Joe can't understand Susan's family ways, but his love is true and truly confused. Thanksgiving day with Susan and Joe's own cousin prove to introduce more concerns for Joe.
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My Neighbor's Incest Part XIII

"Mom, would be alright if we had one more for dinner tomorrow? That's if she can come." I found my mother busily prepping for the Thanksgiving feast.

My mind was still reeling from the revelation about Susan's parents. "They don't have the same mother. Well, my mom and dad don't." Susan's words stung my understanding of right and wrong. Aunt Jane, was Mrs. Davis' sister. That's why Susan had said, "her sister is coming..." She didn't mean sister-in-law as I had supposed that day she was talking about the fight.

I challenged myself, is it really worse now? Twenty minutes ago, I knew Mr. Davis was doing his sister, and that was alright with me. What's the different now? I wondered, was it because he married his sister or was it the kids? Isn't that bad? Who did Noah's kids have kids with?

Susan was only willing to speak about the whole thing for a minute. She seemed upset, but not as much as I might have expected. I wasn't sure if she really didn't know too many details as she had said, or if she was trying to minimize the whole thing. I was so shocked I didn't even push the issue. She kissed me and told me she loved me.

"Mom, it's really important to me. She wants to have a normal family dinner, and they are all going out to a restaurant. It upset her." I begged with my sorriest face.

"I know mom. I promise I'll help out, and I'll spend time with my cousins." I knew she would cave in. She loved having as many people as she could for Thanksgiving.

I didn't know if Susan would actually be able to spend the day away from her family, but I hoped so. I needed to spend time with her in my environment. I needed to be with her without any of the other stuff associated with her. If I really loved her, then I'd put her parent's issues aside. Wouldn't I?

Without Jasmin's influence, also. I needed to find out if I was in love with two girls. Sister? I just needed her near me to get Jasmin out of my head and to remember why I ever thought I loved Susan. I needed to separate the girl that was so special to me, from everything strange about her life.

I laid down that night, like I had so many times since I met these people, with my head hurting from thought. Susan, Jasmin, sisters, Jeremy and his sister, Mr. and Mrs. Davis are brother and sister. How could Susan have not told me all this before now? How could she have told me at all? Why did she tell me?

My mother woke me from a dream more absurd than the one about being married to Mrs. Davis. "Okay, I'm getting up. Tell her I'll call her back in a few minutes."

After a piss and a few rubs on my head, I called Susan back. She answered on the first ring. "Are you sure you want me to come?"

I suddenly realized that as troubled I had been last night, Susan must have been just as tormented. Or, maybe even more. She might have been wondering all night if I could still love her. Her heart could have been broken all night waiting to call me this morning, and all I was worried about was myself. This love thing is very difficult. I promised myself I wouldn't try and make her talk about anything uncomfortable. I should either love her or not, but her parent's choices shouldn't affect that.

"Of course I want you to come. I'm excited about it. You want me to ask your mother for you?" I was prepared to ask Mrs. Davis if Susan could come, but I hoped I didn't have to.

"Did I tell you my cousins are going to be here? Hum, One is thirteen, one is sixteen and the other two are like five, six or maybe seven. I haven't seen them since they were babies." Susan didn't sound thrill about the kids.

"I know, but it will be fun. I haven't seen them in about five years, I think. They only live a few hours away, but you'd think they lived on the other side of the country. We were really close until they moved and then things changed." I let Susan go talk to her mother.

I imagined she would cry about how upsetting it was going to a restaurant for Thanksgiving. I bet she would really pour it on. It scared me a little how she could get people to believe her. I had totally bought that failing math thing.

I expected the phone to be for me when it rang, but my mother talked for a little while and hung up. "Good news lover boy, your girlfriend can come over and stay for dinner. However, Chris seems to think Jasmin is your girlfriend!"

My mother's words chilled me and made my brain spin. Chris, who is Chris? That's Mrs. Davis. Why is she talking to her? Shit! I knew the last thing I needed was to have my mother talking to Mrs. Davis. That would be two adults against one me. Like the earth getting too close to the sun, I needed their worlds to stay far apart.

"Mom! What did you tell her?" My look of horror made my mother smile with a look of superiority.

"Don't worry, I didn't give you up. But, you have some explaining to do. Why is she so sure you're Jasmin boyfriend? And, why does she like you so much? She went on and on about what a nice boy you were. I didn't have the heart to tell her you were a liar." My mother's eyes demand an explanation.

I explained the whole thing to her in such a way that she could except the little white lie I told Susan's mom. Also, in a way that would most likely not backfire on me. Unfortunately, I also had to agree that Susan was too young, and she wouldn't be my girlfriend until she turned thirteen. It hadn't been outright extortion, but close to it.

When Susan appeared on the walkway, I had to look twice to make sure I was seeing Susan. I've never seen her in a dress. I got a big thrill seeing her looking more like what she was going to turn into, Jesselyn. As soon as she got on the front porch, I pinned her to the wall between the door and the window. Nobody could see us from inside right there. I kissed her hard on the mouth and slipped my hand under her dress. No panties, perfect. All my concerns of the previous day seemed to melt away with the heat of her lips.

"Sorry, I had to get that in before we go inside." I'll explain the situation. I took one more kiss and told her everything I had to agree to and why.

