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The story of how my sister and I became sexually involved.
For my sister and me, incest began as a game of Truth or Dare. At the very beginning, it was all very innocent. In time, it led to a long term relationship of sexual exploration that is the foundation for much of my sex life, today.

Most kids have played Truth or Dare at some point in their life. Ask goofy questions, make silly dares. My sister and I would sometimes find ourselves hanging out in the basement, bored, playing the game. The questions were typical for kids our age. "Do you like this girl?" "Would you kiss that boy?" The dares were equally mundane. Run around the house screaming ridiculous phrases. Sit in a dark closet for a period of time. Everything was silly, but fun.

One day, when I was 13 and my sister was 11, everything changed. Our game became something more naughty and exciting at the same time. That was the day Susan dared me to show her my dick.

I sat there, stunned, at what my sister had just said. "You want me to do what?"

"You heard the dare, you have to do it." And to make it a bit easier, she said I didn't have to take my pants off, just pull my pants and underwear down enough for her to see what they covered. I hesitated, but eventually took the dare and pulled them down enough for her to see what she wanted. We stopped the game at that point, as our mom called us to dinner.

Over the next few days, I thought about Susan's dare. And I thought about how I might get her back. At 13, not a single thought was sexual. My thoughts were about embarrassing her the way I felt she had embarrassed me.

Eventually, we found ourselves alone again, playing Truth or Dare. I wasted little time before daring my sister to show me what was under her clothes. But rather than the hesitation I expected, Susan acted quickly, pulling her pants and panties down to her ankles, showing me her hairless crotch. I stood there, shocked, until she dared me to drop my pants at the same time.

With her quick reaction, there was nothing I could do but accept her challenge.

From that day forward, our game was never the same.

At first, the changes were subtle. The occassional request for one or the other to drop their pants. Me having Susan lift her shirt and training bra so I could see her barely developing breasts. Despite their presence, such dares were far less common then the normal challenges one might expect in the game.

But then things started to change more quickly. Nudity soon became a regular part of the game. We began to experiment with sexual contact with each other. I learned to rub then suck on my sister's young titties, really little more than nipples. I would dare her to put her hands into my pants and grab my dick. Eventually, "Truth" wasn't even part of the game. We started to simply play "Dare, Double Dare, Triple Dare." Each was progressively more sexual in nature. The game was basically foreplay. Dares involved simple nudity and minor touching. Double dares involved heavier petting, or suggestive dances. Triple dares were primarily what my sister and I referred to as making out, and a lot of sexual contact.

Eventually, the game ceased to exist at all. Every time Susan and I were alone with each other, our hands were in each others pants. One way or another, we were engaged in sexual activity. Whether heavy petting, chest play, or oral sex, we spent our time exploring our bodies and our sexuality. Sometimes, we didn't even have to be alone. We found ways to get together when camping, in our basement when the parents were upstairs, and once, Susan even jacked me off when our parents thought we were asleep in the back seat of the car.

Over the years, Susan and I experienced a great deal in our sex games. I learned that eating my sister's pussy was perhaps my favorite thing to do. She learned that I could make her cum by doing nothing more than sucking on her barely-there titties and fingering her clitoris. And we both learned that it takes approximately seven minutes for a whole ice cube to melt inside my sister's cunt.

But one of the best night of our lives happened when I was 16 and she was 14. We were home alone, and I was sitting in the living room watching t.v. Susan came in wearing a short skirt, a cotton t-shirt, and pink cotton panties. I know the color of the panties because she made sure I could see up her skirt when she sat down on the couch. After she got comfortable, I moved my hand and rested it on her leg, just above the knees.

As we watched t.v., I started to massage her leg, moving my hand further up her thigh. Soon enough, my wandering hand reached her inner thigh, and my fingers worked their way over toward her crotch, and I started to rub her pussy through her already wet panties. Susan started to breathe harder and spread her legs apart. Taking this for consent to continue, I slid her panties to the side, and started to ease my fingers up inside of her. I knelt beside her, and slid my other hand under her shirt and started to play with her nipples. Easing a second and third finger into her slippery pussy, I slid her shirt up so I could replace the hand rubbing her tits with my tongue. Susan began to moan softly as she reveled in the sensation of having her cunt and tits shown so much attention.

