A sexually precocious boy is either being scared or blown by his insane sitter.
Chapter 1

I was, to put it mildly, sexually precocious. By the time I was 13 years old, I was jerking off three or more times a day, and trying (desperately) to peak into the clothes of every female I got near.

I sort of had a girl friend, Stacy, who was a year older than me. Our parents had been trading baby sitting since we were little, so we had been thrown together every week or so for years. We were good friends, but we sledom had play dates separate from the sitting. Anyway, a year ago, Stacy started sprouting titties about the same time I discovered the toy in my pants. A few months ago, on one of the few occasions we were left alone together, we somehow ended up necking. I was a bit shy, so even though there was a lot of rubbing of bodies, and much saliva exchanged, not much else happened.

Since then, we’ve had a number of short sessions, which were usually less than relaxed because of a nearby parent. In the one longer session we had, I got as far as getting my hand inside her bra. She seemed to be enjoying it a lot, but then I came in my pants. I got all flustered and embarrassed, and then my dad reappeared, so we had to stop anyway.

Stacy and I talked a lot about wishing we could spend a whole day kissing and ‘stuff’ without worrying about being interrupted. Even though I’d get a boner if I saw the tiniest bit of cleavage, I always thought of Stacy when I beat off.

Then Nina appeared, and turned my quiet, boring, normal life upside down.

I had been feeling for a long time that I didn’t need a sitter. But if I told my parents that, then I would never see Stacy, since we went to different schools. So when they told me they had hired Nina for the evening when Stacy’s family was out of town, I didn’t complain. At least it was a girl, and maybe I’d be able to get a look down her shirt or something. As you’ll see it turned out better – and worse – than that.

To start with, Nina arrived clad only in a two piece bathing suit. She had just come from her after school job as a life guard, and said that her bag had been accidently locked in the office. My mom gave her a bathrobe, but I already had a hard-on. I mean, I’d seen lots of girls in bikinis, but somehow it was different when one was in my house. Even though she was pretty much flat chested, she was in such good shape, that I was mesmerized just watching her walk around. And what she lacked up front, she made up for in the rear; I’d become enamored of round girl bottoms, probably because Stacy had one, and Nina’s was just as good or better.

Shortly after my parents left, we ended up on the sofa in front of the TV. I kept sneaking peeks at her, day dreaming about feeling her up, or kissing. She had a small mouth with thin lips, dark brown eyes, and short black hair loosely curling around her head. I liked it, but she somehow looked intimidating. The fact that she had only said about two sentences to me didn’t help. After a while, she slouched down, and the robe fell open. I immediately noticed that her swim suit bottom had stretched up around her crotch, and I could see the outline of her pussy. The fabric was so tight, that I could see where her pubic hairs made little humps in it. I put my arm across my lap, so I wouldn’t make a tent in my pants.

After a few minutes, I had to get some relief. I got up, mumbling something about going to the bathroom, and was already rubbing my dick through my shorts as I walked down hall. Although I ALWAYS locked the door when I beat off, apparently I was so excited about Nina’s camel toe that I forgot. Yeah, you know how this ended; She must of watched me leave, and could tell what I was doing, even from the back. It didn’t occur to me until long afterwards to wonder why she followed me, and then just barged in without knocking.

And of course, I was cumming just when she appeared. I screeched, and jumped two feet in the air, jizz flying everywhere. Including - of course again - a big ole glob on Nina’s chest, right between her pancake tits. I yanked up my boxers, went for my shorts, but tripped and fell on my face instead. I totally freaked out; “Please, oh god, I’m so sorry, oh please, don’t tell, please, please, I’ll do anything, I’m so sorry!!” Well, you get the idea; pretty pathetic.

I had my face buried in the bathroom rug the whole time, and it finally occurred to me that Nina hadn’t said a word. “Oh NO!” I thought, “Did she run out?!? I’m sooo screwed...” But when I looked up finally, she was just leaning against the door frame, with her a bored look on her face.

“Are you done?” She asked, dead calm.

I just stared at her with my mouth open.


I nodded.

“Good. Now listen to me closely, little Jimmy Harper; If you do not want this ‘incident’ reported to your parents, then you will do exactly as I say. And I mean EXACTLY, or I will make you very, very sorry. Do you understand me?”

I nodded again.

“I want to hear you say it, say, ‘I promise to do exactly what you say, Nina.”

I said it. This was scaring me, but it was still better than the alternative. At least I thought so at the time.

“OK. First, you’re going to answer some questions. And don’t lie to me! I’ll know if you do, and you will be punished, understand?”




“That’s better. First question; how long have you been jerking off?”

Turning pink with embarrassment, I answered “About a year, I guess.”

“Have you had sex, yet?”

“I don’t know, I...”

“Either you have or haven’t, stupid, now answer the fucking question!” she shouted. “Have you had sex yet?”

‘Yes!” I yelped, then, “No! I mean, I touched Stacy’s boobs, and came in my pants!” If a person could die of embarrassment, I’ve have been gone right then. Instead all I could do was cringe waiting for her next question. But all I heard was a snort. I glanced up, and saw why; she was trying not to laugh at me. I didn’t know if that was good or bad, so I just buried my face in the rug again.

After a minute, I heard her shift around, and take a breath after biting back her laughter. “Ok, so you’re a horny little fuck. Hm. Maybe we can have little “adventure.’”

I didn’t like the way she said it, like it was something bad.

“But just remember, you little shit, you’re in big trouble, so you better listen to me, get it?”

I winced. Nobody had ever talked to me like that before. “Yes...”

“Louder, stupid!”


“That’s better. Now get your sorry ass off the floor, and lick this crap off my chest.”

I picked up my head and stared at her open-mouthed. She wanted me to lick my cum off her...”


I leapt up, and licked it off. Ew, ew, ew. I started to turn to the sink to spit it out, but Nina grabbed my chin, hard.

“Swallow it asshole, it won’t kill you.”

I was so freaked out, I already had, but I gulped again.

“Open!” she snarled, shaking my face. I opened.

“Good boy,” She said, letting go. “Now, let’s go to your room.” And she stalked off down the hall. I trailed behind her, scared half to death.

She stopped just inside the door, looking around. “Guess this is ok.” She turned to face me and continued, “Now listen up, jerk wad, I’ve had this stupid swim suit on all day, and it’s starting to chafe, so I’m going to take it off. That does not mean I want to get all lovey dovey, especially not with a little peckerhead like you, understand?”

I nodded, and she started wiggling out of the bottoms. I had no idea what I should do, so I stared at the floor. As I watched her feet stepping out of the bottoms, she said meanly, “And if you do have a problem, I don’t want to know about it – just remember to lock the door next time.”

I blushed as a moment later, her bikini top landed beside the bottoms. Despite my fear of Nina, my dick started to harden again.

“Your mom’s a massage therapist, so do you know how to do it?”

“What do you m...”

“Do you know how to do massage, stupid?”

“Uh, a little, I guess.”

“Hm. Well that will have to do,” she said climbing onto my bed. “Get your ass over here, and give me a back rub. And no funny stuff!”

This was getting crazy. I had a naked girl on my bed, a full hard-on at this point, and all I could do was rub her back? It wasn’t fair, it just wasn’t fair.


“What? Oh, sorry, yeah, back rub.” And I leaned over the bed, and started working on her neck. It was an awkward angle to work from, but I was too freaked out and aroused to figure it out, so I just did the best I could as I worked down her back.

“Wouldn’t it be easier if you got on top?”

On top. Right. Now my stupid dick was starting to ache. She was obviously torturing me, but I didn’t know how to get out of it, and at the same time, wasn’t sure I wanted to.

The bed was too narrow to kneel beside her, so I gingerly straddled ass. I was afraid to sit, so I stayed perched above her as I continued massaging. It was so much different from doing my mom’s or dad’s back. I could feel each muscle as I worked my way down, and that made my poor pecker just throb.

When I got to her tail bone, I started back up.


I flinched.

“Do my glutes.”

“Your... your bottom?!?”

“What the fuck else, stupid?”

“Uh, ok.” Not really. At the thought of rubbing her bare ass, my cock became painfully hard. I couldn’t stand it. Worse, I started to scooch down, but she had spread her legs, so I ended up kneeling between them with a perfect view of her little pink asshole and her cunt. Her cunt with a sparse covering of jet black hairs, and a wet sheen along the lips. It really, really wasn’t fair!

I started massaging her butt. Suddenly, Nina began making little furry sounds, and pushed her ass up into my hands. I desperately needed to jerk off, but I didn’t dare even ask. I massaged closer and closer into the area between her legs, and her noises became louder, and the pushing became more insistent. I was starting to panic because I didn’t know what to do; she had warned me against “funny stuff,” but she seemed to be inviting it at the same time! Then suddenly she slumped flat to the bed.

“Shit.” She spat out the word.

“Sorry?!?” What had I done?

“Shit, shit, shit. This isn’t working.”