"I figured we wouldn't be able to make out in front of your parents anyway, so what's the big deal?" Susan seemed to have it all in perspective.

"Okay, so you're alright with it being like it was when you were just my math student?" I gleamed at the memories.

Susan smiled at my seemingly bad news. "You mean, like when you groped me constantly and kissed me every time your mother turned her back? That's fine with me." Susan whacked me.

"Susan, are we alright? You know, that whole thing yesterday was, you know." I took a breath to brace myself for what might come next. I was going to let her talk about her family on her schedule, but I wanted to make sure that thing with Jasmin hadn't put something between us.

"Like I said last night, I was jealous. But, I know I can't have it both ways. I was excited having you watch me. Really, having everyone watch. There's something strangely exciting about being watched. I was also excited at the thought of Jasmin doing the same thing to you, and me watching. You know that's what she asked for, right?"

My face drained, "I, um."

"It's okay Joe. I know how she is. When I was sitting on the couch and I knew you were back there, I was super excited. But, I couldn't watch." Susan seemed tortured by her thoughts.

"Joe, I have watched Jasmin have sex a few times. But, I have never heard her scream and plead like that. I wanted to watch, but then I felt so jealous that she was enjoying you, my boyfriend!" Susan's eye lids flickered as she fought off tears.

"Susan, I'm sure it was all just an act. She was just playing into that whole gag thing she was pulling on your cousins. I wish I hadn't done it!" I couldn't believe I had made love to Jasmin when all Susan agreed to was me getting a blow job.

"I'm sorry! Really, I am. It was a stupid idea." As much as I had loved being with Jasmin, I hated this part. Just like last time, I felt bad after and I hated what it did to Susan. I also hated that I was even more twisted about my feelings for Jasmin.

"Joe, don't be. It's not your fault. It was my choice. I shouldn't have done what I did, but I did. Joe, I enjoyed it. I got off watching my cousins do it. I'm just messed up and I, we have to get used to that. But, you were right, what you said about me being young, I am. I have time to figure all this out." Susan finished by shoving me, which showed her true age.

"I'm really glad I got to come here today and be with your family! I love mine, but I need to be around normal people today." She smiled like everything from yesterday was now in the past. We talked about it and now it was gone. I wondered if it could it be that simple?

I was about to grab one last kiss, but saw my aunt and uncle's car coming down the road, so I hit Susan instead. "Look, it's my normal family."

"I haven't seen them for a long time. My Uncle Jim is a great guy. He's very funny, but he can be rude sometimes. You'll see. Aunt Mary Lou, is very nice too, but she's a ton, I mean a little over weight. She always took us places when we were little and made a big fuss over us. I hope we have all grow out of that. Little Matt was still crapping in his plastic underwear last time I saw him. And, Jimmy wasn't much past that, so I have no idea what they are like now. I hope they don't drive us crazy."

I started off the porch towards the car. "Come on."

Susan pushed me with her foot on my ass and almost knocked me down the four steps. I stumbled across the grass. "Great, I got to worry about you too."

Susan looked excited and a little nervous too as she jumped off the porch in a totally unladylike manner. Even though it wasn't going to be like meeting her family, I knew how she felt.

"Hey Stud, you didn't mention that I had competition." Susan spoke facing the driveway. I didn't know why she had used Jasmin's nickname for me from yesterday, but I hoped she was just being funny.

I turned and saw what Susan was talking about. I was pretty sure I didn't know the girl getting out of the car until I refocused on her face, then I realized it was my cousin, Cindy.

My first thought for a response to Susan's competition comment was, "that's just my cousin." Luckily, I captured my words before they spilled from my mouth, for a change. Instead, I said the next wrong thing that popped into my pea brain, "Holy Crap!"

After getting my brain back under control, I said, "I mean, wow she has changed."

Aunt Mary Lou's weight problem seemed to have only been passed on to Cindy's ass and chest. My scrawny, kickball playing, tree climbing, playmate cousin, from five years ago, was now a top heavy beauty. The greasy black hair I remembered, had turned into a long black mane that made it halfway to her ass. A round ass now jetted out above her skinny legs, like it had been mistakenly placed on the wrong girl. Her thin waist gave way to a barrel chest. Clearly, there were huge breasts packed too tightly under her shirt.

"How old did you say your cousin was?" Susan's tone made it clear she was noticing the same thing I was.

I turned to Susan, "I think that's Cindy! She was eight when I saw her last."

Susan's mouth fell open as she did the math. "I don't think so. She looks older than Jasmin."

"Come on." I raced towards the car as Uncle Jim called out to me. Susan trailed behind me.

Susan arrived at my side after I received a bear hug from Uncle Jim, who was also amazed at what five years had done for me. "Wow, look at you, JJ, you're so tall!"

I tried to speak, "This is Susan." But, my plump Aunt Mary Lou hugged and kissed me. I was thrilled that my head was now above her mammoth face smothering chest.

I hugged Cindy while the two boys scurried around us. Then, I looked her up and down to make sure it was Cindy and not Julie. I stopped at her chest. My brain checked out and let my mouth speak before it had censored what it is going to say. "What happen to you, where did you get those?"

Cindy and Susan whacked me simultaneously.

