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The night has not ended yet...
Follows on from the first the Tempted stories. Sorry for the long delay in writing it...

Candice must have drifted off into a drug induced sleep. She stirred now and slowly was raised to consciousness. She looked around the room. She was alone. Across the bed and over the floor were a large number of notes lying where they fell when Solly had flung them into the air. She caught sight of the clock. It was 3.30am.

Slowly she sat up and looked around for her clothes. She could see her designer dress on the floor over by the door. She got up off the bed. Her head was still spinning from the pill that Solly had given her. Her anus felt bit sore from her first experience of anal sex. It did not seem to worry her though. Must be the drugs, she thought. She had reached the dress and bent down to pick it up. Her bra was just a few feet away and she grabbed that as well and then made her way back to the bed. No sign of her panties she thought. She put the clothes on the bed and then looked again at the money. She remembered the massive debts that she had and the $10,000 in her purse from Clint. There must be at least another $1,000 here, she thought and began to scoop up the bills.

At that moment Clint walked in. “Where do you think you are going?” he said. “I paid for all night, so we are nowhere near finished yet”. Her heart skipped a beat. She had thought it was over, but now was scared of what more might be to come.

“Can’t I just go home?” she said. “I feel a bit woozy”.

“No” he said, “we have not played with these yet” and he produced two sets of handcuffs from behind his back. Even though the drugs were still dampening her inhibitions, she was anxious as to what he might do, but at the same time excited.

He had reached the bed now and he gently pushed her back onto it. “Put your hands up here” he ordered pointing to the posts at either corner of the bed. Her mind was racing. Should she just try to get out? Her head was still spinning and she could not see what else she could do but to comply. Slowly she lifted her hands above her head and he took them one by one and cuffed them to the bedstead. He bent down and kissed her hard on the lips. “Thank you” he said, “now I need to introduce you to a friend of mine. He reached into the drawer of the bedside cabinet and pulled out a massive dildo. “That’s too big” Candice said.

Not responding to her comment, he moved the dildo down to her pussy lips and gently moved it up and down so that it brushed her clit and then moved down to brush her anus. What was he going to do with it, she thought. She soon had her answer. He slowly slipped the head into her pussy a little at a time. It must have been 8 inches in diameter and so it stretched her opening wide as he worked it into her. She groaned loudly. It was in up to 4 inches now and he continued to probe deeper with each thrust. Now 5 inches, now 6. She thought it would rip her open it was so big. She had closed her eyes and her head was back on the pillow, when she felt Clint’s cock on her anus. He wasted no time in trying to push inside, but her opening was dry and it was difficult. Her pussy was dripping wet by now from the pounding it was receiving from the dildo, so he quickly removed the dildo and replaced it with his cock. Then he took the cock out and tried the anus again using the lubrication of her pussy juices. It moved inside easier now and he also replaced the dildo in her pussy. She was getting a different kind of DP now and she loved it.

Solly and Steve re-entered the room. They went straight to the head of the bed and thrust their cocks at Candice’s mouth. Solly turned her head to his cock and slipped it into her mouth. She sucked at the head and then started moving her lips up and down the shaft. Steve began massaging her tits, waiting for his turn in her mouth. He was pumping his cock with his hand to keep it erect.

Momentarily the realisation of what she was doing hit her again, but the warm feeling inside her soon made her forget and enjoy the moment. She went to grab Steve’s cock, only to be restricted by the handcuffs. Shit, they can do whatever they like with me, she thought.

Clint’s cock was now buried fully in her arse and she let out a little scream. Suddenly he pulled out his cock and began to try to slip it into her vagina alongside the dildo. “No” she screamed, “that’s too much”. Clint managed to get the tip inside squashed tight between the dildo and the vaginal wall. Bit by bit he managed to stretch the vagina open so that it would take both his and the plastic member at once. Solly was holding Candice’s head tight now and pumping it on his cock. Meanwhile, Steve was close to cumming from his masturbation. “I’m cumming” he said and he spurted his load onto Candice’s face, some of it hitting Solly’s cock as it pounded her mouth. She felt the warm fluid, slowly dribble down her chin and onto her neck.

At that moment Solly came inside her mouth for the second time that night. It was not as much fluid as the first time, but still was more than most men would produce. She gulped down the warm sticky fluid and licked his cock clean. Clint pulled his cock out of her pussy and climbed onto her torso, so that he could shoot his load on her face. He grunted loudly as the first shot of fluid spurted out and landed on her eye. She quickly shut her eyes as the rest of his spunk shot out onto her face.

“Let’s go and get a drink” said Solly and the three men moved away from the bed and left the bedroom. “What about me?” Candice said. “You’ll keep” said Clint as the men disappeared out of her sight.

The spunk was seeping into her eye, but she could not wipe it off as her hands were still cuffed to the bed. She moved her head to the side to try to wipe it on the pillow. Her pussy ached now from the stretching it had just had. “When will this night end?” she thought.
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