I tensed, waiting for her to yell or hit me. Instead, she hopped up off the bed, and started for the door.

“What are you waiting for, fuck head?” she called over her shoulder. “C’mon!”

By now I was so freaked out I couldn’t think straight, so I just followed her to the back door. She opened it, looked around, and then walked out into the yard.

“What are you doing?!?” I shouted.

“Shhh! Shut up! Just get your ass out here before I kick it out!”

“But, but... You’re naked!!” I sputtered.

“Yeah, no shit, Sherlock. So what? It’s dark; nobody can see us even if they did look outside. Now quit fucking around and get out here!”

Looking wildly about, I followed her out. She scanned the yard, and then headed for my ancient swing set, and sat at the bottom of the old metal slide.

“SHIT!” she hissed, as her ass came into contact with the metal. “Colder than I thought.”

“This is a bad idea, I...”

“Just shut up you stupid fuck,” she whispered angrily. “Crap; maybe I made a mistake. Maybe I should just tell you ‘rents about the bathroom, and let you fry.”



“No, I’m sorry, I won’t...”

“Fine, now shut up, and get over here and lick my cunt.”


“Lick my vagina with your tongue, stupid!”



I stumbled forward, crouching between her thighs, and tentatively touched her thin black pubic hair with my tongue.

“Dammit, I said ‘LICK,’ not ‘TICKLE,’ dumbass.” And grabbing my hair, she crammed my head against her gushing wet pussy. She immediately began grinding against me, fucking herself with my face.

“LICK ME!” she hissed, yanking my hair.

I licked. I licked all over; I had no idea what I was doing, and I was having trouble getting my nose clear of her hole long enough to get a breath. Nina started grunting and squirmed harder against me. Suddenly, her legs whipped up off the ground, and locked together behind my neck, squashing my poor face even harder against her steaming hole. She let go of my hair, and grabbed the sides of the slide. Her thrashing became so wild that I was afraid she would break my neck - if I didn’t suffocate first.

More or less accidently, I jabbed my tongue into her hole. She arched up off the slide, and as we toppled sideways onto the grass, I heard muffled squealing. Glancing up, I saw her biting down on her hand, and suddenly realized that she must be having an orgasm. Despite the beating she was giving me, I still had a boner which was now harder than ever. We crashed to the ground, and she continued to buck against my face for another minute as her orgasm subsided. When she finally let go of my poor aching head, we were both gasping and drenched in sweat, despite the cool night air.

“Holy shit!” she wheezed horsely, “You did good, you little fucker.”


“Woo! Yeah... In fact, I think you deserve a reward.” And with that, rolled me onto my back, and unceremoniously yanked my shorts and boxers down to my knees. My boner immediately popped straight up.

“What are you...” but before I could finish my question, she was enthusiastically sucking my cock. I didn’t last thirty seconds. She giggled around by pecker as I shot my load into her mouth, and kept sucking until every drop was gone.

It felt so fantastically good, I couldn’t believe it. I instantly forgot all the mean things Nina has said and done, and was about to declare my undying love for her, when she abruptly sat up. My mostly limp pecker popped out of her mouth.

“God, are you getting hard again? C’mon boner boy, we better get cleaned up before your ‘rents get home.”

She jogged me into the shower, we rinsed off, and were out in five minutes. No surprise, I had another woody by now, and I looked imploringly at Nina.

“Oh no! We’re cutting it close as it is. Now get in bed and jack off, or go to sleep.”

“But Nina...”

“Look, Jimmy, if you ever want to have another little adventure, you do what I tell you. And do it NOW!”

I just turned and ran to my bedroom. I suddenly remembered how scared I was of her, and I wasn’t sure I wanted another adventure. However, that didn’t stop me from beating off after I got in bed. I came ten minutes later, and looked up to see Nina watching me from the doorway. I was horribly embarrassed; I’d spent the last year avoiding getting caught masturbating, and she’d caught me twice in one evening. I cringed, waiting for whatever mean thing she was going to do to me now, as my face burned with shame.

She marched in, and pulled the sheet down. “Let me clean that up for you kiddo.”

I was too surprised to reply, as she leaned down and slurped the pool of cum off my stomach. She stood, slid a finger into her cunt, and then wiped her pussy juice roughly across my lips.

“Sweet dreams,” she gurgled; apparently, she had not swallowed my jizz yet. Just then we both heard the gravel crunching in the driveway. Nina smiled, picked up her swim suit from the floor, and wiggled into it as she went to greet my parents with a mouthful of my cum.


I didn’t see Nina again for a few weeks after that first night she sat for me. I jerked off more than ever – no surprise there, I guess. Stacy came over one evening, but as usual we couldn’t get any privacy. We necked a little in the living room, but both my parents were 10 feet away in the kitchen. So we couldn’t do anything, and popped apart every time we heard any noise that might be them coming in. That just made it worse. Nina had given me my first blow job, but she was also scary as hell. I wanted Stacy.

Nina had been incredibly ugly to me, but she made out to my folks like we were best buds. She told mom and dad that I was a really special kid, and that she loved being my sitter, and she hoped they would call her again, and could she take me out for the afternoon some weekend, etc., etc. For my part, it was hard (in more ways that one!) not to pester my parents about when Nina could sit. Even though I was just 13, I was smart enough to figure out that they would get suspicious if I did. So when they asked me how I liked her, I said, “Ok, I guess.” And when mom asked what we did, I actually started to get a woody just thinking about it, but I managed to keep a straight face when I said, “Oh, watched TV, talked, um, played some games.” Some games! I had more sex in 2 hours that night than I’d had since I started beating off a year ago, even if I was scared half the time as well.

Finally, another chance came; they hired Nina to watch me during a teacher work day. When they told me on Friday, I ran to the bathroom, and jerked off. Afterwards, I had the idea that I wouldn’t do it any more until Monday; that I’d sort of ‘save it’ for Nina. That turned out to be hard. Very, very hard... I almost broke down several times, but I managed to keep my hands out of my pants.

Monday morning finally arrived, and I woke up an hour early. I always had a boner when I woke up, but usually it went down while I was peeing if I didn’t beat off first. Today it didn’t; I had a boner all morning, which was very weird when my mom hugged me good bye. But if she noticed that I was kind of leaning the lower half of my body away from her, she didn’t let on. Sheesh!

Then dad left – he just pats me on the head, thank god, - and Nina appeared shortly thereafter.

“Hi Nina!!!”

“What the fuck are you so happy about?”

What? I mean, I guess I didn’t expect her to fall on her knees and blow me, but I didn’t expect her to show up pissed off, either. “I... uh, sorry, I, I was just, it’s nice to see you again”

“Yeah, whatever. Go run a bath for me. You got any bubble bath in this dump?”

“Well, my mom does, I...”

“Put it in the tub! NOW!”

I ran to the bathroom, and stood there while the tub filled, feeling peeved and sorry for myself. My pecker was limp for the first time all morning. I called to Nina when the tub was ready, and she came striding in, still clearly fuming. She started to pull the shapeless dress she was wearing off over her head, and then stopped. “What the hell are you staring at!”



I practically leapt out of the door. It slammed behind me, and I heard the door lock. I was near tears. I was one of those ‘good’ kids who never get in trouble. I mean, nobody ever yelled at me, and she was treating me like I’d killed her dog or something.

After that, I heard an occasional swear word come from the bathroom, but that was all. It finally dawned on me that she wasn’t mad at me; I was just a convenient target. I still felt pretty bad, though, and I was afraid of what she would do when she came out. I’m short for my age to begin with; most people assume I’m like nine, even though I’m thirteen. And Nina is not only a foot taller, but it's also obvious that she works out.

I just meandered around the house worrying all this for a while, then finally slumped in front of the TV. It was at least an hour later when Nina suddenly sat down beside me; I’d been spacing out, and hadn’t heard her come in the room. I cringed, expecting her to yell at me again, but she didn’t.



“Sorry. It’s not you. OK?”

“Kinda figured. It’s OK.”

“Alright. Alright... Look, let’s go to the mall. I want to do some shopping, and I’ll buy you an ice cream or something. How does that sound?”


“Yeah, really.” She turned and looked at me. “But don’t get used to it, little Jimmy Harper!” She suddenly had an evil glint in her eye. “Remember, I’m still in charge here, right?”

“Right! Yes ma’am!”

She grabbed my chin and shook it, but she was smiling. “You’re not sassing me, are you?”

“No ma’am!”

“C’mon, then,” Nina said standing, “let’s go. You behave yourself, and maybe we’ll have a little adventure.”

Adventure? After the last “adventure,” I didn’t know if I wanted another one. But if there was another blow job involved... Besides, how much of an ‘adventure’ could we have at the mall?