"I'm sorry, I meant, wow they grew. I mean you, you grew." I was truly amazed and not trying to be rude. My aunt and uncle were laughing because they knew what their kid looked like the last time I saw her.

"It's a good thing Julie isn't here, you'd really put your foot in your mouth. Don't worry son, she's still a tomboy!" My uncle's words made me realize Julie wasn't there, but I couldn't imagine I could embarrass myself anymore if she was.

"Where is she?" I looked at Cindy one more time to make sure it was my cousin.

"She's at her boyfriend's house." Cindy sounded just like Cindy. I was surprised she didn't break into a verse of K, I, SS, ING, Julie is sitting in a tree... That would have proven without a doubt that the well rounded girl in front of me was actually the stick figure, I used to play hide and seek with. Julie being three years older than Cindy and Two older than me, made her the brunt of our childish antagonizing for years.

As we collected the stuff to carry inside, I was secretly hoping there was a current picture of Julie somewhere.

"So, is this your girlfriend?" Aunt Mary Lou and Uncle Jim both waited for an answer. Susan and Cindy seemed to already be exchanging notes, while I thought about how to answer.

I glanced at the house, then at Susan and then said, "Uncle Jim, mom says she's my friend. If you know what I mean." My broad smile told them everything they needed to read between the lines.

Uncle Jim's jovial chuckle brought back many pleasant memories and told me he understood. I missed the days when they lived close, and we saw them all the time.

The two boys seemed right at home before we made it halfway across the lawn. Susan had scooped little Matt up and started carrying him. Mom and dad met us all at the door. With all the commotion coming through the door, Uncle Jim tried to pass off Susan as my missing cousin.

"Wait a second, I know this one. She's Joe's math prot?." Only my mom and I knew what she meant, exactly.

Her brother Jim, explained that Julie was so sorry she couldn't come, and how she really wanted to be at her boyfriend's house. Susan and I shared a knowing smile.

Even two hours after they arrived, I was still trying to find my old playmate under layers of fine. Looking into her eyes and talking to her, it was obvious it was little Cindy. But, I couldn't help thinking that if I ran into her and wasn't sure it was my cousin, I'd be attracted to her. I might even... My thoughts scared me.

"So, how long has Julie been dating this guy?" I wanted to know how she got away with not coming. My aunt and uncle would be here until Saturday morning.

"Guess about a year." The thirteen year old obviously wasn't interested in talking about her sister's love life.

"Well, what is she doing until you get back?" Sadly, I was imaging a girl three years hotter than Cindy, having sex for two days at her boyfriend's house.

"Well, her boyfriend is very close with my grandmother's family. You remember my mother's mom?" Cindy looked at me like I should, but I really didn't. I knew I had met her, but I had met tons of people in my family that I didn't really remember.

"You do. Well, she's staying with her until we get back. How come you never come to see us anymore?" Cindy didn't wait for an answer, but turned to Susan, who was sitting next to her.

"Joe used to spend two weeks with us every summer." The two girls ignored me and talked like old friends. Then, they got up and went to the bathroom together.

The fact that girls did that was disturbing to me. But, the fact that my girlfriend was in there with my cousin scared the shit out of me. Even with her new body, that was still innocent little Cindy to me. I knew there was nothing innocent about Susan, and they could be talking about anything!

When they finally came back, Cindy went into the kitchen to check on dinner and Susan came and sat sort of near me. We had to maintain a distance that was suitable for "friends."

"I'm so glad I'm here." Susan seemed very pleased to be at my house despite all the people she didn't know. Even when my grandparents on my father's side showed up with his sister, Susan acted like she was completely comfortable. She fit right in here and everyone liked her.

I thought two times about being married to her. I knew it was stupid at my age, but I couldn't help thinking about the future with all these family members around. I think it was my Aunt Joyce, who had told me, "You shouldn't date unless you're shopping for a wife." I think I was eleven when she told me that. I still thought girls were gross so it didn't mean a thing to me. But, now it made a little more sense.

After dinner, everyone was either half asleep, asleep, or doing dishes. I always hated the fat and lazy feeling that came after the dinner. But, that was for the old people. I was horny. All through dinner I had touched Susan under the table and looked across at Cindy's chest. I felt sorry for her because she had obviously outgrown her bra. Her breasts looked squished and were bulging out the top. I wasn't looking in a sexual way, but I had become obsessed with them. I wanted know how big they really were. I couldn't comprehend how that could have happened to Cindy.

I glanced at all the closed eyes and football zombies and saw my opportunity. I intercepted Susan by herself and dragged her into the guest room. I expected resistance, but as soon as the door was closed, she wrapped her arms around me and started kissing me.

Our kissing went straight to volcanic passion. Susan was as horny as me. Or, maybe even more after yesterday. She sucked my tongue into her mouth and then moved her lips up and down it like she was giving it a blow job. That drove me wild and I pulled up the back of her dress and grabbed her ass cheeks. Unlike her sister's ass, my fingers didn't sink in and my hands completely cover Susan's butt.

With all my strength, I pulled her groin into mine. It amazed me how different I felt from one day to the next. I wanted to carefully please Jasmin yesterday, but today I just wanted to pick Susan up and start fucking her. However, I knew better. Getting caught making out was an acceptable risk. But, pumping her on the guest bed was a risk I wasn't willing to take, yet. I looked at the door. I wish these doors had locks!