As I continued to slide my fingers in and out of my sister's pussy, I started to work my way down her body with my tongue. I moved from tit to tit, then licked my way toward her belly button. I lingered there, enjoying the aroma of her juices, then continued the trip south. I licked at her hips and savored the soft down of her developing pubic mound. Finally, I eased my fingers out of her cunt, and replaced them with my tongue. Susan started to moan more loudly, and rock her hips gently as I focused my efforts on her clit and pussy lips. The taste of my sister's pussy is the best I've ever had, and I loved having her rub her lips all over my face.

Then, it was time to get truly busy. I slid down a bit and shove my tongue deep into her cunt. Susan LOVES to have her pussy eaten, and I was determined to reward her for her choice of clothes. She closed her eyes, laid back, and started to moan even more loudly. As I rammed my tongue into her, my sister started to squeeze her legs together, pulled my head further into her pussy, and screamed with pleasure. She came all over my face as she continued to buck her hips through her climax.

As she collapsed, exhausted, I sat up and started to watch t.v. again. Susan laid there, looking up at me with love in her eyes. I knew she was pleased, but had no idea just how much.

After a few minutes to recover, my sister got up and stood in front of me. She pulled me to my feet, slid my pants and underwear down and off, and said, "Now, it's your turn." She pushed me back onto the couch as I pulled my shirt off. Susan then knelt in front of me, and started to lick at my rock hard cock. I closed my eyes as she continued to work her tongue across my shaft, and a soft moan escaped my lips as Susan took my cock into her mouth. Despite our long history of sexual exploration, my sister hated giving blow jobs. For her to kneel there sucking my cock told me just how much she loved me.

Though inexperienced at sucking dick, Susan had something going for her. I was totally aroused from eating her out, and the image of my cock sliding in and out of my sister's mouth was a huge turn on. Every couple of strokes, Susan would lick and suck at the head, pushing me toward the point of climax. She would then take me entirely into her mouth and caress my shaft with her tongue. It was my turn to breathe heavily and start to moan.

After only a few minutes of Susan's attention, I was ready to cum. I told her I was about to lose it, and she simply looked up, smiled, and started to suck even harder. I couldn't take it, and dumped all my seed into my sister's mouth. Susan was unable to keep it all in, but she swallowed as much as she could. Then, she sat back, smiling, as the last bits of my cum slid down her cheek. She wiped it up with her hand and licked it off with her tongue. I was in heaven watching that.

Susan stood up, and knelt in my lap on the couch. She leaned her face into mine, and shoved her tongue into my mouth. The taste of our own cum on the other's tongue was a huge turn on. As our tongues danced together, I slid my fingers back into Susan's pussy. I could feel her shudder as I shoved two, then three, and finally four fingers into her cunt. She responded by grabbing my rapidly recovering cock, massaging it back to life.

Then, Susan gave me the greatest shock of my life. She reached for my hand, pulled it out of her pussy, and lowered herself onto my cock, which was once again totally hard. I gasped in surprise as I felt the warmth of Susan's cunt envelope me, and she fell against me, moaning. I felt the resistance of her hymen, and I broke her cherry as she slid all the way down my cock.

I interrupted our kiss to ask her if it bothered her that she was now fucking her own brother. She replied, "That's what makes it so hot, Tom. Now fuck me like you know you want to."

I could hardly deny her that, and I picked her up and laid her back on the couch. Instinct took over as I leaned down, started kissing her, again, and began to slide my cock in and out of my sister. I was now more thankful than ever for that blowjob. That made it possible for me to fuck my sister like she deserved. While my cock tended to her pussy, I alternated between kissing her and licking at her nipples. It all added up to one extraordinary fuck that all too quickly neared the climax.

I started to buck my hips faster, and Susan started to moan louder and louder. When I knew I couldn't take it another moment, I started to pull out of her pussy, only to find her wrapping her legs around my butt, pulling me further into her. She was staring into my eyes with a look of extreme lust. As she held me inside of her, I couldn't hold back, and shot my seed deep into her pussy. She continued to hold me, and I collapsed into her arms.