We went right to the ice cream place in the food court, even though it was only 10 in the morning. It shows you how boring my life was that I thought that was pretty cool. Then she insisted on feeding it to me with a spoon, which was really embarrassing, even though there was nobody around at the time. Nina told me to pretend I was enjoying it, or she’d smear it on my face, and lick it off. I did my best, and fortunately she got bored with it after a few minutes and let me finish it myself.

Then I followed her around while she looked at clothes. She chatted at me off and on, but I was starting to wonder if this is what it would feel like to be a younger brother with a bossy sister. Then I suddenly was her younger brother. Her annoying younger brother...

We were in a department store, and I hadn’t realized we were heading for the women’s dressing rooms until we were almost there. Although she had a few blouses over her arm, we’d spent the last 10 minutes in the underwear department, and I had a full boner going. Hey, I was just 13, what do you expect? Anyway, just as we were passing a cashier near the entrance of the dressing rooms, Nina suddenly whipped around and grabbed my arm. “YES, you’re going in with me; I am NOT spending another half hour looking for you again, you little jerk!” The cashier glanced up, and I was totally mortified; What was she taking about, and why was she yelling at me?!?

“I, erg...”

“Just shut up Jimmy, and get in there!” and she pushed me into the dressing room hallway. What was going on?!?

“And don’t you peek, or I’ll smack you, I don’t care what mom says!” I was starting to panic, but when I looked at her again, she was smiling, trying not to laugh. Duh! It was all an act for the cashier so she could get me into the dressing room, but why? She dragged me into the stall on the far end, and locked the door.

“C’mon, c’mon! get your clothes off!” she whispered at me.


“Oh for chrissake, jimmy, for a smart kid, you can be really dense, now c’mon, we only got a few minutes.” She was pulling my shorts down around my ankles. “Step out of ‘em!”

Finally, the light came on; Oh no... this must be the ‘adventure.’ “But what if somebody comes in?!?”

“That’s what make it fun, stupid! Now get your shirt off – I want to see my ‘little brother’ naked!” and while I did that, she pulled her dress off. Somehow, I wasn’t surprised that she had nothing on under it. She climbed up on the little bench built onto the dressing room wall, and began massaging her pussy with both hands. “Get over here and lick me. Hurry up! We don’t have much time.” I did as I was told. I had been thinking about licking pussy a lot since last time, and so I was a little more prepared. I tried licking her pussy different ways; up and down, side to side, fast, slow, etc. She definitely wanted fast, and responded when I dipped my tongue between her cunt lips, or licked her clit.

Standing up, she could only wrap one leg around my back, so she couldn’t really crush me like last time. As she started to cum – she was biting on her hand trying not to squeal – I slid a finger into her cunt as far it would go, and focused my licking on her clit. That sent her over the top, and I think she pulled out some of my hair as she finished fucking herself on my face.

“Oh shit, oh god!” she whispered hoarsely, “that was so good! Shit, where’d did you get that trick from, you clever little fuck?” (My finger was still in her, and she was gently squirming on it.)

“I just thought of it,” I smiled.

“Well, you keep thinking, but now it’s reward time! Hop up here and change places with me!” I did, and realized she had been watching me eat her out in the mirror. Now I could watch her suck me off! Even though I was still extremely nervous about getting caught, that seemed pretty exciting. Sitting on the bench, Nina turned me sideways, so she could also watch. Remember that I had not beat off for three days, so once again, I came in about 30 seconds. Nina felt me getting ready to blow, and backed off my cock with her mouth open. I think she wanted to watch it squirt into her mouth, but her aim was off. Three days of cum gushered out, and went everywhere; face, hair, tits, walls, floor, everywhere, probably, but in her mouth. I cringed, because she looked for a second like she was going to blow up at me. But then, looking around, she started to giggle, then laugh, then laugh really loud! She fell over on the bench laughing, noticed her hand had landed in a glob of you-know-what, and laughed even harder.

I didn’t get it – I was too busy freaking out about the fact that we had no way to clean all this up, and what if somebody came to see why she was laughing her ass off, and found the two of us naked? “Stop it Nina, we got to get out of here,” I pleaded.

She grabbed my dick and squeezed it, which for some reason set her off again. I kept begging her to be quiet, and she finally calmed down to giggling and snorting, and sat up. Looking around, she grabbed one of the blouses she had come in with, and wiped her cunt juice off my face and chest. Then she used it to clean herself up, and the stall a little bit. By the time she was done, the shirt was wet and sticky. She balled it up, and stuffed it under the bench, then we got dressed, and left. I wanted to run, but Nina told me that we had to walk casually, if we didn’t want to attract attention. Getting out of that store was the longest five minutes of my life.

She took me to a sub place for lunch. She sat next to me in a corner booth, and put a hand in my shorts while I ate, and played with my dick until I came in her hand. Then she spread it like mayo on her sandwich, which seemed incredibly gross. But it got worse; she wanted me to take bites, and then push them into her mouth. I started to protest, but she said if I didn’t, she would take my shorts, and leave me there. So I did it, feeling slightly sick the whole time. Nina seemed to like sperm, but it was just too weird for me. I was also painfully aware of people peeking at what must have looked like a little boy frenching a teenager.

We got back to my house about mid afternoon. Nina immediately stripped off her dress, and I immediately got another boner. “Jezis, you really are a horny little fuck,” she said, glancing at the tent in my shorts. “Well, you’ll have to jerk off or something, because I mainly want to get a shower and wash all your boy-gunk off me.”

She started towards the bathroom, then called over her shoulder, “Come on, you too; can’t have you smelling like cunt when your ‘rents get home.” I got a big doofy smile on my face, and trotted after her, shedding clothes as I went. She decided to have a bath instead. She peed while we waited for the tub to fill. She saw me staring. “Guess you never saw a girl pee, huhn? Well take a look – it’s just pee.” And she spread her legs and leaned back. Maybe it was just pee, but it made my dick harder. “Taste it, if you want”


“Maybe some other time,” she said with a wicked grin. “I’m done, now wipe me. With toilet paper! Front to back. That’s it. Once more. Now unless you want to keep it, throw it in the toilet.”

“uh, thanks?”

She laughed, climbed in the tub, and sat down. I wasn’t sure what I was supposed to do, so I just stood there with my boner sticking out.

“What are you waiting for, dummy, an invitation? C’mon, get in. Sit; No, the other way, I’m going to wash your back.”

And she did. It felt really nice. I didn’t even realize I’d started idly sliding my hand up and down my boner under the water. But Nina noticed. “You’re back’s done. Now turn around so I can watch you jack off.”

I was turned half around before what she said registered. “Bu, bu, bu...”

“Shit, Jimmy, you just squirted cum all over me in the mall, so what’s the big fucking deal?”

“I can’t do that!” I practically wailed.

“Jeziz h fuck! Just do it, you little freak, or I’ll put your stupid head in the toilet and shit on it.”

I just stared at her, terrified. I opened my mouth but nothing came out.

“NOW!” she shouted, “And stand up, so I can get a good look!”

I stood up, and started yanking my dick. After a few minutes, I sort of got used to her staring at me, but it would have helped if she had been masturbating too. When I came, a glob went up in the air, and she tried to catch it. She missed, and just splashed us instead, and we both ended up giggling. Then she made me wash her all over, including her hair (which had my dried up cum in it). I spent a little too much time on her little titties, and she told me to quit fucking around. I said sorry, but I was thinking that even though I’d had my tongue in her pussy and my dick in her mouth, this was the first time I’d touched her breasts. And the nipples had become hard immediately, which seemed to be contagious, since my pecker started coming back to life at the same time.

When I’d finished washing her, she noticed my boner. “Man, Jimmy, I never met anybody who got hard so fast.”

“Sorry. It’s, well... you kind of help...”

“Aw, what a sweet thing to say. Maybe I’ll give you a little present before I leave this afternoon.” We were sitting in the tub facing each other, and as she spoke, she started gently rubbing my cock with her feet. Then she chatted about other things, all the while stroking my sausage with her piggies. I was getting incredibly horny, but I didn’t dare ask her to do anything. Finally, in desperation, I asked her if she wanted to watch me jerk off again.

“Thanks for offering, Jimmy, but not right now. Actually, your dad is supposed to be home soon, so we better get out. Now it’s time for you to dry me.” I did, and now my boner was starting to seriously ache.

She left me to dry myself, and when I came out, she was standing by the front door. I was relieved to see that she had put her dress on, since the door was open. “Come here, Jimmy. There’s a nice breeze coming through the screen.”

A little bell went off in my head; I knew somehow that was an odd thing for her to say, but I went anyway. When I got to her, she dropped to her knees, and then yanked my shorts and boxers to my ankles. I went to cover myself, but she already had hold of my hard-on.

“What are you doing?!? Everybody can see!!!”

