things just happen.

One thing I was certain of, I'd have to treat Aly as well as I possibly could. My high school was crawling with all kinds of lowlifes that would gladly take Aly off of my hands if given the chance. Some were charming wolves. Some were just simply charming. I hoped I'd never give her a reason to shop around.

With the scene of last night playing in my head, Aly tapped me on the shoulder, snapping me from my gaze.

"Bell rang, dork." She laughed. "Time to go."

I shook the daydreaming from my body and stood, smiling at my girl.

"I'll see you at lunch." I promised before kissing her.

Parting ways outside of the room, I walked backwards, watching Aly make her way down the hall. I noticed several guys passing her turning around to grab a second look. I made a mental note to kill them later.

My second class of the day reunited me with one of my long time friends, Jeff "The Jett".

Jeff's moniker came from his phenomenal speed in football, baseball, basketball, track, and cross-country. The epitome of student athlete, Jeff had a devoted following of fans. These same fans simply turned the two F's in his name to T's, creating catchy nickname for their hero.

Although I didn't have much experience in rating guys, I'd call The Jett reasonably attractive. His blonde, almost platinum, hair was spiked in a way that made passing balloons nervous.

His body was well toned, being an all seasons athlete. Unlike me, Jett's stomach was a washboard. The six pack he possessed, along with basically the rest of his body, was more appealing than many that had been carved from granite.

Adding to his looks, a nice, even tan flooded the skin of his 5'10 frame.

The fact that I'd known The Jett when he was simply 'Jeffy' entitled me to his life story. I knew everything. His likes, his dislikes, turn ons, turn offs. Everything.

Including that one deep, dark secret of his. He was a virgin.

Jett had a very attractive girlfriend, and they'd been together an awfully long time by high school standards. Since he was so good looking, people had always assumed that his v-card was long gone. But that wasn't so.

Sure, in the security of his peers, Jett bragged how no girl had ever survived "The Missile", his pet name for his own cock. And although many girls would gladly give themselves up to him, he could just never bring himself to do it.

His own girlfriend, a raven-haired damsel of equal skin tone and absolutely perfect tits, believed he was somewhat of a Sex God, and was finally pressuring him into making his move. That's how our conversation came about.

"Hey...that new're dating her, right?" He asked in a hushed tone as the teacher kept going with the lesson.

"Yeah." I whispered back.

"She's cute." He smiled.

I nodded my head.

"How'd you get her?" He asked.

"Met her over the Summer." No need to fill him in on the whole camp saga.

"You doin' her?" His eyes widened.

"Yeah." I said, admitting to Jett that I'd finally lost my virginity.

A small chuckle exited The Jett's perfect body. It was childish, but that was us.

"Fucking Sam." Sam was his raven-haired, perfect titted, girlfriends name. "She won't quit bothering me about it."

"Just do it, man." I said, thumping my desk for effect.

"I don't know what the fuck to do." He admitted. "I'm suppose to be 'King Fuck Slit' and I don't have any idea."

"Then let her do everything and just go with it." I whispered, aware that some were trying to listen.

I wanted to help Jett. I really did. That's why I developed the plan I did.

"We'll talk later." I said.

Nodding, Jett accepted.

Sure, the plan was somewhat risky. If Aly knew what I had in mind, she'd probably be pissed. But I had to help a friend. My best friend, at that.

My next few classes passed quickly as I hatched the plan in my mind. The outcome, good or bad, was unpredictable. I truly had no idea how it would go.

On my way to lunch, I met up with Aly and we walked together. I asked her how many date offers she'd gotten today and she answered with only a giggle.

We sat at a table by ourselves, we didn't need anyone else. Putting the first part of my plan into action, I poked Aly in the ribs, grabbing her attention.

"See that guy over there? With the spiked hair?" I pointed to The Jett, who was currently sitting at a table full of his jock cronies. In the sport world, The Jett was king, and his court was in session. Red faced from laughing, Jett was undoubtedly telling a ficticious story of a pussy-pounding from a girl who's name he'd since forgotten.

