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My life changes when Jenny comes back into my life
OK. Stop Here. Look this isn't a story completely revolving around sex everything. This is a story about romance and finding that romance even when you least expect it. Feel free to comment about your views. Both negative and positive comments will be read by me.

Short Deion of myself and my friends:
Me: Names Tyler, I'm 6"2 foot and weigh 138, a senior almost. I have brown hair that goes to around my eyebrows, a little messy hairstyle, but I've been told it's sexy. I play Basketball for my school's Varsity team, starting point guard. In order to play Varsity, I had to work out a lot and put on some muscle, more then I had then I work out a lot in order to stay in shape. I've had many relationships most relatively short and unexciting.
Ryan: My next door neighbor and best friend since 6th grade. He has blonde hair that he keeps spiky. He's a little bit taller then me and he plays soccer and basketball with me (he plays shooting guard). He gets a lot of girls but he usually keeps them short but from what I've seen hot and experienced.
Brandon: Brandon joined our school in 9th grade, he just moved from New York. He played football with me and was always the jokester. He always had a joke. But somehow when it came to girls he was a smooth as can be, sometime playful other times extremely sincere and courteous. He is around 5"11 and has black hair that he keeps just like me. As soon as he joined our grade, he was in, he made friends extremely quickly and we soon became good friends.
Last but not least was Chris, Ryan's little brother. He came along because we knew that we would never be allowed to leave on a trip like this if Ryan didn't contribute somehow, thus Chris was thrown in. Chris is going into 10th grade and from what I've heard, has no trouble getting with some girls in even my grade. He was an exact replica of Ryan, except for Ryan's stubble on his chin.

My story begins when I learned I would be heading to Florida for the summer. Wow, I thought. Thousands of girls and plus I'm by myself and a few close friends, I am one lucky kid, I could possibly have my girl. I was leaving on the 15th of June so I needed to get packing, summer clothes were a must. We got a great deal on a house on the beach due to family connections I have here. My dad was one of a few friends of his who started a pretty successful company before being bought out for 27.9 million. On the 15th, everyone came over at 12 o'clock and we left at 12:30 for a 2 o'clock flight. Checking in and everything went perfectly fine. We now had 30 minuted to burn before we had to board. While Ryan and Brandon headed off I stayed behind to catch up on some sleep. Chris decided that he would buy some last minute stuff at the airport and he headed off. 20 minutes later I was woken up by the loudspeaker announcing that boarding would commence. Ryan, Brandon, and Chris were all ready getting towards the gate. As I was getting up, I heard my name called and I turned around to see a drop dead gorgeous girl.
"Jenny, I didn't know you were going to Florida for the summer?" I said.
"It was a last minute thing. A few of my friends invited me, because the already live in Florida and decided to invite me for the summer" She replied. "Wow, I still cannot believe we're on the same flight.
"Yea I know right. Honestly, wow. Where are you sitting?" I said hoping she was near me."If your we'll catch up."
"I'm sitting in row 12, seat B" She said flashing a beautiful smile at me, showing me her perfect teeth.
"Once again wow, I'm sitting 12C" My heart was beating pretty rapidly. "I still cannot believe this. I haven't seen you in like 8 months."
"I kn-"
"This is the last boarding call for flight 243 to Florida" announced the loudspeaker.
"We'll continue this convo on the plane Ty" She finished saying.
We finished boarding and got our seats. Both Ryan and Brandon were surprised to see Jenny, and Chris couldn't take his eyes off her. When I shot a look at him, he blushed, but I knew I was probably doing the same.