She grinned her wicked grin. “They can only see you from the chest up because of the hedges, dumb-ass, so shut up and cum in my mouth this time.” And then she swallowed my dick. It felt great, but I felt a little sick when I realized Mr. Smith across the street was sitting on his porch. But he didn’t seem to be paying any attention to me, so after a minute I started to really enjoy the sucking and licking Nina was giving me. After a few minutes, I was ready to cum. Just then, I saw my dad’s car turn into the street. “My dad!” I practically shrieked. But instead of moving away, Nina started sucking harder. I came as he pulled in, and then I pulled out. “He’s here! Get up!” I pulled up my shorts as quick as I could, even though I was still dribbling sperm. She stood up slowly, smiling. Then opened her mouth to show me my jizz still in it. Then she spread some around her lips with her tongue, and swallowed.

“Well hi there, you two!”

I thought I was going to faint. Did he see anything?

“Hi Mr. Harper! I was just asking Jimmy if he likes the new lip gloss I got today. What do you think?”

“It’s very nice, um... shiny.”

“Thanks! I got a sample at the mall.”

“Oh that’s right, you said you might go there. Get anything else?”

“Well I was going to get this blouse, but then I saw it was stained. But Jimmy and I really had fun.”

“Well, that’s good at least. So, what do I owe you?”

Even though my dad didn’t seem to suspect anything, I was practically shaking. How could Nina be so calm? She’d just been sucking me off! She had my cum on her lips!?!


“Huh? Sorry – day dreaming.”

“Well, see if you can stop long enough to go look for my sunglasses – I think I left them in the bathroom.”

“Sure!” I was delighted to have an excuse to get out of the room. I was already looking around in the bathroom when I realized I had never seen her with sunglasses. Then she was at the door. She pulled up her dress, and I could see shiny tracks from her cunt juice on her thighs. She jabbed two fingers into her pussy, and once more, roughly smeared the juice on my lips. “Until next time, Jimmy Harper!” And then louder, “I guess they’re not here.” And she was gone.

I told my dad that I was feeling a little sick, and needed to lie down for a bit. In fact, I had another boner starting.

Chapter 3

Nina took over my life, even though I had only seen her twice. The slide had been one thing, but I couldn’t believe the department store, or blowing me practically in front of my dad. I couldn’t think about anything else, and beat off every chance I got. I even did it once in the back of the car, sitting behind my mom, and that was really weird. And my parents were a little surprised when I started taking baths again, instead of showers. I always beat off at least twice when I did; I could just picture her in the tub with me.

10 days had gone by, and I had not heard from her. Even though I was terrified of her, it was worth it for the sex.

That day, Stacy had come to my school with the soccer team for a game. At the end, we managed a little petting time under the school bleachers. I’d got my hand inside her bra again, and she was rubbing my pecker through my pants. She was also rubbing her pussy on my leg, although she had on a skirt, and, I assume, panties. Then they announced the busses were leaving and we had to stop. I had to wait till I got home to relieve my aching prick. I loved sucking face with Stacy, but it was awful at the same time! Why couldn’t I have private time with Stacy instead of wacko Nina?

The next night, I was getting into bed, and had not bothered to put on my pj’s, since I was planning to beat off first. I’d been thinking about Stacy, and I already had a hard-on. I pulled back the rumpled covers, and nearly leapt out of my skin when I realized that somebody was already there!


“Hey, boner boy,” she said casually, reaching for my dick.

“What are you doing here?! You’re naked!”

“So are you, dummy, now get your ass in here.”

“But what if my parents hear us? They’re right next door!”

“Shit, I thought you were getting over this. Just shut up, Jimmy, and get in the bed.”



“Jimmy, did you say something?”


“Ok, sleep tight, I love you.”


I turned around to see Nina with both hands over her mouth, choking with laughter. “It’s not funny!” I hissed. She didn’t answer, just keep laughing. I went to punch her on the arm, but she grabbed my hand, and pulled me on top of her. I was still mad, but the feel of her skin on mine, my partially erect cock against her stomach, took all the fight out of me. At least she stopped laughing.

“Not nice,” I mumbled.

“Shhhhh, it’s Ok.” She said, stroking my hair.



“What are you doing here? I could get in so much trouble.”

“Trust me, my little worry wart, I could get in much, much worse trouble than you. But just lie still, and do what I tell you. If you’re good, we’ll have a little adventure, ok?”

“I don’t want an adventure.” I’d had way more sex from her little “adventures” than I ever would have otherwise, but I was increasingly scared of what she would do next.

“Oh, take it easy. C’mon now, lick my tits while we’re waiting.”

“What are we waiting for?”

“For you parents to go to sleep, dummy. Now shut up and lick.” I did as I was told. Within minutes, she was making her furry sounds, and my dick was achingly hard. She noticed. “Roll over a little bit, your stupid pecker is drilling a hole in my stomach.” I moved, and was rewarded with her hand gently stroking my cock. This was so different from the crazy shit she usually did. It was so... nice.

“That’s real good, kid, now suck a little, too. That’s it, now the other. Oooohhh, mmmmm”

“Should I finger you?” I asked.

“Mmmmmmm, no, ahhhh! Not now. But let me know when you’re going to cum, ok?”

“’Yeah.” And we lay like that for a while, me half on top of her, kissing and licking her tits, and her kneading my pecker. She squeezed a bit harder at one point, and I impulsively bit lightly on one of her nipples. Her gasp told me she’d liked it. We went on like that, her pulling on my cock becoming more insistent, me occasionally biting her nipples. And then; “I’m cumming, Nina.”

She smoothly slid out from under me, and into a kneeling position, her lips closing over my cock. I stifled a groan of pleasure as my spunk spewed onto her tongue. She continued to lick and suck until I was limp.

“Got something for ya.” Her words were slurred; she hadn’t swallowed my cum. “Don’t move. And be quiet.”

That sounded bad. Then she silently turned around, and sat on my chest; God, was her cunt hot and wet! I didn’t immediately register that she had also pinned my arms to my sides with her knees. Then she grabbed my ankles, and tucked one under each of her armpits. Bad was here... I was trapped with my bare ass sticking up in the air, pinned down by an occasionally insane girl twice my size. Not to mention we’re both naked with my parents five feet away on the other side of the wall. I gritted my teeth, waiting for what, I didn’t know – but I couldn’t take a chance on my parents hearing. Then I gasped when I felt something wet and warm drip on my asshole. She was spitting my cum on my asshole. Oh shit...


“Shh! Fun time, Jimmy.”

Then she grabbed one of my asscheeks with one hand, and I felt a finger from her other hand swirling the cum around my butthole. Then her finger tip went in, and I very nearly succeeded in throwing her off, but she held me down. “NINA!” I hissed as loud as I dared.

“Shut up, stupid, do you want you ‘rents to hear?”

“but, but, you put your finger in my, my...”

“Asshole, it’s called an asshole. Now shut up, or I’ll fuck your stupid asshole with your baseball bat!” and with that, she started jamming her finger deeper in. I was so clenched up, she had to really push. I was nearly in tears, I was so freaked out and humiliated. And it hurt! But she kept working her finger into my asshole, and then started rubbing her pussy on my chest. After a few minutes, she had it in as far as she could. To make it worse, that made me feel like I had to pee really bad. But I didn’t dare say anything for fear she would do something worse.

Suddenly she slid back a bit, and now her cunt was on my face. “Lick!” she said, and started ass fucking me with her finger. I did what she said, and a few minutes later she started to cum. Suddenly, the finger was gone, and she jammed her face against my ass to muffle her squeals. I thought she was done torturing me, so I jumped when she stuck her tongue into my poor asshole. How much worse could this get?!? Fortunately, she just wiggled it around in there for a minute, and finally backed off.

She let my legs down, but continued to gently rub her cunt around on my face. Normally, I wouldn’t have minded, but at the moment, I was just scared to death of what she would do next. I also realized that my neck hurt from having all my weight on it for the last 10 minutes. Then she finally got off, and lay down beside me and started licking her juice off my face. I was so freaked out, it took me a minute to realize that she was licking me with the tongue that had just been shoved up my ass!

“Stop it” I whispered, turning away from her, tears springing to my eyes again.

“You’re really pissed at me, aren’t you?”

I didn’t answer, I just pulled away from her.

“She crawled over me so she could see my face, and her expression changed. “Tell you what, you can punish me, ok?”

That sounded weird. Probably another trick. I looked away.

“I’m serious, Jimmy. You have to do what I tell you, but I don’t want you really upset with me either. C’mon. It’ll make it ok if you punish me, you’ll see.

“Just go away.”

“Nope, I’m dead serious. In fact, you have to do it, so get up.” She stood, and started pulling me out of the bed. I let her, too scared to resist.

“Where are we going?”


I was so shaken up, and now also mystified, that I forgot till we in the breezeway to the garage that I was walking around the house not just naked, but with a naked girl while my parents were home. But then we were in the garage, and I was pretty sure there was no reason they’d come in there, even if they did wake up in the middle of the night.

