When pent up desires finally get released, anything is possible.
She was hotter than I had imagined. We had chatted online a few times…okay cybered; but I never really expected half of her descriptions of herself to really be true. But there she was, sitting there in the food court of the mall in the black miniskirt and tight white blouse just as I had ordered her. I was watching her from a distance at first. To the average passerby, she was just another sexy little thing enjoying her day at the mall. But to me, this 5’6, 125 pound, brown haired, green eyed, shaved everywhere vixen was my fantasy girl.
As I stared across at her, I tried to see up that short skirt, but her legs were slightly crossed over each other which kept her knees too close together to tell. But if she was truly obeying completely, I knew she was freshly shaved and pantiless, and I couldn’t wait to see for myself. How did I get this lucky to truly have this goddess obeying me so completely? My cock was already twitching in my jeans, but I knew that this was only phase one. Just because she showed up, didn’t mean that she was going to go through with everything else. But that is why I brought my back up plan.
As I started walking toward her, it was obvious that she recognized my face immediately. Her cute little nervous smile covered her face, and she slowly stood up to greet me. I leaned over and gave her a small kiss on the cheek followed by a short abrupt hug; which she happily returned. I could feel her wonderful 38 D tits pressing into my chest, and I was sure that if I held her much longer, she was going to start to feel something pressing into her.
“How do I look big guy?” she whispered into my ear, allowing her lips to softly brush against it as she pulled away.
“You look sensational. How about we get out of this place?” I asked; eager to get on with all the things we had planned.
“What, you don’t want to talk first or get better acquainted?” she asked. It seemed that her courage was wavering just a little, but I was not giving it that easily.
“Maybe if we just found someplace a little more private then.”
She looked back at me, her eyes showing that she was nervous, but also that she knew that she was the first one to suggest us meeting like this in the first place. She reached down and grabbed her coke and took one last slurp of the straw, and then reached up and took my hand in hers.
“You lead…I’ll follow.”
I smiled at her, and then squeezed her hand in mine as I lead her through the mall and out to the parking garage. I couldn’t help but to keep looking over at her silky white blouse. She had left the top three buttons open, and it was very easy for me to see down inside the shirt at the lovely braless globes waiting for me.
“You are one incredibly hot woman.” I whispered over to her, this time allowing my lips to find her ear. “I have so many wonderfully naughty things I can’t wait to do to you.”
She didn’t say a word, but I saw a smile cross her lips, as she gave my hand a little squeeze. We made it to the car on the roof of the mall. There were a couple other cars in this parking section, but at the moment, no other people seemed to be nearby. I unlocked the trunk first, and retrieved a small black bag that I had placed there earlier. Amie’s eyes opened up wide as I took the first item from the bag. It was a pair of silver handcuffs. I could see the slight hesitation in her face, but she never said a word.
“Turn around.” I ordered.
She obeyed, and I reached for both of her arms, pulled them behind her back, and then snapped both of her wrists into the metal restraints.
“Maybe we should….” Her words drifted off without finishing
I grabbed my second item and quickly draped it over her head and to her face. The small red ball gag pressed up against her lips, but I don’t think she was expecting to be gagged. “Wait…what are you mmmgphgs” As her lips opened wide enough, I quickly pulled back on the gag, forcing it between her teeth; stopping her mid-sentence.
“I don’t believe I gave you permission to speak you little whore.”
I pulled out my last item, a black leather blindfold. I strapped it over her head, covering her eyes and filling her world with blackness. I lead her around the car to the passenger seat, and guided her inside. I made sure to push her back a little too far, and her ass rubbed its way down the back of the seat, pushing her skirt up to her waist as she descended the rest of the way down. I buckled her in to the seat, and then shut the door behind me. I hurried around the car, looking anxiously to see if anyone had just seen what I had done. The coast was still clear.
As I started the car and made my way down the four levels of parking garage, I couldn’t help but keep look over and stare at my captive beauty. As I made my way out to the main road, I started my trip across town. My hand reached up and with one little jerk, I managed to pop open the rest of her blouse. One of the cheap little buttons even slapped me against the chin as it projected itself away from her. Amie gasped out in shock, realizing that her gorgeous tits were now exposed to my view. She tried to mumble out something as she squirmed a little in her seat, but the ball gag kept her from being able to.
