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My sister's present to me on my wedding.
After a childhood relationship exploring our sexuality together, my sister and I had grown up, gone on with our lives, and left our incestuousness in the past. More than a decade after our last sexual contact, when I was 19 and she was 17, I was getting married. Susan had been married for several years, and traveled in like the rest of the family so she could be a bridesmaid in the wedding.

Susan showed up nearly a week early, since her husband was out of the country on business, and wouldn't be able to make the wedding. That gave Susan time to visit and get her final fitting done before everyone else started to arrive. It was a good time, and Susan and I enjoyed the opportunity to catch up. We hadn't had much time to talk since our parents had gotten divorced, and our discussion eventually led to that.

Susan was interested in my thoughts about our dad ever cheating on our mom. I told her I didn't think so, and neither did mom. Mom had, however, shared some things with both Susan and I, and Susan brought them up one day when we were driving back to my house from shopping. She asked what I knew about my dad and his desire for pornagraphic letters. When my parents were married, my dad would pay people to send him dirty stories (now, we have the Internet).

I told her that I not only believed that, but shared that our dad was a bit of a porn fiend. He had tons of books, magazines, and videos. So many, in fact, that if anything ever happened to him, my mom had instructed me to get home and clear the house out before anyone else went there. Susan, intrigued, asked what kind of pornagraphy. "What are we talking about here, Tom? Playboy, or more hardcore?" At first, I didn't want to discuss it, but Susan kept pushing.

Deciding to take a risk, I told her in a way that referenced our past. "Actually, most of what he has is more our speed."

"What do you mean," Susan asked.

"Almost all his porn is about incest."

Susan's reaction was swift and strong. "That's disgusting, Tom. Why would you say that."

I sat there with nothing to say. Susan had obviously moved WAY beyond our relationship, and now viewed it as wrong. I struggled with it a lot, myself, so couldn't fault her for that.

"Don't ever bring that up, again," Susan said. "It never happened."

The ride home was a bit tense, but Susan relaxed over the next couple of days, and was her same old self by the time family and friends started to arrive. Our family is spread out all over the country, so there was a lot of traveling for this wedding. In addition to our families spending time together, the two families had to get to know each other. There were lots of meals, shopping trips, and planning sessions as we worked our way up to the big day.

Two days before the wedding (the night of the bachelor and bachelorette parties), my sister asked if she could borrow my car, as well as for directions to one of the malls we had previously visited. I told her I could take her anywhere she wanted to go. She said that I needed time to visit with mom, and I had to get ready for my bachelor party. She just wanted to take care of a few things for the bachelorette party. I figured my bride's maid of honor could handle that, but gave my sister the keys, anyway. I reminded her that my car is a stick, and asked her not to trash my clutch.

Susan returned a couple hours later carrying a small non-descript bag, which she quickly took to the guest room she had claimed on her arrival in town. I asked her if she had found everything alright. "I'm sure I'm ready for your wedding day, now," was her cryptic response. Since I had a party to get to, I didn't give it two thoughts.

The bachelor party went like all bachelor parties do, and Susan was already in bed by the time we got home. The next day was a frantic rush to get everything set and in place. We had the rehearsal and dinner, last minute trips to pick up vital items, and an early bed time to make sure everyone got a good night's rest before the wedding day.

On the day of the wedding, Susan was up, showered, and dressed before anyone else. She had to get to my fiance's house in order to ride the limo to the church. Me? I was on my own, with my best man. We took our time, knowing there were no hurries. The earlier I got to the church, the more time I would spend sitting in a room on my own. So, after an early lunch, we dressed in our tuxedos and headed out. Even then, we STILL beat the girls to the church.

In order to keep me from seeing my fiance in her dress, the church provided a nice back room completely cut off from anything, and I was instructed to stay there. So, I got to sit and let me nerves run rampant. My best man stopped in a couple times to let me know how things were going, and to tell me the girls had all finally arrived.

Shortly after that, my sister came into the room and told me that my fiance looked absolutely beautiful in her wedding dress. I commented that she wasn't the only one, as Susan was stunning in her bridesmaid dress. "Thank you," she replied, "I try."

Then, she stepped to the door, locked it, and came over to stand by me. "Actually, I tried VERY hard, today. I wanted to be as beautiful as possible, for you. It's part of my gift."

I wasn't sure what she meant, and told her so.

"I'M your gift, Tom. I want to give myself to you."

