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Date weekend for a couple pushed together by their spouses.
It had been nearly a month since our spouses had given us the opportunity to enter into a sexual relationship, and Kelly and I hadn't wasted a single opportunity in that time. After that first amazing weekend, we explored all of the items on our wish lists, and then some. Kelly showed me the pleasure of fucking her massive tits, and the feeling of my cock sliding through her cleavage and into her mouth was amazing. We ventured into role playing, bringing various fetishes into the scenarios. She was the young school girl who needed help shaving her pussy. I was the injured soldier in her care. She was the hooker caught by the undercover cop.

We also experimented with things not on either list. Kelly's pussy was my personal sandbox and I played with all kinds of toys there. I discovered a newfound love for carrots and cucumbers, though not for eating. Kelly showed me a new use for popsicles, and I discovered that pussy with popsicle juice is tasty. Kelly showed me that girls aren't the only ones that enjoy having a tongue in their ass. I was shocked the first time she slid her tongue off my cock and toward my ass. Shocked but intensely aroused. She jacked me off while she shoved her tongue into my anus, leading me to a massive climax.

Most of our encounters were, however, short and sweet. She would call me as I headed home from work to let me know that she had talked with Allison, telling her I would be late. That would buy us enough time to get together, fuck, and head to our families for the night. We loved those brief sexual meetings, but longed for another opportunity to spend more time together.

Several weeks after that first weekend, we got our next chance. Jason was going out of town, and he had called his parents about having the girls stay with them. The jumped at the opportunity to spoil the grandkids for a couple days, and Allison was fine having a weekend with me gone.

So, Kelly started making arrangements. Dinner for the two of us. A babysitter for my kids so Allison could have an afternoon and evening to herself. Kelly wanted the weekend to be even better than that first time together, so I knew she would plan some pretty amazing things.

I showed up at her house Friday, just as Jason's parents were packing the kids into their car. "Tom," they asked, "What brings you by?"

"Kelly asked me to stop by and take care of some things since Jason is out." Well, I didn't want to lie to them! "I figured I'd get an early start, as it might take up the better part of the weekend."

Kelly kissed the girls good-bye, and we watched the car pull away. When it rounded the corner, Kelly grabbed my hand, pulled me quickly toward the house, and wrapped her arms around my neck as soon as the door slammed shut. "Jeez, Tom, my thighs almost burst into flames when you said that to Jason's parents. I'm wet just thinking how close you were to the truth."

"Are you wet because of that, or because of what's coming up."

"Why," she asked, "Is something coming up, already?" As she said that, she started to rub at my partially erect cock through my jeans.

I started to kiss her, wildly shoving my tongue into her open mouth. My hands moved toward her chest, massaging her tits over the shirt. We made out right in the doorway for several minutes, until we realized the blinds were open and we were standing in full view of any neighbors who might look in the window.

Closing the blinds, Kelly said, "Welcome home, by the way." Then, she moved toward the kitchen, waving for me to follow. In the kitchen, she had set up what looked to be an intimate dinner at the counter, which would allow us to sit close together on bar stools. There were candles lit, and all of the blinds there had been drawn.

"I wanted it to be like we're at a bar, and the stools will allow some interesting things to happen while we eat."

Kelly had a few final things to get going, then we grabbed our "date" clothes and headed to the bathroom for a quick shower. Kelly laid the rules down, saying, "There is no sex allowed in this shower. Well, at least before dinner. We're just going to treat this like we're getting ready to go out."

I was alright with that, though the shower was not completely free of foreplay. I couldn't help standing behind Kelly's towering body and sliding my fingers across her sensitive clit. Likewise, she seemed to spend a great deal of time making sure my rigid cock was completely clean. As she did that, I caressed her butt cheeks, slipping a finger thrillingly close to her anus. And, of course, we spent most of the shower passionately kissing each other.

