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This is my first time with my current slave.
It all started at the beginning of this semester, fall 2009. In my history class the teacher paired us up in groups of two to give a presentation. Right from the get go I knew who I wanted to be partners with, her name was Erin. She is 19 same age as me about 5'6" had light brown hair, C cup breasts and an ass you could bounce a quarter off of. I was lucky and pleasantly surprised when the teacher said "Darren will be partners with Erin." I bet he had no idea that would have more than one meaning in the near future. We were paired up together on the first day of class, but our presentation wasn't going to be until the beginning of November. So we decided we wouldn't even worry about it until about Mid-October. A few weeks had passed and the instructor would periodically give us time in class to work on the project, but because we weren't even worrying about it yet we would just hang out and have a good time. During one of these days I asked her if she wanted to go out to dinner and a movie. I was very happy when she said yes.

At this time I had already thought about all the nasty things I wanted to do to her. I wanted to tie her up lightly choke her shove her panties in her mouth and fuck her brains out until she came, then I would get as much of her cum either on my hand and/or cock and make her eat it and tell me how it tastes. I was also afraid to ask her to do this kind of thing because after our first date she had mentioned how religion was an important part of her life, and during some of the other dates we went on she had hinted that she wasn't into that kind of thing. After one date we went back to my place and first decided to finally start the project the next day, then we started making out on my couch.

Our tongues wiggled in each others mouths as I fantasized even more about having her tied up and being my own little slave. One of my hands began to massage her breasts, I had half expected her to pull away at that point because I didn't know if she was ready to have sex yet, but she just put her hand on my thigh and moved it closer to my raging boner. It wasn't until she felt my hard cock that she pulled away, she then asked "What kind of things do you like to do to a girl Darren?"

I wanted to tell her that I liked to dominate and be have the girl do what ever I want without any back talking. But like I mentioned before I don't know if she'd be down with that and I really like her and I didn't want to screw anything up. So I just said "I like to do what ever the girl likes to do." I never expected her answer.

"Well, what if the girl has been really dirty, just a filthy whore and wants to be punished?" She said as she looked almost a little ashamed of herself.

"Then I would make sure she knows just how bad she's been, make sure she knows who is in charge and give her what she deserves." I told her as I grabbed a lock of her hair and began to lightly pull on it.

"Oh, fuck I've been bad master." I had never expected her to call me that, but it turned me on even more just the same. I pulled her hair harder. "OH! what do you want me to do master, please punish me."

"Okay here is what you can do for me, be a good girl for me and I may go easy on you. Start by giving me a strip tease. Strip all the way down to your birthday suit, and once you are naked keep dancing, you may play with yourself a little, but once I take my pants off you have to suck on my cock." I ordered her.

"Yes master." She obeyed. She started by just dancing a little then she took her shirt off to reveal her black bra, which she took off next. I could see her nipples were already hard which I guess was from my breast massage from earlier. She then unbuttoned her jeans, pulled them down, she was wearing black panties. After she tossed her jeans to the side she started to slowly pull her panties down.

"Give those to me." I ordered her, I knew I would find some excuse to shove them in her mouth like I fantasized about before. She obeyed me, so far she was a good little girl. I put he panties next to me and watched her dance around in front of me naked, god she is so hot. I couldn't take it any more, my cock felt like it could explode at any moment. So I took of my pants.

She followed her orders well and began giving me a blow job. I could feel her tongue around my head, I pulled her hair, just to make sure she knew I'm the boss. "Oh fuck, you suck good, don't stop, what ever you do don't stop sucking, if you stop before I tell you to, you're going to get it, you're going to get it good." She kept sucking for a while then for some reason she took my cock out of her mouth and started to give me some hand relief, after I had told her she would get it if she stopped sucking.

"You stupid bitch!" I said as I slapped her across the face. "What did I just say to you?"

"To not stop sucking" She said in a tone of voice that told me she had a good idea of what was coming.

