A trip to the lake ends up much better than I had expected
My wife had always enjoyed taking trips to the lake. We would load up all the gear, hook up the boat, and then disappear for day at a time with no concern for anything. At first I thought it was kind of sexy spending a week with my wife clad in nothing but a skimpy bikini on the side of a lovely lake. But after a few years of marriage, it seemed that our sex life seemed to drift away. For some reason, she was just never in the mood. She didn’t want regular sex, and the thought of sucking my cock or letting me fuck her in the ass were just forbidden topics.
Needless to say, after about a year of hardly any sex, my wife’s gorgeous body seemed to be more of a torture than a treat. There was the special birthday fuck she gave me in the back seat of the car at the drive in Movie Theater. She knew that it had been a fantasy of mine, so she decided to fulfill that one for me. And she also made sure that I got some quick action on our anniversary. But to be honest, that was almost a waste, because all she did was lay there and then ask me if I was finished yet.
Anyway, you get the idea. But here I was again, loading the back of the Expedition up all over again. I hadn’t had sex in at least three months, and to be honest, my balls were really starting to get sore. I don’t know if you have ever masturbated so often that all it started to do was make you even hornier than if you hadn’t done it all; but that was exactly where I was at. I would wait for her to go to sleep, slowly remove the covers from her soft gorgeous body, and then stroke my cock until I exploded all over my stomach and chest. I was being tortured to a slow sexual death by my own gorgeous wife.
Back to the trip though. I finished loading the car, and then hooked up the boat. I headed inside and told Cindy that everything was ready to go and we should get on the road. As she walked into the room to meet me, carrying her same yellow bag that she always took to the lake, my cock immediately twitched in my shorts. She was wearing this incredible bright yellow string bikini. Her luscious 38C breasts were pressing tightly at the thin fabric covering them. The thin yellow piece of clothe barely covering her freshly shaved pussy lips slightly rode up the little ridge between her lips. Part of me hated that this minx could still drive me as insatiable with lust as she did, but the fact was, I couldn’t look at her without wanting to thrust my cock into some part of her.
“Damn you look sexy baby. We might be able to wait a few more minutes.” I said, wrapping my arms around her waist and drawing her body tight against mine, making sure she could feel the bulge she had just given me.
“Sorry honey, but my sister Cathy just called, and she wants us to pick her up so she could go to the lake with us for the week. I didn’t think you would mind.” She broke away from me, and headed out the front door, leaving me there to contend with my hard on by myself…which would be even harder now, because Cathy was just as hot as Cindy was…only a much bigger tease.
I shifted my cock in my shorts, knowing there was no way it was going to soften right away with the thought of spending the week with both of these lovely creatures as they sauntered around in their sexy skimpy suits. I made my way out to the car, jumped in the driver’s seat, and then made my way across town to my sister-in-laws house. As we pulled into the drive, I gave the horn a little honk, and within a few seconds Cindy’s gorgeous sister stepped out on to the porch. My jaw had to have hit the steering wheel as I looked at this beauty in her soft pink bikini. I didn’t think it was possible to wear something skimpier than what my wife had on….but apparently I was wrong. The small triangular patches of cloth covering her tits barely covered her nipples. Even from the car I could see those sweet swollen nubs poking out hard against her suit. The tiny strap that truly almost disappeared up inside her pussy was so small that she might as well have just left them off all together. But then she turned around to retrieve her small bag from the porch. Cathy’s panties were a thong by the true extent of the imagination. There was barely a piece of dental floss disappearing up between two of the softest looking ass cheeks I’ve ever laid my eyes on.
Cathy jumped in two the backseat and tossed her bag down next to her.
“Hey sis…thanks for the sharing your week with me. I have just been so bored lately.” She said. Then she looked over at me, and I’m sure she had to notice my eyes focused purely on her enormous globes. “You too stud…” her acknowledgment of me snapping me back to reality, “I appreciate you letting me tag along.”
“My pleasure Cathy, you know you are always welcome.”
She gave me a little grin and I reluctantly turned around and began our one hour drive out to the lake. I was finding it a little hard to drive the big truck with the boat attached as I kept looking next to me and then in my rear view mirror at these two sexy women. My cock was throbbing with pain because of how hard it was staying. A couple of times Cathy caught me looking back at her, and yet, not once did she seem to adjust awkwardly or move out of my view. In fact, at one point she spread her legs open a little bit, giving me a rather good view of her pussy lips between her legs. She didn’t look at me, but part of me was hoping she had done it on purpose.
As we finally pulled into the park, I was hoping that I could calm things down in my shorts by concentrating on getting the boat in the water. The routine was always the same. I would drop off Cindy at the sight, and she would set up everything but the tent and get lunch ready; while my job was to get the boat all gassed up and in the water. As I pulled up to our secluded site, I was happy to see that there seemed to be hardly any other campers at the lake. I assumed that it was just because it was Monday, and knew that later in the week would have more people around.