After showering and drying each other off, we worked on getting dressed. Kelly, acting the part of the high school girl, insisted that I get dressed in the basement, allowing her to ready herself. She wanted to have the bedroom and bathoom, as well as be able to finish dinner. She said she would call me when she was ready to be "picked up."

I dressed quickly in some "clubbing" clothes, then sat down to watch some t.v. I wasn't really interested in what was on, and felt antsy, like a teen waiting on his date. All I needed was the overprotective father asking me questions, and the scene would have been complete.

As I sat there pretending to watch t.v., my cell phone rang. From the ring tone, I knew it was from Kelly's home phone, and I answered it wondering what she was up to. Giggling, she asked if I was ever going to pick her up for our date. Playing along, I responded, "Girls are never ready on time, so I figured I would show up at the last possible moment."

"Well, if you don't show up early, how are you supposed to talk with my dad and make sure he's okay with us dating?"

"Alright, we wouldn't want to upset the balance of nature. How about I head that way, right now?" I hung up, and headed up the stairs.

Walking into the kitchen, I was absolutely blown away. It was obvious why Kelly had taken so long. The kitchen was almost unrecognizable. She had put fine white linens out, and the counter looked like the table at any five star restaurant. Candles provided mood lighting, and the stereo was playing a CD of love songs. The dishes had been put away, the dinner was on serving platters, and the sink transformed into a wine cooler.

The changes in the kitchen were minor compared to the effort Kelly had put into herself. She was totally stunning. She had done her hair up, with a few lengths of her curly locks flowing down her neck to rest on her bosom. She was wearing very light makeup, and the look was perfect. Her blue eyes were brought out by the powder blue dress she was wearing. It was cut low across the chest, allowing a great glimpse of her chest. The dress hugged her waist and hips, and opened up near the bottom, and a slit down the side allowed a view of her gorgeous legs. She had on panty hose and open toe heels that closely matched her dress.

I stood there, completely blown away by her efforts and her beauty. "You're beautiful. Absolutely gorgeous," was all I could think to say.

Kelly beamed. "Thank you," she said, then blushed.

My heart beating quickly, I took her hand, again feeling the electricity of nervous tension. This was, essentially, our first date. And it felt like it. "Shall we go to dinner? I know the owner of a fabulous place and can probably get us in on short notice."

"Yes," Kelly replied, "I'm sure you can get in, and then some." She had her typical impish grin as we sat down at the counter.

Kelly uncovered the dishes, and I was amazed at just how much effort she had put into the night. She had tenderloin steaks, lobster with pasta and garlic bread, and steamed asparagus. I grabbed a bottle of wine and opened it, served her then poured myself a glass.

After we had dished up the plates, I took the glasses, handed her hers, and help mine up in toast. "To a beautiful woman, a lovingly planned evening, and whatever the rest of the night holds." Kelly added, "And to lovers truly meant to be together."

We clinked glasses, took a drink, and shared another kiss. Then we turned our attention to the food. Dinner was absolutely amazing, and Kelly proved, once again, how fabulously she can cook. Throughout the meal, we deepened our connection to each other. Like any two people in love, we fed each other bites of dinner. We maintained close contact, rubbing up against each other. And we spent a great deal of time just staring into each others eyes as we talked about everything. Desires, experiences, wishes, and even our kids.

As we got closer to finishing our meals (and that bottle of wine), our hands started to move from the table to our bodies. I found myself rubbing Kelly's legs, attempting to get under the dress. Kelly's hands started to rub my legs, moving ever closer to a cock that truly wanted to be free of the pants confining it. We spent more time kissing and caressing.

Once the main course was finished, we reluctantly abandoned our heavy petting and worked on clearing the table. While Kelly may have willingly surrendered herself to another man in her marital bed, she would never abandon her desire to have a perfect house. We cleaned the dishes, and put everything away.

Then Kelly broke out another surprise. She opened the fridge and pulled out a tray of chocolate covered fruit, including strawberries, bananas, strawberries, and apples. "I wasn't sure which you'd prefer most, so I figured we'd have all of them." Handing the tray to me, she pulled out a bottle of champagne. "You can't have chocolate covered strawberries without champagne."