"Yeah." Aly said, staring at him.

"That's my best friend. Jeff." I said.

"Oh. I haven't met him." She said.

"You will eventually." I said.

Step 1: Complete.

Aly and I must've looked pretty disgusting. Full of teen lust, we spent the rest of lunch whispering to one another, giggling, and sucking face. Oh, kids.

After lunch, I spent the remaining classes setting my plans in stone. I had it all worked out and could only hope for the best.

At the end of the day, I walked Aly home. We'd agreed she'd tell her dad that she was spending the night with some girls from school, probably the oldest ruse known to man. Gary, believing his beloved daughter was safe and sound in the comfort of a friends home, wouldn't be totally wrong. Sure, she'd be safe and sound...and definitely comfortable, she'd just be with me.

I had no intentions of letting my parents know that Aly was staying the night. It had already been Ok'd by Mom, and she'd probably be in bed by the time Aly arrived. She'd just have a nice surprise in the morning.

I bounced around the house, anxious as hell. I had some homework that I should do, but I couldn't focus. That's when Mom showed up.

"Oh. You're friend isn't here today?" She asked.

"Nope." I said.

"Listen, before I went to work, I ran to the store, and-" She started.

"I know. I found the rubbers." I cut her off.

"Do you have to call them that?" She said, shivering.

"They are what they are, Mom." I answered.

"All you have to do is let me know when you need more." Mom was being pretty cool about everything.

"Well, we didn't really like the ones you bought so much. Might wanna get something else next time." I stifled a laugh.

"Ric! You did not..." She stammered. "Already..."

"Relax. I'm kidding, Mom." I laughed.

Shaking her head, Mom walked out of the room. This whole thing was actually kind of fun.

Finally getting on the homework, I spent the next hour or so completing it.

Satisfied with my work, I laid down on the couch, drifting off to a much needed nap. It was finally the weekend, and I hoped it'd be a good one.

When I woke up, Mom was sitting across the room, staring at me. She didn't look very happy.

"Good nap?" She asked. Her voice was lifeless and stiff.

"I suppose." I yawned, looking for a clock. It was almost 9. Damn.

"You're a smart boy, aren't you, Ric?" She asked. I knew this wasn't going in any direction I'd be comfortable with.

"Last I checked." I sounded like a smart-ass.

"Forget anything lately?" She expected me to know the answer immediately.

"Like?" I asked, confused.

"Like, I don't know, forget to empty your pockets before I do laundry?" She asked.

Damn it. I was about 110% sure I knew what she was talking about.

Aly's thong. I'd left it in my pocket.

"No, Mom. That was a joke at school. It's not what you think." I lied.

"I'm not stupid, Ric." She finally showed her anger.

"Mom, I swear. Aly and I haven't done anything." Man, I was in the express lane for Hell.

"And she just gave you those because?" Mom wasn't buying it.

I sighed deeply.

"Alright..." I let a long silence fill the space. "Aly and I did stuff. But it's not what you think."

My confession was the end of it. She dropped it right there.

"Alright, well it's been a long day." Her voice had returned to normal. "I'm going to bed. I'm not trying to be the bad guy, Ric. I just hope you're smart when you need to be."

I nodded my head to my mother as she disappeared from sight.

Knowing the coast was clear, I grabbed my phone and called The Jett.

Part 2 of my plan was in motion.

It must've been around 10:30 when Aly finally text me and asked if she could go ahead and come over. I told her it was fine. Mom was in bed and we were free to do whatever we wanted.

About 20 minutes later, a small car pulled up outside my house, Aly waving to the girls inside as she exited.

Skipping up to the front door, Aly's eagerness showed. I let her in and we quickly made it upstairs.

Locking my door behind us, we passed my closet, the door which was made of thin, wooden slats, and were naked before we hit the bed.

