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Written by Dragon of the Underworld
Revised by Evildart17/Darkcloud75
The Way I Dreamed IT
Part 2
Chapter 20
It was now morning as the darkness of the night was now light shining from the sun.
A woman began to wake up as she felt something wet continue to rub against her face, she smile knowing whom it was. She knew that it was time to get up so that she could take her usual walk on the small forest and then go get something to eat.
She grabbed something to clean her face then got up to get dressed, once she was finished getting dressed she reached her hand around her night stand in search of a cloth, when she found it she wrapped it around her eyes. She had no use of her eyes and she just preferred to have them covered up.
She bent down and reached out for her dog when she found her she just petted her, “Good girl, thanks for waking me up,” She then reached for the leash and placed it on her dog, that’s when her stomach made a growl, “Was that you” she said teasing and the dog barked, “I know, it was me”.
“Looks like we should go eat first then take our walk in the forest” she said, the dog just barked.
The two made their way around the small little town as her dog lead the way to the usual place where they ate. When they arrived she sat at a table while the dog lay next to her chair.
“Yuri, you’re pretty early today” said a cook as he saw her over the counter, Yuri was her name. Well actually that’s what the people around town called her, nobody really knew her real name not even her. Apart from being blind she had no memory of the first twenty-seven years of her life.
Nobody knew how it happened, Yuri one day just appeared out of nowhere with no vision and no memories. The people of the town felt bad so they built her a small house on the edge of town, they also got her a dog to help her guide her. It would be eighteen years in about five days that she had been living there; she made a living selling fresh fruits that she picked.
“Yeah we got hungry and I thought it be best to eat before we went to the forest” said Yuri.
“Well should I get you both your usual” said the cook.
“I don’t think momo cares, but yeah the usual for both, right girl” said Yuri as she turned her head down at the dog, the two just waited for there food to arrive.
Yuri was somewhat happy there, everyone treated her very well and the people were very kind and generous. It was a bit surprising that the people were good people considering that the town was very close to the village hidden in the cloud and the people there were known as terrible people.
Yuri however always had times when she just couldn’t help but wonder who she was and where she was from and if there was anyone out there looking for her, these were the things that made her sad many time.
Both Naruto’s continued to run going even more north of where they were with out knowing and with the girls in hand. Naruto could see that Emi was wide-awake. She was staring right at him with her eye, while Saya being a heavy sleeper was still asleep.
“Daddy where we going?” asked Emi.
“I’m not sure, we have to find a safe place and maybe there we can get some directions?” said Naruto.
‘Based on the demographics of this area I have no idea where we are, when I journeyed with Jiraiya we went to several places but not one resembles the terrains in this area, I just wonder how far we are from Konoha?’ thought Naruto.
“I’m glad your ok daddy” said Emi as she gave him a kiss on the cheek.
“Me too sweetie” in that instance the clone began to feel the surge of several chakras getting close, the Naruto felt it as well. They both stopped, he let Emi down while the other tried to wake Saya up.
“Saya wake up” she slowly woke up.
“Girls you go on ahead with the clone and get somewhere safe, I’m going to stay here and hold them back go, don’t worry about me ok” he said.
“Let’s go girls” said the clone as they left in a hurry, they headed southeast. Naruto stood there waiting Akatsuki to arrive.
After several minutes of waiting Naruto saw three figures suddenly appear in front of him while two shadows continued on forward.
“Uzumaki Naruto it’s good that you’re still alive, I’m going to guess that you’re not going to make this easy on us” said Pein.
“Did you ever really think I would” replied Naruto.
“No, but if you make this easy on all of us and just come with us I promise we won’t hurt your girls” Offered Pein to Naruto.
“Of course you won’t” Naruto spat at them.
“Really do you think that that clone you sent with them will protect them form Kisame and Zetsu” Tobi cut in to the conversation. Suddenly rain began to trickle down from the sky, while lightning began to roar across the sky.
“No but there will always be a part of me there to protect them” he replied
“Very well, have it you way . . . . . . . . . . . . It’s looks like there’s going to be a monsoon” answered Pein as he stepped forward with his arm stretched out feeling the rain drops, the other two surrounded Naruto.
“I see your not going to waste time, three on one I’d say that’s fair” said Naruto as he could feel the rain begin to pour down.
“Jiraiya-sama how long will it take us to get there” asked Kakashi, Kakashi’s team had been picked up by Jiraiya as they passed them up.
“It will take us faster then by foot but even then it will still take us another day to get there” answered Jiraiya.
“Are you sure of the location?” asked Shikamaru.
