um this story takes me back
April had just turned twelve not very long ago. Her knowledge of sex, outside of the whisperings in the girl’s bathroom at the middle school, and the few occasions when she had let one boy or another feel her up down at the creek behind the neighborhood. She’d figured out well enough how to masturbate though, although it had never entered her mind how deliciously nasty & natural it was to taste her own juices. To delve deep and find out how absolutely wild she was about sex and bodily fluids. To discover that the possibility of licking another girls pussy and drinking her juices would hold her so enthralled that she couldn’t even think straight.

No. Those things hadn’t occurred to April before that night last week when she watched her 15 year old sister slipping her finger inside of her beautiful friend Maggie, then putting that finger into her mouth on a dare. The look of ecstasy written across their faces had sent April’s head reeling. It was as if her little own little pussy had instantly caught fire and her body had instantly tried to douse the flame. Her panties were wet and she needed release. And she had gotten it.

She woke up the next morning in a puddle from literally finger-fucking herself to exhaustion that night. She had laid there for nearly an hour, rubbing her soar pussy and day-dreaming about the night before. The first sniff of her 15 year old sister’s panties. The taste of the pee stained fabric. Sucking at the crotch of crusty white discharge from Maggie’s undies and savoring the flavors of sweat and urine. April came again.

She had fucked those panties last night. Had cum all over Janet’s and soaked them with piss. Upon inspection, she discovered that she had actually nibbled little holes in the crotch of both pair in her throws of passion. She held the still-soaked panties to her face once more and inhaled deeply. “There is no way that I can return Janet’s panties to the hamper even if I wanted too and I don’t give a fuck what happens, Maggie isn’t getting hers back – ever!” she thought to herself as she shoved them in between the mattress and hoped into the shower.

That entire week was drenched in day-dreams of that night. It was the first time she had ever cum like that. She thought endlessly on how her pussy had convulsed and then flooded her hand with gooey, slimy cum and how she had then licked up all of her own pre-teen sauce from her fingers. Her pussy was tingling again & she was lost in her on world, thinking back how every day since then, she had snuck into the bathroom to retrieve a newly worn pair, stinky from the events of the day and how every day she had sat there, naked on the toilet sucking at the crust covered crotch while fingering herself to one orgasm after the another.

Of course she had also been on the internet. Learning about new and deliciously disgusting things the world of sex had to offer. She had become increasingly turned-on by the pissing videos and the sleep-rape clips. The ones where girls on a sleepover with their girlfriends (April imagined) would sneak down their panties and lick their sweet little assholes and finger fuck their little cunts. And those men with big meaty cocks slipping into a sleeping girl’s mouth then shoot that hot white cum all over them. “Mmmm”, April moaned out loud.

She almost reached between her legs to rub her pussy right there on the school bus! Had she been alone she probably would have. As it was though, Haley, her best friend since the 2nd grade was sitting right beside of her. She hadn’t told Haley what she’d seen Janet and Maggie doing. She really wanted to though. They should share that, like they have shared most everything else, she supposed. But April didn’t want to ruin her chances. She couldn’t tell Haley she wanted to have sex with another girl, much less her own sister.

April dared a sideways glance, wondering that Haley might have read her mind and fantasized that she knew everything and liked what she knew. She began to dream now that maybe, just maybe, it might be possible to try out some of these things with Haley!

She now watched her brand-new fantasy sitting right there beside of her, so pretty, so young, so not knowing that she wanted to take that sucker from between her lips, dripping with her spit and put into her own mouth. Not knowing that her best friend since the second grade wants to kiss her, to lick her pussy & taste her cum. Not knowing that she wanted to lick & suck her asshole and fuck her pussy with anything that would fit (‘a hairbrush’, April languished)… Reality began to squash her fantasy. Determined now, April piped up, “Can I have some of that?”

Haley handed April her sucker without hesitation. April slowly slipped it between her lips, still locked in eye contact with Haley. April thought that she could actually taste Haley’s spit, that it had its own unique flavor. She wanted more, much more. April handed the (now) sex toy back to Haley, clearly wetter than she had received it, her saliva rolling off of the bulb and over her index finger. Haley looked at April a bit puzzled, but then she sort of shrugged and slipped the wet candy back into her mouth. “Like it was a cock", April thought and her pussy began to leak. “Want more?” This time she did leave it wet. As wet as April had!