With her knees parted, I put a hand on each side of the pillow Aly's head was resting on, and pushed in. The fact that Mom was just a floor below us only excited us more.

My hips were working with a new-found enthusiasm. Her bare chest bounced with each thrust while our lips fought.

I stared into her eyes when our kiss was broken. Her facial muscles told the story of someone who's life was growing in pleasure with every second. Being the cause of the pleasure, my own feelings heightened.

Knowing my plan was still in motion had me teetering on the edge, constantly.

Aly's tight, wet pussy did nothing to dull my pleasure.

It came as a shock to both of us when, after only roughly 20 minutes of text book missionary sex, I pushed myself too far and shot off into her.

"Good thing we've got all night." Aly giggled.

"I just needed a quick one." I lied. "Next one will be longer. Promise."

I pushed my body off of Aly's and sat on the edge of the bed.

"Aly...can I ask you something? Try not to get mad." I said. It was a pretty stupid thing to say. Whenever someone starts a conversation like that, you can plan on being angry.

"Of course." She answered, sounding concerned.

"You know I love you, right?" I asked. Yeah. This had all the makings of a bad conversation.

"Mhmm." She said. "And I love you."

"I know...and I'd do anything for you. You know that, right?" I looked around the room.

"Yeah..." She said slowly. "Why?"

"Oh, I just wondered. I mean, you'd do anything for me, right?" I asked.

"Without question." She got into a proper sitting position.

"I need a favor, sort of." I said. All my cards were on the table now.

"What is it?" She asked, confused as ever.

"I need you to teach a friend of mine." I said, feeling like my voice was betraying me.

"Teach them? Teach them what?" She was bewildered.

"You know." I said. "About sex."

"What?" She asked, blankly. "Teach them sex? You mean you want me to have sex with one of your friends?"

"It's not like...having sex with them." I looked for the right words. "It's just teaching them through...example, I guess."

"But it's still sex?" She didn't seem mad.

"Yeah. I guess it is." I said.

"Oh. Well...I don't know. Wouldn't that be cheating on you?" She asked.

"Not really." I tried to reason. "It'd be you doing a favor for me. A one time thing. We'd still be together. It's not like you'd be leaving me for them."

"Who is it?" She asked.

"Remember the friend I showed you at lunch?" I asked, Aly nodded. "Him. Jett."

"Oh. Him?" She asked.

"Yeah." I sighed.

"He's kind of cute, I guess. I don't know. It sounds weird." It really did.

"I know, I know. I just want to help him out. It'd mean a lot." I said.

"I guess if it really means that much to you." She said. "When, though?"

"What about now?" I asked.

"You're gonna have him come over now?" She seemed lost.

I motioned to the closet. The wood slatted door opened, Jett stepped out.

"No." I said. "He's here."

Jett's face was red. I would guess it was a mix of nerves, excitement, and fear.

Aly grabbed a pillow and covered her body.

"Aly, this is The Jett." I said. "Jett, this is Aly."

Something to the effect of 'hello' stammered out of both of them. The whole situation was awkward.

"Jett's girlfriend..." I explained "wants the two of them to start having sex, and he just wants it to be good for her. But, if you don't want to do it, just say so and it's over."

Jett's hands searched his pockets. The poor boy was nervous as hell.

"Um, Ric?" Aly started. "Can we talk in the bathroom or something?"

Nodding my head, I grabbed my boxers off the floor and slipped them on before I led Aly, hiding her body beneath the pillow, followed.

"How could you do this?" She asked once the door was shut.

"If you don't wanna do it, don't do it." I said.

"I mean how could you have him just hide and watch us? Then bring this up out of nowhere?" She didn't sound mad, just surprised.

"Look, Aly, it'll be his first time. It won't take long and then it's back to just me and you." I said, trying to convince her.

Aly let out a big sigh before shoving her pillow into my chest. Opening the door, she walked back into my room.

The Jett had sat down at the foot of the mattress, scared as ever. Aly put on a fake smile and sat down next to him.

