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This story is based on a dream I had a week ago about a friend of mine.
Alright so this is my first story posted online, and I hope to post more in the future.
The story could be better, and there could be more dialogue. Let me know what
you think.


My name is Will. I'm a fairly average looking bisexual hispanic guy.
though the girls probably don't agree. I'm 25 years old, 5' 7", and i
have an olive complexion. Now that you know about me, let me tell you
about my friend Meghan

I'm not sure where to begin? She's maybe 5' 6-7", with a fair
complexion. Red hair, and bright blue eyes that change to green when
her mood changes. She has a great set of tits that would make a Texan
give up red meat. A full round ass, and thighs that beg to be draped
over your shoulders, and her scent....god she smelled like heaven on
earth. I wanted to worship every square inch of her delicious body.

We had been friends for a few weeks now, and I loved every minute of
it. Usually I would hangout with her at her job, and drive her home
afterward. We would joke about sex, talk about sex, and hate the fact
that neither of us were currently having sex. Something that I wanted to
rectify in a mutually beneficial way. Which is why I was saddened and
disappointed when she named me on a list of people she couldn't have
sex with. It would have been fine if she had said it in private, but
others were around. Other whom I'm sure noticed the slightly hurt look
on my face. The reason she gave was that it would feel strange given
our friendship. Though I suspected it had more to do with the fact
that I wasn't a tall, muscly, Adonis.

I took a day or two but I got over it, and resigned myself to the fact
that we would always be just friends. It was better then nothing, and
she was always fun to be around. The only thing that was a little
harder to get used to was hearing her talk about wanting to fuck this
guy or that guy. When I was sitting right in front of her primed like
a powder keg ready to blow. This to would come to pass though.

Wednesday his week I picked Meghan up at her place, and we drove
around looking for some way to kill time. Finding absolutely nothing
worth doing I suggested a movie and a pizza at her place. She thought
about it for a moment, and I noticed some apprehension on her face. I
assured her that I could be trusted, and I would be a perfect
gentlemen. Something that I truly believed myself. After a quick stop
at the local blockbuster for a copy of UP. We picked up the pizza and
headed back to hers.

Meghan was currently living in a hotel room above a local bar. It
wasn't her ideal living situation, but what choice did she have. It
wasn't the worst place I'd ever been. If was a single room with a
small bathroom through a door on the left side of the room. There were
no chairs in the room, so we had to sit on the bed. I popped the DVD
into the player and started it up, then sat back with a slice of
pizza. During the movie I would glance over at Meghan, and study the
rise and fall of her breasts as she focused on the movie. I honestly
tried no to, but they were right there in front of me, and I had
already seen this movie a few times.

When the movie finished we decided to see what was on comcast on
demand. We decided on True Blood reruns, because it was something we
both enjoyed. The thing about True blood though is the fact that the
sex scenes are great. A little to great I thought as I felt the
beginning of a westward expansion in my briefs. Lucky for me, Meghan
was to enthralled in the show to notice. Saving me the embarrassment of
being kicked out for being a perv.

It was a few episodes later that I heard her suddenly squeal. I turned
my head toward the startling sound to see that Meghan had spilled her
drink all over her shirt, and the crotch of her pants. I couldn't help
but laugh at first, but that faded away quickly as I realized that the
front of her shirt was now see through. I marveled at the sight while
she ran to the bathroom to dry off.

Meghan leapt to her feet, and across the room. Shutting her self in
the bathroom so quickly that she hadn't properly closed the door.
Meghan used some paper towels to soak up some of the liquid, but
decided it would be easier to just change into her robe. Then through
her soiled clothes in the hamper to be cleaned later.

I was looking at Meghan's refection through the inch wide opening in
the door. I sat in complete awe as she pealed her clothes of till she
stood in just a pair of cotton wet panties. I could make out her pussy
lips through the transparent material, and I wished I could get a
closer look. Meghan hooked her thumbs into the sides of her panties,
and bent forward as she removed the only thing standing between me and
the object of my burning desire.

It felt as though time had slowed to a crawl, and I stood from my
position on the bed as I made my way to the bathroom door. My heart
was pounding in my head. I knew what I was doing was wrong as well as
risky, but I was running on pure lust at the moment.

Meghan threw her robe over herself, and closed her eyes. She ran her
hands down her stomach to her thighs, and brought a hand down over her
mound. She teased her clit with her fingers, and wished I wasn't in
the next room so she could get herself off. Just as she thought this
though I pressed myself against her behind, cupped her breast
squeezing ever so lightly.

Meghan's eyes flew open in shock at the unexpected warmth of my touch.
She was embarrassed, and felt a little scared. She  locked her eyes to
mine in the mirror, and asked me what I way doing. I smiled and said,
"whatever your body needs me to do". I don't know why I said that, but
it felt like the right thing to say. Meghan looked as if she was
contemplating whether she should let me continue. "I can't do this
with you Will, I told you that". I ignored her and pinched her
nipples, drawing a shuddering sigh from her lips.

"Just close your eyes Meghan Just pretend that it's someone else.
Enjoy the feeling right now, and tomorrow we'll pretend it never
happened". I didn't wait for a reply. I started nibbling on her
earlobe and kissed my way down to the nape of her neck sucking and
licking. Meghan's breathing was grating more shallow, and a pick blush
started to spread from her face to her chest. She started to rub her
thighs together, pushing her ass into my crotch at the same time. I told Meghan to bend over and put her hands on the sink. She did as
instructed and I started to kiss my way down her back. Meghan enjoyed
the feeling when it suddenly stopped.

