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Two couples, sexually mismatched, discover a way to balance desires.
Part 1

Like many couples, the closest friends my wife and I have are other couples with kids. And like most in the same place in life, we enjoy opportunities to spend time together without the interruption of those kids. To that end, we schedule babysitters to watch the kids so we can have dinner and hang out at one house or another.

Jason (one of my best friends) and Kelly met when they were quite young, and got married right out of college. My wife, Allison, and I met later in life. Though Jason and Kelly are several years younger, their kids are quite a bit older than ours. Jason and my wife are the quiet ones of the group. Kelly and I are more outgoing, and Kelly can be very pointed in conversations.

We arranged another of our get togethers, and decided to visit at Jason and Kelly's. A babysitter would watch all four kids, who would have their own special night complete with pizza and movies.

Dinner, as always, was wonderful. We even broke out some wine to share during and after the meal. I worked on a dry, red wine, while the ladies polished off their typical white zinfandel. We chatted about everything from the kids in school to work to our busy schedules.

After dinner, we migrated to their living room where we could be more comfortable. Jason grabbed his recliner, and I sat down on a loveseat. Allison was checking in on the kids, and Kelly wound up sitting next to me. We flipped on some music and continued to talk, wandering through topics as they came up.

Somehow, like we often do, we landed on a discussion of how Jason and Kelly met, and the wild night of sex they had that very first night. We didn't discuss the specifics, just the general idea. Then, Kelly opened up a bit more, perhaps because of the wine. Perhaps she was just comfortable with the group.

She made the simple comment that she and Jason don't have wild nights like that, anymore. I looked at her, shocked, and she said, "NO! I'm not saying we don't have sex. We definitely do that. It's just that Jason is more subdued, now." That did little to ease my shock level.

Jason, seemingly unperturbed by his wife's comments, pointed out that he isn't subdued, just not as adventurous as Kelly. Knowing Kelly, Jason's comments didn't surprise me. She is VERY energetic, and I'm sure that extends to the bedroom.

What DID surprise me was when Allison threw her two cents in. "It's the same with Tom and me, except Tom is the one always pushing the limits. I'm not always open to the things he wants to try."

Though more shocked than Jason, I was just as quick to point out that Allison wasn't some kind of prude, she just leaned more toward basic sexual activities. Kelly, true to form, started to push for what Allison would and wouldn't do, to compare notes. Allison, also affected by the wine, shared more than she might have normally, answering some of Kelly's questions.

As Allison and Kelly discussed some of the things that happen in the bedroom, Jason was paying close attention. After several minutes, he made an accurate if wild statement. "It sounds like Tom and Kelly should be the ones sleeping with each other."

Both Kelly and I laughed nervously. The thought hadn't crossed our minds, and hearing it come from Jason caught us off guard. I decided it was time for a bathroom break, and Kelly said she was going to check on the kids, again. Jason and Allison moved to the kitchen to start clearing dishes, and I figured that was the end of that tense situation.

I walked out of the bathroom to find Kelly working on the kitchen. I jumped in to lend a hand, asking what happened to Jason and Allison. "They ran downstairs. I think they're looking at videos for the kids." That didn't make much sense, but I let it go, and started clearing the table while Kelly put leftovers in the fridge. Then, we tackled the dishes. We were finished and sitting at the counter before it dawned on us that our spouses were still downstairs.

Kelly went to the stairs and called down, "Do we need a rescue party?" They responded by coming back upstairs, nervous grins on their faces.

Jason asked Kelly and I to follow them into the living room, where he directed us back to the loveseat.

"Allison and I have been discussing it, and we've decided that the two of you SHOULD be sleeping with each other."

Kelly and I sat there in stunned silence, looking at our spouses. Allison broke the silence saying, "We were discussing it, downstairs. We both love you very much, and want for you to be happy. We know that we're a lot less outgoing when it comes to sex. You both seem interested in a lot more. You can probably help meet the desires you each have." Jason added in that neither of them would consider it cheating, as they were the ones suggesting the relationship.

I couldn't believe my ears. My wife was actually urging me to commit adultery (regardless of how Jason put it)? I looked at Kelly, who seemed almost as shocked, though she seemed to have a glimmer of nervous excitement in her eyes.