***Jenny and I used to be next door neighbors when we were younger. But she moved in 7th grade when her dad got a job in San Diego about 2 hours from where they lived no. They decided to move because he didn't want to commute that far.
For the first hour or so both Jenny and I caught up on how things were going. What out plans were if we even had any. Also turns out that the house she's staying at with her friends is only a 15 minute walk from out beach house, they also lived on the beach. From I what I heard from her, she was staying with two friends and one of her friend's sisters. Her two friends names were Danielle and Eva, and Eva's little sister's name was Isabelle. We set plans for hanging out almost the entire time and basically hanging out everyday at the beach and occasionally a club. Time flew and before I knew it we arrived. We all took a cab to the house and along the way dropped Jenny off at her place. We quickly unpacked when we arrived and we glad to find a two 6-packs of heineken in the fridge by the pool, must likely done by my connections. We sat down poolside and got to talking and drinking.
"Boy that Jenny girl is something isn't she?" Chris spoke up. "I would love to have her."
"Chris you love almost every girl" Ryan shot back. "But back off Ty's had his eye on her for awhile, haven't you Ty?"
"Yea, yea, stop teasing. I would love to go out with her" I said. "She would never go out with me. She way to beautiful and probably has every guy after her."
"Yea but still I think you have the best chance at getting her" Brandon said. "I think she likes you, I saw her stealing glances at you."
"Yea, yea whatever" I said while I finished my bottle. "Guys lets head out, we're going to Danielle's house now."
"Ight Try let me finish" Brandon said finishing his beer.
Chris and Ryan finished shortly and we were off. It was around 8 o'clock, and we all decided that it was so beautiful out that we would have a BBQ on the beach while the sun sat. Brandon and I started a bonfire while Chris and Ryan headed off to get the material ready. All the girls had to do was relax.
We finished in 30 minutes and got right down to business and started eating and drinking some beer. Brandon and Eva hit it off right away, and we all knew that they immediately liked each other. Chris was a little shy at first because he felt he was the youngest there and would have trouble fitting in that is until he found out that Isabelle was his age but just a grade above. She was pretty cute and with his charms, us guys all knew that he would pretty soon have a girl. Ryan and Danielle seemed to hit it off but in a more friendly type of way. So that left me and my dream girl. We sat and ate most of the time in silence but I think, it was a more of size up eating. Somehow I found the courage and asked her if she wanted to go on a walk along the beach. She agreed and told Danielle and Eva that she would be back later. We took off, leaving our sandals and shoes behind. We decided that we would walk along the river to cool our feet on the hot sand. I quickly rode up my khakis and my sleeves and then we headed, down some path. Truth be told I think we both lost track of time while we talked, because suddenly I got a call from Brandon asking us where we were 'cuz it was 1 o'clock and they were starting to worry a little bit. I couldn't read Jenny's face to see whether she was disappointed that our walk had to end or glad it did. We walked back mostly in silence, gathering our thoughts and just relaxing in the night's air with the ocean breeze on us. When we neared her house, we parted with a hug and a kiss on the cheek, I really shouldn't have been a coward, I should've gone in for the move. I didn't remember getting home, but suddenly I felt the sun's rays on my face and I got up. I called out to see if anyone was home. No response. I walked towards the kitchen, I found a note saying that they went to breakfast with the girls and that they tried to wake me but couldn't 'cuz I was out cold. I looked at cell phone and saw that it was around noon and that I a text message from Jenny. She wrote saying asking me to come over and we had some stuff to talk about. I took a nice long shower got into some shorts and an undershirt and I was on my way. I found her tanning on the deck next to the pool and had no idea that I arrived. For a few second I stared at her tantalizing ass. I quickly decided to surprise her, I got a cup filled with cold water from the pool and snuck up behind her. Right when I was about to pour it all over her, she said,
"Don't Ty. I just put on lotion" She said smiling now that she had turned over to face me.
I pretended I didn't know what she was talking about but truth be told I was caught.
"Ok fine, I promise that I won't pour it on you" I said smiling. "Not!"
I poured it all over her, she quickly got up and she jumped on my back and soon that turned into wrestling and we ended up in the pool in our clothes (well my clothes) because she was in a bikini. I kept picking her up and throwing her in, I used my height and strength to easily beat her. She then did something I wasn't expecting, She leaned over my back and kissed me softly on the lips, and her lips just lingered there. I floated there in astonishment thinking it was a dream.
"Don't just stay still. Kiss me back" She said teasingly. "I've waited for this for years."
"Me too, I'm sorry, I was always hung up on another girl despite my feelings for you" I said truthfully and honestly.
And I quickly kissed her back with such passion. After a few minuted of making out we walked hand in hand to the beach. When we reached the beach, we spread out a towel, that I grabbed on our way out.
"Ty, I'm sorry I did that so suddenly, but I couldn't let some other girl take you any longer." She said biting her lip. "I've really wanted to do that for a long time, but I felt that you didn't like me like that because you were always with someone else."
"I even more sorry Jenny, I only was with so many girls because I wanted to get my mind off you or else I would never function" I poured out to her.
"Please Ty can we make this work, everyone else seems so happy even though it's only been one day and we have another 6 weeks, I want you now and I want you when we get back." She said in between kissing me passionately.
"I promise" I said kissing her back. "I've waited so long. The other night I really slapped myself for not taking the opportunity."
"I was really disappointed when you didn't" She said.
Suddenly realizing that everyone would be back soon I asked her about it.
"Don't worry Ty, I told Eva and Danielle to stay out long and prolong coming home, they got Brandon, Ryan, and Chris on it."
"So I'm gonna guess that they never tried to wake me up and that this was planned. I like it." I said smirking.
"Yup pretty much." Jenny smiled back showing her perfect white teeth and super model smile.
"Anyone ever tell you that you have the nicest smile and that your beautiful Jenny, 'cuz if they didn't they're crazy for not doing so." I said whole heartily.
"You're so charming and sweet Ty, another reason why I like you" She smiled again. Still had another 6 weeks, I could get use to this especially when we got back.
For the rest of the day we just talked and surfed a little bit at the beach until we saw everyone come back in Danielle's car. Later on we all sort of went out separate ways and soon it was just Jenny and I alone at the house. We decide for a walk along the beach again.
As we walked we mostly walked in silence and stopped a few times to make out on the beach. Soon we were over at my place and we decided to up and make a decision inside where it was warmer than the chilly Miami air.