Susan pulled the front of her dress up and dropped to her knees. "Wait!" I lost the power of speech as my zipper came down. My knees trembled with fear and excitement as her hand extracted my rod through my open zipper hole. I smoldered as her mouth found my cock.

Susan's tongue circled my little brain inside her mouth while I tried to listen for someone coming. Unfortunately, all I could hear was my blood rushing in my ears.

I felt her strong suction building as she moved up towards the top. Even though I should have expected it, the popping sound still startled me when my head came loose. I looked down into her overly excited eyes, wanting to make her stop. With her eyes locked with mine, she opened her mouth and swallowed my head. My heart raced as her lips gripped my shaft. I watched as my flesh slipped inside her mouth.

Deeper and deeper my head went, until it hit that tight spot. With a tiny gasp, it slipped past the resistance and into her throat. I couldn't keep back the moan as her hand gripped my balls and pulled them from my trousers. I saw stars as her nose touched my lower belly. She held me right there by my balls as her wind pipe grasped at my cock head. I felt my cum starting to boil.

I jumped off the floor, dislodging my flesh from Susan's mouth when the door flew open. I turned my head to meet the shocked face of my cousin!

Cindy looked as horrified as I felt. I stammered with my spit covered rod bouncing in front of Susan's shocked face. Her dress wasn't even covering her crotch as she knelt in front of me.

Cindy checked quickly behind her and closed the door. "You idiot, haven't you heard of a lock!" She checked the door knob and said, "Oh, well at least go in the bathroom."

Susan pushed her dress down to look more ladylike, and I grabbed my boner to try and shove it back in my pants. Cindy looked good and hard at my plight and used my exact words, "What happen to you, where did you get that?" She made herself giggle, but she was the only one amused.

"Last time I saw you pee on a tree that thing was only about this big." Cindy held up her fingers to indicate a small size. I didn't remember her ever watching me pee on a tree, but I was sure as a kid I had peed on a few.

"Look, I'm sorry, I just came in here to take off my stupid bra. It's killing me. If you want, I can stand outside the door and watch for you. That might sound weird, but if you want to finish, go ahead." She smiled at Susan in code.

Cindy swished her hand indicating for me to turn away as she started taking her shirt off. Susan touched my cock inside my pants once my back was partially to Cindy. I turned my head slowly until I saw Cindy with her shirt over her face as she pulled one arm free. I forgot or couldn't look away as she freed her head. I knew I should look away, but I was glued to her as she reached around her back to unhook her bra.

Her chest fell several inches as soon as the clasp let go. When she let the shoulder straps fall off her shoulders, she looked right at me. I still couldn't turn away. I knew girls could remove a bra without taking their shirt off. She must not care if I look.

With her shoulder straps at her elbows and her hands over her breasts, she quickly straightened her arms. Her bra fell away from her chest, and she caught it in her hands as it dropped past her waist. Her fabulous tits giggled and the huge dark circles raised at the center. I never turned away and neither did Cindy.

Susan was fighting me to get my cock loose again. Supposedly, out of Cindy's view. "Don't fight her for it. It's hard to find a girl who will do that!" Cindy giggled and looked away.

I knew Susan was probably fine with being watched, but even though she now looked like a hot babe, I still knew it was my cousin standing over there. "Would you stand outside the door for us?"

"Sure, but I'd better put this back on." Cindy shamelessly flaunted her enormous breasts as she pulled her head back into the neck hole of her shirt. Then she put each arm in without pulling the shirt down. Then finally, she stretched the shirt past her tits, reached under and adjusted them.

"Does this look OK?" Cindy moved around to make her tits shake. "Is it too slutty?" What happened to my cute little cousin?

I said nothing knowing I'd never give an objective opinion. Susan gave Cindy one of those girl looks that told more than was actually said. "It looks fine, as long as it doesn't get cold."

"Okay, I'll be right outside the door. Don't worry Joe, I have had to do this plenty of times for Julie." Cindy smiled in a way that made me nervous. She's not eight anymore.

I wasn't even sure I was comfortable finishing what we had started, until Susan's mouth sent a wave of sensation through my groin. My somewhat slumping cock quickly sprang to life. I stared at Susan's head trying to pretend my cousin wasn't standing outside the door. A hard suck caused me to gulp for air. I wanted to get totally engrossed in the best blow job I could get, but I knew Cindy had to be listening.

Susan's gag reflexes returned my attention to my swollen member stuck all the way down her throat. Her finger gently touched my nuts as her throat gulped at my cock. It wasn't quiet and it wasn't pretty, but it felt wonderful! As much as I wanted to be civilized, I took hold of both sides of Susan's head and jerked my hips into her face, just like Jeremy had done yesterday.

My balls jerked, sending the twenty second warning signal. Susan's nose was flat against my body as Cindy slipped back into the room. I grunted and raised up on my tippy toes as my convulsing groin pumped sperm down Susan's throat. As bad as it looked, it was better than if I had pulled out and fired into Susan's eye.

Cindy's mouth hung open looking at the amazing sight. "Sorry, I, um I just wanted you to know it sounds like someone could be coming soon. I'll stand here, I'll hold the door, hurry up."

When my balls were finished, I self consciously pulled my slimy cock from Susan's mouth. She looked up at me with that strange satisfied smile. She wiped her eyes and her slobber like it was normal to get choked.

