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It is a true story of my childhood experiences with my brother, it all started when i was 9. It has been 11 years now, i am 19 and i have no regrets. This is my first and only story as this I only want to share my real life experience.
I was 9 years old and very curious about things. i have an older brother Shane who was 5 years older than me. Being the elder one he always received more pocket money than me, and I ended up with a petite amount or nothing at all. One day my brother bought some candies and brought them home. Usually he used to share his things with me but that day he resisted. I told him that I was willing to do anything if he gave me some. He thought for a while
Shane - "I have a challenge in mind and if you completed it i will share candy with you."
He continued "If you are able to take off ALL my clothes within 5 mins I will share them with you"
I was a little amazed but not really surprised. This task was kind of hard as it was peak of winters and he was heavily dressed though it was not too cold inside the home.
Me- "Would you really give me the candies if i am able to do so?"
Shane- "Yes"
Me- "Ok then"
Shane- "We will use the wall clock to see the time, you can start whenever you want, 5 mins from the starting time"
So as soon as the second hand reached 12 I started. Soon I realized it was not as difficult a task as I thought as Shane was also helping me.
In less than 3 mins I stripped him down to his underwear.
As soon as I began pulling his underwear he stopped me and said
"If you take off it you can tell everyone you saw me naked"
Me- “No, I won’t, trust me; I will keep it a secret"
Shane- “No, I can’t, I should have something equal as a secret"
Instantly, I stripped to my panty.
I don’t know, if that was what I wanted or I had understood what he was trying to say, but it was instantaneous.
Shane-“Now what?”
Me- “Now you have also seen me so you have nothing to fear.”
Shane-“Lets take each others underwear together.”
And at the count of 3 will pulled each others undies down.
For the first time I saw my brothers penis. He was also looking at my vagina.
Me-“I can get the candies now? Right?”
Shane-“ Yes! Sure”
I was going to pick my panty up and wear it when Shane said
“Do you know anything about how babies are born?”
“Do you want to know?”
“Ye..s” I said unsure what to say.
He sat down and asked to come close to him. I did. Then he said
“To have babies a guy and a girl have sex”
“In sex a guy puts this(pointing towards his penis) inside a girl’s (pointing to my pussy)”
“Then after sometime they have babies”
He then waited for my reply
After sometime I said “Can we try it”
Shane was more than excited and said “yesss”
“But I will have babies”
“ No you wouldn’t you are too young for them”
He then asked me to lie down and spread my legs. Then he brought his penis near my pussy and pressed it hard. His wet penis was rubbing on my dry hairless pussy. He tried for a while and then said “It seems like you will have to wait, you are too young.”
I started asking him many questions but his reply to all of them was “you will have to wait”
“but I can teach you how things are done, sit down”
I became curious and sat like an obedient student.
He then introduced me to penis, balls, vagina and breasts. He often used m mothers example to point out things. He then told me about cumming followed by masturbation. I asked him if he can do it. He said yes and asked if I wanted to see. I said yes and he started jerking in front of me. I was surprised to see the emotions on his face. He was watching me the whole time, then he started touching me, pinching my nipples and rubbing my pussy, I didn’t resist but just let him continue. I was enjoying it. Soon cum shot out of his penis. He then cleaned up the mess and went to the bathroom to clean himself. Within minutes he returned his penis not so large and hanging a bit contrary to what I saw earlier. I asked him how does he feel when he does it,
Shane- “Its really great. The best feeling I can have.”
Me- “ How often can you……. Spill that.. white thing?”
Shane- “ Many times.. do you want to try doing it for me this time”
Me totally unsure about it- “…. Y.e…s”
He then told me how to hold his penis and how to jerk him.
He then lied down with his eyes closed and I started jerking him slowly.
I jerked him for a while. He seemed to be enjoying the touch of my hands on his penis.
Randomly he would ask me to speed up or slow down a little. After a while I started loosing interest. He asked me if I was interested in earning some extra pocket money. I was excited and said yes. He told me if I jerked him and I liked it he would pay me 10 cents for each minute. I agreed and starting jerking him so wildly that he had to ask me to slow down, I started calculating how much I can earn and lost my concentration over his penis. Shane warned me- “I will only pay you if I like it”
I realized that he wanted me to pay all attention to his penis right now, so I did so.
I jerked him and every now and then asked him if he was liking it. I got all the replies as yes.
Soon he closed his eyes and his hips started moving. I can tell by his face that he was really enjoying it. So I increased my speed of increasing. Soon his penis ejected a shot of cum followed by another. It was not as much as the last time but this time I got a close view of it. Some of it also dripped to my hands
To be continued..

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2016-09-10 16:52:02
Funny that way I'd make pocket money too from my brother

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2013-04-14 04:04:25
Thats true you can have babies (lol) but some young kids did have a baby and had to send their son/daughter somewhere a person can adoupt and he was lying to you! All he wanted was to have sex with you!

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2012-09-26 17:00:20
We also do bi stuff for girls and guys so girls we can please u too so girls or guy hit us up

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2012-09-15 21:47:46
Iam 14 And there's a girl down the road she is 10 she watches porn and wanted to try it out so we won't into hers and I rubbed her tight pussy with my hand and stuck it in and she loved it is tht okay

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2012-05-23 23:57:08
When I was 14 I had this friend slash neighbor girl that was 7 and my mother would send me over there when she worked and me and her would play.after a while I would randomly kiss her when we played and she wouuld smile.every time I kissed her I would get a bonner and she would always ask what was pointing up under my shorts.about the fith day she asked again and I pulled my shorts down and showed her. She said why does it stick up and I would always say I don't know.then the next day she wanted to see it again so I pulled my shorts down again and I said try puting your mouth over it so she did and I told her it felt so good and after about two strokes of her mouth I cumed in her mouth and she hurried to the trash to spit it out. Then the next day we would make sure her mom is whatching tv go in her room and do this again and again. she was getting used to it and she would still spit out my cum in the trash but with a smile and we did this until she was 10

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