“Quit squirming slut. You don’t want this to hurt more than it has to; do you?” I reached two of my fingers out to grab one of her hard erect nipples and then twisted it hard, and then held it. I could hear her whining beneath her gag, and I finally released my grip. “You be a good obedient slut, and I’ll treat you really good.”
My loft wasn’t that far from the mall, so we arrived fairly quickly. I opened the garage door with my remote, and the happily pulled into the protection of my home. I turned off the car, undid my seat belt, and then turned to face my captive slut. She was not sure what to do at this point, and I could hear the nervousness of her breathing. I was sure that by this point, she was starting to wonder if she had made a mistake meeting up with a complete stranger from the internet.
I slid my hand over toward her body, once again squeezing one of her tits into my hand. I massaged it for a moment or two, and then slowly began to work my way down lower. She squirmed a little as she felt my fingers tease their way over the top of her skimpy flared skirt, and then quickly come to rest on the bare skin of her thigh. I scraped my fingernails gently across the soft tender flesh of her inner thigh, making sure to come just short of touching her pussy lips. I could tell her hesitation had left just a little as she attempted to push her ass upward in hopes of feeling my fingers press against her pussy. I pulled my fingers back just in time though, and then gave the soft skin on her leg a sharp pinch until she moaned out beneath her gag.
“I’ll decide when I touch your pussy tramp…not you. Try that again and you’ll pay for it.”
Her little head nodded in understanding and I released the hold my fingers had on her skin. The fact was I was dying to thrust my fingers up inside the wonderful cunt of hers…but I had to restrain myself.
I climbed out of the car and made my way to her side of the car. I quickly pulled her to her feet, and then lead her down the long stair way to my basement. I had already fixed up my lair, and was more than delighted to finally get to try out all the neat toys I had built just for this ordeal. Now I guess I should explain; I have never really been one that viewed sex as aggressive or violent. Bondage and restraints were things I had heard about, but were never things I really thought I would use. But then I met Amie. She had revealed a few fantasies she had hidden in her naughty little mind. The more we talked and fantasized about those things, the more my mind perverted to the dark side. I loved to build things, so I decided to build a few devices that I thought would make this endeavor even more fulfilling and fun.
The first table we came to looked something like a workout bench with arms protruding out to both sides. One end of the table was elevated a few inches higher at an angle, hopefully thrusting the head forward even more for better accessibility. The full length of the bench was only as long as the upper torso. As I laid Amie down on the table, she once again started to resist a little. I didn’t know if it was for show or for true fear, but the fact was, she was squirming a lot more than I had expected. I knew it was going to be time for plan B. My cock was too hard and worked up to stop now. I grabbed tight to the handcuffs behind her back, and I quickly fastened her to a short chain mounted to a pillar in the middle of the room. She was able to move a little, but the farther she tried to get from the pole, the more her arms were pulled up high behind her. She belonged to me now.
I made my way back upstairs to the car and retrieved my little black bag. In it I had a small syringe filled with a drug that should help immobilize my captive for at least a little while. Don’t ask where I how I got it, that is a whole different story. I quickly returned to the basement to find that Amie had stopped resisting and was resting against the pillar. The image of that gorgeous beauty as she leaned against that pole was magnificent. Her blouse was still hanging free, forced apart by those magnificent tits. Her black skirt still hid her pussy, but that was only a minor problem. As she heard me enter the room again, she started to squirm and tried to mumble beneath her gag.
I decided that I wanted to hear what she had to say, so I removed the ball gag from her mouth, allowing her to speak again. Amie moved her jaw around a little first, getting used to the freedom she had regained.
“I’m….I’m so ..sorrry. I don’t think I’m as ready for this as I thought. It’s not your fault, I guess this is all just going faster than I expected.”
Her words were sincere, but she should have thought of them in the mall. I might have had the will to stop back then…but now it was too late.
“Don’t worry Amie,” I made sure to use a soft reassuring tone, “If you want to slow things down a bit, we can do that. In fact, this should help you slow down right away.” I thrust the little syringe into her shoulder causing her to gasp out from the sharp stabbing pain.