I helped unload the gear, and was just about to take off when Cathy jumped in the front seat of the car.
“Cindy, I’m going to help Jake with the boat…do you mind?”
“No, have fun. Don’t be too long though, I’ll have sandwiches ready pretty soon.”
At first I wanted to protest, but then I came to my senses. In no way did I think for a moment I would ever have sex with Cathy, but the fact was that she was still fucking hot, and who was I to hit a fucking hot woman in a skimpy bikini out of my car.
“Okay sis…then let’s get going.” I said, quickly joining her back in the car. I looked over and once again took in a great view of her seductive body.
“Jake, I keep seeing you checking out my swimsuit…does that mean you like it?”
Her voice was calm and innocent, but the look in her eyes seemed just a little devious.
“Oh, ummmm….I’m sorry Cathy. I didn’t mean to stare. Guess it was just a little more …shall I say revealing…than I was expecting.”
“There is no need to apologize Jake. I’m glad you noticed it. After all, you don’t buy a suit like this and then hope guys aren’t going to look at you in it.”
“Well, I suppose that is true.”
“And besides…my sister’s suit isn’t much better than mine is.”
“Trust me, I noticed her suit too.” I said, blushing a little from my horniness.
“Yeah…I’ll bet you did you naughty little stud.”
Cathy gave me a little flirtatious nudge in the shoulder as I nervously began driving down the road toward the boat dock. It wasn’t a long drive, but for some reason, I had become too scared to say anything out of fear that I might say something I really shouldn’t at this point.
“Jake…let me ask you a question?”
I was a little nervous by this point, but also figured that her mind was probably nowhere near where my dirty little mind had ended up in the past hour…and especially the past few minutes.
“Sure, whatcha got?”
“Am I sexy?”
“Wha…wha…what?” I stammered through one word shocked by what she had just asked me. I don’t know what it was. It wasn’t like she had asked what I thought of her smoothly shaven pussy; or if I thought the doctor had done a great job on her new breasts implants…which he had. But either way, the question immediately made me aware of what shaky ground I was on.
“Come on silly, it’s not a big deal. I’m just curious if you think I’m sexy or not?”
“Well, you aren’t bad for a sister-in-law I guess.” I giggled nervously. “I could have done worse.”
“Gee thanks a lot jerk.” She laughed back. “But I don’t mean as a sister-in-law, I meant as a woman. AM…I….SEXY?”
I could feel the knot in my throat, but spit out my answer anyway.
“As a woman…Cathy….you are gorgeous!”
I sat there waiting for her response. I had the car in reverse about to steer the boat into the water, but my foot was not able to let itself off the brake. I just stared back at her, curious to see where this conversation was heading. Cathy seemed to wonder the same thing based on her hesitated response.
“Gorgeous heh?” She asked, still looking at me thinking about what to ask me next…or maybe just not sure if she should ask me what she wanted to ask me next.
“Well Jake…am I fuckable gorgeous or just friend gorgeous?”
“What kind of a question is that Cathy?”
“Well, if you weren’t married to my sister, and you met me in a bar, what would you want to do to me if you had the chance?”
“Cathy…well…I’m not sure I should answer that question.” I was scared to death at the moment. My heart was pounding and I quickly looked back over my shoulder and began to back the boat into the water as fast as I could.
Cathy just stared at me without saying a word as I finally settled the boat into place and jumped out to unhook it.
“You want to come give me a hand real quick?” I shouted from the back of the trailer. I heard the door shut, and then watched her lovely form as she met me toward the back of the boat. “Just hope up there and steer it out as I pull the truck forward.” I instructed.
Cathy started to climb up the little ladder on the back of the boat, leaving her beautiful ass and pussy directly in front of my face. My eyes locked on to that luscious treat, and it took every bit of restraint I had not to reach out, grab her by the hips, and then thrust my face in between her legs. As she draped her first leg over the back of the boat, my mouth started talking before getting approval from my brain.
She stopped before moving the other leg over and looked down at me, “Yes?”
“I would have wanted to devour every inch of your luscious body.” As soon as I let the words out, I couldn’t believe that I had said them. My eyes were locked on hers though, still wanting my response.
She paused for a moment and then smiled one of the sweetest most seductive smiles I had ever seen. “Thanks Jake.” It was all she said, but her words flowed like those of an angel. She turned back around and finished climbing into the boat. She quickly found her place at the wheel, and though a little disappointed by her short response, decided to let it go and get back to my duties. Besides, I was trying desperately not to let her see the tent that was back in my shorts.