She led me into the bedroom, where she had once again lit a bunch of candles, and found that she had replaced their normal linens with silk sheets. She had also sprinkled rose petals around the room, and the provided a wonderful and erotic scent. Kelly had obviously put a great deal of thought into the weekend, and was living up to her promise that it would be perfect.

Lying on the bed was a new set of silk pajamas she said were bought, for me, for the weekend. She set the tray on a table, asked me to open the champagne, pointing to champagne flutes, then walked out of the bedroom, saying she'd be right back.

I turned my attention to the bottle, and filled a glass for each of us. Then, I changed into the pajamas. I put my clothes away into the drawers Kelly had cleared out for me that first weekend, and crawled into the bed. As I did that, an envelope slid off Kelly's pillow. I immediately recognized it as the envelope we had sealed with our "Dirty Little Secrets" list. My nerves immediately frazzled, thinking about what was on my list, and considering how it might compare to what Kelly had written down.

As I put the envelope back on her pillow, I heard the bathroom door open, and Kelly walked back into the room. And she once again caused my jaw to drop. She had changed into an incredible red negligee. The top was almost entirely lace, and I could see her nipples pushing against the thin fabric. The lower section was silk, the bottom was decorated with light ruffling. The color of the outfit completely contrasted with her shockingly blond curls. The outfit was completed with a pair of what seemed to be matching crotchless panties. I could flashes of her still bald pussy lips as she came toward the bed.

I hopped off the bed and handed a glass of champagne to Kelly, put the dessert tray on the bed, and grabbed my glass. We sipped at the champagne while picking out samples of the fruit to feed to the other. Taking cues from all the best movies, we did everything we could to tease each other with the food. Kelly did her best impression of giving a blow job on unsuspecting bananas and strawberries. I ran pieces of the fruit over her body before feeding it to her. Champagne followed the fruit, and we had soon downed most of the bottle and a good amount of the dessert.

"Now," I said, "I want the rest of the dessert. I want YOUR cherry, no chocolate required."

"Tom, it's way too late to have my cherry. I lost that a long time ago. Besides, before we go any further, tonight, we have an envelope to open."

Despite her beauty and near nakedness, the nerves that hit me when she mentioned that envelope nearly killed my erection. She was also visibly trembling. I asked her if her secrets were making her nervous, or something else.

"What's on the list, Tom. I've never shared this with anyone else."

"We're even, then, because you're about to learn some things that nobody except those involved know about. And I can tell you that I'm terrified of how you might respond. We've had a wonderful month, and I don't want anything to ruin the relationship we have."

Kelly looked at me, clearly frightened, and picked up the envelope. "Tom, we promised absolute honesty, and we put these down so that we could have the most loving, sexually open relationship possible. We can't let secrets prevent us from exploring every aspect of our sex life."

With that, she ripped the end off the envelope. She slid both sheets out, and looked at both without opening them. Looking, I realized she had written our names on the sheets, and she handed me the one with her name, keeping mine.

"Tom, I want you to open mine, first. That way, if what's written down there changes how you feel about me, I won't open yours."

I leaned forward, kissed her, and said that nothing on the paper could do that. "Trust me," I said, "It's actually more likely to occur the other way."

"Go ahead," she pushed, "Open it and read it."

Slowly, with trembling fingers, I unfolded her paper. She had written two lines down.

1. I had a lesbian relationship in college behind Jason's back. The idea of a threesome with you and another women is one fantasy I couldn't write on the other list.
2. My dad and I has sex when I lived at home. It could be considered rape, but I was willing.

I sat there looking at the paper, my jaw in my lap. I heard Kelly sniffling and looked up to see tears rolling down her cheeks.

"Don't cry, Kelly. There's nothing to cry about. Besides, your beautiful face is getting all red and puffy."