“What the fuck was that?” she shouted. “What diiiid yooooouuu ju….” Within in seconds her frail little body went limp in her chains. I retrieved the cuff key from my pocket and quickly freed her from the pole. Her body collapsed into my arms as I carried her over to the small t-shaped table. I laid her down on the table on her back, and then began to fasten the two wrists restraints, followed by the ankle restraints, and then lastly, the collar restraint that strapped around her neck. After getting her all braced in, I realized that I had forgotten to remove her skirt and blouse, so I retrieved a pair of long scissors from a drawer and then began to cut her clothes from her body.
She was beautiful. I had to see her completely though, so I quickly removed the blindfold, revealing her lovely face. For at least ten minutes I stood over her, massaging her pussy and tits with my hands. I had only given her enough of the drug to last about 30 minutes, so I took this as my opportunity to finish getting ready. I had built a small workbench in the middle of the room, and on it were a number of different whips, paddles, clamps, and toys to use on my helpless victim. I checked each toy just to make sure it was still ready to fulfill its duty.
She came to a little earlier than I had suspected, but I heard her behind me starting to fight against the ropes tied around her ankles and wrists.
“What’s going on? Why can’t I move?”
She was still a little groggy from the medicine. “Because I have you tied up bitch. You belong to me now; Mine to do whatever I wish.”
“Wait…no…really…we need to slow down. I’m not ready for this yet.”
“You are about to get ready. Don’t resist me Amie…you know you want this. No…you need this.”
I walked over to the table, and she was still able to turn her head just enough to notice the bulge in my jeans as it came to rest right by her face. For a moment she stopped complaining and just stared at my cock as it twitched in my pants. For a few seconds, I just stood next to her face, and then without warning reached down and twisted her nipple tight in my fingers just like I had done earlier. Her head shot back forward as she let out a cry of pain. I released her nipple, and then took the two small clamps that I had hidden in my other hand. Her eyes tried to watch as I placed a clamp on both of her nipples. They were attached to each other by a small silver chain that hung down just between her tits. I could tell from the way her face tightened up that they were hurting her, but she was fighting the urge to complain about it.
I waited a couple seconds for her to adjust to the new pain shooting through her tits, and then slowly began to undress myself next to her. Amie quickly looked back over at me, pulling tight against the rope strap around her neck. First I took off my shirt, revealing my well cut features. All those days in the gym had left me fairly ripped. I was sure she would be disappointed with what came next. I had always been well blessed. Even as a child the other boys in the locker room would tease me about my thick long cock. As I unzipped my jeans, the fully erect 9” beast erected itself right before her. There was a small drop of precum already forming on the tip, and I grabbed my shaft and rubbed it right between her lips. I was a little shocked to see her so willingly jet her tongue out and lick the fluid off. Her eyes were wide open as she gazed upon my large cock. And for a second I thought she was trying to figure out how she was going to get it all inside her.
“Open your mouth you dirty little slut…it is time to suck my dick just like you promised.”
Instantly her lips opened apart, and I took my chance to thrust my cock inside that luscious mouth. I must have been a little too eager though, because I penetrated to quickly and she started to gag. But it turned me on like you can’t believe; the small tears that instantly formed in her eyes and the loud gagging noises that filled the room. I pulled back a little, and then thrust forward again. I received the same delightful response. My cock was just too thick for her mouth and throat.
“You will swallow every inch of my cock bitch…so figure out how to take it.”
Her lips were eagerly working up and down on my shaft, but every few seconds I would force my hips forward quickly, driving my cock deep into her throat; each time satisfied with my gagging noises that followed. But I was getting a little deeper each time before receiving my gratifying sounds. She was adjusting. After a few moments of pounding her throat from the side, I decided I wanted a better angle. I had built the bench with the perfect dimensions that I would be able to straddle it and force fuck my victim’s throat. I pulled my cock from her mouth and then quickly straddled her lovely tits. Her head was still elevated higher than the rest of her, and I was pleased to find that my measurements were perfect. Just behind the headrest I had also built to cushioned handles to hold on to. I guided my cock quickly back into her mouth, and it seemed that lust had taken over my little vixen. Before I could even thrust forward she was feasting on my swollen dick for all that she was worth. I decided to wait a few minutes to thrust, just lost in the feel of those plump lips wrapped around my shaft. Her head was forcing upward as far as possible with the rope digging into the tender flesh of her neck.