I pulled the truck up and parked it out of the way of the ramp. The lake was empty of any other boats at the time, and with the perfect weather and my sweet boating buddy, I couldn’t wait to take the boat for a spin to the marina to fill up with gas. As I made my way out to the walking dock, Cathy had already pulled the boat over and was waiting for me. I made my way on board, and once again caught myself staring at her perfect figure. As I made my way to the middle of the boat, Cathy surrendered my seat, and then made her way to the small flat spot at the front. Needless to say, the view was incredible. I pulled out into the lake, trying hard not to concentrate too hard at the near naked woman in front of me. She was a facing me with her legs stretched out as she leaned back and supported herself on her hands. Her breasts were standing up proudly as the wind was blowing her short golden blonde hair all over the place. Her eyes were closed which gave me a little more freedom to allow my eyes to glide their way up her long silky legs and rest on the tightly pinched piece of fabric between her thighs. But just as I was enjoying the view, she popped up to her feet and came across the boat and sat in the seat right next to me.
“Did you mean it Jake?”
“Mean what?” I asked; knowing all too well what she was questioning me about.
“Would you really want to devour every inch of me silly?”
Shit…why would she ask me that. If I said more than I already had, I could really get myself into trouble. But to be honest…at this particular moment…I didn’t really care.
“Come on Cathy, you have to know how fucking hot you are? I mean you have a perfect body…and I do mean perfect. You have a beautiful smile, and the fact is, you have got to be one of the sweetest people I know. I don’t know a man on the face of this earth that wouldn’t love to fuck you to pieces.”
Where the hell did that come from? Shit! Had I really just said all of that to my wife’s sister?
“Wow Jake…”she seemed genuinely shocked by my candor. “I mean…ummm….thanks a lot.”
Once again, things went quiet. I pulled the boat up to the gas pump at the small marina, and turned away from Cathy to help me adjust my hard on. I quickly filled the tank with gas, and was pleased that my cock had softened some before having to go into the small station to pay. I grabbed a couple cold cokes from the cooler and then paid the old guy at the counter and then rushed back outside. As I approached the boat, I could see Cathy all sprawled out at the front again. She sat back up as I handed her the cokes and then climbed back into the boat. I figured the conversation had died, but I was wrong.
“Did that list include you Jake?”
“What list?”
“Well, you said you didn’t know a man on the face of this earth that wouldn’t love to fuck me to pieces…does that include you?”
My cock instantly sprang to full attention. I had lost control of it completely. I didn’t want to answer that question, but it seemed that my cock had just done it for me. I was so embarrassed when Cathy looked down at it, and her eyes opened up wide.
“I’ll take that as a yes.” She said, not giving me a chance to answer.
Rather than speak, I moved back into my seat and quickly pulled away.
“It was a yes…wasn’t it brother-in-law?”
She stared at me intently, not allowing me to get out of it. I looked over at her, and tried to determine what my best recourse was at this point. She didn’t say a word. Her eyes just fixed on mine as she moved back over to the seat next to me.
“Answer me Jake.” She finally spoke again. “Have you thought about fucking me?”
“Well shit Cathy…of course I have. I mean damn it…look at you. I’ve had a fucking hard on since we picked you up this morning.”
I guess my boldness took her a little off guard, because she looked a little shocked. She looked down over her body at her breasts and down at the small fabric between her legs. But then her face went back to its previous determined look.
“Well duhhh Jake. Why in the world do you think I put it on? But if it is bothering you…” And with that my lovely sister in law did the unthinkable. She reached back behind her and untied the thin piece of string restraining her delicious breasts. She grabbed the fabric before it flew away in the wind of the boat and then stuffed it beneath the cushion of her seat. “I wore it just for you.”
“Cathy….uuummm….what are you….oh shit….doing?”
I knew the honorable thing was to at least try to act like I wanted her to put her top back on. But she had no intention of that. Instead, she moved to her knees onto the floor of the boat and came to rest right next to my thigh.
“Stop the boat Jake.” Her voice was sure as she boldly shouted out her order.
I looked down at her next to me, and had no choice but to comply. I grabbed the black studded speed stick and pulled it downward, bringing the boat to a sudden stop in the middle of the lake. We were still around the bend from our camp site, but I still found myself scanning the lake for any other boats that may have decided to pass us. The lake was still empty. Cathy spun my swivel chair around, and her eyes once again fixed on the bulging tent between my legs.
“Do you know your wife called me the other day Jake?” She looked up at me for a second, waiting to see me respond. I didn’t say a word, but instead just shook my head in a “no” fashion.
“She did Jake…and guess what she wanted to talk about?” Again I looked down, a lost confused look on my face.
“Well Jake, apparently she found it funny that she heard you masturbating next to her in bed.”
I was a little perplexed by this new news, but not near as much so as when I felt Cathy’s soft tender fingers slide up under the legs of my shorts and wrap around my swollen member. I couldn’t help but let out a soft moan as her two sensuous hands began stroking up and down my shaft.
“Jake, I asked her why she didn’t fuck you when you needed it, and she said she just didn’t want to. No good reason Jake…she just said she didn’t want to.”
Her hands continued to slide very smoothly and slowly up and down my cock as she looked up every once in a while to reveal more of her conversation with my wife to me.
“Jake, I asked her why she didn’t just suck your cock to get you off? She said she couldn’t stand the thought of that nasty thing in her mouth.”