April thought she actually moaned a tiny bit as she took the sucker back into my mouth and let Haley's saliva slide off of it and down her throat. In what had seemed like the fastest bus ride ever, they arrived at Haley's stop. April handed her the sucker, still savoring the flavor of her friends spit and hoping that Haley had let her keep it and what she would do with it when she arrived home. She would slide the sweet treat inside her throbbing pussy, then into her mouth, and then back deep inside her again. Maybe shove it inside her asshole and then taste her own ass… “April! Are you listening?” Haley was standing there in the isle shaking that cock (sorry) sucker at her.

“Do you want to come over later? It’ll just be us. Mom & Dad are going to Daniel’s ball game and then to some friends house after. They won’t be home until really late. We could watch a movie … or something”

She hesitated! She hesitated! “Or something,” April thought to herself and stood up to gather her stuff and head off the bus with Haley right then and there.

“Not right now dumb ass. What’s wrong with you lately? I mean after dinner!”

April dropped back into her seat.“Sorry. I was thinking about something. Sure! 6:00okay”

Haley took the treat from between her teeth, “Great!” she said as she handed April the sucker.

She had chosen a short mini-skirt and a lacy tank top to wear over to Haley’s house. It would just be the two of them and she meant to do everything she could to get Haley’s special attention. She was on Haley's doorstep by 5:30. Mr. Dancy answered the door. He looked up and down April's small frame, getting stuck at April's budding chest where he couldn’t help but notice that the little girl was not wearing a bra.

“Hm hmm. Hello Mr. Dancy. Is Haley home?” He stepped aside and bowed, motioning with his hand that she should ‘enter my princess’. “She is in the den l” he managed.

April could feel his eyes on her ass, so she shook a little more than usual. “Mrs. Dancy and I are just leaving April. Would you like anything?” April began to answer “Question is, what would you likeMr. Dancy” but said “Naw. I’m fine thank you” She glanced back just before she rounded the corner into the den and saw Mr. Dancy give his head a little shake as his hand adjusted his trouser’s. Lost in thought, April wondered how big his cock was and if he can cum like a horse , like the men in the porno clips. “I’d like to drink his cum, April was thinking, when suddenly - Wham! She ran smack into Daniel. “Watch it bozo! I’m trying to walk here!” Daniel shouted before he realized it was April and not his brat sister.

Now Daniel had his own look at April's now swollen bra-less nipples, while April herself glanced at his crotch. “Oh, hi April. I didn’t see you. I was just going – Haley is in the bathroom.” He quickly disappeared up the steps.

Daniel just turned 16 about 2 months ago. He has short brown hair and brown eye’s (“Like his Dad” April thought and bit her lip) He is a football player and a real hotty! She wondered what his dick looked like and what it might be like to have him inside of her, or what his cum would taste like, filling her mouth up and shooting it down her throat. What his ass might taste like. “He has a fine ass for sure,: she mumbled as she entered the den.

Haley emerged from the bathroom with her long brown hair tied into long pigtails that stuck out about ½ inch before falling over her shoulders. She was wearing her little pink shorts. “The same ones that she’d had every since the 4th grad.” April remembered. They were a little too small for her now, and thread bare at the bottom of her butt-cheeks, so much so that April could see she was wearing pink panties – (her favorite). She is taller than April at 4’5 or 6 and she is a little more developed than her smaller friend. Both girls wear training bras; April, because everyone else does; Haley because she needs to. Without it, you would be able to make out clearly, her budding puffy tits, like now. "Interesting," April thought. Her face is slender and silky smooth and her big-brown-cow eyes have always made April feel a little funny deep down inside her loins someplace.

Looking back now, she realized that it just might be possible that she's had somewhat of a crush on her Haley this whole time. She'd always been jealous when Haley had had other people around. Check. She had always gawked at her friend - Check. She had never - ever slept over at Haley's house without insisting on bath-time together, until last year when Haley had insisted they were getting to old for that. Check & check. Even with that downer thought, April’s mind snapped back to the fact that Haley wasn’t wearing a bra. “Damn, " her minded reeled, "I bet she already knows I am hot for her and always was.” “No bra.” Check and yummy fucking check again!