Nina flipped on the single overhead bulb. The garage was empty, since we never put the car in it. Nina went right to a shelf, and pulled down what turned out to be her backpack. She pulled out three long strips of cloth, tied a big knot in the middle of one, and then handed them all to me. I had no idea what she was doing, and watched warily as she got down on all fours on the cement floor. “Ok, see where my elbow and knee are touching? Tie them together with one rag.” I bent to it. “Tighter! That’s better. Now, go around to the other side, and tie me there.”

“Nina, I don’t like this...”

“Dammit, just do it!”

I tied her other elbow and knee together.

“Alright, now listen, and do EXACTLY as I tell you. The rag with the knot is a gag, so I don’t wake up the whole neighborhood. Put the knot in my mouth, and tie it tight around my head. NOT YET, stupid, I’ll tell you when. Then, there’s a piece of rubber fan belt in my pack. Go get it! Now, you’re going to whip me 10 times with it, as hard as you can.”

“I couldn’t do that! Nina, I...”

“Shut up jimmy. Yes you can; did you like being helpless upstairs?”

“Well, I...”



“Did you like me finger fucking your ass?”


“Did you like it that I made you cry?”


“Of course you didn’t. So it’s only fair that you make me cry. And besides, if you don’t, I’ll beat you till you REALLY cry, got it?”

“But Nina?!?”



“And do it hard; if you don’t, I’ll know, and you better believe I’ll make you pay. Now put the gag on me, and get to work. And don’t forget to untie me when you’re done. Now, GET GOING!”

I tied on the gag, and got the fan belt, but I was scared shitless. The piece of fan belt was about two feet long, and the hard rubber had a surprisingly sharp edge. I’d never even been in a fight, let alone hurt somebody on purpose. But I was now even more afraid of Nina’s revenge if I didn’t do it.

I took a deep breath, and let fly. The belt landed squarely across her ass cheeks, and although I did not “put my back into it,” she flinched. But then her head whipped around, and she gave me such a murderous look that I immediately whipped her again, and much harder. I heard her screech into the gag, and she didn’t look back again. A bright red line appeared across her ass this time, and it upset me so much, I decided to get it over with as quickly as possible, and started flailing away. Around the fifth or sixth hit, all the anger and humiliation she had put me through somehow took over, and in blind frenzy, I started pounding her with all my might.

She fell on her side a one point, trying to squirm away from the flying belt, but I was in such a rage I didn’t really notice. I hit her a lot more than 10 times, and when I finally came to my senses, I totally freaked out at what I done; there were red welts all up and down her naked side, her back, her legs, and drops of blood oozing from a dozen cuts. She would have been sobbing loudly, if not for the gag, and suddenly I was crying too, way harder than I had in years.

“I’m sorry! I’m sorry! I’m so sorry Nina.” I kept saying it over and over through my sobs as I untied her. I don’t know what I expected her to do, but she just lay there curled on the floor, great shuddering sobs racking her body. Without really thinking, I crouched down beside her, and held her as best I could.

We ended up both lying on the cold concrete, with her head on my shoulder. Eventually, both of our tears stopped. I didn’t know what to do or say. I was becoming increasingly afraid that Nina would suddenly get mad, and then give me a beating. So what she finally said totally surprised me.



“Do you want to fuck me?”


“Yeah. You can fuck me if you want to.”

“I, no... couldn’t.”

“It’s ok. Some other time.”


We lay together a while longer, then she got up – gingerly – went to her backpack and pulled her clothes out of it. I got up too. Then with a lot of wincing and grunting that made me feel awful all over again, she pulled them on. She came over and hugged me gently, and then limped out the door and into the early morning darkness.

Chapter 4

I went up to bed, expecting to be up the rest of the night, but fell asleep instantly. I told my dad I was sick when he tried to wake me for school, and slept till noon. As I stepped into the shower, I realized that I had little spots of blood on my chest and arm, where she had been lying on me. I was nearly sick.

It wasn’t until that night that I realized that Nina must have snuck into our house during the day completely naked, and hidden in my room. Although that would usually be an exiting thought, I didn’t even start to get stiff; I was still horrified and feeling awful about what I’d done to her. I couldn’t understand how I could do such a thing.

At school the next day, the kids were talking about some high school girl who got beat up. There were all kinds of rumors like, a gang that did it, and that she got knifed. Every time one of the kids started talking about it, I felt sick all over again. It was one of the worst days I’d ever had. Then when my mom and dad arrived to pick me up an hour before the final bell, I was sure they found out, and that I was going to jail.

“Jimmy, there’s nothing wrong, but we need to talk about something right away; that’s why we came to get you, honey.” That should have been reassuring, but I was still feeling panicky. I just said “ok,” and we drove to the house in silence. I followed them in, and mom patted the sofa beside her. Dad paced slowly about the room, like he did when he was trying to figure something out.

“It’s about Nina,” mom said.

Oh shit, did I kill her?!? “Is Nina...”

“Yes, honey, she’s the one who was, uh, mugged the other night, but she’s ok.”

Not dead. I started to say something, but choked up and started crying.

“Oh Jimmy, you really like her don’t you?” Mom held me while I cried. I wasn’t really sure how much I liked Nina, but I was crying because I’d beat the crap out of her. Mom kept saying comforting things, which somehow made it worse, but I finally managed to pull myself together.

“Feeling a little better?”

Not really, but I nodded yes.

“Ok. I’m going to tell you a few things, but this is absolutely not to be repeated to anyone, do you understand?”

I nodded again.

“First, you should know that she looks pretty bad, but she doesn’t have any internal injuries.”

Somehow, that didn’t help.

“She says that somebody grabbed her, but she didn’t see them. But the police are pretty sure that her father did it, and she just won’t say so because she’s so afraid of him. It turns out that he did a lot of awful things to her, like locking her in a closet for days at a time, and stealing her money. There’s worse, but, um, you’re too young for that kind of ugliness. Anyway, he’s going to prison. Even if he didn’t give her that awful beating, he’s facing a number of child abuse and endangerment charges that will send him to jail for a long time. Now remember, Jimmy, you are not to repeat a word of this. Jimmy?”

My mouth had dropped open; It was like I had been looking through the wrong end of a telescope, and had finally switched it around and could see the whole picture. No... no she couldn’t have...

“Jimmy, are you ok?”

The slight edge of panic in my mom’s voice brought me back. “Uh, yeah... yeah, its, I just can’t believe it, is all. But why are you telling me all this stuff?” I cringed again, sure I was about to get in trouble, somehow.

“Well, when she called the police yesterday morning, they took her right to the hospital. While the doctors were examining her, she kept asking for me. You wouldn’t know it, but I’ve had a couple of very nice chats with that girl. She acts tough, but she very sweet, although god knows why considering what her father was doing to her. Anyway, the social worker assigned to her called, and I met with her and Nina at the hospital. Where I’m going with all this is that the magistrate agreed with the social worker that Nina could stay with us for a while.”

“What?!?” I wanted to shout, ‘You don’t know her! she’s nuts! She made me lick her pussy on the sliding board! She jerked me off in a restaurant and made me feed it to her on a sandwich! She put her tongue in my ass!!!’

“What’s wrong, Jimmy? I thought you’d like the idea of helping her out.”

But I couldn’t tell her what I was thinking, and I was too dazed to come up with a reasonable sounding excuse to keep Nina out of the house. So I went into ‘good boy’ mode, and just told her that I was surprised, and sure, I thought that would be great if we could help, and like that. Inside, though, I was freaking out.

Dad was talking; “That’s settled then. You’re a good kid, Jimmy Harper. I’ll call the case worker, and we’ll go pick her up.”

“Gotta go to the bathroom,” I mumbled, standing up.

“Are you ok, honey, you look a little pale.”

“Fine. Just gotta go.” That was a lie. I went to the bathroom and threw up.

20 minutes later, we were in the Child Protective Services lobby, chatting with Nina’s case worker. Well, they were chatting. I was just standing there in a daze. I thought I knew what had happened, but I couldn’t believe it. It seemed much more likely that Nina had manipulated my parents into taking her in so she could take her revenge on me at her leisure. Which she would probably do anyway, even if my wild idea was right.

After a few minutes, they went into the case worker’s office, and Nina came out. She was wearing a loose sundress, and it was easy to see the welts and bruises on her right arm and leg. I could suddenly picture the other ones lining her backside, and I almost started to blubber again. But I was too drained out. And too scared.


I glanced up at her, and then back at the floor.

“Jimmy, I need to talk to you before they come out, but I, I can’t sit, you know? So could you, um, please stand up?”

I stood.

“Jimmy, I just want you to know that I’m not mad at you. Not at all. Not only did you save me from my psycho dad, but...”

She paused so long, that I finally looked up again; she was crying!

“But, after I saw you in that rage, I... I kept asking myself how such a sweet, harmless kid could go crazy like that.” She paused again, gathering herself. “And suddenly I knew, it was because I had been so mean to you, just like my dad was to me, and I felt so awful.” then she cried quietly for a minute.

