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Third part in this story.
CHAPTER 3: Creature from within

This conversation is not going where I had hoped it go. It seems she is set in her mind. Damn I wish I could just go back and change what had transpired. I can't now and now she has went from 'Miss I'm so sorry' to 'Miss I am going to fuck your world up big time'. I sit back in the chair and think of ways to get out of it. I could knock her out again, and then drive her back and park her car on a poll and let her think this was all a dream. I don't think she would by that. I could finish what I started and just dump the body and be done with it. That thought quickly leaves my head as CSI episodes come to mind. She thinks I raped her while she was knocked out. I clearly didn't. She wont believe me either way. Its decided, if I am going to do the time, might as well do the crime right? I sit forward in my chair with a serious look upon my face and calmly explain what is going to happen and why.

"Lorie, this is whats going to happen." I managed out before getting interrupted,

"Whats going to happen is you untying me so I can leave this shit hole." she barked at me,

"Your not helping your position which makes what I do next even easier every time you open that filthy mouth of yours. You say I raped you, but I know otherwise. You want to tell the cops I raped you so I figured that I at least plant the evidence where evidence needs to be." I say still emotionless,

"What do you mean?" she says in amazement,

"I am going to rape you." I say in a cold tone, one I have never heard before come from my lips,

"Please no. You can't, you won't." She manages out,

"I can, and will." I cut her off before any further chatter,

"Haven't you had enough of this sick torture." she lets out with a whimper,

"I haven't done anything serious until now. I think its time for that to change.",

I get up and grab her after saying my peace before she can really react. She was stunned from what I said and I think she couldn't believe I was not obeying her by untying her. I throw her over my shoulder again grab her ankles and head off to my room. Walking down the hall she starts pleading with me to just let her go and she would not report me. Part of me wanted to believe her, and part of me did not want to do what I was about to do, but the other part of me screamed at the other part because it knew better and it knew that she would call the cops as soon as she could. That part also wanted to taste her, to feel her on my penis as I drive forth into her as she cries out. She starts to shake more violently than before once I open my door to my room. I walk in and throw her on the bed and grab a pillow case off of a pillow and tie her feet to the foot of the bed. I make sure they are nice and secure.

I go back to the front room where I had left her gag pick it up and bring it back. She is Making quiet some racket by pleading with me and it is getting annoying. Thank god I don't live close to anyone for that would have been a problem. I gag her in the same fashion as before then watch her wiggle. By this time her outfit has shifted so that her skirt is bunched up around her hips clearly showing her purple panties, and her top has drifted upwards as well as her undershirt showing her abdomen. She has a beautiful stomach. Usually women either have that little bit of pudginess or to much muscle. Hers was neither, nice and smooth I licked my lips at the sight. I had no idea what was coming over me, but I was starting to like it. I could feel just by looking at her stomach I was starting to feel aroused again, which surprised me because usually I only climax once and that usually is fine for me. Having no one to ever please I just rub one out and go about my business, and here late its more for releasing frustration from the daily grind.

Standing over her I see her eyes get wide when my hand starts to motion towards her stomach. That was the only clue I had to my hand moving. It was as if it was moving on its own and I could not control it. As my hand finally meets its mark and touches her skin I cant help but shutter from the energy I feel. I don't know if its from how long its been since I have touched a female in a sexual way or the fear from her, or was it the pure excitement I am feeling because I am about to do something that is so wrong and such a taboo, not to mention wrong by any means. Yet I felt more alive and more excited then I have ever felt in my entire life. I rubber her stomach up and down feeling her try and move away from my touch.

It was weird. It was as if her fear was exciting me further. I moved my hand across her stomach and watched her expression change from fear to shame, from shame to disgust, and then back to fear. It was driving me wild. I started to let my hand take control more as I did it traveled upwards. As it did so I moved with it and watched her face turn away from my gaze. My hand slid further and further up her body. Then under her shirt, letting that bunch up around my wrist as my hand moved further along. Moving slowly upwards I felt the bottom of her bra and I wanted to feel more then that so I let my hand do the work and it moved upwards to pull her bra down, but the shirt would not let my hand travel any further. As if it was a separate entity I just struggled. I don't know if it was because I was not thinking clearly at that point or if my hand was really being controlled by someone other then myself, but I decided to take back the control and remove my hand.

As I did that she turned her head enough to look at me out of the corner of her eye and then close her eyes shut, and turn back away. When she did this it elicited a smile across my face, and I knew not at the time but I am slowly loosing all control of my body. I moved to the side of the bed and knelt on the edge and admired her innocence one last time before I started to unfasten her business jacket. I started at the top button which was a little tough to do. I think she bought a size to small to let the jacket hug her breasts. Letting the fabric fling open from the tension, her breasts now pushing further outwards. I move right along to the next button, this one was easier. She wasn't an extremely skinny woman but she wasn't hefty either. After I finished unbuttoning the second button I finished up with the third button, and as I did, the jacket slid to the sides allowing me access to her white shirt. It was like any other business shirt top, nothing special.
Growing impatient I decided not to be bothered with the buttons and just rip the shirt open. Just as I figured, her bra was the same color and material as her panties. It was a sexy bra to, no padding for support, but was an under wire, which I preferred no padding. It is like lying , and she had already done enough of that. With both jacket and top opened I noticed she had started to breathe a little more labored then she was before.