"That's fucking right, get on your hands and knees, you need a little bit of discipline." She obeyed this order, and I knew it was my chance for the panties. I shoved them in her mouth, just like I had fantasized, letting a little bit hang out of her mouth. "Now stay like that, I'll be back with your punishment."

I left her there like that as I went into the garage and saw one of the hooks my dad used to hang his tools and a pile of rope. I grabbed the rope and hook and went back to Erin. "Here is what I'm going to do to you." I began to explain. "I'm going to put this hook in your ass hole, then tie one end of this rope to the hook, and the other end to your hair, do you understand this little bitch."

"Mmmh, hmm." All she could say with her mouth full of panties. I did as I explained, but first I wanted to hear her reaction to the pain so I took her panties out of her mouth. She didn't make much noise as I connected her ass to her hair, some painful moans that bordered on screams.

I then took my belt off, let her hear me crack it a few times. "Do you know what I'm going to do with this?" I asked her.

"Yes master, you're going to spank me aren't you?" She said.

"Yes that's right, you see this is what happens when girls disobey me." I said as I put my hand on her ass and rubbed it. I move my hand down to her pussy to see how wet it was. "Oh wow," I said "didn't expect your pussy to be this wet."

I took a step back and began to whip her ass with my belt. Each whip was meet with a little scream, some with "Thank you master." I watched as her ass got more and more red from the whipping. Once her entire ass was bright red I took another step back to get a good look at her. Oh my god it was so hot with the rope across her back and her asshole being stretched by the hook. I just made her red ass look even hotter to me.

"Now for the fun part" I told her as I got on my knees behind her and fucked her wet pussy.

"OH, FUCK!" I heard her scream. "FUCK I'VE BEEN BAD." As I fucked her I pulled on the rope. "FUCK, MASTER CAN I CUM." She begged me.

"Not yet, not fucking yet." I kept fucking her and she kept begging me.


"Fine, you can cum now." I only let her cum because I could tell that I was going to cum soon to. She came on my cock and balls. I then pulled out of her and shoved my dick in her mouth. "Suck my dick" I ordered her. She did as she was told. Just as a came in her mouth I told her "Don't swallow it." Once my entire load was in her mouth I commanded her to open it so I could see her cum filled mouth. She did as told again and let me see all my white cum in her mouth. I grabbed her panties from where I had put them before.

"Spit it out on to your panties, spit it out right where these are going to be on your pussy when you put them on." I demanded of her, she did so, I then took the hook out and untied the rope from her hair. "Good, now put them on." She did so. "Good, now sit back on the couch." She did and I sat next to her. I rubbed the outside of her panties into her pussy.

She began to moan. "Do you like having my cum rubbed on your pussy?" I asked her.

"Yes master." She told me. I rubbed her more and even finger fucked her some, all while keeping my hand on the outside of her panties, I wanted to make sure my cum got rubbed in real well. As I pleased her pussy I had some fun with her tits. I bit them, squeezed them, and twisted her nipples, each act of torture was met with a light scream. "Master I think I'm going to cum again, can I please take my panties off."

"No, I want to you cum inside your panties you dirty little slut." I explained to her. It wasn't much later that she came again.

"Thank you master." She said to me as she leaned to kiss me.

"Oh, I really hope you don't think we are done here, do you think it's fair that you came twice and I've only cum the once?" I asked her

"No master that's not fair." She agreed.

"You're fucking right it's not. Now you can take those panties off, and get on top of me and fuck my cock."

"Yes master." She complied.

She took her panties off and tossed them to the side. She then put my raging boner in her pussy and began to bounce up and down. I lightly choked her as she fucked me. I also took some time to slap her tits around and call her all the dirty things she was, a slut, a whore, and most of all a dirty little bitch. Each time I called her one of those things she simply said "yes master, yes I'm a little fucking slut" or "Whore" and "dirty little bitch"

It wasn't to long until she was begging me for permission to cum again. This time I granted it immediately because I could tell I was going to cum to. We both came at the same time.

"Thank you master." She said to me. "Can I put my cloths back on now?" She asked.

"Yes you may, were done her for now." I said to my new slave.

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