I watched the waves as they flirted with the soft white sand, and caressed each grain, with the water yielding sighs from the ever shifting pebbles.

The warm Caribbean sun was slowly beginning to set, and my mind returned to soulful thoughts of a love departed.

Bleached hair, tossed by the sea breeze, covered my eyes and changed the scene into something surreal, and it was then, just at that moment, on the back of my neck, I felt something familiar, lost, but not forgotten.

I felt my heart flutter. Without turning round I could see him.

The tall, bronzed faced man with short blonde hair, a strong jaw line, lips ready to greet mine.

“Chris?” the words floated away on the breeze. “I thought you’d gone.”

No reply.

I felt confused. Yet surely that was the touch of your hand on my side, gentle whispering fingertips, running up and down, that made me shiver and draw my shawl closer.

“Where are you?” My question in its urgency now, but just like the foam on the waves, it soon disappeared.
I stretched out my hand in expectancy, longing for your strong yet gentle grip. Not daring to turn yet.

But still nothing.

In a flash my mind returned to the happy times we spent together.

Memories of the times we played footsie under caf?ables.

The times we went for long walks together, hand in hand , along the seashore, sometimes barefoot, getting splashed by the gentle waves that ran over rippled sand.

I reminisced on the magical times we spent dancing together. You were an excellent dancer, and swirling around the dance floor held in your arms, almost felt like making love in its own right.

There were the ‘special’ times, when we rolled around together, and made mad passionate love under the palm trees. You got to know every inch off my body, and the ecstasies we felt with each orgasm reached were nothing short of stupendous.

We were soulmates.

But there were also the quiet times, when, just needing to be close, we stood silently on this beach.

Arms round each other, just watching the stars come out one by one in the night sky, and marveling at the beauty of the glowing setting sun as it went down, leaving a carpet of red and gold, that burned on the horizon as it disappeared into a calming sea.

I remembered the time we had first met, in this village close to the sea. We were both browsing in a local bookshop, and simultaneously reached for the same book of poetry by ‘John Keats’.

We laughed as our fingers touched and somehow became locked. Looking at each other there was instant attraction and it was a while before we untangled our fingers.

There was the time you took me out for an evening meal, and we sat at a table under the moon out on the patio of the restaurant.
As we gazed into each others eyes over the candle that lit up your face with its warm glow, I remember the violinist played a love song, as you slipped a ring onto the third finger of my left hand, asking me to marry you.

And when I said “Yes” you stood me up, took me in your arms, and we danced around the tables on the restaurant patio. Other diners must have thought we were crazy.

Yes, this place was very special to us, and I stood here watching the very same things we used to watch together. Yet now with an air of sadness about me, and as I subconsciously touched the ring on my finger, one or two tears trickled down my face.

I tasted the saltiness of them as they came to rest on my lips, mingled in with the sea spray that is thrown up into the air.
Then a slight frown showed on my face as I remembered the last kiss we shared. Mixed thoughts as it was burned on my mind. A significant and momentous kiss. I just didn’t realize then how significant it was.

We were locked in a tight embrace and it was deep, meaningful and full of our shared love. However, over far too quickly, for you were dressed in your smart pilot’s uniform and soon to be flying off to another land far away.


I called louder now. My voice cracked as I cried out, and it seemed to carry through the air for a while.

The night was drawing in now, and I detected a sudden chill in the air, and wrapped my shawl tight around me.

I noticed in the distance an aeroplane flying off into the night, taking holidaymakers home, away from the island.

You should be piloting that plane, I thought.

But as I reached into my bag and fumbled for a handkerchief realization hit me all over again. I turned and noticed I was alone on the beach. My mind was playing tricks on me.

My hand had touched on the letter I had received 8 days after you left, notifying me of your sad and untimely death.

Oh Chris, you had only tried to help someone out on your day off. You were transporting some goods in a small plane but had come down in a freak storm.

You were always so kind. You never refused if anyone needed helping out. Oh God how I wished you had just this one time.
I’ll love you forever, for I am left here with my memories of all the good times we shared.

They were mine to treasure.

Plus, something I never got chance to tell you about.

A Precious Gift.

As I touched my stomach I made a silent promise to make sure little Chris learned what a fine, wonderful man their father was. That way we would always remain ‘Together’.


2009-11-27 10:53:04
Wonderful story usual...

Anonymous readerReport

2009-11-10 15:07:35
What can I say except WOW? I would suggest proofreading (i.e. is the main character having twins named Chris or is it just 1 child). Beyond the few minor errors, this was an awsome story.

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