“I’m sorry, Nina. I, I didn’t know about your dad. I still don’t, but mom says he was, uh, not a nice man.”

“No. No he isn’t. But look, I’ll never be able to tell you how sorry I am, and I wouldn’t blame you if you hated me.”

“I don’t!” I said quickly.

“Anyway, I want to make it up to you, ok? I’m not kidding or anything, I really, really do.”

“After what I did to you? You don’t owe me anything, Nina; nothing at all. I can’t ever forgive myself, I don’t, I don’t...” I bit my lip to keep from crying again.

“Jimmy, Jimmy, listen; It’s not your fault. I mean... look I also decided that I will always be honest with you, so I have to tell you something else, and it’s pretty bad. I set you up.”

That stopped me. “I thought so, but... but I couldn’t believe it.”

Her eyes widened.

“Well, the whole thing was kind of weird; you trying to make me mad, then insisting that I punish you. And it was awfully convenient that those rags and that… that belt were so handy. But I was so freaked out, that I didn’t think about it. Then when mom told me about your dad, I suddenly thought maybe you set the whole thing up to get away from him, but I couldn’t believe it. I still don’t! Why didn’t you just tell somebody?”

Tears were coming to her eyes again. “Because I was afraid.”

That surprised me; it never occurred to me that Nina might be afraid of anything. “But...”

“I was afraid nobody would believe me, and if he found out, it would have been a lot worse. But I though if I had black and blue marks, they would have to believe me, see? Please. I didn’t mean to make you cry; I just wanted you to be mad, so you would do it. Honest. Don’t tell. Please?” She whispered so softly, I almost couldn’t hear her.

It had not occurred to me to tell anybody, but I instantly knew I wouldn’t.

“I’ll never would. Not anyone.”

“Thank you.” And she bent down and kissed me on the forehead. I was starting to feel a little better, but then the moment was broken;

“Jimmy, could you join us for a minute?” it was the case worker.


“Nina, just... I was going to say make yourself comfortable, but that would be a silly thing to say, wouldn’t it? Don’t worry, dear, we should only be a few minutes.”

She offered me a seat in her office, and closed the door.

“Jimmy, we have the problem of sleeping arrangements. Because of her experience, Nina is afraid to be alone, and may be for a while. Not an uncommon response to what she went through. Your parents and I have a proposal, but let me emphasize that if you have any concerns or reservations about it, you have to say so. I want you to promise that you will be honest with me. This is very important. I think we may be asking too much of a 13 year old boy, but I’ll let your mother explain the idea, and you tell me what you think.”

“Ok” Now what?!?

Mom turned to me. “Jimmy, there are only two options, since our home is so small. One is that Nina will sleep in my room with me, and your dad will bunk in with you. Nina doesn’t like the idea, because she would feel bad about pushing your dad out of his own bedroom.”

She looked closely at me, as if trying to decide about something. She lightly bit her bottom lip, and glanced at the case worker.

“Jimmy,” said the case worker, “Before we go any further, let me ask you a question. It may seem kind of silly, but humor me. Do you have a girlfriend?”

A sudden intuition came to me, and I lied without even thinking about it. “NO! I mean, no ma’am. I mean, I have some friends who are girls, but why would you want to make out with your friend?!? I mean...” and trailed off.

My dad laughed, and I saw mom give him the “stop that” look, but she and the case worker were both clearly amused, too. I still didn’t know why I’d said that; I’d known exactly why you’d want to make out with a girl for over a year now, but I also knew that I didn’t want them to know that.

“Well, that clears up one issue, doesn’t it?” said the case worker, smiling.

Mom nodded, and turned back to me. “The other option is for Nina to sleep in your room. Now wait, before you answer; I know you would be giving up your privacy, and it might just be too weird to have a girl in your room. Either one of those is a perfectly ok reason to say no. It really is, understand?”

“Well, no...” I tried to look confused, “What’s the big deal? Really, it would be cool to have Nina in there; it would be just like having a big sister, right? I mean, I don’t have to sleep in the same bed with her... uh... do I?” And I tried to look suddenly concerned as I said it.

Now my Mom laughed, “Of course not, sweetie, we’ll put the blow up mattress in there for her; Or you, if you want, but you decide.”


“Ok!” echo’ed my mom and dad – it was one of our little family things. Mom looked over at the case worker, who smiled approvingly, and nodded.

“OK folks, I think that covers everything,” she said. And then to me, “Just remember Jimmy, if you change your mind – for any reason –you’ll tell your mother, won’t you?”

“I guess...” I tried to look perplexed again.

“It’s important, so promise?”

“Ok, I promise.”

“You’re a good kid, Jimmy Harper,” she said, rising, “it’s been a pleasure meeting you.”

Hours later, after a short ride home, dinner, and a boring game of Parcheesi, (which Nina and dad seemed to really enjoy; go figure), Nina and I were in our beds. She was in my bed temporarily, because it was less painful to get in and out of. My parents had both come in to say goodnight, and distribute hugs, which they had not done for years, and we listened to their steps retreating to their room.



“I meant what I said about making things up to you; want me to suck you off?”

“For real!?”

“Yeah, for real.”

“Um, do you like to... to..., you know.”

“Suck cocks? Well I like it better during an adventure,” she giggled,” but, yes, I like it, so what? Now do you want a blow job or not?”

After a little experimenting, I ended up slouched across the bed with her head on my stomach. This way, she could easily get to my pecker without having to move too much.

The first time, I came in about 30 seconds; I hadn’t beat off for two days. Then we just lay there; I stroked her hair, she played with my dick and balls. We talked off and on, and I came two more times before we fell asleep. Fortunately, having her head on my stomach, also meant on my bladder. Fortunately, because otherwise my parents would have found us like that in the morning.

I had to go to school, but it had been decided that Nina would stay home until she healed up some. But when I was home, even if we only had two minutes, Nina made sure she had some part of her body in contact with my pecker, and made sure I came at least a few times a day. I beat off a couple of times, but just to amuse her, not because she wasn’t keeping my balls drained.

One night, I asked if her offer to fuck me was still on. She was obviously getting better, and she seemed to be in a good mood. Her answer surprised me, though.

“I’ve been meaning to talk to you about that. First of all, I shouldn’t swear so much around you; you’re too young to be using words like that, and I’m sorry. So I want you to say, ‘making love,’ Ok? It’s a whole different feeling when you think about making love, not fucking. Oh, I said it again! Sorry. I know you probably don’t really get what I’m saying, but please just trust me, ok?”

“Ok,” I said. It sort of made sense, but she was right, I didn’t really get it.

“Second, I know I said I would, but this is one promise I’m going to go back on. But I’m not sorry about that, and here’s why: Your first time should be with somebody you really care about, and ideally it will also be the first time for that somebody too. Not some old whore like me.”


“Ok, maybe that’s a little harsh. I’ve only been with two guys, and my first time was really sweet. I want you to have that too, ok? So no nookie for you; you’ll just have to make do with getting sucked off – I mean, oral sex – a few times a day.


“Jimmy, you’re not really going to complain, are you? Do you have any idea how many of your friends would kill to have oral sex even once?”

“Um, probably all of them?”

“Yeah, I’d say that’s pretty close. Besides, you may have that first time sooner than you think, you know? So are we cool?”

“Yeah,” And it was, although I was a little disappointed.

Chapter 5

The only thing was, she wouldn’t let me kiss her, feel her up, or anything else. She kept saying that she was still too sore, although she didn’t act like it. Then Saturday came. I woke up with Nina on my bed, sucking my cock.

“Nina! What are you doing?!? My mom might come in!”

“Nope, they left 10 minutes ago.” And started sucking again.

“What? We were supposed to go with them!”

“Shh. I told them last night that I didn’t think I was ready for 6 hours in the car. Then I told them that I didn’t want to be alone all day, and that you had agreed to stay with me.” She resumed her blowjob.

“But, but, why...” She just giggled at my confusion. I was still sleepy headed, and suddenly I was scared that the old Nina was back – although her mouth sure felt good on my pecker.



“Um, you’re not planning an ‘adventure,’ are you?”

She giggled again around my dick. “Well, yes, but I guarantee that you’ll like this one, little Jimmy Harper! Now shut up and cum! Sorry; I mean, would you please shut up and cum? We have to get ready.”

“Ready for what?” I asked suspiciously.

“Cum first, talk later.”

I just sighed in reply. A few minutes later, I was limp, and following Nina to the bathroom. She ran a bath, and had me get in.

“You just relax, Jimmy, and I’ll be back in a few minutes, ok?”

“Um, ok...” She had a mischievous grin on her face as she left, and even though she had been great to me all week, I was still feeling a little nervous. A few minutes later, she returned with a bowl of cereal and some orange juice.

“Want me to feed it to you?” she asked, giggling.

“Um, if you really want to, I guess.” I didn’t really want her to, but I didn’t want to seem ungrateful, either.