I knew I should stop her, but the fact was, the more she spoke, the madder I was getting at my wife, and figured that if her sister wanted to feel my cock, well….then I was going to let her.
“Jake, do you know that I haven’t been fucked in at least a year?”
My eyes shot open from my now very contented state only to find her staring at me waiting to see my reaction.
“That’s right Jake. Here I was horny as fuck and my sister was bragging about leaving her husband horny and frustrated. And then she had the nerve to laugh at you about it. But you know what Jake…I’m not like my sister. The fact is, I’ve been thinking about getting your cock into my mouth every since I hung up the phone that day. When she told me you were going camping, I knew that this was my chance.”
With that Cathy pulled my cock out of my shorts through the loose leg. Her eyes widened as she stared down at my 7” cock. The head was swollen and purple, and the long vein running up the side was throbbing. Again, I knew I should stop this, but there were just too many months of frustration at work here. I don’t think I blinked as I watched her stretch out her tongue and move it in a long slow stroking action up the underside of my shaft. As it reached the sensitive tip at the top, it twitched violently and sprang up hitting her on the nose. Cathy quickly wrapped her fist around the lower part of the base and then with one quick motion engulfed the entire head into her mouth.
I don’t know what it is, but there has always been something so sexy about watching a woman suck cock…and today was no different. In fact it was better, because this wasn’t one of my penthouse magazines or a cheap porn movie; this was my own beautiful sister-in-law working my cock even deeper into her throat now. Now I know I don’t have the longest cock ever, but the head of my cock is really thick and engorged. I half expected her to gag a little as it moved farther down her throat, but I was wrong. Within a few seconds, she was thrusting her head hard and deep onto my swollen cock. One of her hands had started fisting my balls while the other one pumped feverishly up and down on my shaft, eagerly hoping to help milk my hot semen into her mouth.
I knew I was getting very close to doing just that, and I moved both of my hands tightly to the back of her head. I squeezed both hands full of her short hair, and then began forcing her head downward toward my cock. I was pleased to see that this merely encouraged her to suck me faster and harder. Her lips were wrapped tight around my cock as she devoured every inch of it.
“OHHH FUCCCCCCCCCKKK Cathy……fuck fuck fuck…I’m about….to….”
I thrust my hips up hard and fast against her face as my first long thing string of milky cum shot to the back of her throat. Cathy never skipped a beat as she sucked even harder and faster, swallowing each drop as it fired into her mouth. She feasted on my like no woman ever had. My hips were bucking feverishly up to meet her face as she squeezed tightly to both of my balls. My entire body was quivering as she anxiously feasted on every last drop I had to offer.
I finally released the strong grip I had on the back of her head, and she sucked and licked her way around my cock a few more times before finally releasing my cock and climbing back up into the chair across from me.
My breathing was still rather erratic, but I managed to muffle out, “Oh shit Cathy, that was incredible.”
“I’m so glad you enjoyed it. And for the record, my sister is wrong; your cock is actually quite delicious. I can’t wait till I get to have it in my mouth again.”
“Again? I figured this was a onetime surprise.”
“Oh baby Jake, I’m going to do so many things to you this week, you really won’t care if your wife falls asleep on you or not.”
“I have to admit, I love the sound of that Cathy. But we really shouldn’t be doing this.”
“I know Jake, but she shouldn’t be a prude either. A man needs to get fucked and sucked to be happy. So how about you just let me make you happy this week?”
I sat there quiet for a few moments. I know this should have been an easy decision considering everything, but this was still going to be cheating on my wife with very own sister. I allowed my eyes to take in her beautiful form once again, and that pretty much made up my mind for me.
“So does this mean that I’m going to eat that sweet little pussy of yours then?”
Cathy smiled a naughty little grin over at me. “You damn well better.”
I started to move over toward her to do just that, but she stopped me.
“Not yet stud. She’s going to be wondering where we are, and I also don’t think it would go over too well if you came back smelling like my pussy. I promise that we will have plenty of time to do absolutely anything your heart desires.”
“You better be careful making offers like that. My heart desires a lot of naughty things.”
“I said anything baby…and I mean anything. If you ask it this week, it is yours; just as long as my sister never finds out.”
“Believe me, I can agree to those terms. But hey…before we go…do you think I could at least see that little pussy of yours.”
She let out a little giggle as she stood up directly in front of me. She moved her hands to her hips and then slowly began to work the fragile string down over her hips and thighs revealing her luscious pussy lips to my view. They were already glistening with little drops of her juices.
“Well, what do you think?”
For a moment I just had to take it all in. Her lovely breasts, her bare pussy, and some of the softest flesh you can imagine. I smiled up at her and then without warning thrust my hands around her, grabbing her ass cheeks, and then eagerly thrust my tongue up inside her pussy as she smashed against my face.