"I guess you didn't have to decide whether or not to swallow." Cindy spoke with an exasperated breath.

I quickly concealed my wet flesh and pulled up my zipper, while Susan fixed her dress so it didn't have that just fucked look.

"Hey, I know this has been kind of weird, me being your cousin and all. But, if you two need me to be a look out for you for anything else, I don't mind." Cindy seemed fairly comfortable with what had just happened. I couldn't help wonder what Julie and her had been doing these last five years. Still it didn't matter what she thought or knew, I wasn't going to ask her to watch for me while I fucked Susan. I was sure that was what she was referring to.

"Susan, how do you do that? I mean, wow, it was practically in your stomach!" Susan looked proud and I was totally uncomfortable with where the conversation was going. I didn't want my girlfriend explaining the fine art of cock sucking to my cousin! Even though Cindy was a year older than Susan, we were a conservative family. I knew Cindy didn't grow up like Susan.

The two girls started giggling and talking as they slipped out of the room. I carefully checked the hallway to make sure nobody saw me. I heard more activity, but didn't see any sign that someone might be coming. Hum.

Susan and Cindy went into the bathroom together, again! I went to my room to clean it up. I had to have it ready for either my aunt and uncle or my grandparents. I hated having to give up my room. I didn't understand why someone didn't get a hotel room. All the kids would have to endure the living room. That was fine when I was a little kid, but not anymore.

After I got everything ready in my room, I went to join everyone else, for round two, dessert. I couldn't help but smile every time I looked at Susan, knowing I had just given her my special dessert, right under everybody's nose. The thrill of being so bad caused me to fight an erection the whole time, while Susan and Cindy giggling together like they had a secret.

"Joe, thank you so much for having me over! After what I told you last night, it was the last thing I ever expected. I can imagine how difficult it is for you to understand me and my family. I don't even really understand. Your family was great and I had a great time. Even though we are just 'friends.'" Susan gave me a look that made me laugh.

"Hey, you know we have a deal. I'm going to love you and be your friend no matter what. I love your family too." I hadn't really expected that to come out, but it was true. I felt very connected to them as a unit and individually.

We looked nervously at each other wanting to kiss. I didn't want her to have to go home. It had been very different having her around all day. Very nice. "Come on say good bye to everyone, and I'll walk you home."

"It was so nice to meet you sweetie. I'll be looking forward to your wedding one day." My grandmother's perfectly inappropriate words were followed by a pinch to Susan's cheek.

Uncle Jim passed gas exceptionally loudly as he pulled himself from the lounge chair. Then, as he always did, he looked around his feet and said, "did you see that baby elephant?"

He came across the room and hugged Susan like she was his own daughter. "You try and keep JJ here from putting his foot in his mouth. It was nice to meet you."

Everyone said good bye like Susan didn't live just across the driveway. We head out the door, "I'll be right back."

"JJ, why does your uncle call you that?" A giant question mark came to Susan's face.

"Oh, well, when we all spent a lot of time together, my dad being Joe also, everyone started calling me JJ. My middle name is James, so JJ. James is my uncle's name, but we call him Jim." The short walk ended too soon as I stood facing Susan at her front door.

"Well, it was great. I hope y'all have a great time shopping tomorrow." I was hoping she was going to tell me she changed her mind and wasn't going shopping all day tomorrow.

"Maybe we'll run into your family someplace. Joe, are you sure you don't want to come with us?" Susan's hopeful tone fell on deaf ears.

"I'd rather be the ball at the next school football game! And, if you spot my mom, you steer your mother as far away from her as you can. That's the last thing we need is the two of them comparing notes." I wasn't interested in being dragged through a thousand stores with Susan's family or mine. But, more than that, I didn't want my world with the Davis's colliding with my mother's planet.

"Good night. Call me when you come home. I'll be home by myself all day tomorrow! I'll think about you." I was actually looking forward to a day alone to catch up on my thoughts from these past two days.

A few hours later, after a few holiday specials for my little nephews and lots of evening leftovers, everyone was pretty worn down. All the adults talked about getting up early to head out for the great after Thanksgiving sales specials. I thought it would have to be free to make it worth getting up early tomorrow.

Aunt Mary Lou gave the boys strict instructions to listen to their sister and to stay in their sleeping bags. Her and Uncle Jim headed off to my room, while I slumped in the corner of the couch.

"No, that's fine, you take the sofa bed." Cindy looked grateful for the offer to let her sleep on the closest thing to a bed in the room. What she didn't know was the sofa bed had a metal bar that dug into my hip every time I slept on it. The couch I was on swallowed a body like loose change, but it was better for me than the metal bar of death. She had more padding on her shapely hips anyway.

I watched Cindy's very motherly ways as she lovely got the boys comfortable in their sleeping bags on the floor. She built a little "safety wall," for them with the cushions off the couch. I was quite impressed with her instincts and caring ways. She kissed both good night.

I was almost physically and mental dead from the events of the past two day, so I was half unconscious before she finished. The TV was playing something to fall asleep to, which I did before I even got comfortable.

I think it was a loud commercial that snapped me out of the strange dream I was having. The dream had something to do with Susan and Jesselyn being the same person. They could merge into one and then split into two. It was too bizarre to even try to figure out. Besides, I was in pain from falling asleep half sitting up on the couch.