Jason continued, "So, Allison and I are going to head back to your house and let the babysitter go home. You two are going to stay here." I started to interrupt, but Jason stopped me. "No, we've already agreed that you two have the night to yourselves. You can do with it what you want. We'll tell the kids that they're having a sleepover, and I'll crash on the couch. What happens here is up to you two.

I was about to say, "No way," when Kelly reached out and grabbed my hand. "What's the harm in their suggestion? If nothing else, we have a couch, here, too."

"What about protection. Jason had the 'snip-snip" done. I haven't."

"Allison and I will take care of that. In fact, that will give the two of you time to consider the rest of the night." Taking Allison's hand, they walked out the door. "We'll be back in a bit."

As the door closed, and the car pulled out of the driveway, Kelly and I sat there, the tension palpable. I looked at her, smiled nervously, and told her that I felt like a school boy trying to talk to a girl for the first time. She said she felt the same, but knew what the heat in her panties was all about.

Did I mention that Kelly can be rather blunt.

As we sat there, I realized that Kelly had never let go of my hand. Unsure of what we were going to do, she joked that people who have known each other for 20 years shouldn't need an ice breaker. Suddenly excited, I jumped up saying that was EXACTLY what we needed. Though it wouldn't really be an ice breaker, it was be a way to share information without having to deal with the nerves of saying things outright.

I went to the kitchen and found two pads of paper and some pens. When I sat back down, I made sure I was even closer to Kelly, and acted just like a teenager in the way I made sure our bodies were touching. The feel of her touch was electric, and I had the nervous tingle of a "first date."

I handed Kelly one of the pads and a pen, and took some, myself. "Okay, here's what we'll do. Make a list of the things that you absolutely love or want to try, and I'll do the same. Maybe three or four things. Then, we'll compare lists. If anything matches, it might help us think about the rest of the night."

"Okay," replied Kelly, "But I think we need two lists. One for tonight, and a second for later discussion." Kelly's breathing was getting a bit more rapid as she warmed up to the idea. She looked excited and serious at the same time. She was really getting into this. Truth be told, so was I.

"The first list," she continued, "will be the 'wants and desires' list. The second list we'll call 'Dirty Little Secrets' and those will go into an envelope that we'll seal and look at when we have more time and experience. The only rule is that both lists have to be 100% honest. I don't care if you haven't told Allison, you have to put it down. I'll do the same. I'll put down some things I've never even shared with Jason."

I was scared and excited as I thought about the lists. I know the skeletons in my closet, and was nervous about sharing them. So, I started on the wish list, first. I jotted down several things I find sexually appealing but find difficult or impossible to do with my wife. Kelly was just as intent making her own list.

As I set the first list beside her, she looked at me. She took my hand, held it in hers, and captured me with her gaze. "Complete honesty," she said.

I took the pad, wrote down two comments, folded it over, and put it in the envelope Kelly had grabbed. She finished writing on her paper, and did the same. She licked the envelope, sealed it, and wrote "For Tom and Kelly Only" across the flap. "We'll hide this somewhere safe."

All of this had taken enough time for Jason and Allison to return from the store. Kelly took the envelope to hide it, as Jason came to the door. He opened the door enough to hand a bag in to me. I looked inside and saw a box of 30 condoms. "30," I said, "Don't you think that's a bit much."

"If I know my wife, they won't go to waste," said Jason as he turned to leave. "Have fun, tonight."

And the door closed, leaving me alone, again, with the wife of one of my best friends.

Kelly came back a few moments later. She had apparently wasted no time, because she had not only hidden our secret envelope, she had changed out of her dinner clothes.

At this late point, it might be fair to paint a picture of at least Kelly. Easily 6' 2", she dwarfs Jason, and stands several inches taller than me. Built like an Amazon, she weighs about 160 pounds with 38D breasts (rough guess). Given her height, she carries herself well, and is an extremely confident women. She has shoulder length curly blonde hair. I've always thought of her as beautiful, and the night's situation had me looking at her in new ways.

Me, I'm just over 5'10", weigh 175 pounds, and wouldn't mind losing a bit off my waist. I exercise constantly, so look alright for a 40+ year old man. Hair? Well, we won't talk about that (or the lack thereof).

Kelly asked me to draw the blinds as she came into the room. And in a word, she was simply stunning. She had changed into clothes obviously designed for a night of sexual fun. She was wearing a translucent pink negligee that allowed me to just make out the nipples underneath. The top came down to just below her crotch, and she wore matching panties. As she sat down, the top rode up, and I could see the faint outline of her pubic hair through the fabric of the panties.