“OH FUCK JAKE!! You fucking little cheater.” She gasped out as my tongue forced her sweet lips apart and deeper inside her. I knew that I had to be a little careful how I ate her, because she was right, her pussy juices would cover my face. After a few seconds of allowing her flavor to fill my mouth, I pushed her backwards into her seat, and then quickly moved between her legs.
“Jake….mmmmm….oh yeah….really… should…..oh fuck…..”
As she got a little more worked up, I pulled my mouth back and instead slide my tongue and lips up to her swollen lit clit. Her hips bucked up against my face as I sucked the little stub into my mouth and began flicking my tongue around it and sucking on it. I slid one finger up into her wet little slit as my mouth continued to assault her clit. Within seconds she was gasping out frantically beneath me.
“Yessss yessss yesss…oh don’t stop Jake…oh fuck yeah baby….suck my pussy….suck it harder.”
I didn’t need encouragement, but I was enjoying it just the same. I continued to finger fuck her while I sucked even harder on her overly sensitive clit. She came again, and again, each time gushing out little streams of juicy nectar onto the deck of the boat.
“You’ve got to….ohhhhhh….shit…..stop now Jake.”
I gave her clit a few more sucks and then removed my mouth from it. I saw her juices still trailing down her slit and to her ass. I leaned forward, careful to only let my tongue touch her, and made a long slow stroke up her pussy, drinking in her nectar. I swallowed it and then calmly returned to my seat.
“You are quite delicious yourself beautiful.” I said and then thrust the handle upward to start the boat back across the lake.
Cathy gave me a big wink and then quickly began putting her skimpy little bikini back on.
I reluctantly took a long deep swig of my coke, regretting that it would wash away most of the flavor of her pussy, but did realize that it would not be good to return to my wife with her sister’s juices on my breath. Cathy did the same, hoping to not still have the smell of my cock on her breath as well.
As I glided the boat up in front of our camp site, I leapt into the water and tied it off to a big rock on the shore. I leaned down as though to wash the mud from my hand, but was actually trying to remove some of the scent of Cathy’s pussy from my fingers. I would have loved to have been able to walk around all day sniffing my finger, remembering what had just happened, but again, that could really lead to trouble quickly.
Cindy had already had lunch ready, and it was setting out on the picnic table. We all sat down and enjoyed a nice relaxing feast. Twice Cathy stretched her foot up under the table beneath the table cloth and started to stroke my cock with her toes. I was already feeling a semi starting to rise, and decided it was a great time for a swim. Cindy loved to swim, so I knew that she would be up and willing.
After a few minutes, we were all down in the water frolicking around; splashing and dunking each other. Just about every time I dunked Cathy, she would take the opportunity to stroke her hand on my cock. At one point, I brushed up against Cindy with my hard on, and she became disgusted with me and decided to get out for a while and tan on the beach. Cathy opted to join her while I chose to stay in the water a little while longer and let my cock soften a little.
Cindy had always been a woman that was proud of her body, and even though she didn’t like to use it, she never minded flaunting it a little. She wouldn’t get nude, but her skirts were always short and her blouses tight and revealing. But she noticed that we pretty much had the lake to ourselves, and she opted for a little topless sunbathing. Even though she was my wife, I was a little surprised to see her so easily rip off her top and toss it aside revealing her lovely tits for anyone that might go by.
“My word Cindy…did modesty go out the window all of a sudden?” Cathy asked.
“Fuck you slut…” she giggled, “It is just us three out here…not like anyone will see anything.”
“Maybe for you, but I’m pretty sure you don’t want me flashing my tits in front of your husband.”
“What do I care, he already has a boner out there. It would serve the little prick right for getting all worked up around my sister.”
I couldn’t tell what they were talking about from where I was, but I watched as my wife lay back on her towel and closed her eyes, her lovely tits still in full view. I looked over at Cathy, and for a second, it looked as though she was really trying to figure out what to do. But then, she gave me a big grin. She glanced down at my wife, whose eyes were still closed, and then continued to stare deeply at me as she slid off her top in front of me. I know I had just seen them a little earlier, but the fact was that I was growing harder by the second. She still had me so worked up, and here I was all over again wondering what all I was going to get away with.
Cathy glanced down at Cindy one more time, and this time gave one of her lovely globes a squeeze for me. She winked at me and then slowly lay down next to me evil little wife. I made my way out of the water, and walked over to the folding chair kind of close to my wife. I moved the chair a little to make it level and she opened her eyes to look up at me. I knew she noticed my hard on, but she didn’t even look as though she cared.
“I told her you were a little pervert. Hope you are enjoying the view.”
“As a matter of fact, I’m enjoying it very much. Thank you.” I felt so very smug, but at this point, me and my erection really didn’t care. I sat back in the chair, and just enjoyed staring at both of these lovely women as they baked in the sun. After about 20 minutes, Cindy and Cathy both rolled over on to their bellies. Once again Cathy smiled up at me, and after checking to make sure my wife didn’t see her, She moved her hand back to her ass cheeks and began rubbing and squeezing them just for my own personal pleasure. She ran her finger down beneath the thin string, and I would have almost thought she actually penetrated her asshole a little before returning her hand back to a resting position above her head.