In the light from the TV, I noticed Cindy standing by the sofa bed. Her back was to me, in the dim lighting, but I thought she was in her panties. I didn't make any sounds and only squinted in case she turned around, so I could look like I was sleeping still.

I was almost hoping this was still a dream, so I wasn't actually sneaking a peek at my own cousin's ass. Cindy lifted her shirt over her head and turned halfway around. Even squinting, her tit's profile was wonderful. The lighting from the TV cast a sensual glow across her large hanging breasts. Her nipples looked obscenely large in the shadow her chest cast. Should I close my eyes?

I had almost convinced myself to shut my eyes and let her finish preparing for sleep in the privacy she thought she had, until she pulled her panties down. I had never had a thing for being watched, until yesterday. But, ever since that first time in my attic, I had a thing for secretly watching people. I got a rush that gave me goose bumps as her panties reached the floor.

The flickering from the TV's light on her groin gave me a blue, green tinted view of her extremely bushy pubic area. I imagined it was black hair like her head, but I couldn't tell for sure. I was however, sure it was a full thick mat of hair like I had not seen on any of the girls I had been with. Or, maybe it was just in comparison to Susan's lack of hair? Why is she stripping naked in the living room? I was surprised my cousin didn't have more concern for modesty.

She bent over at the waist to get something from her travel bag. I promised myself I wouldn't act on my thoughts, so that made them less evil. The girl's round ass stared me in the face. I could see a flurry of hairs between her legs as the light shined through them. Her meaty pussy lips shared the same characteristics of her round ass cheeks, full, plump and excessive. Her tits hung and swung as she leaned over.

Finally, she pulled something from her bag and freed my eyes from their lustful bondage. Cindy pushed her head and arms into the long bed shirt. Past her soft melons and then let it falls past her curved hips. I wonder how she could have grown so much in just the perfect places? I would have been surprised to see my cousin regardless, after five years. But, I couldn't comprehend how those five years had done that to her skinny frame. It had to have been engineered by some mad sexually perverted cosmic force.

Cindy had put on everything she planned to wear and pulled back the covers on the pull out bed. That's when I noticed one of her brothers had slipped onto her bed, and she had to snuggle up next to him on the small bed. When she pushed the button on the remote and blackened the room, I shifted to a more comfortable position and touched my hard dick.

The ruckus from people that seemed like strangers in my living room environment woke me, but I didn't open my eyes. I was pretending to be asleep, so I wouldn't have to participate in the start of a shopping expedition I was not going on. I maintained a state of semi consciousness until I knew they were ready to go, then I headed for the comfort of my room. I yelled good bye and took off the clothing I had stupidly tried to get a good night's rest in. With just my underwear on I dove into my own bed.

I didn't know what time it was, and I would have slept longer, but I had to pee. Groggy from my food hangover, me and my morning erection headed for the bathroom.

"Good morning sleepy head!" I'm sure the totally unexpected voice would have scared the shit out of me, if I had been more awake. As it was, it just caused me to wake up all at once.

"Cindy, what the hell are you doing here?" My eyes had snapped open to my cousin standing at the end of the hall. Her long bed shirt reminded me of my late night voyeurism.

"Jeez, that's some greeting! I thought you were happy to see me, but that must just be a banana in your shorts." All of Cindy's words took a few seconds to get processed by my cloudy brain.

"Oh, I um, I'm sorry, you startled me. I thought I was home alone. Why didn't you go shopping?" The rest of Cindy's words finally made sense to me, and I didn't wait for her answers. I didn't look down until I closed the bathroom door. Damn it. The bulge in my partly opened boxer shorts was obvious. How inappropriate and embarrassing, which was getting to be my motto.

After I finished in the bathroom I put on a pair of shorts and a tee shirt and went looking for my very lively morning guest. I found her standing in the kitchen in front of the toaster. "Can we start over? Good morning, Cindy."

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to embarrass you or scare you. I woke up and just felt like I wanted to be here with you more than shopping. It's been so long." Cindy's upbeat words were like bells in my head. I needed more time to wake up before I'd be able to fully engage her.

When Cindy turned to grab her toast, I glanced at her ass and was glad to see the outline of panties under her long shirt, gown thing she was wearing. I couldn't help wonder if she slept naked at home. "Did you sleep well on the death bed, I mean sofa bed?"

Cindy's one eye was closed part way as she gave me the evil eye. "Oh yea, it was great with that metal bar in my back and Jimmy kicking and punching me all night!"

I tried not to smile so much that I gave away my foreknowledge of the beds sinister ways, or that she had to share the bed. "Sorry I can't help with your brother, but if you want you can have the couch tonight. I'll take the floor and the boys can have the bed."

It was noon time before we finished talking in the kitchen. We both ate toast twice and talked about everything we could think of. When I finally suggested we do something else, Cindy brought up a subject that took my breath away for a moment. When my breath came back, I just stared with my mouth open, trying to figure out how she could have said what she did. "Let's go in the attic." How could she know about the attic? I forced my mouth to stay shut until I was sure I knew what she said, and why. There was always the possibility that I misunderstood her actual words or their meaning. She obviously couldn't mean to spy on my naked neighbors!