Wanting access to her breasts but still wanted to keep her bra I went to turn her over and she did not fight me anymore. Maybe because she knew what was going to happen or maybe because she was in shock. I don't know and at this point my 'give-a-shit meter' is broken. Rolling her over I noticed the zipper on her skirt and decided since I already had her rolled over, might as well take care of two birds. As I unzipped her skirt, she let out a small high pitched moan. After unzipping her skirt I lifted up her jacket and shirt to reach her bra, which was difficult considering her arms are still tied behind her back. Fumbling and fingering for her clasp I finally managed to find it and with out little effort I unclasped her bra. If I was good at one thing, it was unclasping a bra. I had sisters, and would always ask for my help. Anyways, I rolled her back over so I could get a look at her, and then realized that I cant take her bra off, or really anything for that matter until I untied her hands.

Damn it to hell. Why do I always forget the littlest details. My mind started to work in overdrive thinking of ways I could untie her and not have to much fight out of her. Their were many ways I could go about this and may ways she could cause to much struggle in doing so. Just as I was about out of ideas I figured it out. I would tie one hand off to the bed post and then free her hands. Then take off one side, tie her hand up to the post, free the other side, and repeat processes. Yes there will be struggle, but not as bad as both hands being free. Last thing I need is her throwing punches with both hands and actually landing a decent hit.

Getting up off the bed, and heading towards the door I glance back to see her head turning away from me. Chucking as I leave the room I think to my self, she must be a curious cat and not having any control is probably killing her right about now. Just as I was about to shut the door and go grab the rest of the rope, an idea struck me like a mack truck. I open the door and goto my closet. Scouring through my closet I find what I am looking for, wasn't that hard to find it. I walk back over to the bed, with my arms behind my back and a grin from ear to ear. Since turning around she has had her eyes glued to me and now a look of fear is covering her face.

"Close your eyes, and I will give you a surprise" I say under a low voice,

She did not respond how I wanted her to. She just kept starring at my wide eyed and did not move for a second.

"It's okay, it's something that will help." still grinning from ear to ear,

She kind of blinked a couple times, and finally closed her eyes I went for the kill. I took the tie from behind my back and put it over her eyes. As I did that she kind of jerked her head. I scolded her for the twitch, and she kept still. I lifted her head up and tied it behind her head. I know it wont block her vision entirely but its good enough for now. I leave the room and head to the garage for the rope. After a little searching I grabbed the rope that was beside the jaguar I also grab a box cutter to cut the rope. The rope was decently long. Just about 30 or so feet. As I go to leave the garage, I admire the jaguar once more. That is a work of art. I shut the door and move through the house and hear some struggling in the bedroom. Shes not trying to get free again is she? I get to the bedroom and fling open the door, and there she is trying to get the tie off of her head by bending over and scooting her forehead on the bed.

Must be claustrophobic? I don't know, nor do I really care. I walk in to the room and she stops and looks up and lays back down. She had managed to move the tie up half way off of one eye. I go to the side of the bed , set down my tools and fix the tie back over her head. Gettng the tie straitened out I smack her forehead, and scold her once last time.

"Next time I have to fix it you will never have to worry about me blind folding you again.",

Hopefully she got what I ment and things that I would do something like that. No way would I ever draw blood.

Now that I have the tools I needed and how I needed her, I picked up one end of the rope and rolled her over. Remembering earlier that day what hand she used to rub her leg with I tie that one down hopeing that it was her dominate hand and I would not have to worry to much about her landing a blow to my face. I get a nice and snugg tie around her wrist above the previous rope and run the rope up to my headboard and find a spot that I can tie her off to. Satisfied with my work, I cut off the rest of the rope and go around the other side of the bed. I tie her other hand the same way as I did to the other and then ran the rope to the headboard. I then reached for the rope that bound her wrists together. Grabbing it and managing to loosen the knot a little, I half expected her to start to flail and make my job more difficult, but all she did was lay still. Fully untying her hands I pulled the other rope in my hands that was looped though my headboard and tightened her arm to the headboard. I tied off the rope, the moved to the other side.

Looking down at my prize, her clothing all about her and halfway tied up. Oddly feeling guilty in what I was doing but more aroused then anything else, I went back to what I was doing. I grabbed her arm and untied it. She tensed up as I worked, and made my job difficult. After about a minute of struggling I managed to slip her jacket, top and bra off of one arm. Tying her wrists back, I untied the other end from the headboard and pulled her arm snug and tied off the rope as I did with the other side.