She reached out her hand and pulled me down onto the couch next to her. "As you can tell, Tom, I'm interested in seeing where these lists take us. Jason and Allison have given us there permission, and I hope you'll take it with me." I nodded my head in agreement, and she said, "There's a pair of Jason's pajamas on the bed, if you want to change into them."

I went back to their bedroom, saw that Kelly had lit some candles and pulled the covers down, and found the silk top and bottom that she had laid out. I changed as quickly as possible, stopped by the kitchen for some beers, and went back to the living room. Kelly was sitting there, waiting for me.

As I sat down, she took our lists, handed hers to me, and opened mine up to read. My list included watersports, anal sex, and cunnilingus. Kelly's list included tit play, role playing, and golden showers. My eyes lit up when I saw that third item. Kelly looked at me and said, "I like your list. You can add all of these to my list, too."

I like that, and pointed out that the idea was to consider acting on anything that matched. "If you're open to oral and anal sex, and I'm open to your ideas, which I am, we can take that into the bedroom. But it seems we both have an interest in watersports."

Kelly had an impish grin on her face. "I wouldn't have guessed that about you." In addition to the grin and flush to her skin, her titties were now giving away her sexual excitement. Both nipples were pushing against the material of her negligee and clearly visible. "But do you think you'll be able to do pee with that," she said, pointing at the tent in my silk bottoms.

Visibly shaking, hands trembling with nerves, Kelly stood up, asked me to grab our beers, and led me toward the bathroom carrying the new box of condoms. Closing the door behind us, she turned and asked, "Are you as nervous as I am?" Trembling myself, I nodded. She asked, "Do we want to do this?"

"More than you can possibly know," was my quick reply. "No," she said, "I think I know." She then leaned into me and put her lips to mine. My mouth opened in response, and we started to give in to the feelings coursing through our bodies. The silk of our pajamas left little to the imagination, and I could feel her nipples rubbing against my chest. I grabbed her head and waist, pulling her tighter against me, continuing to explore her mouth with my tongue.

Kelly pulled away, and slipped her top off, giving me free access to her wonderful titties. I kissed each the nipple, lingering a bit to tease her with my tongue. She undid my top, and then slid my pants down and off. She stood up, and I knelt in front of her to slide her bottoms off. I could feel the heat from her pussy, and smell the pungent aroma of her excitement. I ran my hands through the hair covering her pubic mound, then stood up with a devilish grin.

"What?" she asked.

"Before we do anything, can I shave you? Call it part of the role playing you said excited you."

She thought for a moment, then turned and grabbed a razor and shaving cream from the linen closet. "Do you think you'll be able to shave me with those trembling hands?"

In answer, I turned on the water in the tub to warm it up, and, raising the seat, asked her to sit on the toilet with her legs spread. She grabbed her beer and did as I asked, leaning back to give me better access to her entire pussy. I found a basin, filled it with warm water, and started to squeeze rags full of water over Kelly's crotch. When she was thoroughly wet (water, her own juices?), I took the shaving cream and put some into my hand. I started to spread it over her pussy, using that as an excuse to finger at her lips.

She continued to sip at her beer as I downed the rest of my bottle in one shot. I kissed her again, grabbed the razor, and began to carefully shave her cunt. Kelly was so turned on by the simple act of me shaving her bald that she was breathing heavily with no other stimulus. The vision of her sitting on the toilet, chest heaving, pussy lathered with shaving cream, and my naked self shaving her was almost too much to take.

Soon enough, her pussy was as bald as a prepubescent girl, and I was wiping up the last of the shaving cream. Setting the razor aside, I helped her up and started kissing her nipples, again. Kelly closed her eyes, and relished in the feeling of my tongue on her titties. Then, I said, "Okay, now we're ready for whatever we decide to do."

Kelly's only response was to step into the tub and pull me in beside her. She turned the shower on, directing the spray as close to the wall as possible. She looked at me and asked how I wanted to do this. Stepping close to her, I kissed her tits, then her lips, and asked if she had to pee, yet.

"I was holding it the whole time you shaved my pussy. Do you know how hard it is to sit on the toilet and NOT be able to pee?"