I started to shake, thinking I understood what she was saying. Still, after our conversation several days back, I was sure I couldn't possibly be getting her point correctly.

"What are you saying, Susan?"

"Tom, I want to give myself to you, totally." She took a step even closer, so she was only inches away from me. "I want to fuck you, today. In fact, I want to be the first one to fuck you as a married man."

I stood there in shock. In fact, it is safe to say I was more shocked then I was the first time my sister ever climbed onto my cock and fucked me like I was her boyfriend. I didn't know what to say. "You're kidding," was all I could get out.

She stepped into me, pulled my mouth to hers, and forced her tongue into my mouth. At the same time, she took my hand in one of hers and slid it under her dress. Stepping out of the kiss, she helped me lift the dress so I could see what she was wearing underneath. Rather than regular underwear, she had on pair of crotchless panties under crotchless pantyhose. She pulled me into her again, and pushed my hand to her pussy, which was already wet with her cum.

"Does that feel like I'm joking, Tom?"

Sliding a finger into her pussy like we were teenagers, again, I could only reply, "No, you seem serious."

"Good," she said, "I hoped you would understand. Now, enjoy your wedding. I only have one request."

"What's that?" I asked.

"I want you to be thinking of me. During the vows, think of me. When you say, 'I do,' be thinking of me. And when the priest says to kiss the bride, I want it to be MY face you see under that veil. Then, it will be almost like we're married, because I'll be saying the vows, too."

After one more passionate kiss, she turned to leave. "Oh yeah, Tom. One thing. Use your fiance's name. Not mine. But be THINKING Susan."

With that, she unlocked the door and left. I stood there unable to move. My sister had just offered herself to me, and wanted to fuck me on my wedding night, no less. In fact, it sounded almost like she was proposing to me. The only question now was how on earth I was going to get through the wedding without saying her name. Because I would sure as hell be thinking about her, and seeing her face in everything I did.

And how the hell was I going to walk into the church with a huge hard on from the thought of fucking my sister again.

In due time, I was escorted into the church by my best man. I stood at the front of the church and watched the wedding party come down the aisle. All of the girls were beautiful. And I couldn't take my eyes off my sister as she walked into the church next to one of my friends. Then, I saw a flash of white, and saw my bride come into view.

My sister was right. She WAS beautiful. I couldn't take my eyes off her. She walked toward the alter, and my sister helped to arrange her train. When I saw my sister, I was caught between two crushing desires.

The wedding was, like most weddings, relatively boring. But when it came time for the vows, my sister's request popped into my head (which also made my dick pop up, as well). Each time the priest said my bride's name, I heard "Susan." And when he went through the vows, I thought of Susan with each, "I do." And then, it was over. The priest told me to kiss the bride, and I did just that, with my sister's face in my mind the whole time.

After the wedding, we took pictures. It was sheer pain standing with my sister, feeling her purposefully brush up against me, fighting the desire to grab her or slip a hand under her dress. She looked just as happy as my new wife, and I knew why.

After pictures, we hopped into the cars and headed to the reception. It was a great party, like most receptions, and I yearned for the bridal party dance.

When my sister and I came together to dance, it was electric, and the tension was incredible. I could feel her pushing into me, and sense her desire to act like we truly were husband and wife rather than brother and sister. As we danced, Susan whispered to me, "Congratulations, lover. I'm going to slip out of here, and you do the same when you get a chance. Room 105."

I couldn't believe it. My sister had a room? "I thought you were staying at the house?"

"Nah. I convinced dad I would need a room, so he got one for me. That way, I don't have to worry about getting drunk and having to drive anywhere. Room 105, Tom."

The bridal party dance ended, and the real party got started. My new wife was visiting hundreds of friends, and I told her I was going to slip out for a bit to just collect my thoughts.

As I headed out, the only thought on my mind was ROOM 105.

I got to the room, and my sister was there, waiting. She met me at the door and threw herself into my arms as I ensured the door closed. Before we'd moved a foot into the room, my sister was shoving her tongue into my mouth, and I responded hungrily. As we explored each others mouths, our hands started to freely roam to various body parts. Turning my sister around, I began to caress her neck as my hands cupped her still tiny boobs. Several things remained unchanged about Susan. She was still only 5' 4" tall. She was still less than 100 pounds soaking wet. She still wore her blonde hair shoulder length. And she still had TINY tits. And I LOVE them.