I could feel my first orgasms starting to rise, and I couldn’t wait to fill Amie’s throat with my hot seed. I reached behind her head and grabbed tight to both of the handles hidden there. And then, I drove my cock deep inside her horny little mouth. I didn’t hesitate this time, and I forced my cock as deep into her throat as I possibly could. Her face was turning bright red from lack of oxygen and a black stream of mascara was running down her cheeks. I held it deep inside her for a few seconds before pulling it back and allowing her to catch her breath. But then I thrust my way deep into her throat once again. I felt my balls slap against her chin as her nose was grinding into my pubic bone. Her throat was so full with my cock; she couldn’t hardly get out the gagging noises. Again I pulled back, allowing her to breath.
“Is that all you’ve got? If you are going to fuck my throat…then fuck it.” She mumbled out beneath her breath.
How dare that bitch challenge me! Without any more hesitation I thrust my hips forward once again and began to feverishly fuck the shit out of her throat. With each thrust though, she seemed to gag less and less, and instead started to work her mouth and lips with me. I could tell I wasn’t going to last much longer and pulled tight against my handles as I thrust as hard and deep inside her mouth as I could. I shot one thick heavy wad of cum into her throat followed by a number of smaller ones. I was so lost in my orgasm that I just kept pumping my cock as fast and deep into her throat as I could until I had finally drained ever drop from my balls.
I pulled back and allowed my wet slimy cock to slide down her chin. As I backed down her body a little, my cock left a trail of slime down her neck and then in between her tits. I stared down at her. She was so sexy gasping for air with her makeup running in streams down her face. She had this naughty little grin on her face as she started to lick the little bits of cum from the edges of her mouth.
“Fuck you taste good master.”
My legs were still a little shaky, but I managed to move off of her and back to my workbench. I was determined to see just how far I could push this naughty little slut, and the blowjob she had just given me was a pretty good start. I grabbed another item from the table and made my way back over to my victim. I held up a large vibrator with a thick bulb on the end. She was watching it intently as I moved it down her body and then pressed it against her smoothly shaved glistening pussy lips. I traced the large bulb up and down her slit, watching her sex juices cover the plastic head. She was already so worked up, and I just loved that.
As I pressed it against her clit, I turned on the switch and instantly sent a wave of violent vibrations across her sensitive little nub. She gasped out in pleasure as I held the head against her body. With my free hand I reached over and gave a good sharp tug on the chain connecting the two nipple clamps. The combinations of sensations sent her over the edge and her hips began to violently thrust up against the vibrating machine. I kept the vibrator on her pussy long enough to drag her through two more long violent orgasms. Each time she was close I would tug on her little nipple clamps, helping to push her over the edge.
The sight of her body thrashing all over the place was already bringing me back to life very quickly. My cock was standing at full attention, and at one point I had stepped too close to the table and she was able to reach it with her tied up hand. Amie squeezed her fist around it as tight as she could and attempted to stroke it with the little range of motion she had. I stood there for a few moments unwilling to stop the feel of the glorious fingers wrapped around my cock. Her hands were so soft and petite around my big cock. Reluctantly though, I pulled away, and then began to untie her hands, feet, and lastly her throat. Amie began to rub at the sore red streaks that had formed around her joints as I grabbed her by her hair and pulled her to her feet. She no longer offered any kind of resistance. I led her over to another device I had constructed that looked a little bit like a vaulting horse from gymnastics. Attached to all four legs of the device were more rope straps. I pushed Amie down over the device and quickly strapped down her wrists and her ankles once again. Her ass was sticking straight out in front of me, and the sweet little ooze flowing from her pussy to ass was just too much for me to pass on.
I eagerly bent over and began to devour every drop of nectar from between her legs. I ran my tongue from her hard swollen clit all the way back to the tight puckered hole of her ass. I was eagerly forcing my tongue deep into her ass and her pussy, feasting on every drop she could offer me. Amie was grinding her hips all over the well padded structure as I sucked her swollen clit into my mouth and sent her over the edge once again. As I finished feeding on her new load of nectar, I stood back up and forced a finger deep into her tight little ass. I half expected her resist me, but instead she moaned out in pleasure as I forced the single digit deeper and deeper inside her. I could feel her flexing her ass muscles around my finger, and if I wasn’t mistaken, she was trying to fuck it.
