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This is a true story of my first time
My name is Tiffany and this is my story. I was reading some of the others and thought I would give it a shot and tell my story. This website is great :P I guess getting the story started is the hard part, so here it goes:

I was 14 years old and living in upstate NY …way upstate near Watertown in military housing with my parents. It was cool because most of all the kids in the neighbor hood were military also and we all went to school together. So there were plenty of kids to hang out with. I have always been a thin skinny girl and then was no different. I was 5’1”, about 90 to 95 lbs, blonde hair, and always had larger than average boobs for someone my size. At 14 I was a 32B. Not large, but not small for my size. I was on the JV cheerleading squad at my high school.
My soon best friend Quita lived next door to me and she was a year older than me in age and grade. I was a freshman. Her and her family was black, but being military, it didn’t really matter who my friends were to me.
One night before the Christmas break she asked if I could stay the night and my parents were always really cool about it so it was no problem. Only thing different this time was that her parents were not going to be home but since it was right next door, my parents were right next door so it was all good.
The night started the same as always. We had pizza and were watching MTV….dancing around and all that stuff. Talking about boys and all that stuff, you know how teenage girls are right. That was when her brother Jamal called and said he was coming over. Jamal was 19 years old and in the Army also, but he lived on the fort in the barracks and was not around too much. He liked his freedom. Quita’s dad had made some phone calls while Jamal was away in training to get him stationed where they were.
So Jamal is 19 like I said, pretty tall like 6’3” and really muscular. He played football and basketball in high school. He walked in the door and hugged Quita and called me neighbor girl. He was always friendly and cool. He said everyone from his unit had gone home on Leave and he didn’t feel like staying at the barracks. Anyone who is familiar with the Army base Fort Drum knows that there is nothing around and the snow really piles up in the winter, so he came over to see what was up.
We kept watching TV and Jamal was eating everything left over from the pizza and drinking some of his dads beer. Then he made the suggestion for us all to play the drinking game Quarters. We had never played and said okay. He set up the table and got the glasses out. We were playing with what I think he said was Crown Royal.
It took a few tries to get the game going with the bouncing and the rules and stuff but we were having fun. Jamal was obviously better than us and he was picking on his sister making her drink. For every three times she drank, I probably had one shot. So we were getting buzzed and after about an hour or so she was starting to not feel well. She started feeling dizzy and stuff….went into the bathroom and was feeling sick. Big brother started taking care of her and put her to bed. I was feeling a little dizzy myself but not too bad. Jamal came back in the family room making fun of his sister who was laying in bed now saying the room was spinning.
Jamal came over and turned up the TV to get the music louder. He told me to show him my dance moves. So while watching the videos and listening to the music we started dancing. He was still giving me drinks too but they were mixed now and not straight shots. I was wearing a T-shirt, bra, panties, and my PJ pants. The pants were thin so when Jamal pulled me closer to do some bumping and grinding, I could feel everything. I had been to a couple school dances, but we weren’t allowed to dance like this so feeling his cock pressing against me was a new experience. I had kissed a boy and had a boy feel my boobs and ass, but never anything else. I had rubbed myself and masturbated before so I knew that feeling. I had only seen a cock on the internet. So it was a pretty incredible feeling.
At this point, Jamal’s hands were starting to touch me all over and I could feel myself grinding back against his leg. I was getting wet feeling his bulge grind against my pussy. Jamal started to kiss me and that is when he moved me to the couch. He had my shirt over my head in a second and was pushing my pants down. I had so many thoughts going through my head. I mean my parents were right next door and my best friend was passed out in her bed. As he kissed me, his big hand was rubbing my pussy and pushing my panties down around my knees. He had unsnapped my bra and moved his hands and mouth to my breasts to suck and squeeze. He started telling me how he was going to show me a few things.
He moved his knees up onto the couch and pulled his cock out of his pants……I was like OMG… was long, black and very thick. I was amazed how hard it looked. He put his hand on my head and pushed his cock toward my mouth. He told me to open my mouth as wide as I could. I did and he pushed his cock in. The head was enormous. He told me that he loved to have a white girl as cute as me sucking his cock…..I had never sucked before but he said I was doing okay. He was thrusting his cock into my mouth making me gag and choke. He held my head in one hand and started stroking the part of his cock not in my mouth….he was talking really nasty which was turning me on even more. That is when I felt his warm globby cum filling my mouth and spurting on my face. I didn’t know what to do so I sat there and just let him do what he wanted.
After he came and rubbed his cock on my chest he went and got a towel to clean me off and then started rubbing my pussy again. He really liked squeezing and sucking on my tits also. I was so turned on listening to him say how he was going to fuck me and that I was going to be his white slut.
He sat on the couch and pulled me on top of him. I straddled him while he moved his hard cock under me and he slowly pushed me down. Nothing had ever been in my pussy before except my fingers and recently his fingers. His cock head was fat, pushed into me harder….I let out a gasp, and kept lowering my body onto it….that is when I felt the pop that made me scream and I looked at him and he was smiling. He smiled and said “that’s right baby, pop that cherry on my chocolate dick” he was thrusting into me farther now…his hands on my hips moving me up and down. I was holding his shoulders and just riding his cock the way he wanted me to. I was so horny and wet. I had one orgasm while he was rubbing my pussy and I was now having my second one while riding him. He kept telling me I was doing good.
He rolled me over onto my back and put my spread my legs out wide to the side. He pushed his cock into me and started thrusting hard. Now he was grunting and I felt like I was getting beat up in a fight. I could feel his body weight coming down on me and his cock was so thrusting so hard. He said, “God Damn your pussy is so tight! I’m gonna fuck you all night long” I didn’t know if I could take all night, but I wanted that cock in me.
After a few minutes, he moved me around to my knees and pushed my face into the couch cushion. He started fucking me doggy style and slapping my ass. The pain felt so good. He said I had a nice ass for a white girl and thrusted deeper, slapping me harder. He grabbed my hair and pushed my face into the cushion harder. He asked, “What you think your daddy next door will say about his little girl getting fucked by a nigga?” I didn’t respond but I didn’t care. He kept fucking like this until he pulled out and started to cum. He pulled my head up and around so he could cum on my face. As he came, he said I was a good white girl that was going to have more fun next time we got together.
After a while we fell asleep on the couch. I still managed to wake up before Quita did the next morning. Jamal woke up we fucked again. I was really starting to like this cock. After that Jamal got dressed and said he was going back on post to get some clothes. I gave him my cell phone number and he said he would call me later. Which he did. Long story short we fucked for the next year without anyone knowing. But those are different stories.

I hope you all enjoyed. Remember, it’s my first time trying to tell this story. Thanks.

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2012-10-31 14:52:52
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2011-12-26 22:01:26
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2011-11-17 12:30:41
i was 12 yrs . at my friends house . we were in his bed roomwhen his dad came home an run my off. he told me if i came back around he would make sure i got what i was after.i went back 3 days later knowinf my friend was not u guested it i got more than u wanted

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2011-10-30 02:21:23
HOT story!! And a very, very lucky gal! Made me wet.

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2011-10-15 20:30:59
need more of the same just a little longer :) great first story though

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