"So, Jett..." She started. "What brings you here?"

Jett's eyes became glued to her bare body. Oddly enough, this was the instance it didn't bother me at all.

"Hello?" Aly teased. "Are you there?"

"Yeah." Jett's voice was low.

" you want to do anything or what?" Aly asked.

Jett nodded his head, eyes still locked on her chest.

"Well," Aly whispered into his ear, "we can't have fun if you keep your clothes on."

From my vantage point, leaning in the bathroom doorway, I saw The Jett's adam's apple dance hard as he swallowed.

Aly kissed his cheek as her hands began undoing the buttons of his dark blue shirt, one by one.

Once opened, Jett pulled the shirt from his body, exposing his rock-like features. Aly's eyes stared in amazement.

"Pants, too." Aly's voice was so quiet.

The Jett stood, undoing his belt, eyes now locked on Aly's. A reassuring smile from her gave him the courage to remove his pants.

His forest green boxers bulged with delight. Pulling them down exposed a 5 and a half inch, rigid member. Aly's hand wrapped around it, pulling him to her.

"You need to relax." She told him, pulling the boxers to his feet.

Stepping out them, The Jett's mouth dropped as she pumped him. I thought it was funny that Jett had no tan lines. Sunburn must've been a bitch.

Aly did her best to keep a smile plastered onto her face as he stared down at her. The second Aly kissed the tip of his shaft, his face contorted and he moaned.

Looking at me, Aly rolled her eyes as she stood.

"Here." Aly said opening the box of condoms and pulling one out. "Let's go ahead and get this on."

The foil wrapping dropped to the floor and the contents were held between her fingers. The Jett tried to play it cool as her tiny fingers rolled it onto him.

"Time to go, stud." Aly teased as she climbed onto the bed.

Spreading onto all fours, looking at me, Aly seemed bored. The Jett, on the other hand, was about to have the time of his life.

Aly was still relatively wet from her previous excitedness and my own cum. On his knees and gripping his own cock, Jett pushed himself against her lips, entering slowly.

"Oh my God." He whispered as he watched his cock disappear.

"Ohhh. Mmmm." Aly faked a moan.

Jett smiled as his hips began rocking back and forth. The poor guy thought he was bigger than he was and fell out at least 3 times I counted.

Gripping her hips, he finally fell into a rhythm he liked. His head swiveled around, his eyes closed.

Aly kept making funny faces at me as she let out false moans of ecstacy. It finally dawned on me that, as far as I knew, The Jett was Aly's second sexual partner...and it didn't look like I had any reason to be worried.

Snapping back to consciousness, I noticed Jett's body shaking as he tried to keep his hips slamming. With Aly moaning for his ego, The Jett's veins bulged with a final slam.

"Uhhh...Uhhh..." He moaned.

Aly shrugged her shoulders but kept moaning.

Good Ol' Jett pumped his hips a few times before pulling out. Aly turned to him and smiled, assuring him it was great.

"That was unbelievable." He said, breathless.

Jett rolled off of the bed to his feet. The condom was promptly unrolled and thrown in the trash can.

"I'm definitely doing Sam tomorrow." He said, his confidance rising.

I nodded my head as I stared at Aly, relaxing on the bed.

"Actually, we're going to the movies tomorrow." He said. "If you guys wanna go, you can. We'll see a movie and whatever after."

"Fine with me." I said.

"Sounds like fun." Aly giggled.

Jett re-dressed himself and I saw him to the door. He thanked me. I really was one hell of a guy. I pledged to see him tomorrow and hurried back to my room.

"Oh my God..." Aly laughed as closed the door.

"What?" I asked.

"That was terrible." She said. "I've been fucked twice now and haven't gotten anything either time."

I smiled and pushed my boxers to the floor, jumping into bed with her.

"You mean you didn't enjoy 'The Missile'?" I joked.

"Missile?" Aly giggled. "More like a dart gun."

We laughed as I decided to make sure Aly's third time tonight would be worth her while...

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