The parents left yelling back into the house with a bunch of ‘Don’t forget this and that,’ something about phone numbers & the house being on fire etc. But the girls were not paying attention. They were locked-on each other for a second there, but it felt like a passionate even seductive second to April. Haley broke her gaze and scanned April's skimpy outfit.

“I bet my dad and Daniel both busted a zipper” she giggled and tweaked April's swollen nipple.

“What about you sexy.” April giggled back and instead of ‘tweaking’ like her friend had, she laid her fingers gently on Haley’s’ flesh, then taking her hand away, let her fingertips brush the tip of her nipple. A daring move indeed.

“Woops,” she said half-heartedly and giggled” “Sorry about that Haley. I don’t know where my head is anymore,” she said.

Haley took April’s hand into hers and led her over to the couch. “Let’s sit down. I wanted to ask you something April. I’ve noticed that you have been acting a little strange this week. Like Tuesday in the showers after gym?”

April’s face flushed. She had forgotten that already. It was just a second, but Haley had snapped her too. She had been caught red-handed, by her best friend, looking at Megan Curry’s sweet little pussy. She had unconsciously put her hand between her own legs as she watched the young girl all soapy and wet, when Haley had grabbed her by the shoulder and guided her into the locker room.

April began to defend herself and started stammering some excuse to cover it up. “I didn’t mean to… Megan was just standing there… I HAD TO PEE DAMN IT!” She blurted, hoping that her defensive tone would ward off the lecture Haley was surely going to give her now.

Haley drew one leg up on the couch and tucked her foot underneath her ass, with her other foot on the floor, facing April. Those old shorts, as small as they were for her these days, were loose at the legs and April's gaze immediately fell to her friend's crotch. She nearly began to drool as her eyes drank in that that yummy place where the smooth, hot skin of Haley's inner thigh met those delicious pink panties, knowing what lie just beyond…

Haley cupped April's chin and lifted her gaze into her own eyes. “That too, but I was talking about what happened today on the bus, the sucker and all. I’m just going to bust!”

Haley was struggling with how to bring up the fact that she knew. She probably knew all along in fact. And now, now she was either going to end their friendship or …

“I knew it, you know? I’ve always known it even if you didn’t. I wasn’t really sure until you licked my sucker like that today. Not that you licked it though, but the way you wanted me to make it all wet, you know?”

April became sure that Haley had read her mind, because just then, her friend leaned in close and very tenderly kissed her friend. April took her tongue into her mouth, her hot sweet, soft tongue, and April began to gently suck on it then, savoring the flavor of the little girl’s hot mouth. Taking April's queue from today, Haley did not hold back her saliva. April let the girl's spit fill up my mouth before swallowing it, in a way that she knew Haley would know that she was swallowing her spit. April received another mouthful and swallowed it too. Now Haley took April’s tongue and April gave her saliva now to her first real lover. She let her spit flow into Haley’s sucking mouth. April now reached in between Haley's legs and placed her hand on her friend's dampening shorts, the thin fabric not enough to keep her juices from wetting April's fingertips. She pressed and Haley pushed against her hand.

The moment was ruined when they heard Daniel bounding down the stairs. “I’ll see ya. Gonna be late for the game. I’m going drinking after, so leave the door unlocked. I’ll be back, but I betcha mom & dad stay over at the Riches. Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do… Or take pictures for me!” With that, they were alone.

Giggling and running, hand in hand, they raced up the stairs and into Haley's little girlie and overly-pink room. “Haley’s bed!” April exclaimed and left her feet, landed on it like a trampoline, giggling like an idiot, and grabbed one of Haley’s pillows and jammed it against her face to stifle her scream of excitement. She dropped the pillow into her lap; sitting cross-legged she leaned on the pillow with her hands cupping her chin. “I so want to taste your pussy”

Haley’s mouth dropped open and she said “April! You little whore,” but wasted no time dropping her shorts and shucking off her panties. “You don’t even know how bad I want you too.” Haley said as she hooked her panties with her toes and flung them into April’s face.