Staring at her, I was actually content in what I saw. She had beautiful breasts, and slender, yet curvacious body, my perverted side starting to get the better of me, I move to the bottom of the bed, move my hands towards her legs, and run my hands up her legs. They are so soft and smooth, as I run my hands along over her thighs I move my knee on the bed to steady my self. As my hands make contact with her skirt fabric I cant help but lick my lips in anticipation. I move along to her hips and onwards to her back side. My hands meeting up with the zipper I managed to grab the zipper and slide it down till it was unzipped.

Starting to feel the pressure of my pants as I noticed I am mostly hard at this point. My penis is begging to feel her most tender of places, I slide her skirt down, leaving her panties on. The sight of her skirt sliding down those beautiful legs is almost to much. Starting to lose it a gain, I crawl on to the bed, and up to her exposed breasts and take one in hand, and the other in mouth. I started gently, with my hand, I caressed her breast and rubbed her quickly hardening nipple in between my fingers as my tongue and mouth licked and sucked on her nipple, areola, and the surrounding area. She lets out a satisfying moan as I pleasure her breasts.

My tongue slides over her nipple, as my fingers roll her nipple between them. Each time she lets out a small moan, exciting me further, driving my lust. Having her tied down, blind folder, half naked in my bed, with me on top has excited me to the point of losing control and letting my internal desire take over. Looking up while this is all going on I see she is biting her bottom lip. Smiling I switch breasts and start sucking on her other breasts while my other hand works on her wet nipple. As my mouth latchs onto the dry nipple I take the nipple between my teeth and give it a little nip.

"Ahhhh." she let out,

She was not expecting that I assumed. So I went ahead and did it again and this time I also squeezed her nipple with my fingers.


Was all I heard this time around as I noticed she bit her lip again. Having had enough and wanting pleasure of my own I gave her nipples one last nibble and pinch and then sucked in and lifted my head up and my hand at the same time, pulling both breasts up with me. Hearing a sloppy pop and feeling her breasts fall out of my grasps, I moved my hand down between her legs, where she tried to cinch her legs closed but was only able to press them together and overlap one leg with the other. Running my hand down her pelvic region I slid my fingers down over her panties right over her vagina. Much to my suprise she was soaking wet already. Must have been from the foreplay. Letting my fingers linger and rub around, I then pull them to my face and give them a sniff.

"Smells like sweet sex. How I would love to let my tongue dance inside of you.",

Feeling satisfied I moved off of her, and off the bed. I needed to rid myself of a few problems before I could continue on. Once off the bed, I took my shirt and pants off, and then my sox. Feeling completely naked for the first time since this all started had excited me. Being naked with a woman tied to my bed. That and the power over what will happen to her next has made me drunk with lust. The power, ohh the power I have over this person, this woman. Right now I could kill her. No one, not even she could stop me from doing so. That would be a waste of such beauty though.

Shrugging the thought of doing something crazy I moved back over the bed and climbed back on top of her. This time I sat on her breats as her head rested between my legs. She must have realized what I was about to do because she turned her head off to the side. I chuckled and grabbed her bangs and brought her head back to the front. At this point I am fully hard and fully erect. Pulling head upwards towards my erect penis my balls rested on her chin. I saw she pressed her lips tightly together. I had a solution for that, I thought as I reach with my other hand and pinched her nose shut. Now my penis is laying across her face. I move my hips back and rest the tip of my dick on her lips. She doesnt fully open her mouth but open the corners of her mouth to let air in. Smart girl, but not smart enough. I let her hair go and grabed her face. Putting my thumb in one cheek and my other fingers on her other cheek. I then warned her.

"You better open up or you won't like what I do next. I had better not feel any teeth or pain, if I do, I will end this and you with it.",

She kept them shut as I thought so I squeezed her cheeks, pressing on her teeth with my fingers causing her pain. This lasted all of thirty seconds. Up to the point I started to use what finger nails I did have. She opened her mouth up and took a deep breath, as I shoved my penis in. I warned her again.

"No teeth or no life.",

She just sat there. I took my hand off her nose and grab her bangs again. I just sat there looking at here feeling the warmth of her mouth and the soft texture of her tongue. It felt nice, being that it had been so long since I had recived had been givin head that this felt like heaven. Not satisfied with just the warmth I pulled on her bangs, back and forth, slowly. Her tongue felt so good on the bottom of my penis.


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i have finished more chapters, reader, if you want to read the next chapter, you can contact me if your wish

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Love the story! You're a great writer, I think you just need to spell check a little bit, and proof read a bit more. The writing seems a bit rushed in places, but you describe scenes really well. Next time before you post, you should spell check, and proof read your work before submitting. Keep up the good work! ;)

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