Cindy must have seen the complete dread on my face. "Joe, Susan told me to have you take me in your attic. She said that's where you two met, but she couldn't explain it. She said, I'd have to see it to know what she meant."

I couldn't imagine why my girlfriend would have ever told anyone about the attic. Especially, my cousin, knowing what a position it was going to put me in. Was this Cindy's whole motivation for staying here? "Cindy, I'm not sure you want to go up there, it's going to be hot, and it's hard to get up there."

"Susan said you would try and get out of it, but she said I should bug you until you do it. She promised it would be worth it." Cindy's words came with a look I couldn't read for sure. But, I would bet if I had enough time with her, I'd know that look to be the same one Susan gives when she knows more than she's saying.

I knew I should have never left them alone, even for a minute. I had to play this cool. I didn't know what Cindy actually knew, but if it was nothing, I could make something up before we even got up there. But, if she knew too much, then my not taking her up there would give her suspicion to run with. "Okay, but you're going to be disappointed."

After Cindy went to the bathroom, and I cleaned up our mess, she reappeared ready for what she seemed to think was going to be an adventure. When she excitedly asked to go, I glanced at her night shirt. I didn't know if it was guilt from having secretly watched her slip that shirt over her naked flesh, or if it was just good sense, but I felt like she needed to change. I didn't know how to say it without feeling like I was giving up my guilty feelings, so I looked her up and down and then waited.

"Come on, let's go! I got to see how this attic amounts to Susan and your lustful adventures." Cindy's choice of words were the proof that if I ever saw that look again, I knew that meant she was indeed in possession of my information than she was telling. Shit, what did Susan tell her?

The realization that the girl standing before me had stood guard at the door while my girlfriend sucked my dick, and talked to her alone for over thirty minutes that I knew of, terrified me. Cindy could ask question I wouldn't want to answer, or even know how to answer. She totally had the upper hand.

When I placed my first foot on the chair I had retrieved, I instantly wished I had left my boxers on under my shorts. I had hastily rushed to look more decent for my cousin, and now she might see my cock hanging when I reached for the attic door. I turned sideways, jumped up and pushed the ceiling board into the attic. Why don't we have those pull down stairs like everyone else.

"Are you sure? You are going to have to grab on and help pull yourself up. I'm going to help you, but you have to help too, or you'll fall out of there like a brick. I'll be getting out of the way, for sure." I smiled at my joke but was hoping she would realize it was too hard for her.

When we both stood on the chair together, there was no way for her breasts not to be against me. I wasn't excited, horny or even comfortable with the feeling of my cousin's un-bra-ed tits touching me. My shame from the previous night was magnified and all the weirdness of incest flooded back through me like a river of morals.

As I prepared to help Cindy into the attic, I thought how easily I had shoved my light weight neighbor up to the edge with my hand on her bony ass. Even then, when she didn't have her new and improved curves, it was a thrill to touch her butt. I had held it as long as possible. The thought gave me a flash of excitement considering my designed purpose for helping Susan into my sweltering summertime attic. It had been a plan set on fire by the same evil that fueled Jasmin's sinister plots. I inadvertently smiled in my cousin's face as I traveled down memory lane. She returned a warm smile as if mine had been for her.

"Put your foot in my hands." I cupped my hands in hast when her smile increased the discomfort created by our closeness. I was determined to help her up without touching her.

When the girl's barefoot pressed into my hands she giggled from the touch. I noticed how soft her foot was almost as quickly as I realized her breasts were now going to be in my face. I lifted quickly, pushing the girl's chest past my head. I might have had a moment of relief, if it wasn't for her soft lower belly now being against my face. I lifted as hard as I could.

"Ouch, take it easy, my tits are caught." Cindy spoke with a strained voice as I held her foot just below my chest.

I looked up to see if she was going to make it, or if she was going to fall out and crush me. I imagined our parents find us dead or gravely injured in a pile when they came home. Shit, why did I look! I saw straight up into my cousin's crotch. She had managed to hoist her melons inside the attic, yet was still mostly hanging out. She was trying to get the knee of her free leg to the edge.

The girl's plump pussy had swallowed the center of her panties. The great gorge that ran between her thick ass cheeks had eaten most of the material that should have been hiding her soft butt from my eyes. Her excessive pussy hair was trying to escape from everywhere! Turn away, turn away! My own thoughts were ignored as my eyes watched the struggling girl unknowingly make indecent propositions. Her body demanded to be admired and my helpless human state obeyed.

"Are you going to help me or not?" Cindy was clearly frustrated but seemed unaware of the reason for my lack of support. I shoved one last time, and she got her free foot inside to help her the rest of the way.

I paused a minute to scold myself. I felt some hope for my eternal end when I saw I hadn't gotten an erection at the sight of my cousin's private parts. I jumped and hoisted myself into the attic all in one motion. Cindy was already at the far end of the attic looking around, but not out through the slotted vent panel.

"That sure was easy for you. If you had these, you would have had a harder time." Cindy motioned to her chest. I could see the scuff marks on the front of her shirt where she had apparently tried to guillotine her tits while getting in the attic.

"Why are you down there?" I didn't care if she looked outside, but I didn't want her to notice any cum stains.