Oh how warm and moist they were. Um the delicious smell of Haley’s young pussy filling her nostrils. Not unlike her own scent, but this smell, this was Haley’s smell. April chanced a taste while she watched Haley take off her shirt and unhook the bra. She saw that her actions had a desired effect on Haley. She was in pure lust now.

Haley stood in front of April as naked as the day she was born. Her budding tits and her sweet pussy, just inches away, topped with a sparce crop of downy soft brown hair, just below, her smooth silky slit, and a little further down, April knew, was her sweet watery hole.

April quickly took off her clothes and sat up on the edge of the bed. Haley walked over and took April’s hands “Stand up April baby, I’ve wanted this bad. Every since Tuesday, you are all I could think of. Then the sucker – oh April...Oh fuck you are so fucking tiny and so fucking hot! Like a little 8 year old”

Oh shit that turned April on! Having read some of the stories on-line, April understood that perversion. She began to wonder if Haley had ever molested any of the girls that she had babysat, or maybe like the porn clips, had peaked at them while they slept, or licked their little pussies. Her own pussy was on fire.

She turned Haley around and pushed her back onto the bed. Haley started to scoot back so that April could join her, maybe lay with her and kiss and finger-fuck, but April was thirsty for Haley. The cuddling could wait. She grabbed Haley’s knees and knelt down on the floor. She spread the girl’s legs apart, revealing her glistening pussy lips. Her eyes glued to the her friend’s slit.

April decided to slow down, only a little bit. She lifted Haley’s foot and kissed it on top, then trailed her tongue back towards her toes before gently sucking the big one into her mouth. Now she moved up the leg, kissing and licking her delicate smooth skin, pushing both of Haley’s legs up so that she could prop her heels on the edge of the bed, offering her whole self up to exploration.

Haley was leaned back just a bit, holding herself up by the back of her head with both hands, moaning, her eyes never leaving April’s open licking mouth. Now at her inner thigh April reached up & touched her quivering pussy. When April made contact and slowly and gently parted her silky pink skin with her index finger, Haley’s stomach contracted and her vagina dilated and a bit of fluid, clear and sticky ran out and down that yummy place below her pussy, then over her pulsating asshole. Her asshole was brown, unlike April’s whose was pink. April thought about what that ass would taste like.

The site was more than April could stand. She traced down the slit and using her thumb and forefinger and opened Haley’s lips gently, so that she could see her wet, leaking hole in all of its glory. She slipped her thumb inside, just for a moment. She looked her friend right in the eyes as she took the glistening digit between her lips, moaning with approval at the succulent taste of her young pussy.

April went for it now. She leaned up, placing her mouth over Haley’s mound and parted the skin with her tongue to expose the engorged clit. Haley squirmed as April sucked and flicked her tongue across it, then granting a reprieve of sorts, began to lick up and down the girl’s slit. She slipped her index finger into the wet silky sleeve of Haley’s cunt, coating it with yummy slime, she raised her hand and the treat to her friend, who took her hand in both of her own and sucked on April’s finger like a cock.

Sweet, delicious, creamy cum-sauce was now flooding Haley’s insides and spilling into April’s sucking mouth, she dropped her hand in between her own legs and slipped two fingers into her own, now milky cunt. Working it in and out, slathering and coating it with her own unique flavors, she fed this to Haley, while she clamped down on her clit agin, to bring her off. It worked. Haley was cumming, and April moved to catch the prize in her mouth. She was rewarded with ‘little-girl-lemonade’ and greedily sucked and drank from her freind's sweet pussy. Suddenly she was surprised when she tasted the unmistakable flavor of piss. In her throws of orgasm, Haley had accidently peed a little. “In her mouth,” Haley mused, “and she drank it!”

April continued sucking at Haley’s little hole in anticipation of more. More cum, more pee, more anything, but the orgasm was subsiding now. Haley’s hands were on her head and her fingers were in running through her tiny freind's golden-blonde hair, she quivered and shook, pursed her lips & cooed. For good measure, April licked her way back down and pushed Haley’s knees up and back further. Haley’s asshole was waiting it seemed and April didn’t disappoint. She brushed the tip of her tongue against it, letting her saliva run down coat the entire area before pushing the tip inside the girl’s ass.