“You really are a nasty little cunt aren’t you?” I asked, removing my finger and giving her a hard slap across the ass cheeks. Her body tightened up as she gasped out from the pain. I stood there for a second admiring the red hand print as it surfaced on her lovely flesh. Just the feel of her ass on my hand as I slapped it had made my cock twitch. I quickly brought down my hand a second and a third time across her soft skin. She winced out in pain with each stroke, but never told me to stop.
I had to admit, I had never thought we would get anywhere near this point on this first meeting, but I was totally lost in what we were doing. I slapped her ass a few more times, and then moved back over to my workbench. I retrieved a long vibrator with a curved head which was supposed to help reach the g-spot. I quickly returned to Amie and quickly thrust the large vibe deep into her soaking wet pussy. She shouted out in pleasure as I turned the power to the unit on and then left it there deep inside of her.
“Oh Fuck baby….oh fuck….fuck fuck fuck…” was all she could say as the long thick tool assaulted her pussy unrelentingly. I moved a little closer to her, and brought my hard on to rest right at the entrance to her tight little asshole.
“Oh yeah baby…fuck my ass.”
Once again, passion took over, and thanks to the combination of saliva and cum, I was able to force the head of my cock into her tight asshole. I could feel the vibrator attacking her insides as I grabbed tight to her hips and continued to force my way deeper inside her wonderful ass.



My fingers were digging into her hips now as her ass was clamping tighter around my cock.
“AAAAAUUUUUGGGGHHHHHHHHHH” I shouted as I gave one last long hard deep thrust into that wonderful tight hole. Her hips slammed up against the padded side of the table as I began to pull back and push forward inside her delicious ass. Almost with a rage I began to fuck that incredible little slut. I felt her cumming beneath me, but I just kept driving my cock as hard and deep inside her as I could manage. I could feel her legs quivering as she struggled to keep her feet planted. The vibrator was feeling more and more intense on my cock through the small wall separating her pussy and ass. I could feel my balls tightening up again, and new that I was about to explode.




I just pounded and pounder that frail little ass with everything I had until finally I felt my cock stretch wider inside her. She was so tight I could feel every little spasm of cum have to force its way out of my cock. She was still moaning and thrashing beneath me as another wave of spasms began to rip throughout her body. And then she collapsed beneath me completely limp.
It was the first, and to date, the only time a woman had ever passed out on me. I slowly pulled my cock from out of her ass. I looked down at her lifeless sweaty body in front of me. I reached down and removed the sloppy vibe from her cunt and placed it back on the table. I unstrapped her ankles and wrists, and then carried her over to a giant X type frame on wheels that I had setting against the back wall. The device was a little awkward to hook her up to with her unconscious, but after a few minutes I had suspended her in a completely spread eagle position. Her wrists were elevated of to the sides above her head. And her legs were stretched wide apart. Once again her neck was strapped back against the wooden plank behind her and I stood back to admire my work.
I had intended to knock her out again for this part anyway, so I figured this was a good time to take care of my business. I retrieved some rope from my workbench, and first wrapped it around her neck a few times before descending down to her tits. I ran the rope tightly around both of her breasts, allowing the nipples to poke out the outside. They were already turning dark purple from the lack of blood to them. I then ran the rope down her stomach and in between her lovely legs. The soft nylon rope easily slid up the slit of her pussy. I reached behind her, spinning the large structure out from against the wall. I pulled the rope between her legs and up between her tender ass cheeks. I slid my finger down between her pussy lips from behind, and adjusted the rope to make sure that it was true sliding up between both of the tender folds. I heard her moan out as my finger and rope began to grind gently against her swollen clit.
Lastly I ran the rope up to a small circular hook and back through the front of the structure, just over her head. I moved back to the front of her, retrieving the remainder of the rope and came to sit right in front of her.
“Wake up” I snapped. Pulling abruptly on the end of the rope, instantly sending a shooting pain down into her ass, through her pussy, up to her swollen tits and lastly into her neck.
“Wake up you filthy little bitch!” I shouted again, giving another sharp tug to the rope.
Amie let out a loud moan as her eyes shot open. She could feel her young nubile body suspended on my torture rack. As her pussy started to moisten up all over again, she realized that she may have finally found the man for her.

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