I was still hard as a rock, but I just didn’t care. As I watched her perfect little ass shining beneath the warm summer heat, I couldn’t help but wondering what it would feel like to slide my cock inside it. I had always had a bit of an anal fetish anyway. Some part of me had always wanted to slide my tongue into a woman’s ass, but knew that my wife wouldn’t let me. I had always wanted to slide my cock into a woman’s ass, but my wife had already made threats of ways she would remove it if I ever tried. And even with all of that, I couldn’t stop fantasizing about my throbbing hard on violating her sexy sister’s tight hole.
After about ten more minutes, Cathy decided that she wanted to get back in the water. She asked Cindy if she wanted to come, but she was fast asleep. One thing about that woman…she slept like a log. It was getting later in the afternoon, and the sun had actually started to be hidden by a large oak tree, keeping Cindy safe from burning. Cathy looked over at me, and with a little cock of her head toward the lake, invited me to join her.
Without hesitation I, as quietly as possible, leapt out of my chair and made a dash toward the water. Cathy was right next to me, and we both quickly splashed into the deeper part.
“Kiss me Jake. Quick, before she wakes up and I have to wait longer.”
I didn’t waste time. I pulled her near naked form tight against me, and instantly thrust my tongue deep into her waiting mouth. I felt her tongue dance eagerly with mine as her hands wrapped around my neck and her legs leapt up around my waist. I glanced over at my still out cold wife as I felt my cock throbbing through my shorts against her lovely pussy.
We kissed for a few minutes, both of us periodically watching Cindy to make sure she didn’t start to stir.
“I want your cock inside of me Jake…I have to feel you in me now.”
Cathy reached down between us with one of her hands and slid it directly into my shorts. Her fingers had no problem wrapping around the long shaft. I moaned out into her mouth as she slowly began to pump up and down its length.
“I love the feel of your fingers on my cock Cathy.”
She didn’t say a word; instead I could just feel her using her wrists to force my shorts downward, allowing my cock to spring up out of the top of the elastic waist band. I took her lead, and I slid my hand beneath her ass, and quickly found the small piece of cloth protecting her pussy. I easily slid it off to the side, removing my last barrier. She lowered her hips a little and I could feel her warm folds of her pussy gliding against the head of my dick.
“Are you sure about this?” I asked, looking over at my wife one last time.
“Give me your cock baby…I have to feel it inside of me.”
With that I thrust my hips upward with great force, driving myself hard and deep inside my lovely sister-in-law. I felt her gasp into my mouth as I pulled back a little and then thrust upward a second time.
“Oh Jake….your cock feels so good inside me….don’t stop baby…fuck me.”
She was so beautiful and sweet, and fuck, she just felt so incredible on my cock. I slowly started to find a rhythm as I worked my cock in and out of her wet slit. Her arms were locked around my neck as she started to bounce her sweet little ass up and down in the water, pumping herself on my shaft. I leaned forward and found one of her luscious nipples; pleased that she hadn’t decided to put her top back on.
“Mmmmm, oh yeah baby…I love my nipples sucked.”
I was happy to comply. I eagerly feasted on the swollen flower before switching to the other. I sucked both nipples until they were hard and tight in my mouth. Cathy was starting to pump herself even faster up and down on my cock, and based on the moaning noises she was making, I knew she had to be close. I bit hard down on one of her nipples, not hard enough to bleed, but hard enough to make her feel it. With the burst of pain into her nipple, she exploded into a hard and violent orgasm. Her hands were pulling and pushing eagerly onto my neck as her hips were now forcibly grinding their way down on my cock.
“mmmmmmm…..oh fuck…..cum in m……fuck baby…my …pussy….”
I was already about to shoot my load, but that helped finish the job. I slid my hands to her ass and squeezed both cheeks tight with my fingers as I thrust my cock hard and deep up inside her incredible tight pussy.
“Ohhhhh fuck baby…I feel your hot cum…..mmmmmmmmm…don’t fucking stop…”
I obeyed. Harder and faster I drove my shaft as deep inside that wonderful forbidden pussy as I could. We were both so lost in our orgasm; we forgot to care if Cindy woke up. Luckily, she didn’t. My body finally started to relax again, and Cathy leaned forward and kissed me long and deep again, thrusting her tongue deep inside my mouth.
I loved the way she tasted.
Reluctantly we broke our kiss, and Cathy moved a little away from me and began to wash my cum from her pussy.
“Can’t leave any hints now can me?” she said, smiling at me as her fingers probed her pussy beneath the water.
I decided to take her lead, and I started stroking my cock beneath the surface. I was still a little hard, but figured the cool water was doing a good job of keeping Cathy’s tell-tale scent from my dick.
For about five more minutes we just swam around teasing each other until Cindy finally woke up.
“What are you two doing?” she asked.