“This is a very nasty thing to do,” April thought to herself, then overcome by animal lust. In further, and back out, up and down, then back in. April moaned in pleasure at the taste of her friend’s hot ass. “Fuck. Oh fuck, ” Haley whimpered while April ate out her ass, now with utter abandon.

April’s own pussy was throbbing and dripping down her leg, pooling on the hardwood floor, when she slipped a finger inside that tight ass and finger-fucked Haley’s asshole while Haley fingered herself. It was too much and she came again, and again April clamped her mouth onto her leaking hole and sucked, hoping for more cum of course, but now, also her friend’s hot salty piss. April was not disappointed and Haley, hot at just the mere thought that April wants her that badly, did not shut off the water works this time.

Pee jettisoned her quivering cunt and splashed into April’s gulping mouth and ran down her throat. She choked a little but mad with passion and lust, she let Haley’s pee soak her hair and run down her chest, between her legs and over her already saturated little pussy, mixing with her own juices on the floor.

She withdrew her finger from Haley’s asshole, leaned back on her heels and looked Haley dead in the eyes. With the sluttiest grin that she could muster, she slipped that shit-coated finger into her mouth and winked at Haley.

To describe what Haley did to her after that, would be to describe what April had just done to Haley all over again, except that instead of peeing when she came, she squirted into Haley’s mouth. That hadn’t happened since her first time with Janet’s panties. But this time, it didn’t spill out as before, it actually had a bit of pressure and sort of streamed out. Haley was shocked enough at first to move back, April’s cum dripping off of her mouth and chin. The site was too much for April. The little girl’s face dripping with her pussy juice. She felt her loins flood again as her belly contracted, and Haley knew it. She was right back in there moaning ‘more April. Give me more’ into April’s pussy when again, the damn broke and cum poured into her mouth.

PT 2

They were almost asleep still in each other’s arms when they were fully awakened by the sound of Daniel trying to make it up the stairs. He was drunk and muttering incoherently. They heard his bedroom door slam shut and his shoes hit the floor. The girl’s began kissing again and at the same moment, each found the other’s pussy with probing fingers and giggles. As April lay there with this beautiful 12 year old fingering her pussy, her mind turned to other, more devious thoughts. Deciding to go for broke, April looked at Haley.

“Have you ever seen Daniel’s cock?”

“April! You dirty slut. What are you thinking”

“I wouldn’t mind, maybe, sneaking in there and having a peak. Would you?”

“My own brother? I mean fuck April. Even after what we’ve done tonight, that seems a little weird. Looking at my own brother’s dick!” But Haley felt the familiar tingle and the image of her brother naked, passed out drunk, his cock just laying there. She had kept the fantasy supressed. She had often masterbated while thinking about Daniel wanting her. Fucking her. “Promise you won’t wake him up.”

April said, “He is drunk and passed out! He ain’t going to wake up Haley.” Visions of those sleep-rape porn clips flashing behind her eyes.

Together the girls crept down the hall and into Daniels room. He was passed out for sure. He was also naked and both of the little girls stood there, hand in hand and studied Daniel’s very nice, very tanned body. But his dick had them mesmerized. It was thick and even flaccid,It must be 4 long,” April whispered to the sleeping boys sister. “I wonder what it looks like hard!”

“April! You promised”

“I promised I wouldn’t wake him up. He ain’t going to wake up”

She tip-toed up to the edge of the bed, leading Haley by the hand. She noticed that her brave new friend had not taken her eyes off of her brother’s cock. “You want to suck it?”

“No! April! OMG! He is my brother!”

“Suit yourself!” April leaned over and took the flaccid penis in her tiny hand. It was hot and it was heavy. She massaged it a little and it began to come to life. April opened her mouth and placed the head of the boys penis into her mouth. It tasted good to April. “What doesn’t.” she thought to herself as she sucked more of it into her mouth. In moments, the boys cock had grown from a flaccid 4 to a ragger about the size of the 12 year old's forearm! She took her mouth off of the huge dick, a sticky string of spit, still connecting the two of them. Haley’s eyes were fixed on her brother’s dick and her hand was between her legs. Daniel’s cock was glistening with April’s spit and she wanted it. She wanted it real bad.