"Susan told me this was your special spot." Cindy knew too much for me to avoid telling her what a perverted peeping tom I was. That of course, would be easier to tell than how I had covered that corner of the attic with gallons of cum, while I did my peeping.

"I don't know why Susan would have put you through all of this when she could have just told you. I must say, she has put me in an embarrassing position."

"More embarrassing than yesterday? I hope not!" Cindy had a cute smile on her face as she mocked me.

"Shut up! Let me see, how do I tell you about this? Well, better yet, just look." I took hold of her shoulders and turned her one hundred and eighty degrees. I nudged her forward and pointed to the best space to look through. I reached over and bent the slat to make the opening bigger. I was hoping she would just put it all together, and we could get out of here without further explanation.

"Oh, wow! I don't know how this has anything to do with you and Susan, but I can see your neighbor's backyard." Cindy got a better position and kept her eyes glued to the opening.

"Hey, Susan told me her sister was really pretty, with a great body, and she was jealous of her. But, from here they look very similar. Get those binoculars I saw over there."

"What? They're not home." I stammered slightly as I got the spy glasses. I felt a sense of doom for where this was going.

"Give me those. I don't think she has anything to worry about. Her sister looks just like her. I mean she looks older, but very similar." Cindy peered through the binoculars, as I got next to her to see what she saw.

"Oh my! She's hot, I mean she's Wow." I hoped one day I'd be able to keep my mouth shut when I look at a beautiful woman. But, for now, I couldn't help myself.

I was just about to explain to Cindy that she was looking at Susan's cousin, not her sister. But, then things went from awkward to disastrous. "Oh my! Why is she taking off her clothes?"

Cindy's words made me smile even though she sounded shocked. I wanted to take the spy glasses from her and watch every second of the gorgeous young lady's strip tease. But, that would not help my case. I tried to get my brain back from naked girl syndrome, so I could figure out how to best explain everything. I never expected anyone to be home next door, now I had to figure out if it was better for Cindy to think Jasmin was a nudist or Jesselyn. If I lie about who that is, it could come back to haunt me later if they actually meet.

Cindy suddenly turned and hit me. She wore a look of wonder and shock. I wasn't sure if she was shocked about the nude woman, or if she was putting the pieces together. She grabbed my arm and tried to form words. "Joe, don't stare at your girlfriend's sister like that! Did you, have you been spying on these people? I think you better explain because my brain is going all over the place. I'd love to tan nude, but oh my."

Cindy seemed flustered by all the thoughts flowing through her mind. I wondered how she would feel if she knew the whole truth? How I had dragged Susan up here to spy on her sister and then used what we saw to blackmail Jasmin into having sex with me. Forget about the dog fucking thing! I'm going to kill Susan for putting me in this situation.

Cindy glanced back outside. "I've been skinny dipping but never in water you could see through like that. She's very pretty. Who's the man?" Cindy's words gave me a nervous chill that made my earlier goose bumps look like pin heads next to Mt. Everest.

Jesselyn swam as Mr. Davis walked towards the pool. I sighed with relief when I saw he had shorts on. My only hope was that he didn't drop his shorts and show my cousin his giant arm sized dick.

"Cindy, you got to understand something. I was just up here one day for mom, and I saw Susan. One thing lead to another and I brought her up here. We spied on her sister and kissed for the first time while we were up here. That's all there is to it. We better go back down." I grabbed some air after my very short and inaccurate version of what had happened.

Cindy's curiosity seemed to be building as her eyes kept checking back out the opening. "Do they, I mean nude. Do they all get nude outside? Was Susan nude when you saw her? Who is that man?" Cindy's fidgeting seemed to indicate something was going on between her legs.

I glanced out before making up another lie to answer Cindy's questions. Jesselyn was coming up out of the pool right in front of Mr. Davis. She stood inches from him as pool water streamed down her perfectly firm body. Her reddish pubic hair glistened and her nipples stretched an amazing distance from the top of her tits. I was scared and aroused at the same time for several different reasons. I thought, if they started doing something I was likely to get rock hard, or worse. Plus, I'd have to figure out someway to explain even more than I already had to explain!

I glanced at my prancing cousin and the memory of Susan standing right there popped into my mind. I had secretly taken my cock out of my shorts while watching Susan watch her sister get fucked by her dog. Without warning my cum had rocketed from my cock and splashed on Susan's bare back and half exposed ass. I pictured it running down her tight skin and the wonderful look of surprise on her excited face.

"What?" Cindy snapped me back from my erotic day dream when she heard the sigh I had accidentally released.

"I'm sorry. I was just thinking about the time Susan was up here." I stopped talking knowing that there was nothing I could say that was going to be right. Susan was going to be devastated if her dad did anything with her cousin. Cindy couldn't know who that man was or most of anything else about this whole dark hiding spot in my life.

Cindy took a deep breath and a wider stance. I looked to see what she had focused on that had quenched her need for answers. Jesselyn's arms were around Mr. Davis' neck and her one leg was raised to his hip and hooked behind his back. His right arm supported her lifted thigh and his hand held her ass cheek. His other hand held her around the waist and pulled her tight to his body. Her one foot pushed her up on her tippy toes so her lips could meet his.

My heart sank for Susan's hopes of a normal life with a normal father, while my blasted cock lifted. My own hopes for my eternal end were crushed by my rising excitement level.

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