Still crying, she looked up at me. "You haven't said anything about what I wrote down. Do you think I'm a monster?"

My simple reply was, "Why don't you open my list, and then we'll see."

Shaking fingers opened the paper she was holding. She read the list, then started laughing at the same time she was crying. Written down on my paper were the two things I had never shared with anyone.

1. My sister and I had a sexual relationship for years when we were in school.
2. In my sexual past are one man and two 13-year olds.

"Is this true," she asked. "Have you actually done these things?"

"You said absolute honesty. It seems we both lived up to that. Now, why are you still crying."

"Oh, Tom! They were tears of anguish, at first. I was afraid you'd hate me. Now, I guess their tears of relief. You don't hate me, do you?"

"God no, Kelly. I love you, and that you would share those secrets with me tell me you love me, too."

She jumped across the bed, falling into my arms, where we began to kiss with a newfound desire. Lust mixed with love to drive us into a sexual frenzy. Her face, still red from crying, was the most beautiful thing in the world at that moment, and I wanted to dry the tears. I hoped to change the sadness into animal lust and primal urges.

I rolled her onto the bed, and straddled her, holding her down. Looking around, I saw some robes, and grabbed the belts off them. Kelly looked at me inquisitively, and I told her to put her hands over her head. She obeyed, and I tied first one then the other wrist with silk straps from two of the robes. I tied the other ends to rails on the headboard of the bed, ensuring her hands were well above her head, tightly restrained. Kelly had a look of frightened lust in her eyes.

"I've never been restrained, before, Tom."

"Quiet," I told her, "Or you'll regret it." Though bondage had never really come up in my sexual past, I was determined to restrain Kelly and fuck her into exhaustion.

She started to resist, slightly, getting into the role. Turning to her, I leaned close to her and whispered, "Camelot. That stops everything."

Then, I turned back toward her legs, forcing them apart and down. I grabbed one leg and wrapped another robe tie around it and worked on threading it to the frame of the bed.

"Tom, what are you doing. Stop! You can't do this."

"I told you to shut up, or it gets worse." I forced her leg down as she struggled to free it. I quickly but tightly secured that leg to the bed. I then turned to her other leg.

Kicking her only free leg, she yelled at me, "Stop, Tom, or I'll scream."

"Scream all you want, bitch. No one will hear you. I'm going to fuck you until you can't scream any more. So go ahead and get an early start."

Kelly really did start screaming, then. She pushed and fought with her leg, until I was able to hold it down restrain it with the belt from one more robe. At this point, scream was all Kelly could do. Pull as she might, her arms and legs weren't coming loose. I stood there, looking at her, tied with her arms above her head and legs spread eagle, and was extremely aroused.

She had stopped screaming, and was whimpering for me not to do this. "Don't rape me, please! I have kids. I won't say anything to anyone, just don't rape me."

I turned toward her, dropped my pants, and told her that she would damn well do whatever I told her. Pushing her top up over her head and onto her arms, I mashed my mouth onto one of her tits, causing her to gasp in pain. I bit onto the nipple, and pulled it up in my teeth. At the same time, I forced my fingers into her pussy.

"Don't rape you, eh?" I said. "You can't rape the willing. If I'm not mistaken, that pussy is already wet. You want it, don't you you little whore?"

"No," she replied. "Please, stop."

I continued to ram my fingers in and out of her pussy, loosening her cunt and increasing the flow of her juices.

Kelly started to fight, again, struggling to get out of the bonds restraining her. She was again whimpering in terror. I sat up, looked at her, and told her that I would give her something to fight against. Something to cry about.

I moved down between her spread eagled pussy and started by shoving my tongue deep into her hole. I lapped at her cum, and flicked her clit with my fingers. She pulled against the restraints, torn between the emotions of fear and ecstasy. As I continued to eat her pussy, her come mixed with my saliva creating a slippery mess.

I sat up and started rubbing my fingers and hand against her soaked pussy. "Now," I said, "Let's see how this makes you scream."

