Their wet, lean bodies shone in the afternoon sunlight. I could make out my cousins perky nipples from vatange point, as they were standing erect from the friskiness that had took place only a little earlier in their bathroom.

My cousin, Alyssa, and her friend, Nicole, were nude in their room holding the cum covered tank top not in disgust, but in intrigue. I was stalk still, hardly breathing, watching at the key hole to their room, terrified of what they were inevitably to gather.

“It is cum!” Alyssa said as she rubed the sticky substance between her two fingers then put it to her mouth to taste the salty liquid.

“Oh my god!” Nicole replied. “Who do you think did the nasty deed?”

To my surprise, neither of the girls were showing any signs of disgust, but only a naughtiness that I had not anticipated in such a precarious situation.

“Isn’t it obvious? It was Dan of course. You and I both know he was watching us this morning.”

My gut wretched. They knew I had been spying on them this whole time? Shit, I thought, I’m screwed! I backed away from the door, ashamed and defeated knowing that I could never look either of them in the eye again.

I retreated to my room the rest of the afternoon.

At about one, there was a knock on my door. I wasn’t in the mood to talk to anyone but I cracked the door half way to avoid being rude. It was Alyssa and Nicole! I shot my gaze straight to the ground and asked, “What do you guys want?” In a low tone.

“Me and Nicole are going for a hike with the rest of the family, and your coming. Let’s go!” she said in a cheery disposition. She knows what I have been doing but she doesn’t even care? What’s wrong with her? I thought. I decided it in my best interests to go with them, so I slunk out of my room and followed them out of town and onto the path of the road and into the woods. The usual teenage girl banter accompanied the three of us as we walked through the cool forest at a slow pace. In fact, all the others we were with had gotten so far ahead we couldn’t even hear them, let alone see them.

We stopped to take a break at a large boulder. We could hear a creek near by in the pine forest. I took a welcomed rest as the girls stopped talking. They gave each other mischievous looks.

“I have to take a bathroom break.”

“Me too!” the girls said as they sauntered of the path towards the sound of the creek. Something was obviously up. Already being caught the first time, though, I was hesitant to follow my cousin and her friend down to the stream.

When they were finally out of ear shot, though, my temptations gave way and I followed the general
direction the took down to the small body of water. My heart beat grew fast as I neared the creek and I saw the back pack that held our daily supplies lying on the ground.

I made as little sound as possible as I crawled behind a tree uphill from the creek, and I clearly saw them. Alyssa actually was taking a bathroom break. She squat near a tree with her panties pulled all the way down to her ankles, exposing her golden tan thighs, and the bikini tan line around her buttocks and mons pubis. A steady stream of piss exited from between her legs and flowed down the hillside into the stream.
Nicole, close by, was giggling and taking pictures of Alyssa’s genitals as she was peeing. From the point I was standing, I could not see between my cousins legs and had to get a better view. I shifted my weight, and a twig snapped underneath my feet. Both of the girls snapped their head in my direction. That was it. I was caught red handed!

“Danny!” Alyssa said. A smile grew on her face, while she was still squatting. “You naughty boy! Come over here.”

I hesitated. What do I do? My sixteen year old cousin wants me to come over there after knowing I spied on her and her best friend making love in the shower and changing? And now she was squatting and demanding that I come to her in the woods without anyone else around. What could she possibly want from me?

Nicole said nothing but kept a sheepish grin on her face as I suspiciously walked forward to where Alyssa was still peeing. I no longer even had a boner. I was just scared!

When I finally got to the spot, the stream stopped and Alyssa sensuously grabbed her underwear from around her ankles and straightened her knees to stand up. In doing so, she exposed her mound and pubic hairs to me which became instantly arousing. Her panties were black and thin and as she situational them around her hips, I could see that they were see through at the top giving way to a black material across her actual genitals. I could just make out her camel toe through them.

“We know you’ve been watching us, Dan. We found your cum on my tank top.”

“Umm…” I replied, nervously.

“Look, its completely natural to be curious about girls. After all, Nicole and I are extremely attractive!” they both laughed.

“I’m sorr-“

“Don’t apologize, Dan. Don’t even worry about it. In fact, Nicole and I were getting bored of one another anyways, and you would definitely break up that monotony.”

“What do you mean?” I said

“I mean, Dan, that Nicole and I think you’re cute. In fact your attempts to spy on us are just adorable.”
I wasn’t sure what to do. My cousin was coming on to me. Strongly. And even though I had been spying on them, I was hesitant to act on the urges that I had found.

“Come here, while we have some time.” Alyssa said to me as she looked into my eyes and began walking towards me, one long leg in front of the other. She stepped out of her skirt daintily and came towards me, never breaking eye contact.

I had never really made out with a girl yet and I still wasn’t sure what to do. I was completely frozen. Her touch on my arm was electric as she reached out and rubbed up and down my arm. My dick was completely erect. She unbuttoned her blouse, revealing a lacey bra. Nicole stepped behind her and put a hand on her stomach. She turned my cousin around and put her lips on hers, like they had in the shower. Their tongues violently wrestled in their mouths as their hands searched one another’s bodies
Nicole’s hands went to her lower back and slowly upward to the bra strap that held Alyssa’s breasts out of plain view. Inches away from me, Nicole unleashed Alyssa’s tits as they barely had time to bounce when she pushed her body against Alyssa’s.

After what seemed like an eternity, Alyssa broke the passionate kiss and turned her attention towards me. She dropped to her knees in front of me and grabbed my belt buckle as my member throbbed. She unbuckled my belt, unzipped my pants, and my cock shot out into the open air, covered in dappled sunlight. It was a momentous occasion. She gave it a good look then grabbed it with one hand and slowly wrapped her large lips around its purple head.

Nicole looked into my eyes and asked, “Have you ever kissed a girl, Dan?”
I shook my head no as she put her arms around my neck and went in to put her lips on mine. I responded eagerly, pushing my tongue into her mouth as Alyssa continued working my tender cock. It was not long before I felt the intensities of orgasm push upon my genitals. I broke my embrace with Nicole and threw my head back, trying desperately to hold the cum in.

It was no use. Alyssa’s mouth was too warm and greedy. My cock was completely soaked in her saliva as I finally gave into the throes of orgasmic ecstasy. My fresh jism shot directly into Alyssa’s mouth that was eagerly waiting.

“That was too quick, Dan! We’ll have to fix that later tonight!” She stood up, grabbed Nicole’s face and jabbed her cum covered tongue into her mouth. Excess spilled over their lips and onto their face, or dripped onto the ground.

Alyssa buttoned her shirt, stepped in her pants and started back up to the path, as if nothing had really happened.
“Come on Dan, we’re going to miss dinner!”


2010-05-30 07:36:00
cant wait for the next one, try to make the next one longer too.

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Too short....and you are too....probably.....


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I enjoyed your story, but it didn't meet my expectations, but i'm sure more will be to cum(excuse the pun) and will look forwad to reading it.

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