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The continuing saga of a couple pushed together by their spouses.
Kelly led me into her bedroom, and crawled into the bed, teasing me by wiggling her wonderful ass at me. I joined her, knowing we were about to violate the sanctity of her marital bed. We fell into each others arms, and returned to our passionate kissing. After warming ourselves back up, Kelly rolled over and grabbed the lists we had written less than an hour before.

Reading the list, she said, "Tit sex, anal sex, cunnilingus, and role playing. I bet we can bang at least three of these out, tonight. Literally."

I laughed, no longer so nervous about the situation. Kelly was equally relaxed, and asked me if I was ready to start working our way down the list.

"I like the 'down' part. Especially if you're asking me to go down on you." Kelly grinned, rolled onto her back, and spread her legs wide, offering me her freshly shaved pussy. I positioned myself between her legs, and started by flicking my tongue across her clit, causing her to shiver with pleasure. Slowly, I worked my tongue down her slit, paying special attention to her puffy pussy lips. As Kelly started the heavy breathing, again, I slid my tongue between her lips and forced it into her pussy. Her musky smell filled my senses as she started to slowly rock her hips, forcing my tongue further into her hole.

As she got more aroused, I started tongue fucking her more quickly. Kelly responded by grabbing my head and pulling it tight into her cunt.

Kelly was breathing very heavily, and I stopped licking her pussy long enough to ask if she wanted me to tongue her other hole. As an answer, she pulled her legs in close to her ass and rocked her hips up, giving me access to both her cunt and her anus. I shifted on the bed so I could best eat out her asshole. At first, I just worked my tongue back and forth between her pussy and anus. As her ass got more and more lubricated, I moved around so that I could straddle her body and go to work and her more effectively.

That also gave Kelly the opportunity to take my cock into her hungry mouth. As my tongue forced its way into her tight ass, she started slowly taking my cock into her mouth. The feeling of again having her tongue on my cock was incredible. The feeling of my tongue in her ass was even better. Given our recent shower, I knew she was completely clean, and I drove my tongue as far into her anus as I could. As she loosened up and my saliva mixed with her cum, I was able to shove my tongue into her further and faster. As I did that, she grew more and more aggressive on my cock. After several minutes of this, I climaxed, unable to hold back any longer. I moaned into her ass while cumming into her mouth.

After spurting everything I had, I turned around and laid down beside Kelly. She rolled into me and shoved her tongue back into my mouth. Since she wasn't concerned about my tongue being in her ass, I didn't worry about my cum in her mouth.

Knowing I was likely drained after cumming twice in such short order, Kelly said we should take a break and just snuggle. I agreed, and rolled out of bed. I took her by the hand and led her out into the kitchen. We grabbed a few more beers, and headed to the basement to see if we could find something worth watching together. Following Kelly down the stairs, I was again amazed that I had such an amazing women to call my lover. Her ass swaying in front of me made me forget that I had already shot my load twice that night. I felt a twinge in my crotch as I imagined my tongue and cock in that beautiful ass.

In the basement, we laid down together on their sofa. Kelly surprised me by throwing in a porn flick. As we snuggled together, we watched a guy fucking a girl in her ass.

"Subtle, Kelly. Subtle."

"Well, I know you might need some time to recover. But the movie will help us know when you are ready to go, again. Because I don't think we go to bed until we check off one more item on the list. As if to emphasize what she was saying, she stood up, and bent to touch her toes, looking through her legs. Naked as she was, her position gave me a perfect view of her ass and pussy.

Surprising her, I sat up, pulled her toward me, and shoved my tongue back into her ass. I continued the rim job until I felt my cock start to come to life, again. As my cock started to harden, I replaced my tongue with a finger, shoving it in past the knuckles. Kelly started to rock her hips back and forth as I slid the finger in and out of her ass. When her anus started to loosen up, I stood up and positioned my now hard cock at the opening.

Kelly, knowing we might need a bit of lubrication, turned and took my cock back into her mouth. She lathered the shaft up with her saliva, and then returned to her previous position, ass in the air.

I put my hard, wet cock back at the opening of her anus, and pulled her hips toward me. Kelly helped by pushing back, and I felt her ass slowly open to accept my dick. We went slowly, at first, as the head of my cock started to disappear into her rear. Once we got the head past her anus, the rest of the cock slid in easily. Kelly gasped as my dick buried itself in her ass, and I moaned at the tight feeling of her anus squeezing on my shaft.

Pushing hard to hold my cock in place, I had Kelly go down on all fours. I knelt behind her, and started to slide in and out of her. Kelly was lost in pleasure, and I was in heaven, fucking her ass. After several minutes, when we were sure her ass was loose and well lubricated, I backed out, sat on the couch, and allowed Kelly to sit down facing me, impaling her rear on my cock, again. In this position, she was in total control of how far and fast my cock slammed into her butt. To my surprise, she didn't hold back. She started bouncing and rocking as fast as she could. With her controlling the tempo of the buttfucking, I turned my attention to her massive titties. I alternated between them, sucking on one and playing with the nipples of the other.

With her ass enveloping my cock, and her facing me, Kelly's pussy was perfectly positioned for me to finger fuck her at the same time. I started to rub her cunt, then slid three fingers into her pussy. The combination of my cock in her ass and my fingers in her twat sent Kelly over the edge. She experienced a powerful climax, sending powerful contractions through her pussy and into her ass. As Kelly's muscles grabbed hold of my cock, I dumped one more load of cum into Kelly's body. Weak from the exertion, we both fell onto the couch in each others arms.

Kelly looked into my eyes, kissed me deeply, and said, "I love you, Tom. I love that you did this for me. And I love that we'll be able to explore so many things, together."

"I imagine Jason was right, then."

"How's that," she asked.

"We're going to need that box of condoms."

Kelly grinned impishly, and said, "At least until I can get back on the pill."

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Hi Laura, I love your photos! I had pelnnad a red dress photo shoot for this Sunday, April 22 for myself and four best friends. One of our friends has had an incredibly difficult past few years, so we are doing this for her and also to celebrate our 20+ years of friendship. Unfortunately, the photographer who had agreed to do a pro-bono red dress shoot for us back in February is now not answering my emails, so I am worried that all the work and planning is going to unravel. We pelnnad this date a couple of months ago because it was the first date that all five of us were all available. Is there ANY chance you would be availabe to do our photo shoot this Sunday? I know it is ridiculously last minute, but I figure it doesn't hurt to ask. We already have a makeup artist lined up, and we have gotten permission to shoot at American Tobacco in downtown Durham. If there is any way you can help us out, we would be grateful! Pamela Santos


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very hard well worth that pump

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obama blows

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obama is lord and provider

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