Tweaking her nipples, I asked if she intended on staying in the dress all night.

"Only until you take it off," she replied huskily. And that was all the invitation I needed. I quickly unzipped the dress and slid it down to the floor. I couldn't waste time, so I unhooked her bra, too, freeing her titties for me to spoil with love.

I turned her back to face me, and lowered my mouth to first one nipple, then the other. Susan started to breathe heavily, and pull my head tighter to her chest. While I sucked on her tits, my hand found it's way to those crotchless panties, and I slid several fingers into her already wet pussy. She backed toward the bed as I started to slide those fingers in and out, fucking her cunt with my hand. She was working on the tuxedo bottoms, attempting to free my hungry cock from the confines of the pants and underwear.

As my pants came off, I worked my tongue down Susan's body until I reached the waist of the panty hose. "Do you want to keep those on, or lose them?"

"Tom, I bought crotchless for reason. They stay on and you fuck me like I am."

"Okay, but I'm not quite ready to fuck you, yet."

"Well, not with your COCK, anyway, right. Because I KNOW you're going to eat my pussy, right?"

"Susan, have I ever not eaten you out. You know I love to do that for you." And with that, I dove into her cunt face first. I drove my tongue into the hole it had grown to love so many years before. I lapped at her pussy, finding the taste of her juices to still be the best I've ever had. I rammed my tongue in and out of her cunt until she started to buck her hips, rubbing her crotch across me, smearing her cum all over my face.

As she neared climax, I stood up, got my pants and underwear all the way off, and climbed into the bed, kneeling over her. I started to kiss her, again, and asked if she was ready.

"Yes, Tom, do this for me."

I eased myself down, sliding my cock back into the pussy it loves so much. Susan gasped in pleasure, pulling me tight into her. I started to pump my ass, driving myself in and out of my sister's hungry cunt. Susan responded by attacking my mouth with hers, her tongue leading a joyous dance with mine.

She ended the kiss and started to scream in ecstasy. "God, Tom, fuck me. Fuck your little sister. Why did we ever stop doing this?"

I started to ram my dick into her harder and harder, the rhythm making the bed bounce against the wall. I felt the pressure starting to build, and told Susan I was about to cum.

"Remember, you promised to always cum inside me."

So I did. I dumped spurt after spurt of me seed deep into my sister's womb. She started screaming again, as a climax ripped through her cunt. I could feel the contractions milking my cock for all it was worth. Susan had what was certainly the biggest climax she ever experienced, that night. She shook from the pleasure, and her pussy continued to squeeze my cock as the contractions went on.

Eventually, she came down from the clouds. I leaned over, kissed her, gently, this time, and asked if it was good for her.

"God, yes. As if you couldn't tell. You've always been able to do that to me, and I AM mad that I let all these years pass. To think I almost blew it, the other day. I'm sorry if I made you feel like shit when you talked about dad."

"I think we can safely say you have made up for it. But why did you react that way."

"I still think dad was cheating on mom, and to find out now that he's into incest makes me angry. I was mad at him, but it got directed at you. I realized then what I had to do."

Rolling out of bed, I pointed out to Susan that there was a wedding reception going on, and we were supposed to be there.

"Of course. The bride and groom have to be there. And don't you ever forget that I'm the first one you fucked after saying 'I do.'" I'm as much your wife as anyone."

"I won't forget, so long as we share a marital bed every now and again."

She giggled, and grinned impishly. "Like again, now?"

"No, you little minx. We REALLY have to get back. AFTER we wash up."

"Speak for yourself, lover. I'm putting on some panties and going like this. Let's clean you up, though. You might cheat on me later, tonight. We wouldn't want the other woman to know you already have a wife."

So, we cleaned up, got dressed, and headed back to the reception. That night started my life with TWO wives. But only one was also my sister.

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Good story. Do part 2. Get sister pregnant. Then get mother pregnant and lastly get wife pregnant.

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eh, it was pretty stupid. If I was the wife I would cut off his dick and throw it into the ocean to be eaten by the fish.

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Good story. Hopefully sister got pregnant on brother's wedding day. Keep fucking the two of them, both sister and wife and eventually get mom in the picture too. Get your mom pregnant along with your wife and your sister.

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Great story. In sequels get sister pregnant with your children and then wife and then mother.

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Shithead of a sister.....
Negative on this one...sorry....

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