“Just kidding! I’ll be back in a few minutes, ok?”

I nodded, and she trotted out the door.

About 10 minutes later, she came back.

“Hi, uh, this is taking a little longer than I thought,” she said, dipping a hand in the tub. “Could be a little warmer.” She added some hot water to the tub, and left again. “Back soon!”

She seemed happy and excited about something, but I couldn’t imagine what; making me breakfast? She’d already done that. The only other things I could think of were bad.

Finally, Nina reappeared, but just stuck her head in the door. “Jimmy? I have a surprise for you, so close your eyes!”

“Huhn? Is it, is it... well...”

“Oh relax! You are going to just LOVE this surprise! Really!!”

“OK.” Now I was totally bewildered. What the heck was she up to?!? Maybe she got me an Xbox? But she wouldn’t give it to me while I was in the tub, would she?!?

The door opened again. “Remember, you got to keep them closed! Promise!”

“Ok, ok, they’re closed, I promise. C’mon, the suspense is killing me.”

Nina giggled at that. Then I heard her stepping into the tub and sitting down at the other end, her legs bumping into mine as she go situated. Then... nothing. I could hear a little moving around at the other end of the tub, but that was it.

“Um, can I open my eyes now?” No answer. “Nina?” All I got for answer was a giggle. But? It didn’t sound right. But if it wasn’t Nina, then... starting to panic, my eyes flew open.

“STACY?!?” I started to stand up, realized I was naked, splashed back down, realized she could still see me through the water, started to turn around, and then it hit me; Stacy was naked, too! And at this point, she was also laughing.

“Sorry Jimmy,” she giggled, “Nina thought it would be a fun way to get us together!”

“But, but, but...” I spluttered. This just made her laugh more, but aside from the shock, I couldn’t think of a thing I would have liked better. I’d trade a naked Stacy for a nasty old Xbox anytime! I still couldn’t talk though. “Stacy! Wow! I mean, this is so... so... gosh you’re beautiful!” I meant all of her, but even at 13, she was more developed than Nina, and that’s what I was looking at when I said it. I realized it as I said it, and then turned a lovely shade of pink.

“Yes, they are coming along nicely, aren’t they?” she giggled at me, bouncing her breasts with her finger tips.

“No! I mean... I... Oh crap...” and with that clever pronouncement, I buried my face in my hands, now totally mortified. I heard her moving, and when I looked up, her face was inches from mine.

“You are the sweetest person, ever, Jimmy Harper.” And then she kissed me, and it was wonderful. As we kissed, we relaxed against the back of the tub. I became aware of her bare tits pressed against my chest, and felt like a mild electric charge was working its way down my body. I’d felt her boobs before, but that was inside of a bra and a tee shirt. Having nothing between us like this was fantastic.

My cock, of course, was already sticking straight up. I was sort of annoyed by that – even though we were both naked and kissing in a warm tub of water, I didn’t want her to think that sex was all I could think about. But Stacy didn’t give any indication that she was bothered at all. In fact, she moved a leg so that she was straddling one of my thighs, and began to slowly hump her pussy on it as we continued necking. It was divine; I didn’t ever want it to end. Then I felt her fingers tracing around the head of my pecker.

“You don’t have to do that,” I whispered.

Tracy pulled back, and looked at me, grinning, “Among other things, Nina said you might explode if I didn’t.”

“What? Nina said... She, oh my god, what, what?!?”

“It’s ok!” Tracy said with a giggle. “Calm down. Didn’t you wonder how I ended up in this bathtub with you, silly boy?”

Nope, never entered my mind, but now that she mentioned it... “Sooo, I’m an idiot, I admit it. Maybe you could just explain everything to me?”

Tracy giggled again, kissed me deeply, and leaned back. She had stopped humping my leg, but she was still teasing the hell out of my cock. “Ok. Two days ago, I woke up with a fever, so I couldn’t go to school, even though I wasn’t really sick – you know the rules.”


“So my mom called you mom, and she set me up with Nina.”

“So you spent the day with Nina...”

“Yep! And we talked about Everything!”

“Um... everything?” Stacy’s hand was still holding my boner, and I was suddenly painfully aware that it had been in Nina’s mouth just an hour earlier.

“Jimmy, it’s OK! Really!” she kissed me again, and continued. “Listen, I don’t want to waste our time together today, so I’m going to tell you exactly what we talked about, OK?”

I wasn’t sure, but I nodded yes.

“Let’s see., She said that she made you have sex with her, but she shouldn’t have done that. She said you didn’t have intercourse, but she was going to, but then after she got beat up, she realized how mean she had been to you, and that she wanted your first time to be special. I thought that was really cool. Then she said she’d been having oral sex with you all week to make up for being so bad to you. At first I didn’t like that, but then she said she didn’t know that I liked you so much, and since you get erections all the time, it seemed like a good way to make things up to you. And she told me she wouldn’t do it any more if I didn’t want her to. But I thought about it, and since I can’t take care of you because we hardly ever get to see each other, I thought it wouldn’t be fair to you if I told her to stop, see?”

“Yeah... no.. you shouldn’t... I mean, I shouldn’t...” I’d just been enjoying my blow jobs all week, and although I’d certainly thought about Stacy, I had not thought about how she might feel. I was totally flustered, and feeling acutely embarrassed. “Sorry.”

“Don’t be, really. Nina said that we were just kids, even if we both seem to be pretty horny for our age. She said we would both make mistakes, but we have to learn from them, not just feel bad, or be mad.”

“But...” I knew what I wanted to say, but I didn’t know how to start. Then suddenly, I knew how to say it. “Stacy, I care about you a lot. I mean, a lot more than a friend. Nina is, gosh, I don’t know, but I could never care about her like I do about you.”

“Oh Jimmy!” and she hugged me hard.

“Wait, wait.” But even though I knew that, I just let her, uh, you know, and...”

“Jimmy, Jimmy,” she said, snuggling up against me. “Don’t you see? That’s what makes you so special, that you would care so much. But it’s really ok, understand? In fact we decided she should do you this morning, so you wouldn’t come right away when I got in the tub.”

“You... she?” Tracy was smiling again. “Well, um, ‘thank you?’ But I won’t let her do it any more.”

“Yes you will, because I want you to let her suck you.”

“wha.. Why?”

“Because it’s my gift to you.”

“I couldn’t...”

“You better!”

“But wouldn’t you hate it?!?”

“No; in fact, I want you to tell me all about it every time! And if you don’t believe me, she said I could call her in and she’d do it right now.”

“NO! I... no, I don’t want her in here with us. OK, I believe you. I just have to get used to the idea. I always think about you when she’s... doing it.”

“Nina said she thought you did. So is it ok? Can we go back to kissing now?” And we did.

A little while later, I came in her hand, and within moments, Stacy started making little squealing noises through clenched teeth, went rigid and shook for a few seconds. It was so different from Nina’s orgasms, that I didn’t realize what was happening for a moment. Then Stacy started kissing my neck lightly, and crying. Now what?!?

“Uh, you ok?”

“Yeah,” she sniffled, “I just wanted to cum with you for so long, and it was so wonderful, and you’re so sweet, and... I’m sorry, I’m just so happy.”

And suddenly, I was really happy, too. In fact all I could think about was that I was in love, even though I was scared to say it. I just told her that I was really happy, too. We just lay their while Stacy quieted down. I stroked her hair and back, while she gently rubbed cum around my pecker. We probably would have stayed longer but the water was getting cold. “We should probably get out, hunh?”

“Yeah. But, uh, is it ok if I, you know, taste...” and she nodded toward her hand around my dick.

“Sure. I mean, if you really want to.”

For answer, she slid down, and licked a little cum off the end of my cock. I could only see the back of her head, but she seemed to be considering how it tasted. I guess it was ok, because then she proceeded to lick up all the jizz from my cock, stomach, and her hand. Of course, my pecker was standing up again before she was done, and I was feeling flustered, but Stacy was delighted.

We took our time drying each other. Then she moaned while I was drying between her legs. “Can we go to the bedroom?” she whispered.

“Yeah, I’d like that.” Arms around each other’s bare waists, we stepped out into the hall.

“Oh, we need to stop by the kitchen first,” she said.

“OK,” I replied as we started off that way. “Are you hungry?”

Stacy laughed. “No! I just forgot something we might want later.” I raised an eyebrow at her, but we were in the kitchen by then, where she grabbed a plastic grocery bag off a chair. I then realized that the clothes hanging on the chair must be hers, and even though I had a hand on her naked bottom, that made me even more horny. I turned to her, and kissed her, pressing her close to me. My boner slid between her thighs, the top of it rubbing against her pussy. We both gave an involuntary shudder. Stacy pulled back a bit, “Bed?”

“Bed!” We both laughed, and then ran down the hall and dove onto my parents’ bed, giggling like little kids.

Stacy suddenly became serious; “Is it ok if we use your parents’ bed, or is that too weird?”