"No," I said, "But you don't have to hold it any longer." Saying that, I sat down on the floor of the tub, putting my face just below the level of her pussy. "You tell me what you want to do, and I'll do it."

Trembling, Kelly positioned herself above me, and asked me if I was willing to open my mouth. I answered by opening wide, as she let her bladder go, unable to hold it any longer. Her warm spray hit my chest, then my chin, then my open mouth. The taste was saltier than I might have expected, but just having Kelly pee in my mouth was almost enough to make me cum on the spot.

I shifted my face up toward her pussy lips as she continued to spray her golden drink. I put my mouth right over her pee hole, swallowing as fast as I could. I didn't want to waste a single drop, though I was unable to take everything. What I couldn't swallow, ran down my chin, onto my chest and over my solid cock.

As Kelly's supply of salty nectar ran dry, I shoved my tongue into her pussy to lick every drop up. She pulled my head into her and screamed in ecstasy as I drove my tongue all the way into her cunt.

After lapping her dry, I stood up and shoved my tongue into her mouth. There was nothing gentle between us, anymore. We were wild and savage, and she responded as intensely as I did. Then, she pushed me off and asked if I was ready to return the favor. She knelt in front of me and said she was sure I had to pee after all the wine and beer we'd had.

Not wanting to disappoint (myself or Kelly), I asked her where she wanted it. "Right here," she said, pointing at her mouth. "I want a drink, too."

I aimed at her open and waiting mouth, and started to pee. It took a moment to aim, but Kelly helped by grabbing my cock and moving her face into the stream. Like me, she struggled to swallow every drop, and I had the very erotic view of my piss running off her titties. The flow of warm water must have been a turn on for her, as well, as her nipples went back to full and erect attention.

As I finished peeing, Kelly moved closer and closer to my cock until she had it in her mouth. I was rewarded with the warm feeling of her tongue and mouth sliding over my wet dick. Then, she stood up, herself, and returned to our passionate kiss. The taste of our pee mingled as we frantically shoved our tongues back and forth. As we kissed, I slid my hands over her slippery body (pee sure is slick), and let my fingers find their way to her damp pussy. I slid three fingers inside her and started to fuck her as she reached down and started to slide her hands up and down on my cock.

"I can't take too much of this," I said, "Perhaps it's time to get one of those condoms."

Rather than break the embrace, Kelly and I stepped out of the tub, together, hands still jerking each other off. I reached out blindly and grabbed the box of condoms. I slipped my fingers out of her pussy, nearly tore the box apart, and ripped a condom out of its wrapper.

Kelly knelt down, took my cock into her mouth for a few more sucks, then slid the condom over the tip. Stepping back into the tub, Kelly laid down and held her hands up for me to follow. It was a tight fit in that tub, but I managed to ease my cock into her soaked pussy. I buried myself right up to the hilt, and she gasped with pleasure as she felt me slam into her. Our mouths sought each other out, and we returned to our passionate kissing, all other thoughts gone. There were no spouses, there were no kids. There were only two bodies, wet with each others pee, fucking their brains out.

Thanks to booze and condoms, I managed to continue fucking Kelly for several minutes before reaching climax. By then, we were thrusting at each other almost violently. Our need for each other was clear, and the desire to please each other evident. We both knew our spouses were right. We SHOULD be sleeping together. We were perfect for each other. We were MEANT to fuck each other.

And we did. And all to quickly, I felt the familiar pressure in my cock, and I exploded into the condom. At nearly the same moment, Kelly screamed in pleasure as her own climax tore through her cunt. She pulled me into her tightly, as we both shook from the pleasure.

As the climax subsided, I slid out of Kelly, who was almost in tears. "My god, Tom, that was incredible. I can hardly stand it. Tell me you'll never stop doing that to me."

"Not a chance," I said. "I've NEVER experienced anything like that. You might be stuck with me."

"Yeah, and if we don't shower, we'll be stuck TO each other."

So, we stood up and enjoyed a leisurely shower, washing each other off, and enjoying each others bodies. When we finished, we grabbed towels and dried each other off. I rubbed a bit of baby oil on Kelly's newly shaven pussy, and handed her her pajamas.

"Oh, I don't think we'll be needing those. Not tonight, anyway." And taking my hand, she led me toward the bed she and her husband had shared for more than a decade. "We have some more of that list to work through."

"Oh yeah, grab the condoms, we'll be needing them."

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