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This story happens at present moment in Gr9 high school. I am in no way gay at all but had a certain kind of crush on this boy in my year.

We walked into our boarding house dorm room just school finished; we began to take our bags out of our locker to get changed for sport. This was a usual event which happened nearly every day as we both have quite a hectic sports schedule. We both play rugby and were in the same team so always changed together and chatted while we were getting changed about life and girls. James was not a big boy at all, average size but boy was he hot. He had blonde curly hair, smashing blue eyes that you could get lost looking into and a perfect hairless body which was tanned to perfection in a golden skin tone. He was not very developed in terms of puberty and I loved that. He didn’t have armpit hair or a deep voice but claimed to have ball hair, but i wouldn’t know because i had never seen him naked and was hoping though that I could soon.

We were changing and i would wait and change very slowly on purpose so that i could see him take his top off so i could stare at his beautifully chiselled 6 pack which i could imagine shooting my load all over and i would slowly get a limp boner in my boxers just thinking about it. He then removed his pants and i could see his whole hairless body, i could make the outline of his relatively small dick in his boxers, my cock was now raging and standing at full salute.

I sat on the floor to put on my socks and boots and he did the same. He sat with his legs wide open and because of this I could he his perfect hairless ball sack resting down the one side of his leg. I was ready to blow my load right there and then. His ball sack was normal size, mine was bigger, but i couldn’t wait to one day have it in my hand as i fondled them. I could sit there staring at his sack the whole day but i had to make it look as unsuspicious as i could. I would just make sure he wasn’t looking at me while i was looking at it. I don’t know what he would say if he caught me peeking. We left off to our rugby practice

After practice had finished went back to the dorm room and started talking and before we knew it everybody was gone to dinner and to do their homework except us. I took all my clothes off except my boxers and walked around. I did this because i knew that he would follow and do the same as me and it just gave me more time to stare at his perfect body. As normal we left to go shower. The shower cubicles were made of a hazy glass so you could still barely see through them. I had never seen his dick before but decided today would be the day couldn’t wait anymore, i had built up such a mental image and had to see if it would live up to my expectations. I was in the cubical next to him and i slowly started peaking around the glass into his cubical.

I stared at his beautiful bare naked ass; i just wanted to shove my cock into his tight virgin ass. He suddenly turned around and noticed me starring. Thoughts of “oh shit, what do i do know” were running through my head except the situation had a turn of events. i got an unexpected response, he started smiling at me and then out of the blue he turned around reveling his perfect cock to me, jsut as i imagined. I took this as a sign and wouldn’t dare waste the opportunity. I jumped out of my shower and join him in his. This was my dream come true so of course i leaped at the opportunity.

When i jumped into the shower i Now had a raging boner but as i walked into his cubical, i was also greeted by his 5 inch long cock. Mine was 5 ½ inches long so it was a little longer but also mine was a lot thicker than his. I didn’t really know what to do now so i left the first move up to him. He slowly got onto his knees and slowly grabbed my dick with his right hand and with his left he felt my balls, he wanked my cock up and down for a while until i was ready to try something new. I took his hands off my cock and balls and grabbed his head. I pushed my cock into his now open mouth. the feeling was heavenly. He sucked and he sucked and then i grabbed his head running my hands through his silky blonde curly hair, i began to bob his head back and forth over my cock with my hands. This was a feeling of pure bliss.

After about another minute of this i couldn’t take it anymore, i felt my cock begin to throb and the vein that run along the underside off it suddenly filled with cum and it shoot out down his throat. He choked a little but managed to take it all down except for a little but that was on his lips, he then preceded to lick his nice pink lips taking down every little last drop of my juice.
lifted him up and did the same as he done for me because it was only fair to return such a great favour. After we had both blown our loads, we stood there in the water spraying from the shower with our cocks touching each other. I asked him if he wanted to try something different. I said lets take it to the next level. He hesitated at first but gave in to me and my promises of pleasure.

I grabbed him by his thighs and walked him out of the shower. There are benched in the middle of the shower room for us to put our things on. I bent him over on one of these benches. I grabbed some shampoo i had just used to wash my hair a few minutes ago and lubed up his amazing ass. I warned him that this might hurt but he said he was up for it. I rubbed my finger in between his firm as cheeks making sure that it was ready and boy was it ready. I then lubed my dick. I was ready

I then began to push, and the head of my cock popped into my virgin hole. he grunted and moaned, but I kept pushing. I began to move faster in and out of his ass, he was letting out cries of pain and i could see tears in his eyes when he turned back to look at me but then as soon as the pain had come his pain turned rapidly to pleasure. Once i was inside him, i proceeded to spread his legs. Obviously he and i had both never done it before .Clumsily at first; he too began to thrust his hips back and forth too. I fucked him faster and faster. As i did you could hear sound of my ball sack slapping up against his ball sack which was hanging just below his ass. I was repeatedly in and out of his ass until I couldn’t hold it and more, my cock started throbbing and I blew my second load into his tight ass.

We heard someone coming and we both suddenly got a fright, i pulled my cock out of him and jumped back into my still running shower, he did the same in the cubical next to me.

After we had washed up and cleaned our selves, i then told him we could pick this up later. I could see the excitement in his eyes . Round two here we come

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2009-11-20 17:01:32
ptlk: Yeah, he was so sick his dick threw up a little in somebody's mouth.

there's tags on these stories for a reason, those who still complain just can't be helped, I guess.

Anonymous readerReport

2009-11-19 05:28:04
good story, want more. where is this sick part everyone is talking about?


2009-11-18 23:39:58
this is an enjoyable intro, and hopefully will continue. why anyone would either character or the writer 'sick' is beyond me. this is what gay boys do, and as 'normal' as what straights do.


2009-11-18 20:26:25
he is one sick gay boy

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