“I was just showing your husband that I could dunk him under the water. But apparently I was wrong. The fact is, he fucked me up.” She started laughing at her own joke just as I grabbed the back of her head and thrust her under the water again. I saw Cindy laugh a little as her sister grabbed my cock beneath the water with her mouth before coming back up to the surface.
“Well, how about you two kids get out of the water and we’ll play some cards before dinner? After dinner I thought us girls would run into town, I forgot to get a few things from the store.”
Cathy and I made our way out of the water, but my mind was already wishing that she would go by herself and leave me and Cathy here by ourselves. Though I was really tempted to suggest it, I figured it would have been way too obvious. But just as we were walking up the bank of the beach, I heard a loud cry out behind me. I turned around quickly, only to find Cathy on the ground holding her ankle in pain.
“Oh shit this hurts.” She cried out
Cindy ran down the bank and to the side of her sister. I was already at her feet trying not to look up her silky smooth legs at her pussy, but instead trying to see how bad she had hurt it.
“What happened, what happened?” Shouted Cindy; scared her sister had hurt herself seriously.
“I’m okay, just a klutz. I twisted my ankle a little. I’m sure I’ll be just fine.”
Cindy told me to help her to her feet, and as I reached down to lift her up, luckily my wife failed to notice my face pressed against her sister’s lovely tit. I quickly readjusted and helped guide Cathy over to the chair I had been sitting in earlier.
“She needs some ice.” I instructed, looking up at Cindy.
“We don’t have any ice. I haven’t bought the steaks of the ice yet, and figured we would go get them after awhile.” There was a look of panic in Cindy’s eyes and concern for Cathy.
“Jake, you stay here with her. I’ll run into town and get the shopping done. Cathy, will you be okay till I get back?”
“Really Cindy, I’m fine, don’t make a special trip on account of me.”
“No…it’s fine. I’m sure Jake won’t mind taking care of my topless sister, and I’ve got to go shopping anyway.”
With that Cindy ran up to the tent, grabbed the truck keys and headed down the trail toward the marina to get the truck. As we watched her disappear into the woods, I looked down at Cathy to see how she was doing.
“I had a feeling that would work.” She said, a small grin on her face.
“What do you mean?”
“My ankle is just fine Jake, but that sister of mine has always been such a worry wart that I knew she would take off immediately to get some ice.”
“You naughty little slut. If I weren’t mistaken, I’d think you were trying t get your brother in law all alone.”
“I made you a promise, and I plan to stick to it.”
“I do recall the word ‘anything’ coming out of your mouth.” I said, giving her a little naughty grin of my own.
“Yeah, I remember that too…was that before or after you fucked my mouth with that cock of yours.”
“Don’t worry about that, I’m going to fuck a lot more than your mouth today.”
“What did you have in mind for me Jake? Tell me the one thing you want more than anything from me.”
Part of me wanted to blurt out that I wanted to tongue fuck her ass before drilling it with my cock, but I had spent the past few years being discouraged from telling the things I wanted. How was I really going to look at my sister-in-law of all people, and tell her how much I wanted to violate her ass?
“Jake…don’t be scared to tell me what you want. I really just want to see you get whatever you want to make you happy. I guess this is my own little taste of revenge on my sister for past grudges.”
“Wait…what past grudges?”
“Well, if you must know, his name was Allen. And for a short time, he was mine. That is until Cindy came into the picture.”
“Did she fuck him?”
“Hey, you’ve met my sister…what do you think?”
“Good point.” I giggled.
“She just fucked him up. She seduced him right out of my arms, and then dropped him like a bad habit. He was so crushed he would never come around either of us again.”
“So I’m your revenge.”
“Hope you don’t mind.”
“Are you kidding…use me any way you like.”
“Not so fast…right now, it is your turn to use me. Tell me what you want.”
“Well, I want to fuck your ass.” I spurted it out there quickly, and then waited anxiously to see her reply. I knew she had said anything, but figured she didn’t mean that.”
“I was hoping you would say that.” She replied. “I haven’t been ass fucked in about four years. And even then, it was only a couple times.”
“You mean you don’t mind me asking?”
“Jake baby, I said ANYTHING!”
“So then, if I….well….wanted to…tongue fuck your ass first?”
“Wow Jake, she really has left you repressed hasn’t she? To be honest, I’ve never had a guy put his tongue in my ass before.”
I figured this was the ‘no’ I had been waiting for.
“But I’ve always wondered what it would feel like.”
My eyes shot back up to hers as I watched her flip over on to her back and then push herself up onto all fours. I moved so quickly to get behind her she couldn’t help but giggle. I quickly grabbed the strings to her bikini and slid them down off of her legs. I had to just stare for a second as I saw that lovely ass and pussy staring back at me. I leaned forward slowly, and then for the first time pressed my tongue against the tight hole of a woman’s ass. Cathy let out a reassuring moan as I slowly began to tease the tight slit. My fingers moved beneath her and quickly found her wet pussy. I loved how easily they slid between her moist lips as I began to thrust my fingers back and forth. As I started to press my tongue deeper into her pussy, her moaning was getting louder and louder.