April grabbed her hand and pulled her over, took her hand and wrapped it around Daniel’s swollen meat. Haley gasped at feel of Daniel’s hot flesh in her hand. It was a fantasy. It was a dream. It could never happen. But it was happening. Haley bent forward and took Daniel into her mouth. She sucked up and down, taking more of his length into her mouth, until it was hitting the back of her throat. It was enormous! She began to pump the cock with her hand while she sucked-off her brother.

April was fascinated. Watching this 12 year old girl suck and jack her sleeping brother. Now April joined in. She leaned over and Haley made room. April licked at the boys big heavy balls cautiously at first. Now emboldened, she took one into her mouth and coated it with saliva, licking it with her tongue while she sucked. Her eyes never leaving that big cock sliding in and out of Haley’s lips, stretched to capacity by the width of it.

Without a word, Haley climbed onto the bed and straddled her sleeping brother. April took the wet cock in her hand and Haley lowered herself onto it. It took some doing. April coated the cock with spit, put her fingers in her mouth and got those really wet, then spread the lubricant over Haley’s gaping hole. Inch by inch, the cock slipped into her. April again began to lick Daniels balls, and watched the rest of his enormous length, enter his sister. When Haley lifted slightly, before going back down to the base, April could see Haley’s frothy cum all over the shaft of Daniel’s cock. She greedily licked it off each time Haley lifted back up.

In minutes the sleeping boys huge cock twitched. Buryed deep inside of his sister’s pre-teen pussy, he came. Cum jettisoned from his mushroom head and filled the little girl with hot stick semen. It was running out of Haley and down his length. April sucked and licked at his slimy cock, tasting hot boy-cum for the first time. She jealously pushed Haley up and the still squirting cock shot a load upwards and splashed on the outside of Haley’s sweet pussy, already oozing her brother’s cum. April quickly put the cock into her mouth and caught the last few burst of that hot cum. She continued to suck and swallow and then remembered Haley had a belly full.

She turned then and squatted by the bed, her head back on the mattress and Haley lowered herself onto April’s mouth. The cum gushed out in copious amounts and flooded April’s mouth. She was sucking a girl’s pussy, that is full of her own brother’s cum. April had been busy finger-fucking herself and it was about to pay off. She opened her knees and came, squirting hot clear fluid nearly 2 feet across the room. Hot cum sliding down her throat, her little fingers feroususly fucking her tiny pussy, her body wracked with muscle spasms. She shot again.

She was insatiable. She whispered that Haley should go get the cat bowl out of the bathroom and fill it with hot water. She wanted more of this boys fluids and she knew how to make that happen. Haley came back in and whispered at April, “OMG April, promise you will never tell anybody what I just did…” April wasn’t listening, just nodded her head and instructed Haley to roll Daniel on his side, facing her, and put his hand into the bowl of hot water. Haley looked amused and did as she asked. In a minute or two, Daniel began to pee. Haley took the softening monster in her hand, and aimed it at April's face. Daniel’s piss was hot and salty. It was good to April and she drank the still sleeping boys piss. Now she spun around, put her back on the floor and thrust her ass upwards. Haley knew what she wanted. April took her hands and spread open her young tight pussy and Haley took aim. She smiled devilishly as she the squirting cock pissed into April's hole.

The stream of hot piss entered April’s vagina, filled it and spilled out, like a waterfall, the sleeping boy's urine flowing down the 12 year old's little body and into her waiting mouth. (If he only knew!) Haley, now in on the action, stuck her tongue into her brother’s stream and tasted it. Her eyes lit with passion, The stream began to falter and Haley put the dick back in her mouth for the last of it. Not enough! She began to eat April’s pussy right then and there, sucking at the piss and cum. Oh what a night!

They got a couple of towels and mopped up the floor, but not Daniel. Him they left sticky and wet. “Bet he’ll wonder what happened to him last night.” Haley said. April confided that she would like to have had some of that beautiful boys cock up her pussy before ‘his greedy sister skanked it all’. Haley assured her though, that she would have her chance. “My place again next Friday night then? Same time, same place, same menu?” Haley snickered and kissed her friend.

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