“Of course, the only reason why I barely headed out was because I barely received word from my source of what happened” replied Jiraiya.
“Who is your source if you don’t mind me asking” asked Gai.
“I afraid I can’t tell you that, at least not yet . . . . . . . . . Bunta faster” replied Jiraiya.
“I’M GOING AS FAST AS I CAN!” replied Gamabunta.
Yuri and momo had finished there meal began to head towards the forest with and umbrella on the other hand, before they got anywhere near the forest momo stopped and began to bark.
“What’s wrong girl” all she got was more barks.
“Don’t worry girl nothing will happen, besides we need to get our picking for the day, come on lead the way” she said while the dog lead her in to the woods.
Saya and Emi ran as fast as they could ahead of the clone. The rain was pouring down on them making it hard to really run at full speed.
In a flash two figures passed them and in the process destroying the clone. The girls came to a stop and they saw two members of Akatsuki standing in their way.
“Look what we found” said Kisame.
“Sorry little ladies but we have to take you in” said Zetsu.
“WELL WERE NOT GOING” yelled Saya.
Both Kisame and Zetsu just laughed, “Like you have a choice” said Kisame.
“Our daddy will beat you you’ll see” said Emi.
“Your daddy is just a demon freak who will die once we take out the demons out of his body, he won’t save you” said Kisame.
“SHUT UP” yelled Emi as she activated her byakugan and chakra began to envelope her, Saya looked at her and activated her byakugan.
Kisame looked at Emi surprised at the chakra she was forming, but quickly took out his sword and ate away the chakra that Emi was producing.
Before Kisame could do anything his arm just dropped the sword as he felt pain. He turned his head to see that Saya had gone around his blind spot and closed one of his tenketsus on his arm making it useless. Zetsu just stood aside letting Kisame handle everything.
“YOU LITTLE BITCH” Kisame yelled as he kicked her away. Zetsu just laughed at Kisame and his misfortune.
“Let me handle this” said Zetsu as Kisame took his sword with his other hand, “I don’t think so, I’m not going to let her get away with it” Saya was mad, she began leak out chakra just like Emi, Kisame dashed towards Saya and he thrusted his sword at her, she quickly jumped away dodging the attack but like Emi the sword was close enough to suck up the chakra that surrounded Saya.
Kisame shifted his sword to block and attack from Emi who tried to catch him of guard. Saya quickly jumped in to the air, “Kage Bunshin no jutsu” ten clones appeared, Kisame looked up at Saya.
At this moment two figures suddenly appeared on top a tree branch, they were in a distance where they could not be spotted.
When he did Emi then performed some hand seals, “Quicksand jutsu” Kisame looked down to see that he was sinking he tried to get out but it was no use, and then he remembered the ten clones above him, he looked up to see them in a diving position coming down at him at a fast pace.
Kisame took his sword and slashed all ten clones before they hit him, but to his surprise all ten of them exploded on him.
Emi and Saya were now standing on opposite ends of the dust cloud that was caused by the explosion. After a couple of second two Kisame’s dashed out of the cloud with torn clothes and blood on several spots on his bodies.
The girls tried to quickly move but found to be stuck in place, there feet were frozen, with all the rain pouring down all the mist ninja had to do was perform a couple of seals and instantly the water on their feet froze.
The two Kisame’s grabbed the two girls lifting them up as they release the jutsu on their feet, they punched them several time and then tossed them to the middle of the field.
“You’re having to much trouble with these little girls Kisame” said Zetsu.
Kisame quickly performed the same jutsu again as the girls were frozen in place, Kisame reached for his sword, “I’ve had it with these two . . . . . . . . . I’m going to finish this” said Kisame as she swung his sword at the two girls.
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well in terms of Chakra I am going to say that Karama has the greatest sulppy, and in terms of strength Chakra isn't the greatest factor. Reason being, even opponents with great physical strength or high chakra levels have been defeated by the underdog. I do believe Shukakku to be the weaker biju, but quite possibly the more destructive out of all of them. Samehada was able to deplete six tails at once meaning there is a difference in chakra based on tail number active. You also need to account that every Beast has a trait or traits unique to them alone which can also play as advantage against another beast. Example Shukakku is composed of sand rather than blood and muscle. Three tails produces fog creating illusions, four tails can use lava, two tails is a mass of fire and spits fire, five tails is um really fast lol, six tails has corrosive acid. ETC. so basing strength on chakra isn't appropriate especially because they really can't use it with exception to the tailed beast ball.

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Post the stories quicker

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