"We should go swimming Ty" Jenny said.
"But you don't have anything to wear" I said back.
"I know that silly, I'll just got in my bra and panties, its basically the same thing" She replied.

She did have a point. It was in theory the same thing, besides who was I to object, I wanted to see her body, every time I saw it, it was still amazing and very sexy.

"So it's settled, Bra and Panties it is" She said smiling, again showing me that amazing smile.
I started heading inside when Jenny asked. "Where are you going mister?"
"To get my boarding shorts for the pool" I said back while continuing making my way to the house.
"Haha, no you aren't, I'm going in my bra and panties, your going in your boxers."
What she said shocked me a lil bit but I turned cooly and made my way back down.
"That's better mister"
"Alright alright. We do this together on three."
"1..2...3." I pulled down my shorts leaving me only in my boxers while Jenny was laughing.
"I got you Ty. I cannot beleive you fell for that. Haha" She said laughing.
I quickly recovered and picked her up and threw her in the pool with me.
"Hey no fair, you can't do that" Jenny said smiling.
"There weren't any rules remember Jenny." I said smiling back.
With that we started goofing off and making out in the pool. There were moments when our hands accidently grazed each others more private areas.
I blushed once when I accidently groped her boobs. "Sorry baby".
"No problem Ty" Jenny said calmly.
We continued goofing off and having fun. After about 15 minutes we got into a very serious make out session. She was running her hands threw my hair while I was rubbing her lower back, occasionally grabbing an ass cheek. Suddenly Jenny pulled away.
"Did I do something wrong Jenny" I said nervously. The last thing I wanted was for her to be upset with me.
"No baby. I was just gonna do this." and with that said she undid the back of her bra and let it fall but quickly covering her boobs with her hands. With that we continued making out. Little by little Jenny's hands moved from her breasts and wrapped her arms around me pulling me closely and raising the passion in our kisses. After another few minutes, I pulled away and moved my head down towards her right breast. I started nibbling on her nipple and playing with her boobs. A few moans escaped her mouth, and I could tell she wanted this. After a few minutes of breast playing, I started planting kisses down her stomach to the top of her panty line. I looked up for approval, which I got with a nod and a smile. I slowly pulled down her panties, uncovering her perfectly trimmed landing strip leading to her moist pussy. Her smell was intoxicating to say the least. I loved it. I then planted a kiss on her upper lips and pushed a single finger into her pussy. It was extremely wet and tight. But with the help of her wetness I was able to push another finger into her pussy, making another moan followed with heavy breathing escape her perfect lips. I soon followed rubbing her clit with my thumb. After only a few moments of stimulating her clit, Jenny exploded into a body shaking orgasm. Finally after a few minutes Jenny looked up at me.
"Thank you so much Ty. I really needed that" Jenny smiled and closed her eyes. Before long Jenny fell asleep on my shoulder and I pulled a blanket up for us.

"Good Morning baby" I heard from Jenny with a kissed soon followed on my cheek. " And good morning to that." Rocking her hips on my morning wood.
"Ugh that feels so good Jenny."
"Good, hope this feels even better."
Jenny slowly moved down towards my erection and peeled off my boxers. Jenny looked up at me and then engulfed half of my dick in one try. And then with some determination, she was able to take the entire thing with some gagging. She continue to blow me and I was in awe. This was the best feeling I've ever had in my entire life. After 7 minutes Jenny realized I was close and started to play with my balls and pump with the other hand my dick while my tip was still in her mouth. I blew so hard. I have never has such an orgasm in my life. I shook and felt faint when I was finished after about a minute. Jenny made sure that nothing was left when she was done. I kissed her on the cheek.
"Whoa. That was amazing. Best feeling in my life" I said truthfully and kissed Jenny on her forehead.
"Now get ready Ty. We gotta get moving. Everyone's waiting for us down in the water surfing."
I was ready to go in another 5 minutes and we walked hand in hand towards the beach in the beautiful sunlight.

Part 2 to follow if feedback is good.
Let Me Know If I should continue. Of course there is going to be more sexual activity but this was to let everyone know the feel of the story.


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A Great start with this story, YES we need more of this, lets have more parts to this story.

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Write another. Love these types.

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Part 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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