As we lay there, Susan looked at me and said, "You can fuck me any time you want. But you always have to cum inside of me. Always!" I looked at her lovingly, and told her I could do that.

We caressed each other as my cock shrank back to normal size. Susan loved watching it shrink, and loved even more the knowledge that her cum was mixed with mine. We snuggled, watching t.v. without really seeing it.

After about half an hour, Susan rolled over, and started to kiss me, again. She reached for my cock, which was totally sensitive after cumming twice in such a short period of time. I asked her what she was doing, and she asked if I was ready to go, again. "So quickly? I'm not sure I'll be able to go again, tonight, let alone right now."

Susan slid off the couch, knelt on all fours, and looked at me with an impish grin. "That's too bad," she said. "I was hoping you'd fill all my holes, tonight." I looked at her, confused, until she wiggled her ass at me. "I still have one more hole for you to cum in."

My cock, limp and sensitive only seconds before, sprang back to life. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. My sister, on her knees, asking me to fuck her ass. Though my brain struggled with a response, my body responded immediately. I jumped off the couch, knelt behind my sister, and started to eat her pussy, again. This time, the taste of my cum mixed with hers was undeniable. I slowly worked my way back and up, and found my self licking my Susan's ass.

If anybody would have told me that I would ever give my sister a rim-job, I'd have called them crazy, but there I was, working my tongue into Susan's tight, brown hole. She was getting worked up, and moved one hand to her own pussy. As I shoved my tongue further and further into her ass, she worked three then four fingers into her cunt. The combined lubrication from my saliva and her cum had her ass slick in no time.

As Susan continued to finger-fuck herself, I got onto my knees and started rubbing my cock against her slippery asshole. She was starting to moan out loud, again, as she gave in to the sensations running through her body. When the head of my dick was covered in everything lubing her ass, I started to push against the resistance of her virgin anus.

Though well lubed, her ass was still very tight. Slowly, I felt her hole start to loosen just a bit, and pushed even harder. Susan screamed as my cock started to ease it's way inside her rear. Concerned, I stopped pushing and asked if she wanted me to stop.

"Don't you dare," she gasped. "How many girls can say they've had their brother up their ass." She then pushed her ass back, hard, slamming herself onto my cock. We both groaned, and I almost collapsed onto her back. After a moment to recover from the shock, I started to gently rock my hips, easing myself in and out of Susan's butt.

Slowly, her anus started to relax, and I was able to start fucking her in earnest. We fell into a rhythm, with her bucking back and forth as I started to ram my cock into her more forcefully. Honestly, the feeling of being in her ass was the best part of the evening. Her mouth and pussy felt great, but the tightness of her butt hole gripping my cock was amazing.

Susan was obviously reaching new highs, too. She continued to fuck her pussy with her hand, eventually balling her hand into a fist and shoving the entire thing into her cunt. She climaxed instantly, and the combined sight of my cock in her ass and her hand in her pussy pushed me over the edge at the same time. I shot my final load of cum deep into her ass, and we both collapsed to the floor.

We laid there, me kissing her neck and shoulders, as we recovered from an incredible night of incestuous intercourse. Eventually, my cock grew limp and came out of Susan's ass with an audible pop. Rolling over, she looked at me and asked, "Do you know, now, how much I love you?"

And I certainly did. As much as I loved her.

With our parents out of town, we spent the rest of the weekend living like husband and wife, but that's another story...


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Anonymous 2/16, learn about what a hymen is, and you might be less a clown. Hate to tell you, but "I popped her cherry" is nearly ALWAYS figurative. And for the extremely rare situation in which a female has a fully enclosed vaginal corona, surgery is required to open it. We're that not done, menstruation would be impossible.

You might like trying to sound smart, but you are both misinformed, and arguing those fallacies on a port story forum.

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She wanked you in a car without your parents noticing?
You're a virgin aren't you?
You shoved THREE fingers up her but bust her cherry later with your cock?
Definitely a virgin, learn about where the hymen is dickhead.


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