“oh Jake baby….that feels so fucking good. Can you get it deeper inside me? Ohhhh Fuuuuuckkk…shove that tongue deeper into my ass.”
My cock was already rock hard, and I was lost in the lust of what I was doing. It didn’t take long before I was forcing my tongue even deeper inside her ass while my fingers were anxiously thrusting deeper and deeper into her pussy. I felt her hips starting to grind back against my face as I forced a third finger inside her. That was all it took and she exploded hot nectar all over my hand. I stroked her through her orgasm, but couldn’t resist the urge to violate that ass with my cock any longer. I knelt up behind her, and pushed my shorts down my body, allowing my cock to spring up right in front of her asshole. Just the sight of it right in front of her glistening sphincter had me more aroused than I had ever been.
“Go ahead baby…slide it in me.”
Her voice was so comforting and reassuring. I pressed the head up against her hole and then slowly pushed my way inside. My eyes were locked on her ass, loving the way my cock was slowly disappearing inside. She let out a loud moan as the head completely managed to work inside her, and then to my surprise, she started pushing backwards against me. She was so fucking tight as I forced my way deeper and deeper inside her.
“OHHHHH Jake….don’t stop….mmmmmmmm.”
My cock was already throbbing, anxious to fill her lovely ass with my seed. But I had already cum twice today, and I wanted to get a little more out of this than just a few strokes. I had finally pushed my cock in as deep as I could get. Her muscles were tightening around it like a vice. I could feel her juices dripping onto my balls as they came to rest against her soft pussy lips.
“It feels so good baby….now let me feel you fuck me with that big dick of yours. Come on baby, fuck my ass.”
I slowly began to pull my cock backwards, and then because of her naughty encouragements, thrust forward harder than I had originally planned.
“OHHHH Fuuuuucckkk yeah.”
I couldn’t believe she liked it. I pulled back again, then thrust forward even harder this time.
“MMMMMmmmmmm …”
Every time she moaned or mumbled something, it only encouraged me to pound her harder and faster with each thrust. And she seemed to love every bit of it. It didn’t take long before I was making long deep steady thrust into that luscious tight ass. Cathy was pushing her hips back to meet each downward thrust, and I loved the feel of my cock completely impaled inside her.
After a few minutes, my cock had gotten used to the feel of her tight asshole, and I was able to go even faster and harder. Cathy had started mumbling a series of words like fuck, shit, and damn it as I got harder and rougher with her frail body. Her body started to tremble beneath me as her orgasm took over. I didn’t realize a woman could cum from anal sex, and it made me even more eager to fuck her harder. She was locked tight around my cock so I was having to force my way in and out of her ass as her body continued to convulse beneath me. A second wave of spasms ripped through her body as I pulled back on her hair.
“OH Fuck yeah you filth little slut….you love my big cock in your tight little ass don’t you?” I grunted out, lost in my filthy passion.
“Fuck yeah Jake…pound my sweet ass baby…oh fuck it so hard.”
I could feel my cum boiling to the surface, and I ravaged my cock even harder and faster into her frail little ass. We were both soaked with sweat and slamming our bodies hard and fast against each other when I finally felt my cock tighten even harder as my load of cum exploded deep inside that wonderful hole. The more I shot, the harder I tried to pound it inside of her. Cathy started reeling from another orgasm as I made a few last thrust, and then just held myself deep inside her.
“Oh fuck baby…you have the greatest ass in the world. It felt so good squeezing my cock.”
Cathy slowly started to roll over on to her back, allowing my cock to slip easily from her still throbbing hole. She was still gasping a little as she stared into my eyes. Her lips found mine and she slowly pushed her tongue between my lips. I finished rolling over on to my back, and she laid across my chest with her mouth still on mine. Finally she broke our kiss and began licking her way down my body. I couldn’t believe it when she sucked my semi-hard cock into her mouth still covered with my cum and her own juices. She never took her eyes off of me as she hungrily feasted on my cum covered dick.
“You have to be the best sister-in law in the world Cathy.”
She gave me a little grin, never taking my cock from her mouth. I laid back and decided to enjoy this lovely beauty and everything she was willing to do for me.

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2013-02-09 12:01:25
Women are the pigs? Oh boy. You are sadly misinformed dude. I will admit we're not all perfect.... But neither are men. so just stfu.

Loved the story! I've read all of your stories.... First time I've done that. Totally worth it!!!! Love them all. ;)

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the factr that his wife doesant want tro have sex with him makes me wonder if she has someone else she is fucking.......... wouldn't surprise me at all since most married women will cheat every chance they get..... women are nothing but nasrty pigs anyway

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haha im 14 and its hard as hell not to jerk it every day...i have yet to see a must be ____ years or older (then again havent been looking to hard) but that was the best load ive had in a long time

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