I thought about it. If it had been Nina, it would have been too weird. But for some reason, it was ok with Stacy. And it was certainly a lot bigger than my bed. “No, it’s ok. Now can we get back to kissing?” Stacy laughed at that, then fell on top of me, burying her tongue in my mouth.

We kissed, groped and licked. Stacy came again while I licked her pussy, and I came in her mouth. We took a breather, although I still had a finger in her twat, while she idly twiddled my hardening dick. We talked a bit about how wonderful it was, and then Stacy rolled onto her back, spreading her knees. I started to climb on top, then stopped. She looked at me questioningly, then smiled as she whispered in my ear, “Get the bag.”

“I hate to stop; I can’t wait to be in you Stacy.”

“Jimmy, Jimmy, I feel like if I don’t get you inside me I’m going to burst!” she said, handing me a box of spermicide from the bag. “But would you mind putting this in me first?”

“Of course!” I opened the box, and pulled out a pre-filled inserter that looked like a hypodermic without the needle. I hadn’t seen one before, but it was pretty obvious what to do with it. I teased her clit with my tongue as I pressed the inserter into her pussy. She was incredibly wet, and groaned loudly, arching her clit into my mouth. I threw the empty inserter over my shoulder, and looked up to see Stacy smiling at me. She was holding an unwrapped condom, which she lovingly unrolled over my cock.

“Now” she whispered.

In reply, I kissed her deeply, as I climbed between her thighs. I wasn’t sure what to do, so I pressed the head of my penis against her cunt lips, and just held it there. Our mouths still pressed together, Stacy groaned again, and lifted her ass up off the bed, pushing her pussy up, and my cock inside. It felt so good, I almost couldn’t stand it. Then she started fucking herself on my meat, heaving her ass up higher and higher, forcing me deeper into her hole. She gave out a little cry with each push, and at last I pushed back, forcing my cock completely into her. She made a drawn out sound between a wail and a squeal. Her body stiffened, and keeping her ass in the air, first one leg whipped up off the bed wrapping around by own ass, then the other, her ankles locking. Stacy ground her cunt against me, and I moved in unison with her. I would have cum then, if she hadn’t drained my balls just 10 minutes earlier. Her sounds became louder and louder, and she started thrashing her head from one side to the other, as an intense orgasm overwhelmed her. Her arms shot straight out to her sides, and she grabbed handfuls of sheets, all the while trying to crush my straining cock deeper inside of her.

As her orgasm subsided, she slowly relaxed down onto the bed. I began sliding my dick in and out of her. She gave a little gasping moan with each thrust, and after a minute, Stacy grabbed my ass with her hands, encouraging me to come down harder and faster each time. Within moments, I was banging away furiously, so hard that I was now bouncing her across the bed. Then suddenly I was struck by my own orgasm. I spontaneously grabbed her shoulders, crusher her up against my cock while my juice shot out in almost painfully pleasurable spurts. At the same time, pinned by my throbbing pecker, Stacy came again, stiffening, using her feet and hand to squash us closer, as she ground her cunt against me once more.

At last we collapsed; spent, sweating, and breathing like racehorses. I started to move, thinking she might want a little breathing room, but she grabbed my ass cheeks again, making sure I didn’t slip out of her hole.

“Keep it in, keep it in, ok, Jimmy?” She panted.

“I’d love to,” and I meant it. We kept my cock in her pussy for the next three hours. We took breaks to kiss and cuddle, and catch our breaths, but mostly we made love, and lost count of how many times we came. We broke twice to change condoms, and add more spermicide, and my dick slipped out once while we were banging doggy style, but otherwise we managed to keep it in inside her the whole time, never completely getting soft.

Early in the afternoon, her love juice was starting to run out, I was not getting completely hard any more, and we both realized we were starving.

In the kitchen, we filled up a tray with junk food, ice cream and some fruit, and took it back to the bed. We were surprised to see what a mess we had made. The top sheet and covers were on the floor, there were wet spots all over, and three discarded rubbers with my jizz leaking from them.

“Well, we going to have to clean up anyway, so a few crumbs won’t hurt,” observed Stacy as she climbed on the bed. “Yipes! It’s cold!” she squeaked as she landed in a wet spot.

“I think we can probably warm it up, don’t you?” and we did. We ate, smeared food on each other and licked it off, wrestled when I tried to put some ice cream in her pussy, cuddled, kissed, and made love till around 4 in the afternoon. We’d used up the condoms and the spermicide, and were just kissing and fondling each other at that point, when Nina interrupted us.

“Hey you guys, you awake?” she called from the hallway.

“Yeah,” Stacy answered dreamily, “C’mon in.”

I was so happy, and feeling so satisfied, and in love, that it didn’t even occur to me to worry about the fact that we were naked, arms and legs twined together.

“Sorry to break up the party,” said Nina, stepping into the room, “but... Oh my god...” Her eyes widened as she looked around the room. “Oh my god. I could tell you guys were having fun in here from the noise, but... Wow!”

Alarmed by her tone, we sat up, and looked around, really seeing the room for the first time in hours. The floor and bed were littered with condoms, condom wrappers, inserters, food, things we’d accidently knocked off the night tables... Wow indeed.

“Jezis, you guys, this is amazing! I should have come in here sooner! Listen; the ‘rents will be here in about an hour, so we have to get moving.”

We just looked at each other, and then back at Nina, mouths open, panic-stricken.

“It’s not that bad; we can do this,” she said taking control. “First, Stacy, let go of Jimmy’s dick,” Her hand leapt away.” Next, both of you, into the shower, and make it quick – no fucking around. I mean, oh hell, just get going!”

“But what about...” and I started to point around the room.

“I’ll work on this, but you get back here ASAP, got it?”

We nodded, raced off to the shower, and that’s how it went. We got cleaned up, the sheets were washed, the trash taken out, the mattress flipped, the bed re-made, and the bedroom floor mopped. An hour later, Stacy and I plopped down exhausted on the sofa, and a moment later, Nina joined us.

“Whew! We made it!” exclaimed Stacy.

“Not quite – there’s one more little bitty thing to take care of.”

“What’s that?” I asked.

“Look around, and see if you can figure it out,” teased Nina.

Mystified, we both started looking around. And then down, and then at each other... Stacy and I were still in our birthday suits. We both turned pink, and Nina laughed as we went off to get out clothes.

We got Stacy’s from the kitchen, and went back to my bedroom to dress. I pulled a pair of boxers out of my dresser, but when I turned around, Stacy was just staring at me, her clothes still just hanging over her arm. Suddenly it hit me that our magic day was ending, and I didn’t want it to. Ever. Reading my mind, Stacy said, “I can’t believe it’s over!” as we ran into each other’s arms. She sobbed very quietly as we kissed and hugged.

“Stacy, you’ve made this the best day of my life. No other day has even sort of been like it. Never.

“Me too.” That was all she said. But we were both wondering how we could get together again like this – it could be weeks, or even months. We finally broke apart, dressed, and moped back out to the living room, hand-in-hand.

“Uh, what happened to you two?” Nina asked, looking up as we approached.

“When are we going to see each other again?!?” blurted out Stacy, and buried her face on my shoulder, trying not to cry again.

“Oh, is that all?” Nina airily replied, “How about tomorrow afternoon?”


“What! How?”

We were both talking at the same time.

“Hey! Be quiet and let me talk!” She looked sternly at us, but we could tell she was trying not to smile. “Jimmy; your folks think I’m taking you to the park tomorrow afternoon, and Stacy, you are supposedly going shopping with me.

I think we were both staring with our mouths open. Nina just smiled and continued. “In fact, you’re both going to a cabin on a private lake near here. Will that do?”

We both started talking at once again. It turned out that that Nina had been keeping the cabin clean for a local family, and they had invited her to use it when they were not there. I don’t think we could have been more excited. Nina only made us promise not make such big a mess next time.

After that, Nina made sure that we got to see each other at least once or twice a week, even if it was only after school at the mall. It was wonderful and awful – we could hardly bare to be apart, and we talked on the phone constantly. Meanwhile, Nina also made sure that my balls were well drained. And every time, Stacy wanted to know where we were when Nina sucked me off, and what we were wearing, and how long it took, and how much cum there was. I thought I would hate talking about it, but Stacy would always masturbate while I did, and a lot of times she would have at least a little orgasm. I seldom had enough privacy to jerk off while we talked, but I did it whenever I could.

That was my life through the rest of the spring and that summer. In fall, Nina went off to a two year college, but Stacy and I started going to the same school. That made it easier to find time alone together, and it was wonderful.

I lost touch with Nina, but I just saw her again recently. Well, a picture, anyway. A friend sent me a photo of a couple making love while sky diving. There were no names, but the girl was definitely Nina. And from the looks of it, a very happy Nina. I was glad she was still having adventures, but I was just as glad that I wasn’t a part of them anymore.

The end.

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