Meghan opened her eyes to see I way no longer their. She walked into
the room to see me sitting on the bed waiting for her. I unbuckled my pants, and slid them off. leaving me in briefs and a t shirt. Meghan walked so slowly that it seemed like she was being pulled across the room against her will. For a second I thought she might come to her senses, and ask me to leave, but that thought left me as she dropped to her knees in front of me. She reached her hands up, and grasped my briefs tugging them down, and off my legs. Meghan's fingers wrapped around my dick, as she stroked me up and down my length.

I was truly surprised that I had forgotten how amazing it felt to have the hands of another person on me. The feeling of her warm breath making me even harder. Meghan kissed the head, licking up the small amount of precum on the tip. She licked all over then her tongue gripped me like a snake before engulfing it's prey, and engulf me she did. She sucked me into the back of her throat gagging a little, but not to much. She drove me to the edge, and when I thought it couldn't get better she began to hum. The vibrations where completely different from anything I had ever felt in my life. I would have shot a my load right then if I hadn't reluctantly pushed her away.

Meghan looked furious that I pushed her away, but I explained that I didn't want the fun to end so quickly. I took her hand, and helped her to her feet. I reached around Meghan's waist with my right hand pulling her against me. Caressed her face with my left hand, and engaged her in a passionate kiss. Her eyes were had changed to a bright jade hue, and I saw a hunger in her. One that I shared whole heartedly. With renewed lust I leaned in for another kiss, but stopped part of the way. Forcing her to lean in to meet lips, and just as her mouth was about to graze mine. I whispered, “Lay on the bed”.

Meghan quickly complied, scooting to the center of the bed. She knew what was coming now. I climbed onto the bed between her legs inhaling her sweet aroma. It made my mouth water, it still does when ever I think back to that day. Looping my arms under her knees I lifted her thighs to rest on my shoulders. I didn't know whether to just dive right in or tease her a little. I chose to tease as i'm kind of a bastard like that. I planted a soft trail of kisses up her right thigh. Skipping over her pussy, moving onto the left thigh then back. I deliberately kissed, and licked around her pussy occasionally landing a kiss on her engorged clit. Finally I started licking her pussy lips along their length before burying my tongue inside. My nose pressed against her clit so that every movement of my head would illicit a throaty moan.

She started to grind herself on my face in small clockwise circles as I drank in her nectar. She was so adorable, trying to keep from being to loud. As cute as that was though, I was going to make her vocalize her satisfaction as loudly as possible. My left hand snaked up to pinch, and twist her nipples. While my other hand started to finger her, as I sucked on her clit. Meghan could feel her first orgasm rising, and I was fully prepared to make sure it was memorable.

I started to finger bang her quickly. making sure to press against her g-spot, while bumping into her clit with my thumb. Meghan's breathing was getting quicker, her eyes were shut tight, and a light sheen of sweat began to appear on her brow. I addressed Meghan allowed, “I want you to cum for me now!”. With that she started to shake, her mouth opened in a breathless moan, and her pussy began to clamp down on my fingers hard. I withdrew my fingers quickly kneeling between her legs, and reinserting my two middle fingers. I piston-ed my fingers in an up and down motion focusing completely on her g-spot now. There is absolutely nothing more sublime then fingering a women through an orgasm. Meghan's head started to thrash from side to side as she hit her second orgasm. Her pussy clamping down harder as if to break my hand, but I didn't let up yet. I wanted one more before moving on, and in about 20 seconds I was granted my wish as she yelled, “Fucking!..Uh...God!, yes!”.

Meghan's head was spinning, and it wouldn't stop anytime soon. If you've never given a women multiple orgasms you should be aware of how sensitive they are. Having experienced this many times before I knew just what to do. I moved up the bed laying next to my radiant angel. I kissed along her collar bone up to her ear and whispered, “It's okay baby just enjoy it”. While my finger traced up and down between her breast. A huge smile crept across her face and she finally spoke, “How the hell did you do that?”. I just laughed, and asked her if she was ready to continue.

Meghan's smile grew bigger, and she pulled me in for a hard kiss. I needed no more encouragement, and climbed back between her legs resting my dick against the entrance of her vagina. “You sure your ready?”, I asked. “I'm red uh...”, is all she got out as thrust myself all the way in one push. I pushed in and out loving the tightness of her warmth. Meghan grabbed her own tits, rubbing her nipples as she bounced back and forth on the bed. I put my right hand on her throat squeezing hard enough to restrict her breathing, but light enough not to hurt her. Her eyes shot open, and rolled back into her head as she reached another orgasm. I took note of that in my mind, but didn't dwell on it. Grabbing a pillow, and lifting her ass. I placed the pillow under her to give leverage. I pressed myself against her, wrapped her legs around my waist, and told her to hold on tight. I fucked her as hard, and fast as I could, and the leverage from the pillows allowed me to penetrate deeper, and rub against her g-spot. I tried to keep track as her back to back orgasms. Between they insane tightness of her clamping pussy though, and the sounds of pleasure escaping from her mouth. I could feel my own orgasm swiftly rising. As if by instinct Meghan yelled, “Do it Papi! Cum for me Papi! Make me yours!”. That's all it took for me to explode in the single best orgasm I had ever had in my life. It felt like it took me years to recover, as I laid on top of her bathed in sweet. When I finally mustered the strength to roll of Meghan. I lay next to her, and cradled her in my arms. I stared into her eyes, and kissed her before we both passed out from exhaustion.

In the morning I woke to find Meghan staring at me. I smiled, and we both laughed. Few words were exchanged, and to this day we haven't talked about it again. We just share knowing glances, giggles, and wanton looks. I don't know if we'll ever sleep together again, but even If we don't the memory would stay with me for the rest of my life.

The end.
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