With that, I made fist and put it against the opening to her cunt. Kelly's eyes got wide as she realized what I was about to do.

"No, don't," she screamed. "There's no way you can put that inside me."

"Shut up, or it goes up your ass, next." With that, I started to slowly push my fist against the resistance of her pussy lips. Slowly, agonizingly, Kelly's hole opened up to the pressure, and my fist slid into her cunt. She screamed in both pain and pleasure.

"Oh, god..."

Slowly, very carefully, I continued to push until I knew my fist could go no further. Then, just as slowly, I started to slide my arm back. Kelly's back was arched as she dealt with the pain of having her cunt filled to the absolute limit. As my fist neared the opening of her pussy, I pushed back in until I was again buried to the hilt. As her pussy started to stretch to accept the massive object inside her, I started fucking her harder and faster.

Kelly was beyond any discussion. Her eyes were rolled back in her head, and she was moaning loudly. Still, she tried to keep up the role.

"Please. Stop. Get. Out. Of. Me." The sentence was broken, the words almost whimpers. She was surrendering to the fact that there was nothing she could do to stop what was happening to her. She was almost broken.

I continued to fuck her with my fist, and started to rub her tits and nipples with the other. Kelly continued to writhe in pleasure, and I replaced the hand on her tits with my mouth. My hot tongue touched her nipples, hitting her like an electric shock. I flicked at each nipple, making them stand straight out. I continued doing that until Kelly started to scream.

Her pussy muscles contracted around my hand and I knew that Kelly was in the grip of a powerful climax. She screamed in ecstasy, and I knew she was enjoying every minute of what was happening.

Gently, I eased my fist out of her cunt. Just that sent Kelly over the edge, again, and she climaxed a second time.

"Now, are you ready to be a good little girl, or do you need to be taught another lesson?"

"I'll be good," she replied. I'll do whatever you want."

"Okay, then, where do you want me to fuck you, next. In your mouth, your cunt, or your ass. Because I'm cumming, somewhere."

"My pussy can't take any more, now. How about you fuck my tits, and I'll suck you off."

"That's a bit hard, with your titties spread apart like they are."

"Well, you'll have to untie my hands, then."

"Okay, but try anything funny, and you won't like what happens. And bite me, and you'll pay more dearly than you can imagine."

With that, I loosened the bindings on her wrists, freeing her hands. She quickly pushed her tits together, giving me a very pussy like channel to shove my cock into. As I started to slide my dick, slippery from precum, through her cleavage, Kelly leaned her head forward and took my cock into her mouth with each stroke.

It felt wonderful to finally have my dick in action, and the pressure from both her tits and sucking mouth was heaven. Soon, I stopped worrying about fucking her tits and moved forward so she could better suck my cock. As I did that, Kelly put her hands behind me and grabbed my butt. She pulled my body into her face, taking my cock deep into her throat. I felt one of her hands leave my ass, and realized she was rubbing it against through her own pussy juice.

As she continued to suck me, I felt her hand return to my rear, only to have her pull my cheeks apart and start probing with one finger. When she found what she was looking for, she sucked even harder on my cock, and shoved her pussy lubricated finger into my ass. I climaxed immediately, dumping load after load of cum into Kelly's mouth.

After the last spurt flowed into her, Kelly removed her probing finger from my ass, and I collapsed next to her. We lay there, cuddling and kissing for several minutes. Kelly was recovering from the treatment she had received, and I was recovering from the most intense role playing I'd ever done.

Eventually, I sat up and untied her feet, and then laid down with her, again.

Shortly before we both fell asleep from exhaustion, Kelly said, "In the morning, you fuck me missionary. Then we discuss those lists, and what they might mean for us."

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That's not just logic. That's really snsebile.

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Why dont u tell ur spouses what is going on, so that it can b 4some


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opportunity-good story, very interesting!


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opportunity-good story, very interesting!

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Keep fucking and get her pregnant and live with her for the rest of your life. Have many kids.

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